Strawberry Canyon and Claremont Canyon Hike (short sequence)

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Oakland and Berkeley California

This is the short sequence of some favorite shots. There's also a longer sequence covering most of the trip.

UC Berkeley is planning a major tree cut and ongoing herbicide applications here, as part of more FEMA-funded tree cutting all along the East Bay Hills. Groups opposing the plan include Save the East Bay Hills, Death of a Million Trees, the Hills Conservation Network, the TreeSpirit Project, the Coalition to Defend East Bay Forests, East Bay Pesticide Alert, and CUIDO (Communities United in Defense of Olmstead). See also FEMA's web pages, especially the FAQ.

My photos of some of the threatened trees are at For photos of vegetation near Signpost 29 on Claremont Avenue, where eucs were already cut years ago, see For an outline of arguments against the cuts, see

Point-and-shoot photos by Ken Cheetham.
Disclaimer: Some of my species identifications may be incorrect, as I am definitely not an expert.
Copyright Ken Cheetham. These photos are free for any not-for-profit use.

110407 02 sideways tree on climb to lower redwoods

090528 37 coast live oaks (Quercus agrifolia) on Lower Jordan

091213 05 mossy foggy rainy trees (Lower Jordan)

090528 45 trail in middle of Woodbridge Metcalf grove

110629 11 straight up a redwood trunk

091213 09 cypress trees in foggy rain behind California bay laurel

100314 01 Golden Gate from top-of-Panoramic knob

110717 03 Oakland from top-of-Panoramic knob

090531 19 pines behind Panoramic Ridge cypress trees      (threatened by UC)

100103 08 fly amanita (Amanita muscaria) mushroom

100404 09 Pinus radiata on the ridge      (threatened by UC)

100131 09 pines on the way to poppy knob      (threatened by UC)

090822 19 southward pine branches beyond lichen      (threatened by UC)

100314 02 pines on the ridge trail from poppy knob      (threatened by UC)

110717 05 spiral knob

090610 34 cloudy Golden Gate behind lower spiral

090828 07 setting sun glows behind Mount Tam

090531 34 upper Jordan from near spiral knob

110717 10 Upper Jordan and Chaparral Peak from spiral knob

090531 42 paintbrush and monkey-flower on rock

090606 21 Coyote Mint (Monardella villosa)

090606 13 spiral knob from twixt-hamil-straw knob

090614 07 Golden Gate beyond upper steep Panoramic

090610 43 goats employed to clear the hillside