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Address   44000 Old Warm Springs Blvd
          Fremont, CA  94538
Voice     (510) 897-6900
          (855) 757-5437

We want every child to reach their full potential. Thatís why we are so passionate about providing high quality early learning services to the children who need it most. Both research and common sense tells us that a childís early life experiences have a huge impact on their future well being. But the high cost of preschool and child care leaves many families without a quality option. With many parents working multiple jobs with long commutes just to get by, the stress on Bay Area families has never been higher. Kidango is the place that 4,000 Bay Area families trust to take care of their youngest children. This trust is the foundation upon which we build a partnership with parents, one that will help prepare their children for success in school and life.

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