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eucalyptus have proven beneficial in Ethiopia

eucalyptus has proven water efficient in Ethiopia

doc-titleIs Eucalyptus Ecologically Hazardous Tree Species?
quoteMost people think that eucalyptus consumes a lot of water more than any other tree species and agricultural crop. This misconception is untrue. There are quite a number of research results which revealed that eucalyptus is efficient water user. For instance, Davidson (1989) reported that on a “leakproof hectare” at Nekemet (with annual rainfall of 2158mm), E. saligna and E. grandis could produce 46.6 m3/ha/yr without drawing on water reserves (rainfall only) compared to 16.4, 16, 12.4 m3/ha/yr biomass production for the coniferous, acacia and broadleaf species, respectively.
sourceTesfaye Teshome PhD of Debub University in Ethiopia