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Dated War for Fossil Fuels Articles

War for Fossil Fuels 2008 to Now

webPetros Sekeris and Vincenzo Bo...The Conversation2015-01-28
webVincenzo Bove, Kristian Skrede...Journal of Conflict Resolution2015-01-27
webBassem MroueAssociated Press 2014-09-25
webMichael KlareTomDispatch2014-07-08
webMichael SchwartzTomDispatch2014-06-25
webNafeez AhmedThe Guardian2014-03-20
webMichael KlareTomDispatch2012-05-10
webRay McGovernConsortium News2011-04-24
webRobert BaerTime Magazine2008-05-09
webSteve HargreavesCNNMoney2008-01-18