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1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence     A grassroots nonprofit organization devoted to serving families who have been directly impacted by violence. "1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence" endeavors to provide a continuum of care for the entire family, in particular the grieving parent who must continue to provide for surviving children.     Address: POBox 781, Hayward CA 94543     Voice: (510) 583-0100     Email: mothers1000@aol.com     Web: http://1000mothers.org/     [14 Apr 2013]

100Reporters     A revolutionary news organization, dedicated to forging new frontiers in responsible journalism. It joins 100 of the planet’s finest professional reporters with whistle-blowers and citizen journalists across the globe, to report on corruption in all its forms. The organization, spearheaded by veteran foreign correspondents of top-tier news outlets, aims to raise the caliber, impact and visibility of citizen-driven investigative journalism, as a means of promoting transparency and good government.     Web: http://100r.org     [22 Nov 2013]

2-1-1     For every day needs and in times of disaster, dial 2-1-1 to access hundreds of community services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 2-1-1 phone service is free, confidential and available in over 150 languages. You can also find the help you need by searching our online database.     Voice: 211     Web: http://www.211BayArea.org     [01 Apr 2012]

350BayArea.org     Building a grassroots climate movement, working for deep CO2 emission reductions in the San Francisco Bay Area & beyond.     Email: 350bayarea@gmail.com     Web: http://www.350bayarea.org     [17 Mar 2013]

A1 Sun, Inc.     Installs solar systems of the highest quality. We are committed to providing the best value for our clients, while benefitting the planet by doing business sustainably. Our office is solar powered and charges our expanding electric vehicle fleet. We precycle, recycle, and use environmentally-friendly materials. We are proud of our environmental commitment and socially conscious business practices.     Address: 1435 4th Street, Berkeley CA 94710     Voice: (510) 526-5715     Email: info@a1suninc.com     Web: http://www.a1suninc.com     [09 Jan 2015]

ABADÁ-Capoeira San Francisco Brazilian Arts Center (ACSF)     Works to preserve, develop, and share the martial art of capoeira with integrity, and to use capoeira to ignite positive change in individuals and in communities. ACSF has the mission to address the social and economic disparities that exist in our communities by inspiring personal and athletic success through artistic, cultural, physical and health education. Through multi-faceted programs, ACSF is constantly addressing prominent social issues including obesity, youth violence, racial and gender stereotyping, and the real cultural and economic inequalities to accessing quality physical and cultural training programs.     Address: 3221 22nd Street (at Mission), San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 206-0650     Email: info@abada.org     Web: http://www.abada.org/     [15 Jul 2012]

Abilities United     Each day, every person at Abilities United is dedicated to provide people with developmental and physical disabilities the rights, resources, and opportunities they need to lead the lives they choose. Abilities United champions community values of dignity and respect for people of all abilities. We strive to be a model of how society can be barrier-free to enable the full participation of people with disabilities and their families. Abilities United ensures that thousands of people with developmental and physical disabilities fully participate in community life. Abilities United provides comprehensive training, education, and support to individuals and their families.     Address: 525 East Charleston Road, Palo Alto CA 94306     Voice: (650) 494-0550     Fax: (650) 855-9710     Email: info@abilitiesunited.org     Web: http://www.AbilitiesUnited.org     [25 Sep 2011]

ABODE Services     Abode Services believes everyone should have a home. Every day we provide housing and services to homeless people in our community as we work to end the cycle of homelessness. Each year, we reach out into the community, helping thousands of homeless and low-income people gain access to: Shelter and other critical services in an emergency Supportive housing Support services that enable people to stay in their homes     Address: 40849 Fremont Blvd, Fremont CA 94538     Voice: (510) 657-7409     Fax: (510) 657-7293     Email: info@abodeservices.org     Web: http://www.abodeservices.org     [03 Jan 2013]

Abolition 2000     A network of over 2000 organizations in more than 90 countries world wide working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.     Web: http://www.abolition2000.org     [28 Sep 2013]

Abortion Clinics OnLine (ACOL)     A directory service comprised of websites of over 400 providers of abortion services and other reproductive healthcare. They may be private physician's offices, state licensed abortion clinics, private abortion clinics, or hospital abortion services. To the best of our knowledge, no anti-abortion "pregnancy consultation" centers are included here.     Web: http://www.gynpages.com     [09 Apr 2014]

About-Face     We equip women and girls with tools to understand and resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem and body image. Our workshops and workshop leader trainings take place throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and our online presence reaches across the United States in all directions. Why we do it All the major studies point to the problem: Western culture’s emphasis on stereotypes of women and girls, and thinness as the beauty ideal, is a risk factor for depression, negative mood, and binge eating. In turn, dieting is linked with eating disorders.     Address: POBox 191145, San Francisco CA 94119     Voice: (415) 839-6779     Web: http://www.about-face.org     [12 Jul 2014]

ACCESS     ACCESS Fights Barriers and Builds the Power of Women to Achieve Reproductive Justice. Most people believe that reproductive health care is easy to get in California, because our reproductive rights are stronger than in many other states. Yet despite our legal rights millions of women in California still suffer consistent and persistent health care inequities and injustice, and continue to lack the resources and support to make the sexual and reproductive choices that are best for them, their families and communities.     Address: POBox 3609, Oakland CA 94609     Voice: (800) 376-4636 (English hotline); (888) 442-2237 (Spanish hotline)     Web: http://www.whrc-access.org/     [25 Sep 2011]

Access Institute for Psychological Services     We offer low and no-fee psychological services to those who want and need psychological support, but aren’t able to access it for any number of reasons including: income, cultural barriers, stigma around mental health, and lack of mobility. Our dual mission: (1) Serve the people in our community who too often fall through the cracks. Help them develop healthier behaviors and relationships so they may thrive. (2) Provide clinical internship training to the next generation of therapists who believe that everyone matters and deserves high-quality care.     Address: 110 Gough Street, Suite 301 (at Page), San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 861-5449     Fax: (415) 8961-3252     Email: info@accessinst.org     Web: http://www.accessinst.org     [09 Jan 2015]

ACCION International     A private, nonprofit organization with the mission of giving people the financial tools they need to work their way out of poverty. By providing “micro” loans, business training and other financial services to poor men and women who start their own businesses, ACCION helps people work their way up the economic ladder, with dignity and pride.     Web: http://www.accion.org     [06 Feb 2012]

Accion Latina     A nonprofit organization with a 40-year history enriching the lives of Bay Area Latinos by engaging them in the arts and connecting them to culturally relevant news, information and ideas. Since 1970, we have produced El Tecolote, a free, bilingual print and online publication. We also produce an annual Encuentro del Canto Popular Festival, the Mission Latin Jazz Festival, the S.F. Son Jarocho Festival (with Brava Theater), and other performing, literary and visual arts events.      Address: 2958 24th Street (between Harrison and Alabama), San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 648-1045     Fax: (415) 648-1046     Email: info@accionlatina.org     Web: http://accionlatina.org     [28 Sep 2013]

Act for Love     The online personals service that lets you take action while getting action. The idea is simple. Everyone wants to meet their perfect match. And in recent years, millions have turned to online personals services as a way to do that. So we figured, why not channel all that energy towards some good? Why not create a site where 100% of the profits were specifically earmarked to support progressive activism? If you’re going to try searching for the perfect date, why not do it via a service that promotes activism at the same time?     Web: http://www.actforlove.org/     [09 Apr 2014]

Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project (ANV)     Elevates life in the inner city by challenging oppressive dynamics and environments through urban farming. ANV’s quarter acre farm located in the City of Oakland’s Tassafaronga Park (83rd Ave & E Street, 94621) is planned, planted, harvested and sold by youth grades K-8 and 100% of the proceeds are placed into individual savings accounts for those who have participated.     Web: http://anvfarm.org     [30 Aug 2014]

Acterra: Action for a Sustainable Earth     An environmental non-profit serving the Silicon Valley. We provide people with tangible, hands-on activities they can do to improve the environment. All of our work is solution-oriented. We offer several thousand volunteer opportunities each year for adults and youth. Because people get excited by different things, we offer a broad range of programs, from habitat restoration to carbon reduction and more. As importantly, we teach people how to become effective environmental change agents in their communities, neighborhoods, workplaces and schools. In addition to empowering thousands of people here in Silicon Valley, our programs serve as models that others can emulate elsewhere.     Address: 3921 East Bayshore Road, Palo Alto CA 94303-4303     Voice: (650) 962-9876     Web: http://www.Acterra.org     [28 Sep 2013]

Action Alliance for Children (AAC)     Works to inform, educate, connect, and inspire people who work with and on behalf of children throughout California. We provide useful, reader-friendly information on current issues, trends, and public policies that affect children and families, for families, early care and education staff, people who work with them, and advocates. We are committed to improving the lives of children and families and believes that providing information is a key step towards this goal.     Address: 2150 Allston Way, Suite 400, Berkeley CA 94704-1346     Voice: (510) 982-6680     Email: aac@4children.org     Web: http://www.4children.org/     [15 Jul 2012]

Action For Nature (AFN)     An international non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California, that encourages young people to take personal action to better their environments and to foster love and respect for nature. Our International Young Eco-Heroes Awards program recognizes and encourages children and teens who have completed a project to “foster respect and affection for nature through personal action.” And our book, Acting for Nature, shows how effective personal action can be. This wonderful collection shares stories of young people who took personal action to help the environment; the book is an inspiration to all who read it.     Address: 2269 Chestnut Street #263, San Francisco CA 94123     Voice: (415) 513-2421     Fax: (415) 922-5717     Email: mail@actionfornature.org     Web: http://www.actionfornature.org     [10 Jul 2013]

Active Voice     Uses film, television and multimedia to spark social change from grassroots to grass tops. Our team of strategic communications specialists works with mediamakers, funders, advocates and thought leaders to put a human face on the issues of our times. We frame and beta-test key messages, develop national and local partnerships, plan and execute high profile, outcome-oriented events, repurpose digital content for web and viral distribution, produce ancillary and educational resources, and consult with industry and sector leaders. Since our inception in 2001, Active Voice has built a diverse portfolio of story-based campaigns focusing on issues including immigration, criminal justice, healthcare and sustainability.     Address: 70 Zoe Street, Suite 100, San Francisco CA 94107     Voice: (415) 487-2000     Fax: (415) 487-2260     Email: info@activevoice.net     Web: http://www.activevoice.net/     [15 Jul 2012]

Activist San Diego     A social justice organization that promotes and facilitates the development of an active, inter-related, progressive community in San Diego through networking, culture and electronic technology.     Web: http://www.activistsandiego.org/     [06 Feb 2012]

Adams ESQ (Oakland office)     Over a decade ago, attorney Jean Murrell Adams opened the law firm of ADAMS ESQ, a Professional Corporation, to provide high quality legal service at no cost to qualifying parents of children with special needs. Her own experience fighting for the rights of her exceptional child prompted her to dedicate her career to helping other parents. ADAMS ESQ focuses exclusively on special education law. With locations in Los Angeles, Oakland, Riverside, Sacramento and Las Vegas, our staff, paralegals, advocates and attorneys are committed to helping children with disabilities obtain a free and appropriate education throughout California and Nevada.     Address: 1300 Clay Street, Suite 600, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 832-6000     Email: oaklandadmin@adamsesq.com     Web: http://www.adamsesq.com     [09 Jan 2015]

Adopt A Special Kid (AASK)     Helps you to develop a life-long relationship with a child who needs your love and care. Since 1973, AASK has found that every child is adoptable and has a right to a permanent, loving family. We ask you to further open your heart to a child who has experienced a trauma or is living with a disability. Your family will be deeply enriched! If you have already adopted or fostered a child, AASK offers support programs to help nurture your family and build community.     Address: 8201 Edgewater Drive, Suite 103, Oakland CA 94621     Voice: (888) 680-7349 (toll-free)     Web: http://aask.org/     [03 Jan 2013]

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Program (ASCA)     An innovative and effective support program designed specifically for adult survivors of physical, sexual, and/or emotional child abuse or neglect. The program was designed to support and assist survivors of child abuse, irrespective of their financial situation, in moving on with their lives. The two basic components of the ASCA program are individually reading and working the Survivor to Thriver manual and participating in ASCA meetings. Meetings are the backbone of the ASCA recovery program.     Address: The Morris Center, POBox 14477, San Francisco CA 94114     Email: info@ascasupport.org     Web: http://www.ascasupport.org     [03 Nov 2012]

Afghan Hound Rescue of California     A volunteer group who diligently works to find new homes for displaced Afghan Hounds. In addition to rescuing dogs from the shelter system, we also offer placement assistance to owners, who through no fault of their own are unable to care for their beloved pet.     Address: POBox 3508, Redwood City CA 94064     Voice: (650) 678-9984     Fax: (650) 364-1957     Email: info@afghanhound911.com     Web: http://www.afghanhound911.com     [15 Jul 2012]

Afghan Women's Mission     Founded in January 2000 by a small group of Americans to support the humanitarian and political work of RAWA. Projects include many programs run by Afghan women including Malalai Clinic, schools, orphanages, agricultural programs, demonstrations and functions in support of women’s and human rights. We are an all-volunteer organization based in the United States.     Web: http://afghanwomensmission.org     [06 Feb 2012]

afghans for Afghans     A humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that sends hand-knit and crocheted blankets and sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, and socks to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan. This grassroots effort is inspired by Red Cross volunteers who made afghans, socks, slippers, and other items for soldiers and refugees during World Wars I and II and other times of crisis and need.     Address: POBox 475843, San Francisco CA 94147-5843     Web: http://www.afghansforafghans.org/     [09 Jan 2015]

African Advocacy Network (AAN)     Serves the growing Diaspora with community-based services focusing in Immigration Legal services, social services and psycho-social case management, as well as promoting cultural integration through the arts. AAN couples these programs with experienced and trained linguistic capacity in more than ten languages that span the African continent such as Amharic, Tigrinya, and Arabic to French, Wolof, Berber, Haitian Creole, and more. AAN is a program of Dolores Street Community Services (DSCS).     Address: 938 Valencia Street, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 503-1032; (415) 282-6209 x128     Fax: (415) 282-2826     Email: adoubou@dscs.org     Web: http://africanadvocacynetwork.org     [09 Jan 2015]

African American Art and Culture Complex     A community based, 501(c)3 arts and cultural organization. Our mission is to empower our community through Afro-centric artistic and cultural expression, mediums, education and programming. We are dedicated to inspiring children and youth to serve as agents of change, cultivating their leadership skills and fostering a commitment to community service and activism. In addition, we encourage, support and promote the work of young, aspiring Bay Area artists. We also strive to develop partnerships with organizations that are similarly committed to our mission, and offer our space to the community for special events.     Address: 762 Fulton Street (between Webster and Laguna), San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 922-2049     Email: info@aaacc.org     Web: http://www.aaacc.org/     [05 Oct 2014]

African Immigrants' Social & Cultural Services (AISCS)     We at AISCS have a dual mission: - Helping communities in Africa with education, vocational training, medical services, and community organization - Helping African immigrants adjust to the social and cultural changes they experience in the United States.     Address: POBox 7776, Berkeley CA 94707-0776     Voice: (510) 273-9044     Email: info@aiscs.org     Web: http://www.aiscs.org     [14 Apr 2013]

Against the Grain     A radio and web media project whose aim is to provide in-depth analysis and commentary on a variety of matters -- political, economic, social and cultural -- important to progressive and radical thinking and activism. We're based at the studios of Pacifica station KPFA-FM in Berkeley, California. ATG focuses on meaty theoretical and action-oriented issues that the mainstream media tends to ignore, matters like political economy, the global justice movement, philosophical and cultural ideas, and race and gender relations. We strive to bring these perspectives to the airwaves in a way that's accessible, engaging, and, most of all, useful to people working for social change.     Web: http://www.againstthegrain.org     [06 Feb 2012]

Agrarian Trust     Mission is to support land access for next generation farmers, and is a project of the Schumacher Center for New Economics. In the next two decades, 400 million acres of U.S. farmland will change hands, and the question of what will happen to that land when it reaches the market is crucial to the future of our food system. Just in time for this pivotal land transition is a new generation of young farmers, eager to become stewards of our land and healthfully provide for their communities. However, these farmers face ever greater odds in accessing affordable and secure land tenure; the price of land in the US has skyrocketed in the past decade, and one acre of farmland is lost to development every minute.     Web: http://agrariantrust.org     [19 May 2014]

Agroecology in the Brazilian Landless Movement     This film examines a cooperative of the Brazilian Landless Movement (MST) in the South of Brazil, which struggled for access to land and then transitioned to ecological agriculture, or agroecology. This MST cooperative is demonstrating the possibility of an alternative model of flourishing rural life, which provides thriving livelihoods for farmers, produces high quality and low cost food for the region, and rehabilitates the earth.     Web: http://www.soilstruggleandjustice.org     [23 Nov 2014]

Agua Para la Vida     Since 1987, Agua Para La Vida has been helping rural Nicaraguan communities build their own drinking water and sanitation systems. As of this year, we have helped bring clean water to over 20,000 people. Our projects include gravity flow drinking water systems, latrines, community health education and watershed conservation.     Address: 2311 Webster Street (near Telegraph and Ashby), Berkeley CA 94705     Voice: (510) 914-1988     Web: http://www.aplv.org     [15 Jul 2012]

AIDS Emergency Fund     Responds compassionately to the AIDS crisis by providing immediate, short-term financial assistance to help people disabled by HIV/AIDS to cover their basic human needs and stabilize their living situations.     Address: 12 Grace Street, Suite 300 (between 9th and 10th Streets), San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 558-6999     Fax: (415) 558-6990     Email: mikesmith@aef-sf.org     Web: http://www.aef-sf.org     [09 Apr 2014]

AIDS Housing Alliance / SF     Believes in a world where all people have a safe, decent, and affordable home. Toward this vision, we prevent homelessness for people with HIV/AIDS by protecting the housing we already have, providing resources to secure new housing, and promoting public policy to increase opportunity for all.     Address: 350 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 552-3242     Email: brian.basinger@ahasf.org     Web: http://www.ahasf.org     [09 Apr 2014]

AIDS Legal Referral Panel (ALRP)     The only institution in the San Francisco Bay Area solely dedicated to providing free and low-cost legal assistance and education on virtually any civil matter to persons living with HIV/AIDS. This includes such widely disparate areas as housing, bankruptcy/credit, immigration, employment, insurance, confidentiality matters, family law, government benefits, and public accommodations. We accomplish this mission through either direct representation of clients by one of ALRP’s eight attorneys or by careful placement of clients with one of ALRP’s 700 Panel attorneys.     Address: 1663 Mission Street, Suite 500, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 701-1100 (client line); (415) 701-1200 (business line)     Fax: (415) 701-1400     Web: http://www.alrp.org/     [10 Jan 2015]

AK Press     A worker-run collective that publishes and distributes radical books, visual and audio media, and other mind-altering material. We're small: a dozen people who work long hours for short money, because we believe in what we do. We're anarchists, which is reflected both in the books we provide and in the way we organize our business. Decisions at AK Press are made collectively, from what we publish, to what we distribute and how we structure our labor. All the work, from sweeping floors to answering phones, is shared. When the telemarketers call and ask, "who's in charge?" the answer is: everyone.     Address: 674-A 23rd Street, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 208-1700     Email: info@akpress.org     Web: http://www.akpress.org     [09 Apr 2014]

Akha Heritage Foundation     Seeks to defend the human rights and culture of the Akha people and promote self determination for the Akha while assisting with nutrition, medical and educational needs. We believe that the security and well-being of Akha communities must take priority over "development" by outside interests. We are strongly opposed to mission organizations which would remove Akha Children and destroy Akha language, literature, culture and identity. We believe that the defense of land rights and other human rights is at the heart of any just system, and we would oppose those who remain silent while these abuses continue.     Web: http://www.akha.org/     [03 Nov 2012]

Al Jazeera America     An American news channel reporting unbiased, fact-based and in-depth journalism that gets you closer to the people at the heart of the news. First announced in January of 2013 and launched on August 20th, Al Jazeera America has one of the largest newsgathering capabilities of any news organization in the United States with 12 bureaus in major cities around the country, 3 broadcast centers, a headquarters in New York City and a team of close to 800 journalists and staff.     Web: http://america.aljazeera.com     [09 Apr 2014]

Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition     A broad-based, non-partisan, democratic, and charitable organization of grassroots activists and students committed to comprehensive public education on the rights of all Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and lands of origin, and to full restitution of all their confiscated and destroyed property in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International law and the numerous United Nations Resolutions upholding such rights.     Web: http://al-awda.org/     [06 Feb 2012]

Alameda County Community Food Bank     We are the hub of a vast collection and distribution network that provides food for 240 nonprofit agencies in Alameda County. In 2014, the Food Bank distributed 25 million meals -- more than half of the food was fresh fruits and vegetables. Since moving into our permanent facility near the Oakland Airport in 2005 and leading the national food bank movement for a ban on the distribution of carbonated beverages, the Food Bank has ramped up distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables by more than 1,000%. Located at 7900 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA 94621.     Address: POBox 2599, Oakland CA 94614     Voice: (510) 635-FOOD (3663)      Fax: (510) 635-3773     Email: info@accfb.org     Web: http://www.accfb.org     [11 Jan 2015]

Alameda Creek Alliance     A non-profit, volunteer-based community advocacy group working to protect and restore the natural ecosystems of the Alameda Creek watershed. The Alameda Creek watershed is the largest drainage in the southern San Francisco Bay region, encompassing almost 700 square miles and draining roughly the southern two-thirds of the East Bay.     Address: POBox 2626, Niles CA 94536     Voice: (510) 499-9185     Fax: (415) 436-9683      Email: alamedacreek-AT-hotmail.com     Web: http://www.alamedacreek.org     [25 Sep 2011]

Alameda Family Services     A human services organization, active in Alameda and the East Bay, whose programs improve the emotional, psychological, and physical health of children, youth, and families. Programs include new parent support, Head Start, school-based health centers, homeless youth services, counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, and a clinical training program. Formerly known as Xanthos.     Address: 2325 Clement Avenue, Alameda CA 94501     Voice: (510) 629-6300     Fax: (510) 865-1930     Email: info@alamedafs.org     Web: http://www.alamedafs.org/     [10 Jul 2013]

Alameda Food Bank     Mission is to provide nutritious food to the low-income residents of the City of Alameda on a non-discriminating basis. The Alameda Food Bank is a private, non-affiliated, non-profit, tax-exempt agency. Board members and virtually all staff are dedicated volunteers from the community. Located at 1900 Thau Way in Alameda.     Address: POBox 2167, Alameda CA 94501     Voice: (510) 523-5850     Email: director@alamedafoodbank.org     Web: http://www.alamedafoodbank.org     [25 Sep 2011]

Alameda Green Parties     The web site of the City of Alameda Greens, Oakland Greens, and Campus Greens.     Web: http://cagreens.org/alameda/     [03 Jan 2013]

Alameda Peace Network     Believes that peaceful solutions to local, national and international conflicts are possible and desirable. We are committed to nonviolence and welcome diversity and new ideas.     Web: http://woodard.freemanbusiness.com/apn/     [09 Apr 2014]

Alameda Point Collaborative (APC)     Provides 200 units of housing to families and individuals who have been homeless. APC serves 500 people each year, including nearly 300 children and youth. APC opened in 1999 and has been using former Navy housing to help families who have been homeless to recover their stability and increase their self-sufficiency. We offer supportive services including specialized services for children and youth as well as on-the-job training and employment opportunities. We have several enterprises which are designed to help residents gain skills, including an urban farm, retail plant nursery specializing in native, edible and drought tolerant plants and a commercial kitchen. Spread over 34 acres of land, we have a community garden, two playgrounds and open spaces where residents can relax and enjoy being outdoors.     Address: 677 West Ranger Avenue, Alameda CA 94501     Voice: (510) 898-7800     Fax: (510) 898-7858     Web: http://www.apcollaborative.org/     [01 Apr 2012]

Albany Farm Alliance (AFA)     Mission is the establishment of an agroecological education center and the preservation and promotion of sustainable urban farming on the Albany Gill Tract, in perpetuity. We are a group of local residents inspired by the Earth Day 2012 urban farm action on the Gill Tract (Occupy the Farm). Some of our members are long-term advocates, while others are newcomers to our cause. We are a diverse and growing group bound by our mission.     Email: info@albanyfarmalliance.com     Web: http://albanyfarmalliance.com     [09 Sep 2012]

Alexander Berkman Social Club     A group of anarchists who want to talk about what anarchism is, how anarchists see things and what anarchy could look like. Named after the editor of San Francisco’s mighty The Blast, we hope to have continual monthly meetings that are open to all. If you come you’ll get a membership card, the chance to win thousands of dollars (alright – the odd book or two) and hopefully something to think about and act on. You failed the audition for “So You Think You Can Dance,” and you just don’t seem with it. Don’t worry. The ABSC will have you. See you there!     Web: http://alexanderberkmansocialclub.blogspot.com/   http://www.myspace.com/alexanderberkmansocialclub     [06 Feb 2012]

Ali Ebrahimzadeh, Esq.     Rated a "Top 100 Trial Lawyer" by the National Trial Lawyers Organization, I am dedicated to providing aggressive, intelligent, and ethical legal representation in the areas of Business Law, Property Law, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Arts & Leisure Law, and Education Law in California, New York, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC.     Voice: (877) 583-4231     Email: info@PrometheusLaw.com     Web: http://www.PrometheusLaw.com     [23 Nov 2014]

All Of Us Or None poster archive project (AOUON)     Started by Free Speech Movement activist Michael Rossman in 1977 to gather and document the poster-work of modern progressive movements in the United States. Though earlier work is included, its focus is on the domestic political poster renaissance, which began in 1965 and continues to this day. The Archive gathered posters from all streams of progressive activity — from movements of protest, liberation, and affirmative action, trade-union and community struggles, to electoral and environmental organizing, community services, and visionary manifestos.     Address: Oakland Museum of California, 1000 Oak Street, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 318-8400     Fax: (510) 318-8415     Email: communciations@museumca.org     Web: http://www.docspopuli.org/articles/AOUON   www.museumca.org     [04 Jan 2013]

Alliance for Advancing Nonprofit Health Care     Purpose is to protect and enhance the abilities of nonprofit health care organizations to serve society and their individual communities. Through research, public education, and advocacy, the Alliance seeks to provide a strong, cohesive and persistent "voice" for a wide range of nonprofit health care organizations sharing many common goals and challenges--hospitals, health insurers, nursing homes, home care providers, and others. In addition, through education and other types of programs, the Alliance seeks to enhance the performance of nonprofit health care organizations in carrying out their unique roles and responsibilities.     Web: http://www.nonprofithealthcare.org/     [12 Jul 2014]

Ally Action     Ally Action educates and engages people to create school communities that are safe and inclusive for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. We’re committed to ensuring that safe schools legislation and policies come off of the shelves, out of the books, and into the day-by-day experiences of the real people whom they were designed to serve and protect. School community culture does not change because someone authorizes safe schools legislation or writes a school district policy. Cultures change over time, one classroom at a time – through one leader and one ally at a time.     Address: 106 San Pablo Towne Center, PMB #319, San Pablo CA 94806     Voice: (925) 685-5480     Email: info@allyaction.org     Web: http://www.allyaction.org     [01 Apr 2012]

Alter Systems     Founded in 2004 to meet the growing demand in the United States for alternative energy solutions for homeowners and commercial businesses. Today, the commitment continues at Alter Systems, supporting homeowners and business by providing green products and services that promote a healthy environment and help people save on time, money and energy resources. Alter Systems’ expertise in engineering, which involves the design and installation of alternative energy systems, and knowledge about financial incentives and tax advantages that are available, has guided thousands of people to happier, greener lives throughout California and beyond.     Address: 2313 4th Street, Berkeley CA 94710     Voice: (866) 568-5579     Fax: (510) 868-0846     Email: cs@altersystems.com     Web: http://www.altersystems.com     [15 Jul 2012]

Alternative Family Services, Inc. (AFS)     They say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” AFS is that village for hundreds of Northern California foster children and their families. AFS is a foster, adoptions and mental health agency that has been creating safe, permanent connections for foster children and youth in the Bay Area since 1978.     Address: 401 Roland Way, Suite 100, Oakland CA 94621     Voice: (510) 839-3800     Fax: (510) 839-3888     Web: http://www.afs4kids.org/     [12 Jul 2014]

Alternative Press Review     Your window on the world of independent media. APR publishes a wide variety of the best essays from radical zines, books, magazines, blogs and web sites. Plus, APR publishes a selection of short and lively article excerpts, along with reviews, commentary and columns on the alternative press scene and other alternative media.     Web: http://www.altpr.org/     [06 Feb 2012]

Alternative Radio     A weekly one-hour public affairs program offered free to all public radio stations in the US, Canada, Europe and beyond. AR provides information, analyses and views that are frequently ignored or distorted in other media. Our program is carried by over 125 radio stations and heard by millions of listeners. Our headquarters, with three paid staff, are located in Boulder, Colorado.     Web: http://www.alternativeradio.org/     [15 Jul 2012]

AlterNet (Alternative News Network)     An award-winning news magazine and online community that creates original journalism and amplifies the best of hundreds of other independent media sources. AlterNet’s aim is to inspire action and advocacy on the environment, human rights and civil liberties, social justice, media, health care issues, and more. AlterNet publishes grassroots success stories and inspirational narratives alongside hard-hitting critiques of policies, investigative reports and expert analysis. We emphasize workable solutions to persistent social problems.     Web: http://www.alternet.org     [10 Jul 2013]

AlterNetRides.com     The premier way to encourage all forms of alternative transportation: carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, using public transportation and more. It is fast, simple to use, and easy to set up.     Web: http://AlterNetRides.com     [28 Sep 2013]

Amazigh Cultural Association in America (ACAA)     Organized and operated exclusively for cultural, educational, and scientific purposes to contribute to saving, promoting, and enriching the Amazigh (Berber) language and culture. While the heartland of Amazigh culture lies in North Africa, including the Canary Islands, people of Amazigh background also live around the globe, by reason of emigration. The need for many people of Amazigh descent in America to connect culturally with the Amazigh world can be seen, ultimately, as the major reason for the birth of ACAA.     Web: http://www.tamazgha.org     [12 Jul 2014]

Amazigh Voice     A web site of news and links pertaining to Amizigh (Berber) human rights in North Africa.     Web: http://www.amazigh-voice.com/     [06 Feb 2012]

Amazon Watch     Works to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. We partner with indigenous and environmental organizations in campaigns for human rights, corporate accountability and the preservation of the Amazon's ecological systems.     Web: http://www.amazonwatch.org/     [12 Jul 2014]

American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California (ACLU-NC)     Defends and advances civil liberties and rights. We work to make constitutional rights a reality for everyone. Our legal and legislative advocacy fights for freedom, fairness, justice, and equality. With our organizing and public education, we empower communities and help people stand up for their rights.     Address: 39 Drumm Street (near 13th Street), San Francisco CA 94111     Voice: (415) 621-2493     Fax: (415) 255-1478     Web: http://www.aclunc.org     [12 Jul 2014]

American Community Gardening Association (ACGA)     A bi-national nonprofit membership organization of professionals, volunteers and supporters of community greening in urban and rural communities. The Association recognizes that community gardening improves people’s quality of life by providing a catalyst for neighborhood and community development, stimulating social interaction, encouraging self-reliance, beautifying neighborhoods, producing nutritious food, reducing family food budgets, conserving resources and creating opportunities for recreation, exercise, therapy and education.     Web: http://www.communitygarden.org     [15 Jul 2012]

American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today (ADAPT)     A national grass-roots community that organizes disability rights activists to engage in nonviolent direct action, including civil disobedience, to assure the civil and human rights of people with disabilities to live in freedom.     Web: http://www.adapt.org/     [13 Jul 2014]

American Farmland Trust (AFT)     The only national conservation organization dedicated to protecting farmland, promoting sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on the land. Committed to protecting the nation's farm and ranch land, keeping it healthy and improving the economic viability of agriculture. Our staff of farmers, policy experts, researchers and scientists knows the issues from the ground up — how communities can be strengthened by protecting farmland and supporting local farmers, and how farmers and ranchers can best be engaged to conserve the land and protect our natural resources.     Web: http://farmland.org     [28 Sep 2013]

American Friends Service Committee (San Francisco office) (AFSC)     A Quaker organization that includes people of various faiths who are committed to social justice, peace, and humanitarian service. Our work is based on the principles of the Religious Society of Friends, the belief in the worth of every person, and faith in the power of love to overcome violence and injustice.     Address: 65 Ninth Street, San Francisco CA 94103-1401     Voice: (415) 565-0201     Email: sfoffice@afsc.org     Web: http://www.afsc.org/     [15 Jul 2012]

American Hiking Society (AHS)     Ours is a vision in which hiking, foot trails and their surrounding natural areas inspire Americans to get outdoors, volunteer and protect trails. As the national voice for hikers, American Hiking Society will promote hiking, build a nationwide constituency of hikers and trail stewards, establish strategic alliances with national, regional and local partners and advocate for hikers in the nation’s capital. Sustainable hiking trails and trail systems will bring people together, connect them with our national and cultural heritage, promote healthy lifestyles and serve an integral role in conservation. We will expand our nation’s hiking community and recruit, motivate and educate tomorrow’s hiking leaders, advocates and volunteers.     Web: http://www.americanhiking.org/     [13 Jul 2014]

American Humanist Association (AHA)     We strive to bring about a progressive society where being good without gods is an accepted way to live life. We are accomplishing this through our defense of civil liberties and secular governance, by our outreach to the growing number of people without traditional religious faith, and through a continued refinement and advancement of the humanist worldview. Humanism encompasses a variety of nontheistic views (atheism, agnosticism, rationalism, naturalism, secularism, and so forth) while adding the important element of a comprehensive worldview and set of ethical values---values that are grounded in the philosophy of the Enlightenment, informed by scientific knowledge, and driven by a desire to meet the needs of people in the here and now.     Web: http://www.americanhumanist.org/     [15 Jul 2012]

American Indian Movement - West (AIM-WEST)     Contains a spirit of resistance to colonization, respect for traditional knowledge and self-determination, and a commitment to inter-tribalism. Among the objectives of AIM-WEST is to raise awareness on issues that concern or impact upon Indians of the Americas on a daily basis ranging from racism in sports and public schools, to protection of sacred sites, mining and water contamination, youth and the rights of the child, honor and respect for treaties and agreements, political prisoners, police brutality, immigration and militarization of the borders, climate change, and green economy conversion for sustainable futures.     Voice: (415) 566-5788     Email: gazelbe@yahoo.com     Web: http://www.aimwest.info     [03 Nov 2012]

American Muslim Voice (AMV)     Mission is to foster friendships among all Americans by bridging cultural and religious gaps. We also work towards protecting and preserving civil liberties and constitutional rights for ALL. The AMV Foundation is committed to connect people from all walks of life. Through education and social interaction we will erase our fears and will joyously accept each other so we can celebrate our diversity. We are taking the interfaith dialog to the next level by fostering life long friendships among all Americans.     Address: 39675 Cedar Blvd, Suite 295-D, Newark CA 94560     Voice: (650) 387-1994     Email: amvoiceorg@gmail.com     Web: http://www.amuslimvoice.org     [28 Sep 2013]

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)     A civil rights organization committed to defending the rights of people of Arab descent and promoting their rich cultural heritage. ADC was founded by former U.S. Senator James Abourezk in 1980. Today, ADC is the largest Arab American grassroots organization in the U.S. ADC supports the human and civil rights of all people and opposes racism and bigotry in any form.     Web: http://www.adc.org/     [28 Sep 2013]

Americans for a Palestinian State     Our mission is to provide support to congressional representatives in order to enable them to help find a fair solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. The peace and security of the United States are tied to the peace and security of both Israel and the Palestinians. No one can be safe until all are safe. While both sides are committing atrocities, the cause of the conflict is the occupation, settlements and crimes against humanity committed by Israel on the Palestinians. These crimes are aided and abetted by us, the American taxpayer.     Address: POBox 99635, Emeryville CA 94662     Voice: (888) 878-3708     Web: http://apstate.us/     [11 Jan 2015]

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR)     The leading national lobbying organization (501 (c) 4), dedicated to nonsmokers' rights, taking on the tobacco industry at all levels of government, protecting nonsmokers from exposure to secondhand smoke, and preventing tobacco addiction among youth. ANR pursues an action-oriented program of policy and legislation.     Address: 2530 San Pablo, Suite J, Berkeley CA 94702     Voice: (510) 841-3032     Fax: (510) 841-3071     Web: http://www.no-smoke.org     [13 Jul 2014]

Americans for Safe Access (ASA)     Mission is to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis (marijuana) for therapeutic uses and research. ASA works with our grassroots base of over 50,000 members to effect change using public education and direct advocacy at the local, state, and federal level. ASAF trains and educates patients, advocates, health care professionals and other stakeholders. ASAF also provides direct legal support and uses impact litigation to protect and expand patients’ rights.     Web: http://www.safeaccessnow.org     [13 Jul 2014]

Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AUSV)     A nonpartisan educational organization dedicated to preserving the constitutional principle of church-state separation as the only way to ensure religious freedom for all Americans. Americans United, or AU, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization based in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1947, Americans United works in the courts, in Congress and state legislatures, at the White House and in the arena of public opinion.     Web: http://www.au.org     [28 Sep 2013]

Amnesty International (AI)     A global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in more than 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights. Our vision is for every person to enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards. We are independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion and are funded mainly by our membership and public donations.     Web: http://www.amnesty.org/     [02 Jul 2011]

Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW)     A direct action group that was established in 2003 in response to the construction of the wall Israel is building on Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank. The group works in cooperation with Palestinians in a joint popular struggle against the occupation. Since its formation, the group has participated in hundreds of demonstrations and direct actions against the wall specifically, and the occupation generally, all over the West Bank. All of AATW's work in Palestine is coordinated through villages' local popular committees and is essentially Palestinian led.     Web: http://www.awalls.org/     [11 Oct 2013]

AnewAmerica     Founded in 1999 by a group of community development and immigrant rights advocates who saw a continuing lack of integrated job creation, asset development, and community empowerment strategies for low-income new Americans living in the Bay Area region of California. AnewAmerica addresses this need by offering the only program in the nation that provides entrepreneurs and their families with a 3-year holistic program, involving customized experiential business training and coaching, certification in business planning, access to markets, industry sector incubation, asset-building support, access to credit, and social responsibility education.     Address: 1918 University Avenue, Suite 3A, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 540-7785     Fax: (510) 540-7786     Email: lburno@anewamerica.org     Web: http://www.anewamerica.org     [03 Jan 2013]

Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)     For more than three decades, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has been fighting to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. Founded in 1979 by attorneys active in shaping the emerging field of animal law, ALDF has blazed the trail for stronger enforcement of anti-cruelty laws and more humane treatment of animals in every corner of American life. Today, ALDF's groundbreaking efforts to push the U.S. legal system to end the suffering of abused animals are supported by thousands of dedicated attorneys and more than 100,000 members and supporters.     Address: 170 East Cotati Avenue, Cotati CA 94931     Voice: (707) 795-2533     Fax: (707) 795-7280     Email: info@aldf.org     Web: http://aldf.org     [13 Jul 2014]

Animal Place     Fills a much-needed niche of farm animal rescue, sanctuary and adoption with its two facilities. The mission of Animal Place is to extend compassion to all life with a special emphasis on farmed animals. This is executed by providing permanent sanctuary, education, legislation and appropriate placement of needy animals.     Address: POBox 1118, Grass Valley CA 95945     Voice: (530) 477-1757     Email: info@animalplace.org     Web: http://AnimalPlace.org/     [06 Feb 2012]

Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)     Saves dogs and cats who have run out of time at public shelters and brings people and animals together to enrich each others lives. ARF strives to create a world where every loving dog and cat has a home, where every lonely person has a companion animal, and where children learn to care.     Address: POBox 30215, Walnut Creek CA 94598     Voice: (925) 256-1273 (1ARF)     Fax: (925) 977-9079      Web: http://www.arf.net/     [11 Jan 2015]

Animals Voice     A one-stop resource of information and actions independent of any organization. We’ve been active for the rights of animals for more than 25 years.     Web: http://www.animalsvoice.com/     [03 Nov 2012]

Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology (ABI)     A social enterprise founded on the belief that women are vital to building technology that the world needs. Women in technology are at the heart of ABI’s mission. We are on a quest to accelerate the pace of global innovation by working to ensure that the creators of technology mirror the people and societies who use it.     Address: 1501 Page Mill Road, MS 1105, Palo Alto CA 94304     Voice: (650) 236-4756     Fax: (650) 618-6802     Web: http://www.anitaborg.org     [25 Jul 2014]

