How to Get the Database for "A San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory"

Click HERE to go to the page that contains the entire "A San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory" on a single page in a "database-importable" format. Then use your web browser's Save command to save that page as a plain-text file (not HTML), such as "bapd.txt". Then you should be able to use your favorite database program's "Import" command to import the plain-text file that you saved, specifying the information below about the data format.

The data format is tab-delimited ascii, with a carriage-return/linefeed pair between records.

Here are the meanings of the fields of each record (you can use different names if you want):

nameLast nameFirst nameAlt preAddress crossStreet
address city state zip voice fax
notes internalNotes keys
entryDate verifyDate verifyMethod email web

Please note that some (likely many) of the organizations in this directory do not appreciate receiving email that is broadcast indiscriminately many organizations. Please limit emailing to organizations that are likely to be interested in your particular message, and provide a means for recipients to opt out of future emailings.

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