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California coastal fog (and fog drip) is decreasing
Trees Provide Fog Drip to Add Moisture to the Area

fog drip is good for the whole ecosystem      web

doc-titleClearing and Present Danger? Fog That Nourishes California Redwoods Is Declining
authorMichael Tennesen
publicationScientific American
quoteFog is not just a vital element for the redwoods -- it's also crucial to the entire redwood forest ecosystem. Some of the moisture drips off the redwood leaves, landing on the forest floor to water the trees and young saplings. "It's not just a drip, drip, drip," says ecologist Holly Ewing of Bates College in Lewiston, Maine ... "The moisture can descend into the ground up to 35 centimeters deep, and that's a lot of water." ... Fog rolls in not only bearing moisture but also nitrogen, phosphorus and some minerals.
sourceMichael Tennesen in Scientific American

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