Random Cruft


The Nose Cover A very short play
Melvin A very short story
A Poem for My Friend Lee
A Letter to Lee
A Joke
Desk Calendar
Names for Bands
An Eventful Evening
This and That


Why Music Is Pleasurable (my guess)
Why Laughter and Humor Evolved (my guess)
The Generic Corporate News Product
A Brief Treatise on Certain Disallowed Words
Names for Peak Oil Organizations
A Prayer to the Global Corporate Gods
Our Perception of a Continous Mental Self Must Be an Illusion
Health Insurer "Profits" Are Not the Problem
My Statement on Preserving the Gill Tract (in Albany, CA) for Urban Farming
And Now It's Time for Some Non-Commercial Radio!
Why IQ Tests Are Way Bogus
On Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils
Greedy People Suddenly Get a Clue
Graven Images
The Ballad of George Bush (One)

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