Anti-Slavery International     Works at local, national and international levels to eliminate all forms of slavery around the world.      Web: http://www.antislavery.org/     [25 Jul 2014]

antiwar.com     This site is devoted to the cause of non-interventionism and is read by libertarians, pacifists, leftists, "greens," and independents alike, as well as many on the Right who agree with our opposition to imperialism. Our politics are libertarian: our opposition to war is rooted in Randolph Bourne's concept that "War is the health of the State." With every war, America has made a "great leap" into statism, and as Bourne emphasized, "it is during war that one best understands the nature of that institution [the State]." At its core, that nature includes an ever increasing threat to individual liberty and the centralization of political power.     Web: http://www.antiwar.com/     [15 Jul 2012]

API Equality     Works at the intersection of the Asian & Pacific Islander (API) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) communities to empower community members, advance civil rights policies and protections, and promote respect and understanding for cultural and community diversity. We envision a world where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) Asian & Pacific Islander children, families, and individuals are affirmed, welcomed, and embraced by all communities to which they belong.     Address: c/o Chinese for Affirmative Action, 17 Walter U. Lum Place, San Francisco CA 94108     Voice: (415) 274-6750     Fax: (415) 397-8770     Email: apiequality@caasf.org     Web: http://norcal.apiequality.org     [03 Nov 2012]

Arab Cultural and Community Center (ACCC)     A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization devoted to promoting Arab art and culture and enriching the lives of the Arab American community. We achieve this by providing culturally-focused social services and by promoting cross-cultural events open to all residents of the Bay Area and beyond. We draw upon our Arab American heritage and traditions to guide us in this work. The ACCC is a leading resource for social services and referrals for Arab American communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is the only agency in Northern California providing domestic violence and sexual assault education and prevention programs, as well as intensive case management and mental health care in Arabic for Arab and Muslim survivors of domestic violence.     Address: 2 Plaza Street, San Francisco CA 94116     Voice: (415) 664-2200     Fax: (415) 664-2280     Email: info@arabculturalcenter.org     Web: http://www.arabculturalcenter.org     [25 Sep 2011]

Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC)     A grassroots organization working to empower and organize our community towards justice and self-determination for all. AROC members build community power in the Bay Area by participating in leadership development, political education, and campaigns.     Address: 522 Valencia Sreet, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 861-7444     Email: info@araborganizing.org     Web: http://www.araborganizing.org/     [03 Nov 2012]

Arc Ecology (Arc)     A technical services provider to environmental and economic justice communities struggling with the impacts of pollution, urban planning, community development, and military activities and communities seeking to develop new strategies to improve their environment and quality of life. Arc Ecology is an advocacy organization promoting civic engagement in governmental policy making.     Address: 1331 Evans Avenue, San Francisco CA 94124     Voice: (415) 643-1190     Fax: (415) 643-4779     Email: info@arcecology.org     Web: http://www.arcecology.org     [25 Jul 2014]

The Arc San Francisco     A non-profit service and advocacy organization for adults with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families living in San Francisco and San Mateo counties. We currently serve a varied group of over 550 clients who, despite their diverse backgrounds, ages and disabilities, are all similar in their desire to live a life of greater self-determination, dignity and quality.     Address: 1500 Howard Street (at 11th Street), San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 255-7200     Fax: (415) 255-9488     Email: info@thearcsf.org     Web: http://www.thearcsanfrancisco.org     [15 Jul 2012]

Architects / Designers / Planners for Social Responsibility (Northern California Chapter) (ADPSR)     Works for peace, environmental protection, ecological building, social justice, and the development of healthy communities. ADPSR programs aim to raise professional and public awareness of critical social and environmental issues, further responsive design and planning, and honor persons and organizations whose work exemplifies social responsibility.     Address: POBox 9126, Berkeley CA 94709-0126     Voice: (510) 845-1000     Web: http://adpsr.org     [25 Jul 2014]

Armenian National Committee, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (ANC)     A grassroots public affairs organization serving to inform, educate, and act on a wide range of issues concerning Armenian Americans throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our efforts span a wide range: meeting with political representatives and diplomats about issues affecting our community, participating in local campaigns, publicizing the Armenian Cause and educating the community, fighting historic revisionism, and promoting recognition of the Armenian Genocide.      Address: 51 Commonwealth Avenue, San Francisco CA 94118     Voice: (415) 387-3433     Fax: (415) 751-0617     Email: mail@ancsf.org     Web: http://www.ancsf.org     [03 Jan 2013]

Art in Action     A nonprofit organization dedicated since 1982 to bringing visual arts education to the classroom. Art in Action fosters the educational development and creativity of children across America through innovative visual arts programs and communities. We believe that a quality art education is critical for every student's preparation for success in the 21st century, and we actively assist schools in implementing a comprehensive, standards-based visual art program.     Address: 3925 Bohannon Drive, Suite 300, Menlo Park CA 94025     Voice: (650) 566-8339     Fax: (650) 566-8319     Email: info@artinaction.org     Web: http://www.artinaction.org     [06 Feb 2012]

Art of Yoga Project     We are leaders in revolutionizing the rehabilitation of girls by offering trauma-informed, strength-based, gender-responsive services. Our mission is to lead teenage girls in the California juvenile justice system toward accountability to self, others, and community by providing practical tools to affect behavioral change. We aspire to be a nationally recognized method for the effective treatment of at-risk teen girls.     Address: 555 Bryant Street #232, Palo Alto CA 94301-1704     Web: http://www.theartofyogaproject.org/     [15 Jul 2012]

Artists' Television Access (ATA)     A San Francisco-based, artist-run, non-profit organization that cultivates and promotes culturally-aware, underground media and experimental art. We provide an accessible screening venue and gallery for the exhibition of programmed and guest-curated screenings, exhibitions, performances, and events. We believe in fostering a supportive community for the exhibition of innovative art and the exchange of non-conformist ideas.     Address: 992 Valencia Street (near 21st), San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 824-3890     Email: ata@atasite.org     Web: http://www.atasite.org     [06 Feb 2012]

ArtSpan     Committed to cultivating a vibrant, accessible, and world-class art community in San Francisco and to promoting the city's unique creative energy locally and globally. We champion an inclusive art experience by providing hundreds of local artists with the equal opportunity to showcase their work and make direct connections to diverse audiences and patrons. We are guided by the belief that artists play a vital role in society and that broad public engagement with their work is essential to defining a new cultural environment for our changing city.     Address: SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 861-9838     Email: info@artspan.org     Web: http://www.artspan.org     [17 Jan 2015]

As You Sow     Promotes environmental and social corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacy, coalition building, and innovative legal strategies. Our efforts create large-scale systemic change by establishing sustainable and equitable corporate practices. As You Sow was founded on the belief that many environmental and human rights issues can be resolved by increased corporate responsibility. As investor representatives, we communicate directly with corporate executives to collaboratively develop and implement business models that reduce risk, benefit brand reputation, and protect long term shareholder value while simultaneously bringing about positive change for the environment and human rights.     Address: 1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 1450, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 735-8158     Fax: (510) 735-8143     Web: http://www.asyousow.org     [12 Jan 2014]

Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN)     Founded in 2001 with two distinct goals: creating public acceptance and discussion of asexuality and facilitating the growth of an asexual community. Since that time we have grown to host the world’s largest asexual community, serving as an informational resource for people who are asexual and questioning, their friends and families, academic researchers and the press.     Web: http://www.asexuality.org     [15 Jul 2012]

Ashkenaz Music and Dance Community Center (Ashkenaz)     Presents concerts, classes, and workshops of participatory dance and music rooted in traditional cultures from around the world. We are committed to providing a great place to dance that supports local and international bands of both established and emerging artists in a respectful, comfortable, safe, and family atmosphere. Through this we build friendship and culturally inclusive community that encourages social awareness, education, and dedication to fairness, honor, and equality.     Address: 1317 San Pablo Avenue (near Gilman), Berkeley CA 94702     Voice: (510) 525-5099 (office); (510) 525-5054 (showline)     Fax: (510) 525-3630     Web: http://www.ashkenaz.com/     [25 Jul 2014]

Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center (A&PI)     We transform lives by advancing health, wellness, and equality for people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and immigration statuses. We believe everyone deserves to be healthy and needs access to the highest quality health care. At A&PI Wellness Center, health care is grounded in social justice.     Address: 730 Polk Street, Fourth Floor (between Ellis and Eddy streets), San Francisco CA 94109     Voice: (415) 292-3400     Fax: (415) 292-3404     Web: http://www.apiwellness.org     [11 Oct 2013]

Asian American Public Policy Institute (AAPPI)     Works on a vast spectrum of issues, including public policy as it impacts the Asian American communities across the US; US foreign policy towards Asia; discrimination issues at the workplace, in education and elsewhere; domestic violence; identifying and assisting Asian American candidates for public office; and Asian youth Gangs. Major programs are Asian AIDS Action and Education For All.     Address: 4546 El Camino Real, Suite B10-129, Los Altos CA 94022     Email: info@aappi.com     [15 Apr 2012]

Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)     Santa Clara County’s largest community-based organization focused on the Asian community. Our mission is to improve the health, mental health and well-being of individuals, families and the Asian community by: * Providing an array of high quality health and human services. * Sharing expertise about the Asian community’s needs and best service delivery practices. * Providing Asian leadership in advocating on key health and human services issues.     Address: 2400 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 300, San Jose CA 95128     Voice: (408) 975-2730     Fax: (408) 975-2745     Email: info@aaci.org     Web: http://www.aaci.org     [17 Jan 2015]

Asian Americans for Community Outreach (AACO)     An organization dedicated to creating a forum in the San Francisco Bay Area where Asian American professionals and students can meet and foster the common goal of community service, benefiting the extended community as a whole. AACO members can be found throughout the Bay Area. Our members range in age from the 20s to 30s. AACO organizes community service and social events and promotes awareness of social and political issues relevant to Asian Americans. By bringing together people from many diverse fields, AACO hopes to pool its members' knowledge, strength, and experience to make a positive impact on our community.     Email: info@aaco-sf.org     Web: http://www.aaco-sf.org     [11 Oct 2013]

Asian Community Mental Health Services     Provides multicultural and multilingual services, empowering the most vulnerable members of our community to lead healthy, productive and contributing lives. Our vision is to grow as a responsive and innovative organization, embracing diversity and compassionate care, setting the standard of excellence for integrated services to Asian & Pacific Islander communities.     Address: 310 Eighth Street, Suite 201, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 869-6000     Fax: (510) 268-0202     Email: info@acmhs.org     Web: http://www.acmhs.org     [17 Jan 2015]

Asian Health Services     We are a community health center that offers primary health care services with 36 exam rooms and a dental clinic with 7 chairs. Our mission is to serve and advocate for the medically underserved, including the immigrant and refugee Asian community, and to assure equal access to health care services regardless of income, insurance status, language, or culture. Our staff is fluent in English and eleven Asian languages: Cantonese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Karen Korean, Khmer (Cambodian), Mien, Mongolian, Tagalog, Lao and Burmese.     Address: 818 Webster Street, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 986-6800     Web: http://www.asianhealthservices.org/     [17 Jan 2015]

Asian Immigrant Women Advocates (AIWA)     As a community based organization, AIWA is primarily concerned with developing the collective leadership of low-income immigrant women and youth to organize for positive changes in their living and working conditions. Since 1983, AIWA has focused its programs in three major areas: Education, Leadership Development and Collective Action.     Address: 310 Eighth Street #301 (near Harrison), Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 268-0192     Fax: (510) 268-0194     Email: info@aiwa.org     Web: http://www.aiwa.org     [25 Jul 2014]

Asian Law Caucus     The nation’s first legal and civil rights organization serving the low-income Asian Pacific American communities. Advancing Justice - ALC focuses on housing rights, immigration and immigrants’ rights, labor and employment issues, student advocacy (ASPIRE), civil rights and hate violence, national security, and criminal justice reform. As a founding affiliate of Asian Americans Advancing Justice, the organization also helps to set national policies in affirmative action, voting rights, Census and language rights.     Address: 55 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco CA 94111     Voice: (415) 896-1701     Fax: (415) 896-1702     Web: http://www.asianlawcaucus.org     [11 Oct 2013]

Asian Neighborhood Design     A non-profit architecture, community planning, employment training, and support services organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged individuals and communities become self-sufficient. Our unique service set enables us to fully respond to the complex issues individuals and communities face in trying to achieve a better life and environment – something few, if any, other agencies offer under one roof.     Address: 1245 Howard Street, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 575-0423     Fax: (415) 575-0424     Web: http://www.andnet.org     [02 Jul 2011]

Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (APAP)     A national network of progressive Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and allies. We are a 501(c)4 that organizes educational programs with an affiliated political action committee (PAC) that endorses candidates and engages in more partisan activities. We incorporated in 2005, but our origins are with the Howard Dean Presidential campaign in 2003.     Web: http://www.apaforprogress.org     [06 Feb 2012]

Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)     Brings together a collective voice to develop an alternative agenda for environmental, social and economic justice. Through building an organized movement, we strive to bring fundamental changes to economic and social institutions that will prioritize public good over profits and promote the right of every person to a decent, safe, affordable quality of life, and the right to participate in decisions affecting our lives. APEN holds this vision of environmental justice for all people. Our work focuses on Asian and Pacific Islander communities.Seeks to empower low-income Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities to achieve environmental and social justice.     Address: 310 Eighth Street #309, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 834-8920     Fax: (510) 834-8926     Email: apen*AT*apen4ej.org     Web: http://www.apen4ej.org     [11 Oct 2013]

Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach      A community-based, social justice organization serving the Asian and Pacific Islander communities of the Greater Bay Area. With a staff of 20 in offices in San Francisco and Oakland, we provide legal, social, and educational services in more than a dozen languages and dialects including Cantonese, Chiu-Chow, Hindi, Ilocano, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog, Taiwanese, Urdu, and Vietnamese.      Address: 1121 Mission Street, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 567-6255     Fax: (415) 567-6248     Email: info@apilegaloutreach.org     Web: http://www.apilegaloutreach.org     [10 Jul 2013]

Asian Women's Shelter     Mission s to eliminate domestic violence by promoting the social, economic and political self-determination of women. AWS is committed to every person's right to live in a violence-free home, and has a specific focus towards addressing the cultural and language needs of immigrant, refugee, and U.S.-born Asian women and their children. This perspective is reflected in the organization's broad strategy, which integrates culturally competent and language-accessible shelter services, educational programs, and community-based advocacy.     Voice: (415) 751-7110     Fax: (415) 751-0806     Email: info@sfaws.org     Web: http://www.sfaws.org     [03 Nov 2012]

Aspect Foundation     Founded in 1985 as a small non-profit organization offering affordable study-abroad opportunities to students from around the world. Today, Aspect Foundation students live with volunteer host families in more than 350 communities throughout the United States. Aspect Foundation also offers American students the opportunity to spend a high school year or semester abroad. With the help of our American Host Families, we can extend the hand of friendship to teenagers around the world and help to secure a peaceful future for the next generation of Americans.     Address: 200 Sutter Street, 10th Floor, San Francisco CA 94108     Voice: (415) 228-8050; (800) 879-6884     Email: exchange@aspectfoundation.org     Web: http://www.aspectfoundation.org     [24 Nov 2011]

Aspira     Dedicated to creating permanent, lifelong connections for children and families located in California. A nonprofit 501(c)(3) community-based organization headquartered in South San Francisco, we offer a statewide network of innovative and multi-faceted services that enhances the lives of over 10,000 families each year. Aspiranet’s 35 core family support programs in 44 locations are run by over 1,100 compassionate employees committed to strengthening and empowering communities through the Aspiranet network.     Address: 400 Oyster Point Blvd., Suite 501, South San Francisco CA 94080     Voice: (650) 866-4080     Fax: (650) 866-4081     Web: http://www.aspiranet.org     [02 Jul 2011]

Aspire Education Project     Because better education builds communities, increases economic potential and enriches lives, Aspire Education Project is dedicated to providing the best academic support to all K-12 students. In order to make a lasting impact, our educators build relationships with students, model lifelong learning and empower those they teach to educate others.     Address: POBox 10083, Oakland CA 94610     Voice: (510) 658-7500     Fax: (510) 452-1727     Email: info@aspireeducation.org     Web: http://www.aspireeducation.org     [25 Jul 2014]

Association for India's Development     A volunteer movement promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. AID supports grassroots organizations in India and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as agriculture, energy, education, health , livelihoods, natural resources including land and water, women's empowerment and social justice.     Web: http://www.aidindia.org     [14 Apr 2013]

Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas (ASPO)     A network of scientists and others, having an interest in determining the date and impact of the peak and decline of the world's production of oil and gas, due to resource constraints.     Web: http://peakoil.net/     [06 Feb 2012]

Asylum Access     An innovative international nonprofit dedicated to making refugee rights a reality. Asylum Access empowers refugees in Africa, Asia and Latin America to live safely, work, send children to school and rebuild their lives.     Address: 1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite #1111, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 891-8700     Email: info@asylumaccess.org     Web: http://www.asylumaccess.org/     [25 Jul 2014]

Atheist Advocates of San Francisco     We are inspired by a vision of a vibrant Bay Area atheist and freethinker movement that is tied into the national movement. We strongly advocate activism, including rallies and speaking at government meetings on issues of vital importance to atheists and freethinkers. We certainly welcome atheists and freethinkers who want to socialize at picnics and have discussions at educational meetings without getting more active. We will continue to organize such events, as we have done in the past, but are convinced that we must go beyond meetings and dinners to activism in order to affect change.     Web: http://atheistadvocatesofsanfrancisco.com/     [17 Jan 2015]

Atheists of Silicon Valley     An Atheist organization founded by Atheists for Atheists. We are committed to defending the separation of state & church and the civil rights of atheists, altering the negative perception many Americans have of atheists by promoting critical thinking, and educating the public about atheists & atheism.     Web: http://www.godlessgeeks.com/     [19 Oct 2013]

Attitudinal Healing Connection, Inc. (AHC)     Empowers individuals to be self aware and inspired through arts, creativity and education, making positive choices to break the cycle of violence for themselves and their communities.     Address: 3278 West Street (near 33rd Street), Oakland CA 94608     Voice: (510) 652-5530     Fax: (510) 652-8233     Email: info@ahc-oakland.org     Web: http://www.ahc-oakland.org     [17 Jan 2015]

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child (ARC)     A non-profit organization founded to secure equal protection for, and broaden judicial and public recognition of, children’s legal and human rights to bodily integrity and self-determination. ARC directs its efforts towards both male and female circumcision (also known as female genital mutilation [FGM] or female genital cutting), focusing on the American cultural practice of male circumcision due to its frequency relative to FGM in the United States and also due to the lack of any other legal organization currently concentrating on male circumcision.     Address: c/o J. Steven Svoboda, Esq., 2961 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley CA 94705     Voice: (510) 464-4530     Web: http://www.arclaw.org/     [11 Oct 2013]

Automobile Moratorium     A grassroots organization committed to the realization of a Car-Free Day in towns and cities across America... A day in which the streets will be open to people, bicycles and other human powered vehicles - but closed to private fossil-fueled transportation.     Address: POBox 9409, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (888) 363-2821     Email: moxieman@marctwang.com     Web: http://www.marctwang.org/auto.html     [02 Jul 2011]

The Auxiliary at UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion     Mission is to promote the health and welfare of UCSF Medical Center patients by providing financial support for programs and services to patients which would otherwise not be available. The Auxiliary has its roots in an auxiliary founded in 1897 as a volunteer and philanthropic organization, serving as a major link between the hospital and the community.     Address: 505 Parnassus, Box 0208, San Francisco CA 94143-0208     Voice: (415) 353-1366     Email: hospaux@ucsfmedctr.org     Web: http://mountzion.ucsfmedicalcenter.org/auxiliary     [25 Sep 2011]

BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights     An independent, community-based non-profit organization works to defend and promote the rights of Palestinian refugees and IDPs. Our vision, missions, programs and relationships are defined by our Palestinian identity and the principles of international law, in particular international human rights law. We seek to advance the individual and collective rights of the Palestinian people on this basis.     Web: http://www.badil.org/     [10 Jul 2013]

