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The Lancet
pollution kills more of us than wars, disasters, and hunger

the Lancet Commission on pollution and health      web

authorPhilip J Landrigan, Richard Fuller
publicationThe Lancet

webPhilip J Landrigan, Richard Fu...The Lancet2017-10-19
webMagda Cepeda, Josje SchoufourThe Lancet2017-01-01
webThe Lancet2017-10-19
webMaria Neira, Michaela PfeifferThe Lancet2017-10-19
webH Ross AndersonThe Lancet2017-10-19
webStephen Gordon, Kevin MortimerThe Lancet2017-10-19
webPamela Das, Richard HortonThe Lancet2017-10-19
webKatie SilverBBC2017-10-19

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