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Bay Area Naturists

Address   PO Box 23781
          San Jose, CA  95153-3781

A loosely-knit collection of people in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas who believe in the principles below:

We believe that the human species must live in harmony with itself and the other species which populate Planet Earth. We acknowledge our responsibility to preserve the delicate environment with which we are entrusted for the benefit of our fellow humans and all species.
We believe in the fundamental wholesomeness of the human body, and regard it as neither an object of shame nor a subject for degrading exploitation. We believe that our natural state is to be without clothing, and that the choice to be clothed or not should be at the option of each individual.
We believe that these two concepts are intertwined, and that awareness of this is enhanced by intimate contact between the human being and the environment. To that end, we advocate the acceptance of suitable areas for nude recreation.

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