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds     Carries one of the largest selections of seeds from the 19th century, including many Asian and European varieties. The company has become a tool to promote and preserve our agricultural and culinary heritage. They also work extensively to supply free seeds to many of the world’s poorest countries, as well as here at home in school gardens and other educational projects. It is their goal to educate everyone about a better, safer food supply and fight gene-altered, Frankenfood and the companies that support it. Their West Coast store is the Petaluma Seed Bank, in a historic bank building.     Web: http://www.rareseeds.com     [04 Dec 2014]

Bank Information Center     Partners with civil society in developing and transition countries to influence the World Bank and other international financial institutions (IFIs) to promote social and economic justice and ecological sustainability. BIC is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization that advocates for the protection of rights, participation, transparency, and public accountability in the governance and operations of the World Bank Group and regional development banks.     Web: http://www.bicusa.org/     [11 Oct 2013]

BanTransFats.com     Works behind the scenes on a daily basis to help the food industry reduce and eliminate trans fat in our food supply and educate the public about the harmful effects of trans fat. Has successfully sued Kraft and McDonald's over trans fats, and assisted New York City and other cities in developing trans fat bans.     Web: http://www.bantransfats.com/     [06 Feb 2012]

Baring Witness     A global partnership of men and women who create words of peace with their bodies. A project of Mow and Sow, a 501(c)(3) organization, we manifest a continuum of global peace and environmental actions. Baring Witness maintains the website BaringWitness.org and provides international media contacts and communications for the global network of the hundreds of thousands of people in our extended community. Our mission is to promote non-violent community-based action by educating the public through media, web, print and film venues. Our aim is to create a peace-based culture of partnership between men and women, without blame.     Web: http://www.baringwitness.org/     [09 Apr 2014]

Bay Area American Indians Two-Spirits (BAAITS)     A community-based volunteer organization offering culturally relevant activities for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Native Americans, their families and friends. Two-Spirit refers to the commonly shared notion among many Native American tribes that some individuals naturally possessed and manifested both a masculine and feminine spiritual qualities. American society commonly identifies Two-Spirit People as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender. Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits comes together to socialize, share and network in an alcohol and drug-free environment.     Address: SF LGBT Center, 1800 Market Street, Box 95, San Francisco CA 94102-6227     Voice: (415) 865-5616     Email: admin@baaits.org     Web: http://www.baaits.org     [02 Jul 2011]

Bay Area Animal Rights Network (BAARN)     A network of animal advocates and organizations within the San Francisco Bay Area working on behalf of animals and animal rights. BAARN activists may be concerned with factory farming, vivisection and animal research/testing, animals used for their fur, circuses, rodeos, pet issues, promoting vegetarianism/veganism, and more. BAARN is not an organization but a network. We enable activists and organizations to communicate with and support each other, share resources and information, alert one another about events or situations that need action, and share successful strategies.     Web: http://www.sfbaarn.com   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baarn/     [02 Jul 2011]

Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS)     Seeks to make all aspects of sailing accessible. To fulfill this mission, we offer dinghy sailing every Saturday and keelboat sailing every Sunday out of South Beach Marina, adjacent to AT&T Park.     Address: Pier 40, The Embarcadero, San Francisco CA 94107     Voice: (415) 281-0212     Email: info@baads.org     Web: http://www.baads.org     [03 Jan 2013]

Bay Area Barns and Trails     Assists landowners with preservation and maintenance of publicly accessible barns, stables, pastures, staging areas, horse camps, and trails throughout Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma Counties.     Address: POBox 2435, Mill Valley CA 94942-2435     Voice: (415) 383-6283     Email: babtt@earthlink.net     Web: http://www.bayareabarnsandtrails.org     [06 Feb 2012]

Bay Area Bicycle Coalition (BABC)     Goal is to make the San Francisco Bay Area a national model for progressive bicycling policies, and to provide a safe and comprehensive network to facilitate bicycling throughout the region. BABC believes that bicycling can and should be a viable transportation and recreation option for all of the wonderfully diverse residents of the Bay Area.     Address: POBox 1121, Oakland CA 94604-1121     Voice: (415) 787-2893     Email: info(at)bayareabikes(dot)org     Web: http://www.bayareabikes.org     [06 Feb 2012]

Bay Area Bisexual Network (BABN)     Based in San Francisco with members from all over the Bay Area. Our mission is to develop a healthy, vibrant, multicultural bisexual community in the San Francisco Bay Area and to promote better understanding of bisexual lives and issues within the larger lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTIQQ) community and the public. We offer: * Two email lists. The events list is a low-volume, moderated list. Our chat list is a free-form discussion of whatever you fancy. * Facebook Open Group with about 250 members. This Open Group is lightly moderated and is high volume. * Information and referral. * A monthly trans/bi brunch group that meets at Crepevine on Church and Market at 12:30pm on the 4th Saturday. * Other Cultural & social events.     Address: SFLGBT Community Center, 1800 Market Street, PMB #101, San Francisco CA 94102     Email: director@bayareabisexualnetwork.org     Web: http://www.bayareabisexualnetwork.org     [09 Feb 2014]

Bay Area Center for Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC)     A local affiliate of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, BayNVC works to create a world where everyone’s needs matter and people have the skills for making peace. BayNVC works with organizations, communities, and individuals, offering workshops, private sessions, meeting facilitation, consulting services, leadership training, training in collaboration, including diversity training, and more. BayNVC is a nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible.     Address: 55 Santa Clara Avenue, Suite 203, Oakland CA 94610     Voice: (510) 433-0700     Fax: (510) 452-3900     Email: nvc@baynvc.org     Web: http://www.baynvc.org/   http://www.cnvc.org     [11 Oct 2013]

Bay Area Coalition for Employment Development (BACED)     A continually growing network of local nonprofit organizations dedicated to increasing competitive employment for individuals who may have barriers to obtaining employment. Established in March of 1987 as the Santa Clara County Comittee for the Employment of the Disabled (SCCCED), BACED agencies have successfully placed thousands of qualified applicants. BACED agencies represent over 1000, Bay Area employers and annually place more than 1,500 qualified candidates into competitive employment.     Web: http://www.baced.us     [01 Apr 2012]

Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters Forest (BACH)     Collaborates with grassroots activists on California’s north coast and organizations in the SF Bay Area, working to ensure preservation of the redwood forest ecosystem, with real solutions for workers and communities. Corporate industrial logging has threatened to destroy our ecological forest heritage and the habitat of the species who live there. BACH is committed to encouraging grassroots activism to confront and curtail the exploitation of forests and to understand the links between our lives and healthy forests.     Address: 2530 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley CA 94702     Voice: (510) 548-3113     Web: http://www.headwaterspreserve.org     [15 Jul 2012]

Bay Area Community Exchange (BACE Timebank)     With BACE Timebank, the currency is time, and everyone’s time is equal. The BACE Timebank is like a local community bank, but we keep track of time. For every hour you spend doing something for someone in your community, you earn one hour to use to have someone do something for you. It is an alternative way to give and receive resources. It’s that simple.     Web: http://timebank.sfbace.org/     [10 Jul 2013]

Bay Area Fair Trade Coalition     An all volunteer group of students, community leaders, business leaders and people of faith to raise awareness and build demand for fair trade products here in the Bay Area. Through our community outreach events, retail canvasses and product giveaways, we work to increase awareness of the benefits of fair trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.     Web: http://bayareafairtradecoalition.blogspot.com/     [19 Oct 2013]

Bay Area Friends of Tibet (BAFoT)     Mission is to study, promote interest in, and actively preserve Tibetan culture in all its aspects; to educate the general public in matters pertaining to Tibet and the Tibetan people; and to provide assistance to Tibetans.     Address: 1310 Fillmore Street, Suite 401, San Francisco CA 94115     Voice: 19 Oct 2013      Email: bafot@friends-of-tibet.org     Web: http://www.friends-of-tibet.org     [19 Oct 2013]

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp (BAGRC)     A nonprofit organization that empowers girls through music, promoting an environment that fosters self-confidence, creativity and teamwork. BAGRC challenges gender stereotypes, encourage collaboration and tolerance among peers, and provides a comfortable space for people of all backgrounds to express themselves. Through music lessons, workshops, group activities and performance, girls acquire skills that help guide them throughout their lives.     Address: POBox 22469, Oakland CA 94609     Voice: (510) 267-1808     Web: http://www.bayareagirlsrockcamp.org     [19 Oct 2013]

Bay Area Green Business Program     Verifies that businesses meet our higher standards of environmental performance. Our partnership of government agencies and utilities helps local businesses comply with environmental regulations and take additional actions to conserve resources, prevent pollution, minimize waste, and reduce their carbon footprint. We offer businesses and agencies an easy-to-use framework for improving environmental performance. More than 2,300 businesses and public agencies have been certified since 1996.     Web: http://www.greenbiz.ca.gov/     [17 Jan 2015]

Bay Area Green Tours     Serves as a conduit to solutions for a more sustainable future and a bridge from the past to all new possibilities.The fundamental idea of Bay Area Green Tours arose from a fourth grade field trip to a waste water treatment plant in New York City which our Founding Executive Director, Marissa LaMagna, attended. She couldn’t help but wonder: „Where does all the waste go”? We provide educational tours and events that demonstrate the sustainable economy in action, inspire support of local green businesses, and empower people to incorporate environmental responsibility and social justice into their personal and professional lives.     Address: 2150 Allston Way, Suite 280, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 704-0379     Email: info@bayareagreentours.org     Web: http://www.bayareagreentours.org/     [09 Apr 2014]

Bay Area Intactivists     A human rights organization comprised of San Francisco Bay area activists who are working to end non-therapeutic, non-consensual, genital surgery including routine infant circumcision. Membership is free. Anyone who is interested in defending the human right to genital integrity is encouraged to join our email lists and get involved.     Address: c/o Tina Kimmel, MSW, MPH, 719 Aileen Street (near MLK), Oakland CA 94609-1611     Voice: (510) 653-5260     Fax: (510) 653-5260 (same as voice)     Email: bayareaintactivists@motherlove.org     Web: http://www.bayareaintactivists.org     [09 Jun 2012]

Bay Area Iranian American Democrats (BAIAD)     A grassroots political organization that stands for protecting the rights and interests of Iranian Americans by empowering the Iranian-American political voice. BAIAD seeks to promote progressive values such as social justice, responsibility and fairness through education, political participation, public and political advocacy, and grassroots activism. A 100% volunteer-based organization that was founded in June 2004 on the basic principle that the time has come for Iranian Americans to develop a powerful political voice and influence by becoming active and responsible participants of American democracy.     Voice: (415) 315-9959     Email: info1-at-baiad.org     Web: http://www.baiad.org/     [06 Feb 2012]

Bay Area Labor Heritage Rockin' Solidarity Chorus     A chorus made up of workers from many unions, as well as students and independent folks who love to sing. We are dedicated to building more democracy and representation within our unions and we come together to celebrate our love of music and workers' culture. The Chorus is directed by musician and labor organizer, Pat Wynne. Under her leadership, we borrow from many musical traditions such as South African and Gospel; traditional and newly composed labor songs; songs in Yiddish, Latin, Spanish and Xshosha; and parodies of popular songs created in the Joe Hill tradition.     Voice: (415) 648-3457     Email: wynnegilbert@igc.org     Web: http://www.laborchorus.org     [02 Jul 2011]

Bay Area Legal Aid (BayLegal)     Provides free civil legal advice, counsel and representation to low-income people living in the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara.     Address: 1735 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 663-4745     Web: http://baylegal.org/     [12 Jan 2014]

Bay Area Legal Aid, Contra Costa County     See description at Bay Area Legal Aid, Alameda County.     Address: 1025 Macdonald Avenue, Richmond CA 94801     Voice:  (510) 233-9954     Fax: (510) 236-6846     Web: http://www.baylegal.org     [02 Jul 2011]

Bay Area Legal Aid, Marin County     See description at Bay Area Legal Aid, Alameda County.     Address: 30 North San Pedro Road, San Rafael CA 94903     Voice: (415) 479-8224     Fax: (415) 479-8549     Web: http://www.baylegal.org     [02 Jul 2011]

Bay Area Legal Aid, San Francisco County     See description at Bay Area Legal Aid, Alameda County.     Address: 1035 Market Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 982-1300     Fax: (415) 982-4243     Web: http://www.baylegal.org     [02 Jul 2011]

Bay Area Legal Aid, San Mateo County     See description at Bay Area Legal Aid, Alameda County.     Address: 539 Middlefield Road, San Mateo CA 94063     Voice: (650) 358-0745     Fax: (650) 358-0751     Web: http://www.baylegal.org     [09 Jul 2011]

Bay Area Legal Aid, Santa Clara County     See description at Bay Area Legal Aid, Alameda County.     Address: 2 West Santa Clara Street, 8th Floor, San Jose CA 95113     Voice: (408) 283-3700     Fax: (408) 283-3750     Web: http://www.baylegal.org     [09 Jul 2011]

Bay Area Literacy (BALIT)     Sserves adults in the Bay Area who choose to improve their reading and writing skills. BALit’s 25 member programs are located in libraries from Mendocino County to Santa Clara County. Each year these programs serve some 6,500 adults, helping them to achieve their goals and expand their opportunities.     Web: http://www.balit.org     [19 Oct 2013]

Bay Area Naturists     A loosely-knit collection of people in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas who believe that the human species must live in harmony with itself and the other species which populate Planet Earth, believe in the fundamental wholesomeness of the human body, and regard it as neither an object of shame nor a subject for degrading exploitation, and advocate the acceptance of suitable areas for nude recreation.     Address: POBox 23781, San Jose CA 95153-3781     Web: http://www.bayareanaturists.org/     [30 Jul 2014]

Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP)     A 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to improve the health, independence and social integration of people with physical disabilities through sports, fitness and recreation programs. At BORP, we believe that sports and recreation provide a path to greater achievement to which all people should have access, and we continually strive to make this a reality.     Address: 3075 Adeline Street, Suite 155, Berkeley CA 94703-2545     Voice: (510) 849-4663     Fax: (510) 849-4616     Email: info@borp.org     Web: http://www.borp.org     [25 Sep 2011]

Bay Area Reporter (BAR)     The nation's oldest and highest circulation LGBT news weekly serving San Francisco's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Founded in 1971, B.A.R. is regarded for its original writing covering news and entertainment relevant to our lives. B.A.R. is published every Thursday by BAR Media Inc., and is distributed in San Francisco and surrounding cities of the Bay Area.     Address: 225 Bush Street, 17th Floor, San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: (415) 861-5019     Email: michael@ebar.com     Web: http://www.ebar.com/     [13 Apr 2014]

Bay Area Seed Interchange Library (BASIL)     Part of a growing network of concerned farmers and community gardeners dedicated to conserving the remaining genetic diversity of our planet's seed stock. We have created a library of healthy vegetable, herb, and flower seeds that are being made available free to the public. We are a dynamic group that needs your support and involvement!     Email: basil@ecologycenter.org     Web: http://www.ecologycenter.org/basil     [02 Jul 2011]

Bay Area United Against War Newsletter (BAUAW)     Was formed as a democratically organized (one person, one vote and majority rule) coalition of groups and individuals opposed to U.S. war and occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan or any where else. We organized to firmly oppose "pre-emptive" wars, the "War on Terror" and U.S. support and military aid to Israels' war on the Palestinian people. Also, to oppose the economic war against the American people. While our government spends billions on the military budget, and now, bankster bailouts and jails; jobs, healthcare, housing, and education are on the chopping block. We no longer function as a group, however this newsletter goes out regularly to over 380 people and groups in the Bay Area.     Address: POBox 318021, San Francisco CA 94131-8021     Voice: (415) 824-8730 (Bonnie Weinstein)     Email: bauaw2003-owner@yahoogroups.com     Web: http://www.bauaw.org     [06 Feb 2012]

Bay Area Vegetarians (BAVeg)     A grassroots, all-volunteer organization dedicated to supporting and promoting a compassionate, vegan lifestyle through our calendar/newsletter covering the 9 countines within the San Francisco Bay Area (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma). We also offer an online guide to vegan and vegetarian restaurants and services, and the email discussion list SFBAVeg. Volunteers welcome.     Web: http://bayareaveg.org     [09 Nov 2014]

Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)     Provides training and access to emerging media technologies for public media producers, independent artists, at-risk youth and other non-profit organizations.     Address: 2727 Mariposa Street, Second Floor (at Bryant), San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 861-3282     Fax: (415) 861-4316     Web: http://www.bavc.org     [03 Nov 2012]

Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT)     Mission is to create opportunities for urban youth to experience wilderness first hand. BAWT exists as a vital, comprehensive and ongoing source of support to agencies that lead youth wilderness trips. We believe that urban youth, once exposed to wilderness, have a broadened sense of themselves, each other, and the world around them. BAWT extends it services to the eight counties of the San Francisco Bay Area. We hope other organizations will take this vision to the rest of the country and the larger world.     Address: 2301 Broadway, Suite B, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 452-BAWT (2298)     Web: http://www.bawt.org     [02 Jul 2011]

Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR)     From its beginnings in 1971, BAWAR has addressed the problem of sexual assault with two basic goals: 1) to establish a place where rape and incest survivors could receive the quality counseling and advocacy they need, and 2) to provide community education regarding sexual assault issues.     Address: 470 27th Street, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 430-1298 (office); (510) 845-7273 (24-hour crisis line)     Fax: (510) 430-2579     Email: bawar@bawar.org     Web: http://www.bawar.org/     [12 Jan 2014]

Bay Area Women in Black     Bay Area Women in Black are Jews and allies in the United States who stand against militaristic and fundamentalist leadership in all countries, including our own. We are committed to nonviolent resistance against injustice, believing that all people have the right to security, home, education, justice and freedom. We are part of the international movement of Women in Black, a transnational network of feminist activists which includes women of many ethnic and national backgrounds who cooperate across these and other differences. Our international solidarity is an expression of the political decision to attempt to create a moral and ethical way to live our interconnected lives.     Web: http://www.bayareawomeninblack.org     [30 Jul 2014]

Bay Bucks     We believe that our current monetary system, where private banks issues and controls debt-based money that necessitates infinite growth, is the root of many evils. Thus, we must first build a regional currency to serve as the foundation of a new regional economy. The currency must be designed to incentivize collaborative and sustainable rather than selfish and destructive behaviors. We learned from an immensely successful regional currency from Switzerland called the WIR, enhanced it with more social features, and implemented it in the Bay Area. This complementary monetary system operates through a business-to-business barter exchange.     Web: http://www.baybucks.com     [19 May 2014]

The Bay Institute     The leader in protecting and restoring the entire watershed which drains into San Francisco Bay. For nearly 30 years, we have been developing and leading model scientific research, education and advocacy programs to preserve this watershed, which includes the Sacramento and the San Joaquin rivers and their tributaries; Suisun Marsh; San Pablo Bay; and San Francisco Bay.     Address: 350 Bay Street, #100 PMB 316, San Francisco CA 94133     Voice: (415) 262-4735     Fax: (415) 623-5324     Email: bayinfo@bay.org     Web: http://www.bay.org     [30 Jul 2014]

Bay Localize     Inspires and supports community leaders in building equitable, resilient communities. We confront the challenges of climate instability, rising energy costs, and recession by boosting regional capacity to provide for everyone's needs, sustainably and equitably. We achieve this by equipping local leaders with flexible tools, models, and policies that strengthen their communities.     Address: 436 14th Street #1216, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 834-0420     Web: http://www.baylocalize.org     [30 Aug 2014]

Bay Nature Institute     Dedicated to educating the people of the San Francisco Bay Area about, and celebrating the beauty of, the surrounding natural world. We do so with the aim of inspiring residents to explore and preserve the diverse and unique natural heritage of the region, and of nurturing productive relationships among the many organizations and individuals working towards these same goals.     Address: 1328 Sixth Street, Suite 2, Berkeley CA 94710     Voice: (510) 528-8550     Email: baynature@baynature.org     Web: http://www.baynature.org     [02 Jul 2011]

Bay Trail     The Bay Trail is a planned recreational corridor that, when complete, will encircle San Francisco and San Pablo Bays with a continuous 500-mile network of bicycling and hiking trails. It will connect the shoreline of all nine Bay Area counties, link 47 cities, and cross the major toll bridges in the region. To date, approximately 330 miles of the alignment—over 60 percent of the Bay Trail’s ultimate length—have been completed.     Web: http://www.baytrail.org     [09 Apr 2014]

