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Claremont Canyon area CC001 euc & pine removal permit

An EBRPD permit to destroy most eucs & pines in area CC001

doc-titleClaremont Canyon CC001 Fuels Management Prescription - Change 1
quoteFuels Treatment Prescription: ... Eucalyptus: Target spacing between residual large eucalyptus (24 [inches] dbh [diameter at breast height]) is 20 to 30 feet. Pine: All pines up to 12 [inches] dbh may be removed. Up to 50% of pines between 12 [inches] dbh and 24 [inches] dbh and up to 40% of pine trees greater than 24 [inches] dbh may be removed. Emphasize retention of larger, healthier trees. Target spacing between large pine (24 [inches] dbh and larger) is 25 to 30 feet. Focus on removing dead and dying trees.
sourceEBRPD Fuels Management Prescription