Names for Peak Oil Organizations

Anyone starting a Peak Oil organization is officially allowed to use any of the following names. (If you use one of these names, please drop me a note at so I can mark it as taken.)

Relearning Independence from Fossil Futility (RIFF)
Regrouping After the Fossil Fuel Trap (RAFFT)
Back to Reality After Cheap Energy (BRACE)
Life After the Fossil Fling (LAFF)
Life Emerging After the Fossil Fling (LEAFF)
Bay Area Life Emerging After the Fossil Fling (BayLEAFF)
Getting Real About Sinking Petroleum (GRASP)
Downshifting from Ephemeral Fossil Fuel (DEFF)
Rethinking the Unsustainable Fossil Fuel Lifestyle (RUFFL)
Awakening from the Delusion of Unlimited Energy (ADUE)
Reworking the Economy for the Decline of Oil (REDO)
Downshifting On Declining Oil (DODO)
Shifting Low for Our Precious Energy (SLOPE)
Steering Away from Fossil Energy Redux (SAFER)
Energy Independece Emerging from the Imbroglio of Oil (EIEIO)
Forgoing Far-Fetched Fossil Fuel Fiascos (FFFFFF) (pronounced "ffffff")
Free Energy's a-Dryin' Up, Pardner (FED UP)
Untangling Massive Petroleum Havoc (UMPH)

See also my Names for Bands.
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