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African Advocacy Network (San Francisco)
AND Architecture + Community Planning (San Francisco)
BAY-Peace: Better Alternatives for Youth (Oakland)
Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (Berkeley)
Center for Independent Living (Berkeley) (Berkeley)
Center for Nonprofit Learning
Chinese for Affirmative Action (San Francisco)
Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth (San Francisco)
Committee of 100 for Tibet
Community Housing Partnership (San Francisco)
Community Youth Center (San Francisco)
CommunityGrows (San Francisco)
Compass Family Services (San Francisco)
Crisis Support Services of Alameda County (Oakland)
East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (Oakland)
Episcopal Community Services (San Francisco)
Excelsior Family Connections (San Francisco)
FACES SF (San Francisco)
Friends of Alemany Farm (San Francisco)
Glide Memorial United Methodist Church (San Francisco)
Grassroots Economic Organizing
Green-Collar Communities Clinic (Berkeley)
Hire-Ability, Inc. (San Francisco)
ICA Fund Good Jobs (Oakland)
Immigration Institute of the Bay Area (San Francisco)
Jobs with Justice
Juma Ventures (San Francisco)
JVS (San Francisco)
Lao Family Community Development, Inc. (Oakland)
Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (San Francisco)
Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center (San Francisco)
Mandela Foods Cooperative (Oakland)
Marin City Community Development Corporation (Marin City)
New Door Ventures (San Francisco)
People Organized to Win Employment Rights (San Francisco)
Planting Justice (Oakland)
PRC (San Francisco)
Project HIRED (San Jose)
Prospera (Oakland)
REACH Shirati (Berkeley)
Rising Sun Energy Center (Oakland)
Saint Anthony Foundation (San Francisco)
San Francisco Conservation Corps (San Francisco)
Swords to Plowshares (San Francisco)
UC Berkeley Public Service Center (Berkeley)
Upwardly Global (San Francisco office) (San Francisco)
US Labor Education in the Americas Project
West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (Oakland)
Work for Good
Young Workers United
Youth Engagement, Advocacy and Housing (Berkeley)
Youth Spirit Artworks (Berkeley)
YWCA of San Francisco & Marin (San Francisco)

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