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public education

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51Oakland (Oakland)
Adams ESQ (Oakland office) (Oakland)
Berkeley Federation of Teachers (Berkeley)
Californians for Justice (Oakland)
Center for Ecoliteracy (Berkeley)
Center for Latin American Studies (Berkeley)
Citizens for Healthy Options In Children's Education
Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth (San Francisco)
Community Works (Oakland)
Cycles of Change (Oakland)
Edible Schoolyard Berkeley (Berkeley)
GroundSpark (San Francisco)
Knowledge Is Power Program
KyotoUSA (Berkeley)
National Center for Science Education (Oakland)
Nature in the City (San Francisco)
Not In Our Town (Oakland)
Oakland Kids First (Oakland)
People United for a Better Life in Oakland (Oakland)
Progressive Majority
Public Advocates, Inc. (San Francisco)
Teamsters Local 2010 (Oakland)
Tech Exchange (Oakland)
Youth Together (Oakland)

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