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Idle No More SF Bay


A grassroots all-volunteer organization composed of Native and non-Native allies dedicated to climate change activism.
We are Native women-led and multi-generational.
Founded in 2013, our mission is to creatively do all we can to ensure the future of coming generations by addressing environmental harms caused by corporate extreme energy.
We stand for clean air, water and soil, safe jobs and a sustainable future for the generations beyond.
Our beliefs and conduct are rooted in Native tradition and we bring an indigenous perspective to climate work.
We understand that our enemies are not other human beings but the thought forms that create separation, colonization and capitalism.
We know that we are all related in the sacred system of life.
We pray, conduct teach-ins, coordinate local nonviolent direct actions, encourage people to envision the future they want to help create, offer indigenous leadership, and work with other groups who resist the fossil fuel industry.

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