Bay Worms     Ddedicated to diverting waste from landfills by converting it into rich soil amendments. By improving the quality of soil and illustrating the benefits of organic gardening we hope to educate the public of the advantages of a closed loop, self-sufficient, local organic food production model. Using vermicomposting methods, we provide compost, worm castings and worms to residents and businesses. We also offer educational opportunities such as workshops, seminars and school presentations.     Voice: (510) 776-6210     Email: bayworms@gmail.com     Web: http://www.bayworms.org     [03 Nov 2012]

BAY-Peace: Better Alternatives for Youth     Supports and empowers Bay Area youth to transform militarism and other forms of violence through youth organizing and artistic resistance.     Address: 610 16th Street #419, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 863-1737     Email: baypeace@baypeace.org     Web: http://www.baypeace.org     [30 Jul 2014]

BayRail Alliance     A non-profit, 501(c)4 organization founded in 1983. For more than 20 years, we have advocated for improvements to rail public transit in the San Francisco Bay Area that will efficiently produce a quantum leap in their quality and convenience. Our mission is to build public awareness of and support for these plans, so as to improve our environment and quality of life. We're interested in rail's current and future potential to help the Bay Area reduce its dependence on automobiles, stop climate change and improve air quality, and for many other benefits.     Address: 3921 East Bayshore Road, Palo Alto CA 94303     Web: http://www.bayrailalliance.org     [01 Apr 2012]

BayVajra.info     A Vajrayana Buddhist events list for the San Francisco Bay Area. Bay Area Vajrayana Buddhist groups and individuals can publish their dharma events here. Sangha social gatherings and fundraising events are good too. Also welcome are events related to Tibetan freedom and human rights, and Tibetan culture. All events should be in and around the Bay Area.     Web: http://bayvajra.info/     [02 Jul 2011]

Bayview Hunter's Point Center for Arts & Technology (BAYCAT)     A non-profit community media producer that educates, empowers and employs underserved youth and adults in the digital media arts. By bridging the digital divide, BAYCAT inspires students to stay in school and become lifelong learners, and to use the power of digital media and design to shape their communities and tell their unique stories.     Address: 2415 Third Street, Suite 230, San Francisco CA 94107     Voice: (415) 701-8CAT (8228)     Fax: (415) 701-9CAT (9228)     Email: info@baycat.org     Web: http://www.baycat.org/     [06 Feb 2012]

Bayview Hunters Point Health and Environmental Resource Center (HERC)     Mission is to promote the health & wellness of residents in low-income communities and to improve the environment where residents live & work.     Address: 6301 Third Street, Floor 2, San Francisco CA 94124     Voice: (415) 467-5555     Fax: (415) 467-5172     Web: http://www.bayviewherc.org/     [30 Jul 2014]

Bee Holistic Cat Rescue and Care     Located in the beautiful Richmond hills, Bee Holistic offers many services to community cats, and to those who need hospice, rehabilitation, or refuge. We also do "TNRC": (trap, neuter, return, care for) free-roaming cats and those in established colonies. We offer fostering for those not ready for full adoption, and of course, we find great homes for as many as possible! We take an holistic approach to wellness, vaccine-free, using acupuncture, homeopathy, and many other treatments to create and maintain healthy immune systems and vibrant cats!     Address: 6073 Felix Avenue (near Arlington & Mcbryde), Richmond CA 94805     Voice: (510) 237-1190     Email: Cynthia@BeeHolistic.com     Web: http://www.BeeHolistic.com     [02 Feb 2013]

BehindTheLabel.org     A multimedia news website covering the stories of people fighting for fundamental human and labor rights against the goliath global clothing industry. BehindTheLabel.org is an initiative of UNITE HERE to share stories of workers around the world who make our clothes, to educate the public of international campaigns where workers are struggling to correct injustices in their workplace, and to engage consumers and activists to take part in solidarity actions with garment workers against the multinational corporations behind the labels.     Web: http://www.behindthelabel.org/     [06 Feb 2012]

Ben Lomond Quaker Center     A self-service conference and retreat center with simple, comfortable accommodations, modestly priced. It is a serene place for friends to gather, offering: Group rentals Personal retreats Quaker Center programs focused on Quakerism, Friends’ testimonies, spirituality, and social justice. Summer youth camps Friends in Residence -Friends are invited to live, study, worship, and share hospitality duties at Quaker Center for periods of six weeks to six months. Quaker Center extends a special hand of support to low-income community groups working for peace, social justice, race and gender equality, and care and reclamation of the environment. We are located on 80 acres of redwood forest, two hours south of San Francisco and 20 minutes outside of Santa Cruz.     Address: POBox 686, Ben Lomond CA 95005     Voice: (831) 336-8333     Fax: (831) 336-0218     Email: mail(at)quakercenter.org     Web: http://www.quakercenter.org/     [06 Feb 2012]

berberworld.com     A web site covering the Berber (Amazigh) people and culture. Berbers are the indigenous people of Northern Africa (Tamazgha), and continue to comprise a substantial portion of the population of Morocco and Algeria and elsewhere, yet their culture and language (Tamazight) are being actively repressed.     Web: http://www.mondeberbere.com/     [17 Jan 2015]

Berkeley Community Gardening Collaborative (BCGC)     BCGC is composed of diverse community garden members who share a common commitment to organic, urban agriculture and access to healthy food for all residents of Berkeley. By providing a forum for mutual support and the sharing of common resources, BCGC assists and protects existing gardens, facilitates the formation of new gardens, and advocates food security initiatives in our local schools and city.     Address: Ecology Center, POBox 2801, Berkeley CA 94702     Voice: (510) 883-9096     Web: http://ecologycenter.org/bcgc     [30 Jul 2014]

Berkeley Community Media (BCM)     Objective is to strengthen our community through increasing and enhancing communication among its residents. BCM exists to provide Berkeley residents and organizations with the tools and training needed to effectively communicate with one another and with our schools and governmental bodies through the use of television and other electronic media. These resources provide community members with a non-commercial forum for ideas, opinions, information and creative expression originating at the grassroots level.     Address: 2239 Martin Luther King Jr. Way (between Bancroft and Allston), Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 848-2288     Fax: (510) 848-0265     Email: info@betv.org     Web: http://www.betv.org/     [15 Mar 2012]

Berkeley Daily Planet     An online newspaper covering Berkeley, California.     Address: POBox 5534, Berkeley CA 94705     Voice: (510) 845-8440     Web: http://www.berkeleydailyplanet.com     [17 Jan 2015]

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (BFUU)     A dynamic Unitarian Universalist congregation that plays an important role as a progressive spiritual community in the heart of Berkeley. The Fellowship enriches the life of the surrounding community as a much-used and much-loved venue for social justice and cultural programs.     Address: 1606 Bonita Avenue, Berkeley CA 94709-2022     Voice: (510) 841-4824     Email: office@bfuu.org     Web: http://www.bfuu.org     [09 Apr 2014]

Berkeley Food and Housing Project (BFHP)     To ease and end the crisis of homelessness in our community, Berkeley Food and Housing Project provides emergency food and shelter, transitional housing, permanent housing, and housing placement with support services to homeless individuals and families. BFHP sees a future where the community of residents, business and government offers the support needed to ease and end homelessness in our community. Referrals into our programs will come from true emergency situations, not a chronic state of hunger, poverty and homelessness.     Address: 2362 Bancroft Way (near Dana), Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 649-4965     Fax: (510) 649-4982     Email: info@bfhp.org     Web: http://www.bfhp.org     [13 Apr 2014]

Berkeley Free Clinic     Founded in 1969 as a "street medicine" clinic that quickly found a niche and a permanent home in the Berkeley community. It has become an icon in the area, and has served countless thousands in a variety of ways during its 40-year history. Fees have never been charged for any services, materials, medications or supplies provided at the Berkeley Free Clinic. Income has been generated solely via individual or organizational donations and government programs. An emphasis on education, self-knowledge and an increasing awareness of appropriate resources infuses all of our medical, dental, counseling, and information/referral services.     Address: 2339 Durant Avenue (between Dana and Ellsworth), Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 548-2570; (800) 6-CLINIC     Fax: (510) 548-1730     Email: info@berkeleyfreeclinic.org     Web: http://www.berkeleyfreeclinic.org     [17 Jan 2015]

Berkeley Healthy Child Initiative     A plan to require Big Soda to pay a small fee when they sell sugar sweetened beverages in Berkeley. The science is clear – sugar sweetened beverages contribute to the growing rates of diabetes and obesity. The Healthy Child Coalition is gathering signatures on a petition asking the City Council to place a sugary drink tax on the Nov. 2014 ballot.     Voice: (510) 842-5404     Email: healthychildcoalition@gmail.com     Web: berkeleyvsbigsoda.com     [14 Feb 2014]

Berkeley Information Network (The BIN)     A resource file of local organizations, agencies, services, non profits, clubs, etc at the Berkeley Public Library. The BIN has information on museums, disabled services, low-cost legal aid, recycling, schools, emergency dental referrals, parks, summer camps, senior resources, job lines, consumer groups, etc.     Address: c/o Berkeley Public Library, 2090 Kittredge Street (at Shattuck), Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 981-6166     Web: http://berkeleypubliclibrary.org     [13 Apr 2014]

Berkeley Liberation Radio     Exists to provide a voice for the diverse community in the greater Berkeley/Oakland area Further, it is a vehicle and a means by which to bring about radical social change. Consistent with a vision of creating an alternative, diverse, vibrant society and community that respects the right to be free of sexism, racism, homophobia and all other forms of oppression, our programming will reflect those goals and ideals.     Web: http://www.berkeleyliberationradio.net     [14 Apr 2013]

Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy (BOAA)     A student organization on the UC Berkeley campus. We have weekly meetings to discuss animal rights issues, our events, and how to become better advocates for the other beings on this planet. We are currently working on a number of campaigns, including weekly letter writing, revising and relaunching our fight against on-campus animal research, and raising awareness of animal rights issues among students, faculty, and members of the local community.     Address: c/o ASUC Office of Student Affairs, University of California, 400 Eshleman Hall, MC 4500, Berkeley CA 94720-4500     Email: ruby.yoon.9@facebook.com     Web: https://www.facebook.com/calveg   http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~boaa/     [15 Jul 2012]

Berkeley Partners for Parks (BFPF)     A citywide nonprofit organization that encourages volunteerism and community development for parks, community gardens, natural habitat, and open space, and recreation in our area. We help citizens form new groups, help those groups find needed financial and volunteer resources, provide voices of experience and help with publicity, and serve as a 501(c)3 nonprofit fiscal sponsor, providing bookkeeping, tax filing, insurance, and the ability to receive tax-free donations and grants.     Address: POBox 13673, Berkeley CA 94712     Voice: (510) 849-1969     Web: http://www.bpfp.org     [19 Oct 2013]

Berkeley Path Wanderers Association (BPWA)     A grassroots volunteer group of community members who have come together to increase public awareness of the City of Berkeley's pathways. BPWA hopes to accomplish this goal through volunteer-led path walks; identification and accurate mapping of Berkeley's complete path network; and eventual restoration of paths that have been blocked or obscured. We hope the final outcome of the community effort will be the preservation and on-going maintenance of all the paths, lanes and steps throughout Berkeley.     Address: 1442A Walnut Street, Box 269, Berkeley CA 94709     Email: info@berkeleypaths.org     Web: http://www.berkeleypaths.org/     [03 Jan 2013]

Berkeley Post Office Defenders (BPOD)     BPOD came into existence in May of 2013, after the U.S. Postal Service announced its “final” decision to sell the downtown Berkeley Post Office. Members of Save The Berkeley Post Office, Strike Debt Bay Area and Occupy Oakland came together to form an independent committee to plan for and execute an encampment/outside occupation of the downtown Berkeley Post Office.     Web: http://berkeleypostofficedefenders.wordpress.com/     [17 Jan 2014]

Berkeley Student Food Collective (BSFC)     Works to provide healthy, sustainable, and affordable food for the East Bay community. A volunteer-run grocery collective, BSFC is a local hub for both leadership development and food-related education for its members.     Address: 2440 Bancroft Way #102, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 845-1985     Web: https://www.facebook.com/foodcollective     [10 Jul 2013]

Berkeley Women in Black     We stand each Friday from noon to 1 PM to protest the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. Join us when you can. We are a non-hierarchical group. We create a new flyer each week about the situation on the ground and distribute about 300 at the south side of UC campus, at Bancroft and Telegraph.     Voice: (510) 548-6310     Email: wibberkeley@yahoo.com     [03 Dec 2011]

Berkeley Youth Alternatives (BYA)     A community based organization. Our vision is to provide a secure and nurturing environment for all the children, youth, and families of our community. We desire to promote, to their fullest potential, the freedom to develop individual skills and visions of the world. Our mission is to help children, youth, and their families address issues and problems via Prevention by reaching youth before their problems become crises, and via Intervention through the provision of support services to youth entangled in the juvenile justice system. BYA helps to build capacity within individuals to reach their innate potential.     Address: 1255 Allston Way (at Bonar), Berkeley CA 94702     Voice: (510) 845-9010     Fax: (510) 849-1421     Web: http://www.byaonline.org/     [17 Jan 2015]

Berkeleyans for a Livable University Environment (BLUE)     Mission is to promote and protect a livable community, and a healthy urban and natural environment, around the University of California at Berkeley and its associated institutions.     Web: http://berkeleyblue.org/     [03 Jan 2013]

Between The Lines (BTL)     A weekly syndicated half-hour news magazine featuring progressive perspectives on national and international political, economic and social issues. Because Between The Lines is independent of all publications, media networks or political parties, we are able to bring a diversity of voices to the airwaves. This award-winning program provides a platform for individuals and organizations generally ignored or marginalized in corporate media.     Web: http://www.btlonline.org/     [09 Aug 2014]

Beyond Chron     We provide coverage of political and cultural issues often distorted or ignored by the Bay Area's largest newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle. Beyond Chron presents a critical look at the cutting edge issues of the day. Beyond Chron is published by the San Francisco-based Tenderloin Housing Clinic. Clinic Director Randy Shaw is the paper's editor. Nationally, progressive blogs like dailykos.com act as truth squads, exposing politicians lies almost as soon as they are spun. Beyond Chron plays a similar role for local, state and national politics.     Address: 126 Hyde Street, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 771-9850     Fax: (415) 771-1287     Email: rshaw@beyondchron.org     Web: http://www.beyondchron.org/     [02 Jul 2011]

Beyond Oil and Hubbert's Peak     Peak Oil books by Princeton University Professor Kenneth S. Deffeyes.     Web: http://www.princeton.edu/hubbert     [15 Jul 2012]

Beyond Pesticides     A nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington D.C. Our directors and staff are experienced scientists, conservationists, and activists. We work to provide the public with useful information on pesticides and alternatives to their use. With these tools, people can protect themselves and the environment from the hazards pesticides pose to public health and the environment.     Web: http://www.beyondpesticides.org     [10 Jul 2013]

Big Think Studios     A group of advertising and graphic design professionals dedicated to social change. We craft strategies and communication materials that inspire people to take action to improve the world around them. We understand this is no small task. That’s why we think big. Our clients come to us because we’re experts at transforming complex issues into simple, powerful messages. We help you set achievable marketing goals, motivate your target audience, and distinguish your brand identity. We do all of this with creativity, a strong commitment to collaboration, and a healthy dose of humor.     Address: 1426 18th Street (at Connecticut), San Francisco CA 94107     Voice: (415) 934-1111     Email: lael@bigthinkstudios.com     Web: http://www.bigthinkstudios.com/     [15 Jul 2012]

Bike East Bay     Works for safe, convenient and enjoyable bicycling for all people in the East Bay. We are committed to improving access to biking, walking and transit for all residents of the East Bay, with particular attention to those communities and areas that have been historically underserved. We seek to increase bicycling to improve the health and quality of life of all residents, reduce environmental impacts and make our streets and communities vibrant places to live, work and play.     Address: POBox 1736, Oakland CA 94604     Voice: (510) 845-RIDE (7433)     Web: https://bikeeastbay.org     [09 Aug 2014]

The Bike Kitchen     Teaches people of all ages and backgrounds how to repair bicycles. The Bike Kitchen promotes personal development and provides leadership opportunities. Operating as a cooperative shop, we provide affordable ways to acquire and maintain a bike, encourage re-use and recycling, and work with community groups to get more people on bicycles.     Address: 650H Florida Street (between 18th and 19th), San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 506-RIDE (7433)     Web: http://www.bikekitchen.org     [09 Aug 2014]

Bike Walk Alameda     Mission is to make our city a safe and enjoyable place to walk and bike. We support active and healthy citizens by promoting everyday walking and biking in and around Alameda and seek to enhance our environment by removing barriers that restrict our ability to walk and bike comfortably and safely. We believe in developing positive partnerships in order to accomplish our goals and in educating to reach our goals. By working together, we can enhance the quality of life on the island.     Address: POBox 2732, Alameda CA 94501     Voice: (510) 595-4690     Fax: (510) 595-4690 (same as voice)     Web: http://www.bikealameda.org/     [13 Apr 2014]

Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC)     A national non-profit, non-partisan organization working to restore the rule of law and our constitutional rights and liberties. We aim to make police and intelligence agencies accountable to we, the people whom they serve. BORDC supports an ideologically, politically, ethnically, geographically, and generationally diverse grassroots movement, focused on educating Americans about the erosion of our fundamental freedoms; increasing civic participation; and converting concern and outrage into political action.     Web: http://www.bordc.org     [10 Jul 2013]

Bill Wilson Center     Provides direct services to more than 3,500 children, youth, young adults and families in Santa Clara County through our various programs. We reach more than 34,000 clients indirectly through our Street Outreach and crisis line programs. Bill Wilson Center programs focus on housing, education, counseling, and advocacy. Bill Wilson Center is committed to working with the community to ensure that every youth has access to the range of services needed to grow to be healthy and self-sufficient adults. Bill Wilson Center has been providing services to runaway and homeless youth since 1973.     Address: 3490 The Alameda, Santa Clara CA 95050     Voice: (408) 243-0222     Fax: (408) 246-5752     Email: bwcmail@billwilsoncenter.org     Web: http://www.billwilsoncenter.org     [17 Jan 2015]

Billy DeFrank Lesbian and Gay Community Center     Our mission is to provide a broad array of opportunities and programs, a dedicated and caring staff, a corps of volunteers, and a spirit of community that celebrates the many facets of our broad-based Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender constituency. While the DeFrank Center's history is only a little more than half the age of the Stonewall events, our movement is fueled by the events of that time. William Price (Billy DeFrank) knew it and his legacy remains a call to action for our community to continue his important work. We continue to fight for our rights, advance liberty and justice for all and provide opportunities for positive social identification. The DeFrank Center is “a place to call home.”     Address: 938 The Alameda, San Jose CA 95126     Voice: (408) 293-3040     Fax: (408) 298-8986     Email: fabulous@defrank.org     Web: http://www.defrank.org     [09 Aug 2014]

San Francisco Black Coalition on AIDS (BCA)     Dedicated to reducing health disparities in the Black community, particularly the spread of HIV/AIDS. BCA strives to achieve this focus by providing health and wellness services including, but not limited to, transitional housing, health education, advocacy, health case management and other health-promoting activities. BCA has been a pioneer since 1986 in providing health education, advocacy and services to San Francisco's Black community. We have accumulated the depth and breadth of experience to serve the local community as health and outreach needs continue to evolve.     Address: 2800 Third Street (24th Street entrance), San Francisco CA 94107-3502     Voice: (415) 615-9945     Fax: (415) 615-9943     Email: bcoa@bcoa.org     Web: http://www.bcoa.org     [02 Jul 2011]

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc.     Works extensively with the California Victim Compensation Program to provide free therapy to people who have witnessed or have been the victim of a violent crime, such as child abuse, domestic violence, assault, or homicide.     Address: 610 16th Street, Suite 608-B, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 594-4332     Fax: (510) 878-7369     Email: info@blackbirdfamilytherapy.com     Web: http://blackbirdfamilytherapy.com     [14 Apr 2013]

Blue Planet United (Pop!ulation Press)     A public-benefit non-profit organization that helps people make connections between population stabilization, sustainable consumption, and the preservation of wild landscapes and seascapes. We create educational films, web sites, and print publications that foster environmental awareness and action to save the last great wild places of this tiny blue planet.     Web: http://www.populationpress.org/     [12 Jan 2014]

