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fire scientist Kelly Close's letter on the FEMA tree cut plan
Areas Cleared of Mature Trees Tend to Fill with More Flammable Plants

fire scientist Kelly Close on FEMA inviting flammable brush      web

doc-titleFire Behavior Commentary [on FEMA's East Bay Hills DEIS]
authorKelly Close
publicationFire Progression, LLC
quoteIn my opinion, that without further long-term maintenance that includes extensive planting of other species, the proposed actions will not differentially favor native species, but will simply favor invasive, highly flammable brush species, both native and non-native, leading to dangerous, intense, and destructive wildfires. ... Removing all eucalyptus, Monterey pine, and acacia trees will be a severe site disturbance. Such catastrophic site disturbances do not differentially favor less invasive native species, but rather favor more invasive species (Kerns, 2005; Owen, 2010).
sourcefire behavior analyst Kelly Close on the FEMA plan (PDF)

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