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Blue Cut brush fire in Cajon Pass, San Bernardino County
California Wildfires Often Spread Through Brush and Native Trees

Blue Cut brush fire in San Bernardino County spreading quickly      web

doc-titleHomes burn, thousands flee as out-of-control brush fire chars more than 25,600 acres in Cajon Pass
authorPaloma Esquivel, Angel Jennings, Shane Newell
publicationLos Angeles Times
quoteAn explosive brush fire that ripped through hills, canyons and flatlands in the Cajon Pass in less than a day continued to ravage hillsides, leaving veteran firefighters bewildered. “It hit hard, it hit fast — it hit with an intensity that we haven’t seen before,” San Bernardino County Fire Chief Mark Hartwig said.
sourceLos Angeles Times article on the 2016 Blue Cut brush fire in San Bernardino County

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