Bolerium Books     Purveyors of rare and out-of-print books, posters, and ephemera on social movements.     Address: 2141 Mission Street, Suite 300 (between 17th & 18th Streets, 3rd floor), San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 863-6353; (800) 326-6353     Fax: (415) 255-6499     Email: info@bolerium.com     Web: http://www.bolerium.com     [09 Aug 2014]

Boom - The Sound of Eviction     The web site of the documentary video on the rise and fall of the dot-com takeover of a San Francisco neighborhood. By turns humorous and scathing, Boom delves into the ironies and contradictions of the 'New Economy' and delivers a potent social critique that is ambitious in its scope while remaining close to the human scale. Produced by Whispered Media. Directed by Francine Cavanaugh, A. Mark Liiv, and Adams Wood.     Web: http://www.boomthemovie.org/     [10 Jul 2013]

Boots on the Roof     Delivering a complete set of courses on the business and science of Commercial Solar Projects. We’ve worked with leading photovoltaic manufacturers, distributors, and veteran solar professionals to bring you these business-level courses. Boots on the Roof is also the largest training provider for general contractors, electricians, plumbers, builders, sales professionals, construction managers and others – who want to add renewable Energy to their existing businesses. Classes run on a regular schedule, in both California and New Jersey.     Address: 4670 Auto Mall Parkway, Fremont CA 94538     Web: http://www.bootsontheroof.com/     [14 Apr 2013]

The Borneo Project     Brings international attention and support to community-led efforts to defend forests, sustainable livelihoods, and human rights. We believe that protecting human rights and environmental integrity in Borneo is a critical component of the global movement for a just and peaceful world.     Address: c/o Earth Island Institute, 2150 Allston Way, Suite 460, Berkeley CA 94704     Fax: (510) 251-9810     Email: info@borneoproject.org     Web: http://borneoproject.org     [06 Feb 2012]

Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County     A unique organization consisting of 3 Club facilities and 2 school site programs. Our mission is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential.     Address: 201 West Orange Avenue, South San Francisco CA 94080     Voice: (650) 589-7090     Web: http://www.theclubs.org     [13 Jan 2013]

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco Tenderloin Clubhouse     An after-school and summer program offering a fun, safe environment for youth ages 6 to 18. Membership fees are only $10 a year for amazing programming. We provide educational activities, including free tutoring, college application assistance and resume writing help. We also have computers, an outstanding arts & crafts program, and a games room that features pool and foosball tables. During the school year we are open for Monday - Friday from 2:00 p.m. - 6:45 p.m. Special teen-only nights are held from Tuesday – Thursday from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Friday nights from 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. We provide extended hours on school holidays and in the summer we are open from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.     Address: 115 Jones Street (between Golden Gate and Turk Streets), San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 351-3125     Email: pzamora@kidsclub.org     [16 Sep 2011]

bpOffCampus     A coalition to sever British Petroleum ties with the University of California and remove their private labs from the UC Berkeley campus. Sustainable energy research is of critical importance, but unfortunately the BP-Berkeley Energy Biosciences Institute is fatally flawed because of its GMO and fossil fuel research agenda, blatant conflicts of interest, the sponsor’s untrustworthiness as a defender of public good, threats to academic integrity and diversity, and the unfairness of socializing costs while privatizing benefits.     Address: Open University @ Occupy Cal, Mario Savio Steps, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley CA 94720     Email: openuniversity.uc@gmail.com     Web: http://www.bpoffcampus.org     [20 Apr 2013]

Brass Liberation Orchestra (BLO)     Makes loud on the streets to inspire, instigate, agitate, mourn, celebrate, and communicate. We stand in solidarity with groups and movements who are working for a more just and equitable world. We are a work in progress. We work to build a multigender/multiracial/multigenerational group that enhances and strengthens the culture of the Left.     Email: blo@brassliberation.org     Web: http://brassliberation.org/     [25 Sep 2011]

Brave New Films     Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films are at the forefront of the fight to create a just America, and we want you to join us. Using new media and internet video campaigns, Brave New Films has created a quick-strike capability that informs the public, challenges corporate media with the truth, and motivates people to take action on social issues nationwide. We are an organization that can produce a hard-hitting three-minute video in less than 24 hours that exposes John McCain's double talk, for instance, and receive 9 million views around the world.     Web: http://www.bravenewfilms.org/     [12 Jan 2014]

Bread & Roses     Brings hope and healing through live music to isolated individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our performances uplift the spirits of children undergoing chemotherapy, teens battling substance abuse, families in homeless shelters, seniors nearing the end of life transition, and others living apart from friends and family while facing challenging times.     Address: 233 Tamalpais Drive, Suite 100, Corte Madera CA 94925-1415     Voice: (415) 945-7120     Fax: (415) 945-7128     Email: info@breadandroses.org     Web: http://www.breadandroses.org/     [30 Jul 2013]

Breast Cancer Action (BCAction)     Among the endless sea of lucrative breast cancer charities, corporate donors, and pharmaceutical-funded research agendas, the independent voice that defines Breast Cancer Action has never been more urgently needed, and our relevance as an activist watchdog organization is greater than ever. At BCAction, we focus on systemic interventions that will address the root causes of the disease and produce broad public health benefits. These benefits will ensure that fewer women develop breast cancer and die from breast cancer and no community bears a disproportionate burden of diagnosis or death from this disease.     Address: 657 Mission Street, Suite 302, San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 243-9301; (877) 2STOPBC (toll-free)     Email: info@bcaction.org     Web: http://www.bcaction.org     [05 Oct 2014]

Breast Cancer Fund (TBCF)     Works to connect the dots between breast cancer and exposures to chemicals and radiation in our everyday environments. We translate the growing body of scientific evidence linking breast cancer and environmental exposures into public education and advocacy campaigns that protect our health and reduce breast cancer risk. We help transform how our society thinks about and uses chemicals and radiation, with the goal of preventing breast cancer and sustaining health and life. We find practical solutions so that our children, grandchildren and planet can thrive.     Address: 1388 Sutter Street, Suite 400, San Francisco CA 94109-5400     Voice: (415) 346-8223     Email: info@breastcancerfund.org     Web: http://www.breastcancerfund.org     [03 Nov 2012]

Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust (BALT)     Works with Contra Costa farmers and the community so that future generations in the Bay Area will have a local source of food. The rich agricultural lands on the urban edge of Contra Costa County include more than 12,000 acres of irrigated farmland located just fifty miles from the Bay Area. With rich delta soils, ample water and a year-round growing season, Brentwood farms have provided food for the Bay Area since the 1880’s. Today Brentwood farmers continue to grow a remarkable diversity of food, primarily fruits and vegetables.     Address: POBox 2046, Brentwood CA 94513     Voice: (925) 634-6738     Email: brentwoodagtrust@sbcglobal.net     Web: http://contracostafarms.com/     [01 Apr 2012]

Brisbane Baylands Community Advisory Group (BBCAG)     Mission is to provide an open forum and community based input from the communities of Brisbane, Daly City and San Francisco and to advise the agencies charged with the remediation actions on three contiguous sites commonly referred to as the Brisbane Baylands.     Web: http://www.bbcag.com/     [19 Oct 2013]

Brush Fire Painting Workshops     Uses the power of the arts to heal hearts and transform lives. We teach Process Oriented Painting to unleash the therapeutic qualities of the creative process. We believe creativity is a basic human need; we strive to bring art to the lives of marginalized youth throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.     Address: 743 Taraval Street, Suite 302 (at 19th Avenue), San Francisco CA 94116     Voice: (415) 572-3159     Web: http://www.PaintBrushFire.org     [12 Jan 2014]

Buddhist Peace Fellowship (BPF)     Mission is to serve as a catalyst for socially engaged Buddhism. Our purpose is to help beings liberate themselves from the suffering that manifests in individuals, relationships, institutions, and social systems. BPF’s programs, publications, and practice groups link Buddhist teachings of wisdom and compassion with progressive social change.     Address: POBox 3470, Berkeley CA 94703     Voice: (510) 239-3764     Web: http://www.bpf.org     [14 Apr 2013]

Build It Green     A membership supported non-profit organization whose mission is to promote healthy, energy- and resource-efficient homes in California. Established in 2003, we offer a comprehensive package of local government support, professional training, collaboration forums, consumer education, and green product marketing to a range of stakeholders.     Address: 160 Franklin Street, Suite 310, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 590-3360     Fax: (510) 590-3361     Web: http://www.builditgreen.org/     [25 Sep 2011]

Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS)     BOSS provides comprehensive services that help homeless families and individuals move from homelessness to homes ~ with improved skills and knowledge of resources so they can stay healthy and housed. First established in 1971 in response to the closure of mental health hospitals which put many mentally ill men and women onto the streets, today BOSS serves over 1,500 homeless families and individuals with multiple barriers to self-sufficiency. We do our work through a network of housing and service programs in Berkeley, Oakland, and Hayward.     Address: 2065 Kittredge Street, Suite E, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 649-1930     Fax: (510) 649-0627     Web: http://www.self-sufficiency.org     [09 Aug 2014]

Building REsources     San Francisco's only source for reusable, recycled and remanufactured building and landscaping materials. Building Resources is a not for profit organization dedicated to providing our community with low cost high quality materials, in a friendly, clean and organized setting. Our 1 1/2 acres are full of wonderful finds and great values. Project ideas are demonstrated throughout our buildings and gardens, all of which are built using 100% reused materials.     Address: 701 Amador Street, San Francisco CA nil     Voice: (415) 285-7814     Fax: (415) 285-4689     Email: info@buildingresources.org     Web: http://www.buildingresources.org/     [03 Jan 2013]

Bullfrog Films     The leading US publisher of independently- produced, environmental DVDs & videos, that point the way to living healthily, happily, and with greater concern for the other inhabitants of this planet, and for our descendants. We also distribute world-famous performing arts programs from Rhombus Media.     Web: http://www.bullfrogfilms.com     [03 Nov 2012]

Bureau of Public Secrets     This web site features "The Joy of Revolution" and other writings by Ken Knabb (collected in the book PUBLIC SECRETS) as well as Knabb's translations from the Situationist International (the notorious group that helped trigger the May 1968 revolt in France).     Address: POBox 1044, Berkeley CA 94701     Email: knabb@bopsecrets.org     Web: http://www.bopsecrets.org     [09 Aug 2014]

Burma Humanitarian Mission (BHM)     Seeks a healthy and vibrant Burma where the human rights of all people are protected and empowers people from around the world to exercise their health to support and advocate on behalf of the people of Burma. BHM supports community-based backpack medics who administer village healthcare services in Burma, grass-roots education projects that empower the youth of Burma and projects that promote cross-cultural sharing and collaboration for refugees from Burma living in the U.S.     Web: http://burmamission.org     [09 Aug 2014]

Burmese American Democratic Alliance (BADA)     Burmese, Burmese American and American activists from San Francisco Bay Area working towards Democracy and Human Rights in Burma. Our hearts go out to Burmese people who are suffering under the most repressive and brutal regime on earth.     Address: 1952 Mcnair Street, Palo Alto CA 94303     Voice: (415) 895-BADA     Email: badaonline@gmail.com     Web: http://www.badasf.org/     [27 May 2012]

Burning Issues     Provides public education about the medical hazards of exposure to wood smoke and other fine particulate pollution. Smoke from residential burning of wood and coal, wood burning restaurants and outdoor burning of wood, leaves, crops, tires and debris is permeating our neighborhoods, resulting in high ground level concentrations of toxic air pollution.     Address: Box 1045, Point Arena CA 95468-1045     Email: Mary.Rozenberg@gmail.com     Web: http://burningissues.org     [12 Jan 2014]

Los Angeles Bus Riders Union     Recognized nationally for its historic civil rights Consent Decree and signature creative tactics, the Bus Riders Union is a multiracial dynamo of 200 active members, 3,000 dues-paying members, and 50,000 supporters on the buses of L.A. The BRU has literally saved public transportation in Los Angeles and become the country's largest grassroots mass transit advocacy organization. From our focus on mass transit, the BRU carries out a wide, multi-issue progressive agenda based in comprehensive principles of unity and strong membership agreement.     Web: http://www.busridersunion.org/     [12 Jan 2014]

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)     BALLE (pronounced bolly) was founded in 2001 to nurture and curate the emergence of a new economy – one that will gradually displace our destructive and failing economy with a system that supports the health, prosperity, and happiness for all people and regenerates the vital ecosystems upon which our economy depends. With a focus on real change within a generation, BALLE works to identify and connect pioneering leaders, spread solutions, and attract investment toward local economies.     Address: 2323 Broadway, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 587-9417     Email: info@bealocalist.org     Web: http://livingeconomies.org/     [25 Jan 2015]

Buy Local Berkeley     Our mission is to boost our strong, vibrant local economy: Shifting consumer spending to independent, locally-owned & operated businesses whenever possible. Connecting consumers with businesses, promoting Berkeley's amazing, unique businesses and producers. Marketing, publicity, advertising, education on the social, economic, cultural, environmental and community benefits and personal joys of shopping local, unique businesses. Empowering independent, locally-owned & operated businesses to promote their business and communicate the benefits of Buying Local.     Address: c/o Berkeley Chamber of Commerce, 1834 University Avenue, Berkeley CA 94703     Email: buylocalberkeley@gmail.com     Web: http://www.buylocalberkeley.org     [15 Jul 2012]

Cal Corps Public Service Center     Dedicated to providing opportunities for the UC Berkeley to connect to surrounding communities. Students will find information on how to be a leader in the community - whether you want to volunteer once in a while, work with a student group, apply for a fellowship, take a service-learning class, or get paid to address important social issues. Cal Corps Public Service Center hosts several special events throughout the year and is expanding rapidly, so check back with us often.     Address: 102 Sproul Hall #2430, Berkeley CA 94720-2430     Voice: (510) 642-3916     Fax: (510) 643-0326     Email: publicservice@berkeley.edu     Web: http://publicservice.berkeley.edu     [19 Apr 2012]

Cal Tzedek     Progressive Jewish Students of U.C. Berkeley.     Web: http://caltzedek.blogspot.com/     [20 Sep 2014]

California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR)     Dedicated to improving the choices, care and quality of life for California’s long term care consumers. Through direct advocacy, community education, legislation and litigation it has been CANHR’s goal to educate and support long term care consumers and advocates regarding the rights and remedies under the law, and to create a united voice for long term care reform and humane alternatives to institutionalization.     Address: 650 Harrison Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco CA 94107     Voice: (415) 974-5171; (800) 474-1116     Email: canhrmail@canhr.org     Web: http://www.canhr.org/     [09 Aug 2014]

California Anti-SLAPP Project (CASP)     A public interest law firm and policy organization dedicated to fighting Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) in California. Often these suits are filed in the form of claims of defamation, libel, slander, malicious prosecution and/or abuse of process, among others. Our practice is devoted to defending our clients’ First Amendment rights to participate in government and civic affairs, and protecting the right to speak freely about public issues and matters of public interest.     Address: 2903 Sacramento Street, Berkeley CA 94702     Voice: (510) 486-9123     Fax: (510) 486-9708     Email: info[at]casp[dot]net     Web: http://www.casp.net     [08 Oct 2011]

California Association of Mental Health Patients' Rights Advocates (CAMHPRA)     A membership organization working to promote public policy furthering the rights and well-being of mental health consumers.     Web: http://www.camhpra.org/     [30 Jul 2013]

California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)     A full-service organic certification agency and trade association passionate about being the leading voice for organic, and certifying, educating, advocating, and promoting organic. CCOF is more than just a certifier; we’re your partner in the organic movement. We support and promote organic through certification, education, and advocacy. Buying organic is a direct investment in the future of our planet, so we work to grow the organic market and our members’ businesses by educating consumers about this important relationship to our food.     Address: 2155 Delaware Avenue, Suite 150, Santa Cruz CA 95060     Voice: (831) 423-2263     Fax: (831) 423-4528     Email: ccof@ccof.org     Web: http://www.ccof.org/     [09 Aug 2014]

California Clean Money Campaign     A non-profit, non-partisan organization that started its efforts in March, 2002 when it became increasingly clear that politics in California is dominated by Big Money special interests, not voters. It gets worse every year. Our long-term mission is to educate Californians about the need to clean up its broken campaign finance system by bringing real campaign disclosure and full Clean Money, Fair Elections public financing of campaigns to California so that everybody has a voice and so that politicians are accountable to voters, not special interests.     Web: http://www.caclean.org     [25 Jan 2015]

California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN)     A coalition that advances policies to support California agriculture in the face of climate change. We believe that agriculture can play a constructive role in responding to the climate crisis by reducing its carbon footprint and thus help to ensure the long-term viability and security of our food and farming system.     Address: POBox 1366, Sebastopol CA 95473     Voice: (707) 823-8278     Email: renata@calclimateag.org     Web: calclimateag.org     [28 Mar 2013]

California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP)     A grassroots social justice organization, with members inside and outside prison, that challenges the institutional violence imposed on women, transgender people, and communities of color by the prison industrial complex (PIC). We see the struggle for racial and gender justice as central to dismantling the PIC and we prioritize the leadership of the people, families, and communities most impacted in building this movement.     Address: 1540 Market Street, Suite 490, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 255-7036 x4     Email: info@womenprisoners.org     Web: http://www.womenprisoners.org     [03 Jan 2013]

California Faculty Association (CFA)     A union of 23,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches who teach in the California State University system. In classrooms on the 23 CSU campuses, CFA members work hard to teach our students the critical-thinking skills, the technical know-how and the cultural insights they need to be thoughtful, productive and artistic participants in our society.     Web: http://www.calfac.org/     [03 Oct 2011]

California Faith for Equality     Mission is to educate, support and mobilize California’s faith communities to promote equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and to safeguard religious freedom.     Web: http://www.cafaithforequality.org/     [19 Oct 2013]

California FarmLink     Mission is to link independent farmers and ranchers to the land and financing they need for a sustainable future. California FarmLink began as a technical assistance provider and linking service for aspiring farmers looking to connect with retiring farmers. Over its history, FarmLink has diversified to provide other critical services to farmers. Currently, FarmLink provides access to capital and land to low income, beginning, underserved, minority and small-scale farmers.     Web: http://californiafarmlink.org/     [25 Jan 2015]

California First Amendment Coalition (CFAC (SEE-fak))     An award-winning, nonprofit public interest organization dedicated to advancing free speech, more open and accountable government, and public participation in civic affairs. The Coalition acts locally, statewide and nationally. Founded in 1988 as the “California First Amendment Coalition,” the organization in 2009 shrunk its name: We are now the “First Amendment Coalition.” The change confirms our expanding role, and it acknowledges the declining relevance, in the internet era, of state borders to many First Amendment issues.     Address: 534 4th Street, Suite B, San Rafael CA 94901     Voice: (415) 460-5060     Fax: (415) 460-5155     Web: http://www.cfac.org/     [03 Nov 2012]

California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA)     A statewide public policy and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the health and well being of low-income Californians by increasing their access to nutritious and affordable food.     Address: 436 14th Street, Suite 1220, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 433-1122     Email: george@cfpa.net     Web: http://www.cfpa.net/     [15 Jul 2012]

California Housing Law Project (CHLP)     A project of the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation in collaboration with other leading housing and legal services advocacy groups. The Law Project focuses on affordable housing advocacy in the state legislature, as well as outreach and education on a wide variety of affordable housing and land use issues. Through the Housing Advocates website, the Law Project seeks to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on statewide housing policy issues of interest to affordable housing and homeless advocates in California.     Web: http://www.housingadvocates.org     [25 Jan 2015]

California Indian Environmental Alliance (CIEA)     A Native environmental health non-profit founded in 2006 to address mining toxins by increasing Tribal capacity to self-advocate and defend Native cultures and traditions from environmental contamination. We were created to address the toxic legacy of mercury left over from the California Gold Rush, which threatens the physical, cultural and spiritual health of California Indian communities.     Address: POBox 2128, Berkeley CA 94702     Voice: (510) 848-2043     Email: info@cieaweb.org     Web: http://www.cieaweb.org/     [30 Jul 2013]

California Institute for Rural Studies (CIRS)     We want to increase social justice in rural California for all residents, building sustainable communities based on a healthy agriculture. Foremost in our work will be marginalized populations. The goals of our public interest research are to strengthen social justice and increase the sustainability of California's rural communities. Our work informs public policy and inspires action for social change while providing a fact-based foundation for organizations and individuals working to ameliorate rural injustice.     Web: http://www.cirsinc.org/     [03 Nov 2012]

