About "A San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory"

An index to about 1200 organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area that are related to progressive activism and/or helping out disadvantaged people, plus links to related web sites elsewhere.

The directory is maintained by Ken Cheetham.

Send directory additions or corrections by email to:

Email         ken@bapd.org

To submit an organization for consideration, you just need to send in the contact information that you would listed in the directory, plus a brief description up to around 100 words or so. The contact info can include any of the following: organization name, alternate name (such as an acronym), mailing address, nearest cross street, phone number(s), fax number, email address(es), and web address(es). Alternately you can just point me to a web site that has all the info. There is no charge to be listed.

The directory's focus is on activism for a more egalitarian world (progressive/radical/social-justice/liberal/grassroots/ etc.), and also on helping out disadvantaged people directly, and so it helps if your brief description indicates how your organization relates to one or both of those areas.

The directory database is available as a machine-readable file for importing into a general database program. There is no charge for using the data however you like.

I no longer offer to mail the printed directory, as it's grown rather large. But you can print it yourself directly from the "HTML Report" page at the bottom of the main page at https://bapd.org.

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