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Trees Provide Fog Drip to Add Moisture to the Area

soil moisture is much greater under eucs and pines      web

doc-titleSources of Water
authorWilliam R. Chaney
publicationWater Deficits and Plant Growth (book edited by T. T. Kozlowski)
quoteThe amount of fog drip was indirectly measured by Means (1927), who determined the percentage of moisture content beneath trees and in the open on the hills behind Berkeley, California. Soil moisture percentage under a 25-yr-old Monterey pine (Pinus radiata) that was 15 feet high was 24.4% compared to 7.8% soil moisture 10 feet from the tree. For a eucalyptus tree the soil moisture values were 22.9% under the tree and 9.4% 10 feet from it.
sourceWater Deficits and Plant Growth (book)

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