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Waging Nonviolence
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
Walk Bike Berkeley
Walk Oakland Bike Oakland (Oakland)
Walk San Francisco (San Francisco)
War and Law League (San Francisco)
War Resisters League
War Tax Resistance, Northern California (Berkeley)
WaterPartners International
Watershed Project (Richmond)
Way Pass Women’s Aftercare Program (San Francisco)
We Are Many
Welcome Ministry (San Francisco)
West Berkeley Alliance for Clean Air and Safe Jobs
West Berkeley Artisans and Industrial Companies
West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (Oakland)
Western Center on Law and Poverty (Oakland office) (Oakland)
Western Institute for Social Research (Berkeley)
Western States Legal Foundation (Oakland)
WFilm Institute (Clayton)
What If? Foundation (Berkeley)
What the Health
Where Do We Go Berkeley?
Whistlestop (San Rafael)
Wholly H2O - Mainstreaming Water (Re)Use (Oakland)
Wild and Radish, LLC (Pinole)
Wild Equity Institute (San Francisco)
WildAid (San Francisco Office) (San Francisco)
WildCare (San Rafael)
Wildlife Associates (Half Moon Bay)
Wildlife Conservation Network (San Francisco)
Witness for Peace
Witness to Innocence
Women Living Under Muslim Laws
Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent, Inc. (San Francisco)
Women Organized to Respond to Life-threatening Diseases (Oakland)
Women's Cancer Resource Center (Berkeley)
Women's Centers, Inc. / Women's Building, San Francisco (San Francisco)
Women's Community Clinic (San Francisco)
Women's Daytime Drop-In Center (Berkeley)
Women's Earth Alliance (Berkeley)
Women's Economic Agenda Project (Oakland)
Women's Environment & Development Organization
Women's Environmental Network
Women's International League for Peace & Freedom - San Jose Branch
Women’s Centers International / Oakland Women's Center (Oakland)
Work for Good
Workers World Party
Working Group, The (Oakland)
Working Group on Veganic Farming
Working Partnerships USA (San Jose)
Worksafe, Inc. (Oakland)
World Can't Wait
World Resources Institute
World Savvy (San Francisco)
World Socialist Web Site
World Trust
World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms - USA (San Francisco)

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