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Working Group, The (TWG)

Address   POBox 70232
          Oakland, CA  94612-0232
Voice     (510) 268-9675
Fax       (510) 268-3606

An Oakland-based non-profit media company that combines television, internet and web resources with outreach and organizing efforts in the areas of workplace issues; race, diversity and the battle against intolerance; and encouraging democracy and citizen participation. In addition to producing the Not In Our Town PBS series and national anti-hate campaign, TWG is the largest distributor of workplace media in the country, producing the award-winning public television series We Do the Work and Livelyhood. Our PBS documentary Test of Courage: The Making of a Firefighter follows a diverse group of aspiring firefighters navigating the cultural divides to learn to live together and meet the intense daily pressures of saving lives.

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