Disclaimers for A Bay Area Progressive Directory

This information was collected from a combination of publicly-available literature and direct contact with the groups listed. While I try to use the group's own descriptions and index keywords as far as possible, some groups may disagree with the descriptions or index categories that are shown here, or not even desire to be listed here. I'll change any of the data or remove an entry on request of the group.

Some groups listed here are local branches of national groups that are based elsewhere, and this is generally not indicated in each entry. When there is a web link for such groups, the web site is typically for the national group.

The appearance of a group on this list does not indicate that it is politically active, that it takes a progressive or other political stance, or that it agrees with other groups included here. Some entries are general resources that I regard as being of interest in some way to the progressive community.

The selection of groups is limited to those that I happen to have come across, or those that have been submitted by other people or the groups themselves, and probably excludes many worthwhile organizations.

I try to verify data with reasonable frequency, but there's a lot to cover and so there likely are many errors at any given time. Take note of the verification date at the bottom of each directory entry to gauge the likelihood of bogus data.

Inclusion of a group in this directory does not imply endorsement or support from the compiler of the information or the internet service provider.

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