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Land-Grant Universities
Albany City Council and the Gill Tract, through May 2012
Genetic Engineering Links with the Gill Tract, through 120509
Romm, Jeffrey (Jeff) (UC Berkeley Professor)
Carr, Claudia J. (UC Berkeley Professor)
Miguel Altieri 120501 through 120515
Corporate Privatization of Public Education Miscellany
Occupy the Farm, 120502 through 120508
Protesting Corporate Hegemony

Occupy the Farm as democracy for land grant universities      web

authorEric Holt Gimenez
publicationHuffington Post

[Excerpt: "Herein lays the irony of the term "Occupy." The 30-year trend of privatization of public goods for corporate gain is not seen as "occupying." The enclosure of public buildings, land, resources (and the research capacity of entire college departments) is seen as the "magic of the marketplace" rather than corporate piracy enabled by government policy. How is it that a couple hundred community members protecting five acres of public land become radical "occupiers" while the corporations occupying public institutions are responsible "partners?""]

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