Desk Calendar

 8:00 Meet with Higgins
 8:30 Present quarterly report
 9:00 Board meeting
 9:30 Meet with BiggerTheyCome CEO
10:00 Finalize company's new stock portfolio
10:30 Order new fleet of limos
11:00 Film TV commericial
11:30 Counter-sue GlobalGobble
12:00 Lunch with senators; find out their price
 1:00 Move to penthouse
 1:30 Accept Grammy
 2:00 Have uppity leaders of small-time nations assassinated
 3:00 Rotate harem
 3:30 Accept Nobel
 4:00 Send 40,000 to hell
 4:30 Reverse all physical laws of universe
 5:00 Destroy time
 5:30 Leave this schedule open on desk to impress women and get laid
 6:00 Turn the compost

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