California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)     CIIS is pioneering a unique educational vision. The university encompasses 18 leading-edge graduate programs and an undergraduate program that attract passionate learners and international renown. At CIIS, you engage in issues vital to you, to today's world, and to your personal growth, exploring the deep connections that unite them. You study in innovative graduate programs or complete your bachelor's degree, all in an academically rigorous setting. Here you find the knowledge and experience you need for the life and career you want.     Address: 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 575-6100     Email: admissions@ciis.edu     Web: http://www.ciis.edu     [09 Aug 2014]

California Interfaith Power and Light (CIPL)     Mission of California Interfaith Power and Light (CIPL) is to be faithful stewards of Creation by responding to global warming through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. This ministry intends to protect the earth’s ecosystems, safeguard public health, and ensure sufficient, sustainable energy for all.     Address: 369 Pine Street, Suite 700, San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: (415) 391-4214     Fax: (415) 561-4892     Web: http://www.interfaithpower.org/     [25 Jan 2015]

California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO     Made up of more than 1,200 AFL-CIO and Change to Win unions, representing 2.1 million union members in manufacturing, retail, construction, hospitality, public sector, health care, entertainment and other industries. The California Labor Federation is dedicated to promoting and defending the interests of working people and their families for the betterment of California’s communities. From legislative campaigns to grassroots organizing, our affiliates are actively engaged in every aspect of California’s economy and government.     Address: 600 Grand Avenue, Suite 410, Oakland CA 94610-3561     Voice: (510) 663-4000     Fax: (510) 663-4099     Email: info@calaborfed.org     Web: http://www.calaborfed.org     [15 Jul 2012]

California Lawyers for the Arts (San Francisco Office) (CLA)     Empowers the creative community by providing education, representation and dispute resolution. Artists and arts organizations serve as agents of democratic involvement, innovation, and positive social change, and the growth of an empowered arts sector is essential to healthy communities. C.L.A.’s leadership and services strengthen the arts for the benefit of communities throughout California.     Address: Fort Mason Center, C-255, San Francisco CA 94123     Voice: (415) 775-7200     Fax: (415) 775-1143     Email: sanfrancisco@calawyersforthearts.org     Web: http://calawyersforthearts.org/     [06 Feb 2012]

California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV)     The non-partisan political action arm of California's environmental movement. What We Do CLCV's mission is to protect the environmental quality of the state by increasing public awareness of the environmental performance of all elected officials, working to elect environmentally responsible candidates, and holding them accountable to the environmental agenda once elected.     Address: 350 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 1100, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 271-0900; (800) 755-3224     Fax: (510) 271-0901     Web: http://www.ecovote.org     [09 Feb 2012]

California Legislative Information     A web site containing the complete texts of California Codes, the California Constitution, and all statutes enacted on or after 1 Jan 1993, plus information on pending legislation.     Web: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/     [10 Aug 2014]

California Native Plant Society (CNPS)     A statewide non-profit organization of amateurs and professionals with a common interest in California's native plants. Our nearly 10,000 members work to promote native plant appreciation, research, education, and conservation through our five statewide programs and 33 regional chapters in California. Through membership in CNPS, Californians of all walks of life are able to support and engage in opportunities to experience and learn about native plants and their habitats, gardening and landscaping with native plants, restoration of habitat areas, and conservation issues throughout the state.     Web: http://www.cnps.org     [09 Jul 2011]

California Newsreel     Produces and distributes cutting edge, social justice films that inspire, educate and engage audiences. Founded in 1968, Newsreel is the oldest non-profit, social issue documentary film center in the country, the first to marry media production and contemporary social movements.     Address: 44 Gough Street, Suite 303, San Francisco CA 94103-5424     Voice: (415) 284-7800     Fax: (415) 284-7801     Email: contact@newsreel.org     Web: http://www.newsreel.org/     [13 Apr 2014]

California Nurses Association (CNA)     A premiere organization of registered nurses and one of the nation’s fastest growing labor and professional organizations in the U.S. with more than 86,000 members in hospitals, clinics and home health agencies in all 50 states. In the past 15 years, CNA/NNOC has grown by nearly 400 percent. CNA/NNOC is also a founding member of the 185,000-member National Nurses United, which in 2009 united CNA/NNOC, the United American Nurses, and the Massachusetts Nurses Association to create the largest union and professional association of nurses in U.S. history.     Web: http://www.nationalnursesunited.org/site/entry/california-nurses-association     [25 Jan 2015]

California Prison Focus (CPF)     We stand up strong against the cruel and torturous conditions of the California prison system, especially advocating for the immediate shut down of all SHU (Security Housing Units) cells and similar conditions of solitary confinement. We publish a quarterly magazine, Prison Focus, distributed free to SHU prisoners, $6 a year to other prisoners, and $20 a year to former prisoners, their family members, activists, and friends of CPF. We travel regularly to Pelican Bay and Corcoran state prisons to uncover and disseminate information on the current conditions prisoners must endure.     Address: near 19th Street BART, 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 507, Oakland CA 94612     Email: contact@prisons.org     Web: http://www.prisons.org     [26 Jan 2015]

California Program on Access to Care (CPAC)     Brings the resources of the University of California to address significant healthcare policy issues affecting California's low-income populations. Through independent research and policy analysis conducted by the academic community both inside and outside of the University of California, CPAC expands and enhances dialogue among government officials, healthcare advocates, and academic researchers.     Address: 1950 Addison Street #203, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 643-3140     Fax: (510) 642-7861     Email: cpac@berkeley.edu     Web: http://cpac.berkeley.edu     [30 Jul 2013]

California Public Health Association - North (CPHA)     We influence the development of statewide health policy through our: Strong working relationships with the State legislature and administration, local health officials, and elected representatives Close ties with schools of public health, teaching hospitals, and the research community Collaboration with community-based organizations and coalitions, advocates, and labor unions Dialogue with public and private health care providers, traditional and non-traditional     Address: 555 Twelfth Street, 10th floor, Oakland CA 94607-4046     Email: office@cphan.org     Web: http://www.cphan.org     [10 Aug 2014]

California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG)     A consumer group that stands up to powerful interests whenever they threaten our health and safety, our financial security or our right to fully participate in our democratic society. For decades, we’ve stood up for consumers, countering the influence of big banks, insurers, chemical manufacturers and other powerful special interests. Our team of researchers uncovers the facts; our staff bring our findings to the public, through the media as well as one-on-one interactions; and our advocates bring the voice of the public to the halls of power on behalf of consumers.     Web: http://calpirg.org/     [28 Feb 2012]

California Straw Building Association (CASBA)     We are a non-profit organization whose members are designers,contractors, owner builders, and people interested in straw building. We serve as a clearinghouse for information and as a network of resources. Since 1996, our members have worked to develop testing and to improve techniques and standards for building with straw, in order to gain its acceptance by municipalities, officials, lenders, and insurance companies throughout California. There are now many fine examples of permitted straw bale homes throughout the state, as well as a number of commercial buildings, that stand as a testament to this pioneering work.     Web: http://www.strawbuilding.org     [15 Jul 2012]

California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC)     Unites, connects, supports, and empowers students from across California to transform their educational institutions and communities into models of ecological, economic, and social sustainability. The CSSC is 100% volunteer-run by students, past and present.     Web: http://www.sustainabilitycoalition.org/     [15 Jul 2012]

California Voter Foundation     A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working through research, oversight, outreach and demonstration projects to improve the election process so that it better serves the needs and interests of voters.     Web: http://www.calvoter.org/     [12 Jan 2014]

California Walks     A statewide organization of affiliated nonprofit and volunteer groups dedicated to creating healthy, safe, and walkable communities. Our mission is to provide a statewide voice for pedestrian safety and walkable communities through policy advocacy, community empowerment, and a growing unified statewide network of local community organizations and affiliates—with particular focus on healthy equity and communities disparately impacted by pedestrian injuries and fatalities.     Address: 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 709, Oakland CA 94612     Voice:  (510) 292-4435     Fax: (510) 292-4436     Email: info@californiawalks.org     Web: http://www.californiawalks.org/     [10 Aug 2014]

Californians for Democracy (C4D)     A coalition of grassroots organizations, advocacy groups, web-based collectives, union members, Democratic clubs, religious groups and concerned Californians working to change the vote requirement to a majority for passing revenue and budget. The majority of voters choose the majority of legislators. That’s simple democracy. And it is simple democracy that the majority of legislators provide for the needs of the people they represent. Without such democracy, there is gridlock, economic chaos and suffering. We, the majority of voters, can restore democracy to California, and with it, responsible economic management.     Web: http://www.californiansfordemocracy.com/     [19 Oct 2013]

Californians for Electoral Reform (CfER)     A nonpartisan coalition of Californians who believe that all citizens deserve equal and satisfactory representation in government. We are working to promote and implement voting methods that fulfill this right as much as possible.     Web: http://CFER.org     [03 Nov 2012]

Californians for GE-Free Agriculture     A statewide coalition of organic and sustainable agriculture and food safety organizations committed to ecologically responsible and economically viable agriculture. Californians for GE-Free Agriculture provides education and resources in support of the rights of farmers and communities to evaluate and address the environmental, human health and economic risks of genetic engineering in agriculture.     Web: http://www.calgefree.org/     [26 Jan 2015]

Californians for Justice (CFJ)     A statewide grassroots organization working for racial justice by building the power of youth, communities of color, immigrants, low-income families, and LGBTQ communities. Led by students, we organize to advance educational justice and improve our social, economic, and political conditions.     Address: 520 3rd Street #209, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 452-2728     Fax: (510) 452-3552     Web: http://www.caljustice.org     [26 Jan 2015]

Californians for Pesticide Reform (CPR)     A statewide coalition of more than 185 organizations, founded in 1996 to shift fundamentally the way pesticides are used in California. CPR's mission is to protect public health, improve environmental quality and expand a sustainable and just agriculture system by building a diverse movement across California to change statewide and local pesticide policies and practices. CPR has built a diverse, multi-interest coalition to challenge the powerful political and economic forces opposing change.     Address: 611 Telegraph Avenue., Suite 1212, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 788-9025     Web: http://www.pesticidereform.org     [03 Jan 2013]

Californians United for A Responsible Budget (CURB)     A broad-based coalition of over 50 organizations seeking to CURB prison spending by reducing the number of people in prison and the number of prisons in the state. CURB seeks member organizations who are working on issues related to the prison industrial complex and organizations concerned about our state budget priorities.     Address: 1322 Webster Street # 210, Oakland CA 94612-3217     Voice: (510) 435-1176     Email: emily@curbprisonspending.org     Web: http://www.curbprisonspending.org/     [12 Jan 2014]

Campaign for America's Future     The strategy center for the progressive movement. Our goal is to forge the enduring progressive majority needed to realize the America of shared prosperity and equal opportunity that our country was meant to be. To attain our ultimate goal, we spearhead a compelling progressive agenda that addresses the kitchen-table issues working families face. We regularly convene and educate progressive thinkers, organizers and community activists so our voices will be coordinated, cogent and potent. And we incubate national campaigns on the critical issues that will define America for generations to come.     Web: http://www.ourfuture.org/     [26 Jan 2015]

Campaign for Innocent Victims In Conflict (CIVIC)     Works to make warring parties more responsible to civilians before, during, and after armed conflict. We are advocates and advisers finding practical solutions to civilian suffering in war. We believe that warring parties should do everything in their power to avoid harming civilians and that it is never acceptable to walk away from the harm they do cause.     Web: http://www.civicworldwide.org     [15 Jul 2012]

Campaign for Justice: Redress Now for Japanese Latin Americans! (CFJ)     A collaborative effort by individuals and organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, Nikkei for Civil Rights & Redress, and the Japanese Peruvian Oral History Project. Founding individuals included former JLA internees, their children, grandchildren, and others interested in pursuing justice. Campaign for Justice has two primary goals. First, it seeks to secure proper redress for former Japanese Latin American internees. Second, we want this little known story to be widely known and so we work to educate the public about the wartime and redress experiences of the Japanese Latin Americans.     Address: POBox 1384, El Cerrito CA 94530     Voice: (510) 528-7288     Email: info@campaignforjusticejla.org     Web: http://www.campaignforjusticejla.org     [09 Feb 2012]

Bay Area Campaign for New Priorities     Brings together organizations and individuals from diverse constituencies, communities and movements to demand of our public officials a change of direction for the U.S. – one that prioritizes putting people back to work, restoring and fully funding essential public services, rebuilding and repairing infrastructure, funding the development of new alternative energy technologies, cleaning up and protecting the environment, developing a sustainable peace economy, reducing poverty and inequality, and generally meeting important social and other human needs.     Web: http://newprioritiescampaign.org/     [14 Oct 2011]

Campaign to End the Death Penalty (CEDP)     A national grassroots organization dedicated to the abolition of capital punishment. We have active chapters in cities and campuses across the United States—including California, Texas, Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. To win abolition, we need to build a grassroots struggle. We believe that those who have experienced the horrors of death row first hand–death row prisoners themselves and their family members–should be at the forefront of our movement. Their experiences help to shape our strategies.     Web: http://www.nodeathpenalty.org   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cedp_oakland/     [15 Jul 2012]

Canal Alliance     We believe that every new American deserves the opportunity to thrive! We are a non-profit organization on the mission to help low-income, Spanish-speaking immigrants in Marin County acquire the tools they need to thrive. We help improve family stability and prepare immigrants for success at school and work. Our comprehensive programs serve more than 3,000 people annually with services that include crisis counseling, a food pantry, and classes in English, computers and citizenship. We also provide affordable legal help to keep families together.     Address: 91 Larkspur Street, San Rafael CA 94901     Voice: (415) 454-2640     Fax: (415) 454-3967     Email: contact@canalalliance.org     Web: http://www.canalalliance.org     [13 Apr 2014]

CANFIT     When it comes to improving the health of today’s youth, CANFIT is a leader in building community leadership and stimulating change at multiple levels, from individual behavior to public policy. Our unique approach to partnering with communities builds capacity and leadership, while helping to advance sustainable change in low income communities and communities of color.     Address: 2140 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 610, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 644-1533     Fax: (510) 644-1535     Email: info@canfit.org     Web: http://www.canfit.org/     [12 Jan 2014]

CannaCenters.com     The leader in providing quality, convenient, reliable, and trustworthy medical cannabis evaluations. We strive for excellence in every step of the process. From our highly trained call center representatives, friendly front office staff, high quality designer patient ID cards, to our caring and educated physicians. Our evaluation centers are located in well appointed, professional medical spaces where patients can relax and experience a true medical service. Our 24/7 live phone patient verification service is unrivaled and will be there for you any time of day or night. In the event that your recommendation is called into question by law enforcement we offer FREE legal counsel to patients in need through our Attorney Protection Program.     Voice: (800) 268-4420     Web: http://www.cannacenters.com     [28 Aug 2011]

Carbusters Magazine     Aims to serve as both an information source and a call to action, providing a full range of content from direct action skills to the latest research developments, feature articles on topics ranging from Driving as Addiction to Ecocity Visions, world news and even cartoons poking fun at the car and oil industries. The magazine shares information, ideas and resources within the movement and informs a broader audience of transport actions and campaigns happening around the world. In this way Carbusters can inspire new activists and nurture current ones.     Web: http://www.carbusters.org/     [10 Aug 2014]

Carfree.com     The web site that goes with the book "Carfree Cities", which proposes a delightful solution to the vexing problem of urban automobiles.     Web: http://www.carfree.com/     [03 Nov 2013]

Carquinez Regional Environmental Education Center (CREEC)     A state and federally recognized, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), public interest charity incorporated in 1995.The role of this nonprofit organization is to effect wildlife habitat and enhancement, maintenance and restoration projects in the communities and open lands surrounding the Carquinez Strait - California’s most significant wildlife migratory corridor. The sole goal of CREEC is the betterment of the area’s natural resources through cooperative, constructive and mutually beneficial partnerships with the industries, families and agencies who live and work along the Strait.     Web: http://www.creecyouth.org/     [12 Jan 2014]

Cat Support Network     A hyper-focused rescue organization specifically created to focus exclusively on cats spay and neutering. The mission of the Cat Support Network is to develop and implement grassroots outreach programs that address cat overpopulation, suffering and wellness in our community.     Address: POBox 3645, Walnut Creek CA 94598     Voice: (925) 252-5445     Email: info@catsupport.net     Web: http://www.catsupport.net     [24 Nov 2011]

Catchafire     A community of individuals striving to push the social good sector forward by focusing on efficient and effective ways to give back. One way we do this is by matching professionals with nonprofits based on their skills, cause interest and time availability.     Web: https://www.catchafire.org     [17 Apr 2014]

Catholic Charities of San Jose (CCSJ)     Serves and advocates for families and individuals in need, especially those living in poverty. Rooted in gospel values, we work to create a more just and compassionate community in which people of all cultures and beliefs can participate.     Address: 2625 Zanker Road (near Trimble), San Jose CA 95134-2107     Voice: (408) 468-0100     Fax: (408) 944-0275     Web: http://ccsj.org     [10 Aug 2014]

Causa Justa / Just Cause (CJJC)     A multi-racial, grassroots organization building community leadership to achieve justice for low-income San Francisco and Oakland residents. Through rights-based services, policy campaigns, civic engagement, and direct action, we improve conditions in our neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area, and contribute to building the larger multi-racial, multi-generational movement needed for fundamental change.     Address: POBox 3596, Oakland CA 94609     Voice: (510) 763-5877     Fax: (510) 763-5824     Email: info@cjjc.org     Web: http://www.cjjc.org     [28 Apr 2013]

Center for a New American Dream     Helps Americans to reduce and shift their consumption to improve quality of life, protect the environment, and promote social justice. We work with individuals, institutions, businesses, and communities to conserve natural resources, counter the commercialization of our culture, support community engagement, and promote positive changes in the way.     Web: http://www.newdream.org/     [09 Feb 2012]

Center for Accessible Technology (CforAT)     CforAT's focus is on access to computers and technology for people with disabilities. We do this so children with disabilities can succeed in school, adults with disabilities can find (and keep) jobs and all people with disabilities can use the internet, email and benefit from the digital revolution. CforAT also provides business consulting services to corporations, libraries and government entities. We provide assistance on creating accessible websites and have a test bank of users with disabilities to test products and services. CforAT also works as an advocate on behalf of people with disabilities in proceedings at the California Public Utilities Commission.     Address: 3075 Adeline, Suite 220, Berkeley CA 94703     Voice: (510) 841-3224     Fax: (510) 841-7956     Email: info1@cforat.org     Web: http://www.cforat.org     [12 Jan 2014]

Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS)     A research, education, and public service program at the University of California, Santa Cruz, dedicated to increasing ecological sustainability and social justice in the food and agriculture system. On the UCSC campus, the Center operates the 2-acre Alan Chadwick Garden and the 25-acre Farm. Both sites are managed using organic production methods and serve as research, teaching, and training facilities for students, staff, and faculty.     Address: UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz CA 95064     Voice: (831) 459-3240     Email: casfs@ucsc.edu     Web: http://casfs.ucsc.edu     [10 Oct 2012]

Center for Biological Diversity, SF Bay Area Office     We believe that the welfare of human beings is deeply linked to nature — to the existence in our world of a vast diversity of wild animals and plants. Because diversity has intrinsic value, and because its loss impoverishes society, we work to secure a future for all species, great and small, hovering on the brink of extinction. We do so through science, law, and creative media, with a focus on protecting the lands, waters, and climate that species need to survive.     Address: 351 California Street, Suite 600, San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: (415) 436-9682     Fax: (415) 436-9683     Web: http://www.biologicaldiversity.org     [03 Oct 2011]

Center for Community Change     Miision is to build the power and capacity of low-income people, especially low-income people of color, to have a significant impact in improving their communities and the policies and institutions that affect their lives. The Center connects and mobilizes grassroots groups to enhance their leadership, voices and power. We believe that vibrant community-based organizations, led by the people most affected by social and economic injustice, are key to putting an end to the failed “on your own” mentality of the right and building new policies based on community values.     Web: http://www.communitychange.org/     [03 Nov 2013]

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)     Dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Founded in 1966 by attorneys who represented civil rights movements in the South, CCR is a non-profit legal and educational organization committed to the creative use of law as a positive force for social change.     Web: http://ccrjustice.org     [20 Jan 2014]

