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more logging won't stop wildfires
Areas Cleared of Mature Trees Tend to Fill with More Flammable Plants

removing mature trees increases fire conditions      web

doc-titleMore Logging Won’t Stop Wildfires
authorChad T. Hanson (ecologist with the John Muir Project) and Dominick a. Dellasala (chief scientist at the Geos Institute)
publicationNew York Times
quoteIn the case of the Rim Fire, our research found that protected forest areas with no history of logging burned least intensely. There was a similar pattern in other large fires in recent years. Logging removes the mature, thick-barked, fire-resistant trees. The small trees planted in their place and the debris left behind by loggers act as kindling; in effect, the logged areas become combustible tree plantations that are poor wildlife habitat.
sourceMore Logging Won’t Stop Wildfires, New York Times

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