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FEMA report on the 1991 East Bay Hills fire
The 1991 Oakland Fire Was Fueled Largely by Homes and Adjacent Vegetation

the 1991 fire spread through homes and nearby vegetation

doc-titleThe East Bay Hills Fire
quoteEntry of fire into the structures through the fire area was closely associated with the adjacent wildland or ornamental plant species. Many of the homes in the steeper slope areas had overhanging decks with fuel accumulations underneath, allowing fire to spread to the decks and into the structures from below. It appeared from the location of trees around the homes that fuel accumulations on the roofs probably added to the spread of fire to the roof coverings and under the eaves. Additionally, fuels in close proximity to the structures proved to be significant, exposing the exteriors to extreme radiant heat loads. In many cases, the radiant heat caused interior contents inside windows to ignite.
sourceFEMA's 1991 report on the Oakland firestorm