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fire scientist Kelly Close's letter on the FEMA tree cut plan

fire scientist Kelly Close on firebrands originating dow low

doc-titleFire Behavior Commentary [on FEMA's East Bay Hills DEIS]
quoteIn Vesta [a research project on the behaviour of wildfires in dry eucalyptus forests in Australia], the firebrand is generated mostly from surface and near-surface bark fuels, and to a lesser extent by near-surface and elevated fuels. Spotting is strongly tied to a factoring of surface fire spread rate and wind, which generates the surface fire intensity necessary for vertical rise. However, unlike the U.S. model, the tree canopy does not significantly contribute to firebrand production. ... The Vesta model is considered state-of-the-art science in eucalyptus fuel types ...
sourcefire behavior analyst Kelly Close on the FEMA plan (PDF)