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Herbicide Manufacturers Promote the Invasive Species Movement
the rise of invasive species mania

Monsanto's connection to the National Invasive Species Council      web

doc-titleWeed Whackers - Monsanto, glyphosate, and the war on invasive species
authorAndrew Cockburn
publicationHarper's Magazine
quote... Clinton signed Executive Order 13112, creating the National Invasive Species Council "to prevent the introduction of invasive species and provide for their control and to minimize the economic, ecological, and human health impacts that invasive species cause." Among the founding members of the councilís advisory committee was Nelroy E. Jackson, a product-development manager and weed scientist for Monsanto who had helped to develop Roundup formulations specifically for "habitat-restoration markets" -- that is, for eradicating invasives.
sourceAndrew Cockburn in Harper's

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