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Chaparral Brush Also Has High Oil Content in Its Leaves

Madison Most on Southern California chaparral wildfire      web

doc-titleUnderstanding Wildfire in the Chaparral of Southern California
authorMadison Most
publicationHavasi Wilderness Foundation
quoteThe Chaparral is a biome characterized by extended hot, dry periods in the summer and mild, wet winters. In order to withstand the harsh, dry summer conditions, many plant species in the Chaparral have adapted drought-tolerant qualities. Small, waxy, and often oily leaves help these plants conserve water. Consequently, the oil in the leaves that help these plants survive drought also contributes to their flammability. ... many have built large homes and estates in the midst of the Chaparral. The alluring qualities of the Chaparral ecoregion have in fact resulted in more and more people putting themselves and their properties in direct fire threat.
sourceUnderstanding Wildfire in the Chaparral of Southern California (book)

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