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natives versus exotics - the myth of the menace
"Non-Native" Plants Are Usually No Worse than Others

quotes from Theodoropoulos' natives versus exotics      web

doc-titleNatives Vs. Exotics: the Myth of the Menace
authorJ. L. Hudson (pen name of conservation biologist David Theodoropoulos)
quoteThere are no adequate definitions of 'native' and 'exotic', since there has been constant movement of species since the beginning of life. ... Even the wildest unfounded claims of invasion by 'exotics' pale in comparison to the land area occupied by technological man's monoculture crops. These crop-deserts and modern man's extractive land-domination economy are the threat to biodiversity, not 'escaped exotics'.
sourceearly essays on nativism by David Theodoropoulos

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