Center for Corporate Policy (CCP)     A non-profit, non-partisan public interest organization working to curb corporate abuses and make corporations publicly accountable.     Web: http://www.corporatepolicy.org/     [09 Feb 2012]

Center for Creative Land Recyling ((CCLR or "see clear"))     A nonprofit organization founded on the belief that intelligent, innovative land use is the key to ensuring a healthy future for both our communities and our environment. Our mission is to enable communities to develop sustainably and equitably through land recycling---restoring underutilized, blighted sites to productive use.     Address: 333 Pine Street, Suite 300, San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: (415) 398-1080     Fax: (415) 398-5738     Web: http://www.cclr.org     [20 Jan 2014]

Center for Democracy and Technology     A champion of global online civil liberties and human rights, driving policy outcomes that keep the Internet open, innovative, and free. We believe in the power of the Internet. Whether it's facilitating entrepreneurial endeavors, providing access to new markets and opportunities, or creating a platform for free speech, the Internet empowers, emboldens and equalizes people around the world. We work to preserve the user-controlled nature of the Internet and champion freedom of expression. We support laws, corporate policies, and technology tools that protect the privacy of Internet users, and advocate for stronger legal controls on government surveillance.     Web: http://www.cdt.org/     [10 Aug 2014]

Center for Digital Democracy (CDD)     One of the leading consumer protection and privacy organizations in the United States. Since its founding in 2001, CDD has been at the forefront of research, public education, and advocacy on protecting consumers in the digital age. Its impact has been highly significant, fostering widespread debate, educating a spectrum of stakeholders, and creating a legacy of government and self-regulatory safeguards across a variety of Internet and digital media platforms. CDD’s public education programs are focused on informing consumers, policy makers, and the press about contemporary digital marketing issues, including its impact on public health, children and youth, and financial services.     Web: http://www.democraticmedia.org/     [03 Nov 2012]

Center For Digital Storytelling (CDS)     Mission is to promote the value of story as a means for compassionate community action. We partner with organizations around the world to develop programs which support individuals in rediscovering how to listen to each other and share first person stories. Our group process and the stories that emerge serve as effective tools for change amidst a world of technology and media overload.     Address: 1250 Addison Street, Suite 104, Berkeley CA 94702     Voice: (510) 548-2065     Fax: (510) 225-9616     Email: info@storycenter.org     Web: http://www.storycenter.org   http://www.silencespeaks.org   http://www.storycircles.org   http://www.storiesforchange.net     [30 Jul 2013]

Center for Ecoliteracy (CEL)     Advances ecological education in K–12 schools. We recognize that students need to experience and understand how nature sustains life and how to live accordingly. We engage with school communities, foundations, filmmakers, and other change agents to further education that is smart, hopeful, and vital. Founded in 1995, the Center creates books and resources, offers professional development, and provides strategic consulting. Our work is based on systems thinking, leadership dynamics, and how young people learn. We recognize nature as our teacher and that sustainability is a community practice.     Address: The David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way, Suite 270, Berkeley CA 94704-1377     Voice: (510) 845-4595     Email: info@ecoliteracy.org     Web: http://www.ecoliteracy.org/     [01 Feb 2015]

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)     Conducts both professional research and public education. The professional research is oriented towards filling important gaps in the understanding of particular economic and social problems, or the impact of specific policies. The public education portion of CEPR's mission is to present the findings of professional research, both by CEPR and others, in a manner that allows broad segments of the public to know exactly what is at stake in major policy debates. An informed public should be able to choose policies that lead to an improving quality of life, both for people within the United States and around the world.     Web: http://www.cepr.net     [20 Jan 2014]

Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)     Works to promote social justice through human rights. In a world where poverty and inequality deprive entire communities of dignity, justice and sometimes life, we seek to uphold the universal human rights of every human being to education, health, food, water, housing, work, and other economic, social and cultural rights essential to human dignity.     Web: http://www.cesr.org/     [10 Aug 2014]

Center for Ecosystem Survival (CES)     We are committed to inspiring participation and awareness in the preservation of fragile ecosystems by providing opportunities for personal direct action to save the diversity of life on Earth. Since 1988 we have focused our efforts on protecting entire ecosystems and natural communities, not just individual species, to ensure a long term conservation strategy. We raise donations and awareness for these biologically diverse ecosystems through our Adoption Programs, Conservation Meters and Insect Discovery Lab. We partner with schools, universities, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, natural history museums, and science centers worldwide to protect wildlife and nature.     Address: 699 Mississippi Street, Suite 106, San Francisco CA 94107     Voice: (415) 648-3392     Email: info@savenature.org     Web: http://www.savenature.org/     [01 Feb 2015]

Center for Employment Training (CET)     CET training is unique in its approach. The contextual learning and competency-based skills training are key components of the CET model. Classrooms, shops and labs all emulate the industrial model that helps students socialize to the workplace environment. CET is keeping in step with today’s job market by incorporating in all of its training a “Green” element and gradually credentialing all of its courses to industry specifications. CET training is realistic, relevant and affordable.     Address: Sobrato Center, 701 Vine Street, Second Floor, San Jose CA 95110     Voice: (800) 533-2519     Web: http://www.cetweb.org     [03 Nov 2013]

Center for Environmental Health (CEH)     Works to protect the public from environmental and consumer health hazards. Committed to environmental justice, reducing the use of toxic chemicals, supporting communities in their quest for a safer environment, and corporate accountability. Changes corporate behavior directly through education, litigation and advocacy.     Address: 2201 Broadway, Suite 302, Oakland CA 94612-3017     Voice: (510) 655-3900     Fax: (510) 655-9100     Web: http://www.cehca.org     [09 Feb 2012]

Center for Food Safety (West Coast Office) (CFS)     A national non-profit public interest and environmental advocacy organization working to protect human health and the environment by curbing the use of harmful food production technologies and by promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture. CFS also educates consumers concerning the definition of organic food and products. CFS uses legal actions, groundbreaking scientific and policy reports, books and other educational materials, market pressure and grass roots campaigns through our True Food Network. CFS's successful legal cases collectively represent a landmark body of case law on food and agricultural issues.     Address: 303 Sacramento Street, 2nd floor, San Francisco CA 94111     Voice: (415) 826-2770     Fax: (415) 826-0507     Email: info@truefoodnow.org     Web: http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/     [01 Feb 2015]

Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ)     A national, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that provides organizing and technical assistance to grassroots community groups in the environmental health and justice movement. CHEJ was founded in 1981 by Lois Gibbs, who helped win the relocation of over 900 families from their neighborhood which was contaminated by chemicals leaking from the Love Canal landfill in Niagara Falls, NY. Through this effort, Gibbs and her neighbors woke up the nation to recognize the link between people’s exposures to dangerous chemicals in their community and serious public health impacts.     Web: http://www.chej.org     [20 Jan 2014]

Center for Independence of the Disabled (CID)     A private, nonprofit corporation located in San Mateo, California. Incorporated in 1979, CID is a consumer-driven, community-based, services and advocacy organization serving San Mateo County. By federal mandate, the majority of our Staff, Management, and Board of Directors consist of people with disabilities.     Address: 1515 South EI Camino Real, Suite 400, San Mateo CA 94402     Voice: (650) 645-1780; (650) 522-9313 (TTY)     Fax: (650) 645-1785     Web: http://cidsanmateo.org     [20 Jan 2014]

Center for Independent Living (Berkeley) (CIL)     Pprovides direct services to residents of Alameda and West Contra Costa Counties with disabilities. We also offer extensive information and referral to anyone who needs them. Founded in Berkeley, California, the Center for Independent Living (CIL) emerged from the independent living movement of the 1960’s as a powerful force in helping people with disabilities achieve their independence.     Address: 3075 Adeline St, Suite 100, Berkeley CA 94703     Voice: (510) 841-4776     Fax: (510) 841-6168     Email: info@cilberkeley.org     Web: http://www.cilberkeley.org/     [13 Aug 2014]

Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)     Works to strengthen and use international law and institutions to protect the environment, promote human health, and ensure a just and sustainable society. CIEL also has a vibrant intern program for law school students and fellows in both our DC and Geneva offices. Over its 20 years, CIEL has trained more than 350 interns from 53 countries, providing an important educational opportunity for lawyers in training.     Web: http://www.ciel.org/     [20 Jan 2014]

Center for International Policy (CIP)     Promotes cooperation, transparency and accountability in global relations. Through research and advocacy, our programs address the most urgent threats to our planet: war, corruption, inequality and climate change. CIP's scholars, journalists, activists and former government officials provide a unique mixture of access to high-level officials, issue-area expertise, media savvy and strategic vision. We work to inform the public and decision makers in the United States and in international organizations on policies to make the world more just, peaceful and sustainable.     Web: http://www.ciponline.org/     [30 Jul 2013]

Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR)     The nation's oldest nonprofit investigative news organization, producing multimedia reporting that has impact and is relevant to people's lives. Building on our long track record of award-winning print, broadcast and web reporting, CIR is now seeking to help lead the way in transforming journalism for the 21st century.     Address: 2130 Center Street, Suite 103, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 809-3160     Fax: (510) 849-1813     Email: center@cironline.org     Web: http://centerforinvestigativereporting.org     [09 Feb 2012]

Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS)     A National Resource Center dedicated to promoting research and community awareness about issues affecting Latin America. The Center works to: * host public events that bring leading scholars, policymakers and social leaders to the Berkeley community; * support faculty and student research; * bring information about Latin America to a wider audience through our website and publications; * build networks among Latin Americanist scholars, students and practitioners.     Address: 2334 Bowditch #2312 (between Durant and Haste), Berkeley CA 94720     Voice: (510) 642-2088     Fax: (510) 642-3260     Email: clas(at)berkeley.edu     Web: http://www.clas.berkeley.edu/     [30 Jul 2013]

Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry (CLGS)     CLGS was established at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California and opened its doors in the fall of 2000. The Center serves three distinct but overlapping constituencies: the world of academic religious scholarship; faith communities; and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and organizations. For each of these constituent groups, CLGS is committed to providing programming and support for research, resources, education for leadership, and community-building/advocacy. All programming is devoted to carrying out the Center's fundamental mission:     Address: Pacific School of Religion, 1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (510) 849-8206     Fax: (510) 849-8212     Email: info@clgs.org     Web: http://www.clgs.org/     [05 Oct 2014]

Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Art and Culture (QCC)     A multiracial community-building organization that fosters the artistic, economic and cultural development of San Francisco's LGBT community. We implement our mission by operating programs that commission and present Queer artists, that promote the development of culturally diverse Queer arts organizations and that document significant Queer arts events taking place in San Francisco. By presenting, exhibiting, screening and documenting queer artists' work, Qcc contributes to the development of a multicultural perspective on the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender experience.     Address: 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 935-5948     Web: http://www.queerculturalcenter.org/     [15 Jul 2012]

Center for Media & Democracy (PR Watch)     A non-profit investigative reporting group. Our reporting and analysis focus on exposing corporate spin and government propaganda. We publish PRWatch, SourceWatch, and BanksterUSA. Our newest investigative site is ALECexposed.org. We accept no funding from for-profit corporations or grants from the government.tive journalism collaborative to which anyone, including you, can contribute.     Web: http://www.prwatch.org/   http://www.sourcewatch.org     [15 Jul 2012]

Center for Nonprofit Success     A nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide the training, knowledge and resources to help nonprofit organizations succeed. We believe that the most important asset in an organization is its people, and our programs and services are designed with your most important asset in mind. Our offerings include mentoring, workshops, a job bank, consulting, and research.     Web: http://www.cfnps.org/     [01 Apr 2012]

Center for Popular Economics     A non-profit collective of political economists based in Amherst, MA. Since our founding in 1978, thousands of people have participated in our workshops and institutes. Our programs and publications simplify the economy and put useful economic tools in the hands of people fighting for social and economic justice. We examine root causes of economic inequality and injustice including systems of oppression based on race, class, gender, nation and ethnicity.     Web: http://www.PopularEconomics.org     [09 Jul 2011]

Center for Public Environmental Oversight (CPEO)     Promotes and facilitates public participation in the oversight of environmental activities at federal facilities, private "Superfund" sites, and Brownfields. CPEO educates public stakeholders on both the process and technologies for cleanup and environmental protection. CPEO conducts sites visits, convenes workshops and forums, publishes articles, and maintains the web-based "technology tree."     Address: c/o PSC, 278-A Hope Street, Mountain View CA 94041     Voice: (650) 961-8918     Email: cpeo@cpeo.org     Web: http://www.cpeo.org     [05 Oct 2014]

Center for Public Integrity (CPI)     We are one of the country's oldest and largest nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organizations. Our mission: To serve democracy by revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust by powerful public and private institutions, using the tools of investigative journalism.     Web: http://www.publicintegrity.org     [13 Apr 2014]

Center for Reproductive Rights     Uses the law to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right that all governments are legally obligated to protect, respect, and fulfill.     Web: http://www.reproductiverights.org     [05 Oct 2014]

Center for Responsive Politics (CRP)     The nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, the organization aims to create a more educated voter, an involved citizenry and a more transparent and responsive government.     Web: http://www.opensecrets.org/     [07 Oct 2014]

Center for Sex and Culture     Provides judgment-free education, cultural events, a library/media archive, and other resources to audiences across the sexual and gender spectrum; and to research and disseminate factual information, framing and informing issues of public policy and public health..     Address: 2261 Market Street Box 455-A, San Francisco CA 94114     Voice: (415) 902-2071     Email: info@sexandculture.org     Web: http://www.sexandculture.org/     [03 Nov 2013]

Center for Story-based Strategy (CSS)     A national movement-building organization dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change. We offer social justice networks, alliances and organizations the analysis, training and strategic support to change the story on the issues that matter most. We've trained over 4,000 activists since 2002. Through collaboration consulting, and direct partnership we've supported over 200 innovative social change organizations to win critical campaigns. Formerly smartMeme.     Address: 900 Alice Street #320, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 903-1809     Email: info@smartmeme.org     Web: http://www.storybasedstrategy.org     [23 Mar 2014]

Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE)     The mission of CASSE is to advance the steady state economy, with stabilized population and consumption, as a policy goal with widespread public support. We pursue this mission by: * educating citizens, organizations, and policy makers on the conflict between economic growth and (1) environmental protection, (2) ecological and economic sustainability, and (3) national security and international stability; * promoting the steady state economy as a desirable alternative to economic growth; * studying the means to establish a steady state economy.     Web: http://steadystate.org     [13 Aug 2014]

Center for the Study of the Americas (CENSA)     Promotes dialogue and research, producing special studies, reports and books as well as news stories. CENSA collaborates with like-minded organizations throughout the hemisphere, and CENSA Associates are involved in consultancy work, particularly in the areas of agroecology and food security.     Address: 2288 Fulton Street, Suite 103, Berkeley CA 94704     Web: http://globalalternatives.org     [23 Nov 2011]

Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO)     A racial-justice organization dedicated to building a social-justice movement led by people of color. We were established in 1980 as a training and resource center that promotes and sustains direct-action organizing in communities of color in the United States. CTWO provides organizer training programs, including the model Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP), and builds an active network of organizations and activists of color to achieve racial justice in its fullest dimensions. Additionally, CTWO also provides consultation and customized training.     Address: 900 Alice Street, Suite 300, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 201-0080     Fax: (510) 433-0908     Email: ctwo@ctwo.org     Web: http://www.ctwo.org     [07 Oct 2014]

Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens     Fairview Gardens, located in Goleta, California, builds critical connections between community, agriculture and education by: * Innovating and producing safe, organic, locally-grown foods in a sustainable manner * Serving as a community-based educational resource * Advocating for appropriately scaled, healthy food systems, and * Providing engaging, hands-on experience with farming     Web: http://www.fairviewgardens.org     [22 Mar 2014]

Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA)     A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1994 to educate urban consumers about sustainable agriculture and to create links between urban dwellers and local farmers. We have managed the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco since 1999. CUESA’s educational initiatives include cooking demonstrations, farm tours, youth programs, a weekly email newsletter, and more.     Address: One Ferry Building, Suite 50, San Francisco CA 94111     Voice: (415) 291-3276 (291-FARM)     Fax: (415) 291-3275     Email: info@cuesa.org     Web: http://cuesa.org     [07 Oct 2014]

Center for Voting and Democracy (FairVote)     FairVote is a catalyst for reforming our elections to respect every vote and every voice through bold approaches to increase voter turnout, meaningful ballot choices and fair representation. As the national organization most focused on fundamental structural reform of American elections, we act as a traditional think tank through careful research, innovative analysis, effective educational resources and timely conferences, but also creatively engage with leading reformers, thought leaders and the media to turn new ideas into widely accepted policy options.     Web: http://www.fairvote.org/     [09 Jul 2011]

Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ)     Mission is to reduce society’s reliance on incarceration as a solution to social problems. In pursuit of this mission, CJCJ provides direct services, technical assistance, and policy analysis that work in unison to promote a balanced and humane criminal justice system designed to reduce incarceration and enhance long-term public safety.     Address: 40 Boardman Place, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 621-5661     Fax: (415) 621-5466     Email: dmacallair@cjcj.org     Web: http://www.cjcj.org     [03 Nov 2013]

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO)     Supports conscientious objectors and promotes individual and collective resistance to war and preparations for war. We seek to provide full and accurate information about military life and war to individuals affected by military service, conscription, and recruitment. Since our founding in 1948, CCCO's counselor network has helped tens of thousands of people serving in the military or facing conscription. Most of CCCO's income is from individual contributions; all donations are fully tax-deductible.     Address: 405 14th Street #205, Oakland CA 94612     Web: http://objector.org     [09 Feb 2012]

Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG)     An independent research and media organization based in Montreal. The CRG is a registered non-profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada. In addition to the Global Research websites, the Centre is involved in book publishing, support to humanitarian projects as well as educational outreach activities including the organization of public conferences and lectures. The Centre also acts as a think tank on crucial economic and geopolitical issues. The Global Research website at www.globalresearch.ca publishes news articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad range of issues, focussing on social, economic, strategic and environmental processes.     Web: http://globalresearch.ca/     [13 Apr 2014]

Challenging White Supremacy (CWS)     Believes that the most effective way to create fundamental social change in the U.S. is by building mass-based, multi-racial grassroots movements led by radical activists of color. We also believe that the major barrier to creating these movements is racism or white supremacy. CWS coordinated anti-racist training workshops in the Bay Area from 1993 until 2005. Material from the workshops is still available at www.cwsworkshop.org.     Address: 2440 Sixteenth Street #275, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 647-0921     Email: cws@igc.org     Web: http://www.cwsworkshop.org     [20 Jan 2014]

ChangeLab Solutions     Specializes in researching and drafting model laws and policies, providing analysis and recommendations on environmental change strategies, developing educational toolkits and fact sheets, and providing on-demand training and technical assistance to support stakeholders in their policy reform efforts. Our interdisciplinary team of lawyers, urban planners, architects, policy analysts, and public health specialists successfully apply this approach in the context of land use and transportation planning, childhood obesity prevention, tobacco control, food systems, school environments, and more.     Address: 2201 Broadway, Suite 502, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 302-3380     Web: http://changelabsolutions.org     [31 Jan 2014]

ChangeLab Solutions     Specializes in researching and drafting model laws and policies, providing analysis and recommendations on environmental change strategies, developing educational toolkits and fact sheets, and providing on-demand training and technical assistance to support stakeholders in their policy reform efforts. Our interdisciplinary team of lawyers, urban planners, architects, policy analysts, and public health specialists successfully apply this approach in the context of land use and transportation planning, childhood obesity prevention, tobacco control, food systems, school environments, and more.     Address: 2201 Broadway, Suite 502, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 302-3380     Web: http://changelabsolutions.org     [30 Aug 2014]

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic (CMCC)     A state-licensed holistic health clinic with locations in both Oakland and San Francisco that provides free complementary alternative medicine treatments to low-income women with cancer. Complementary Alternative Medicine treatments are rarely covered under health care plans. Without the services provided by CMCC, low income women in the Bay Area would not have access to these beneficial treatments.     Address: 610 16th Street, Suite 426, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 601-7660     Fax: (510) 601-7669     Web: http://www.charlottemaxwell.org     [09 Feb 2012]

Chelsea Green Publishing     The publishing leader for books on the politics and practice of sustainable living. We are a founding member of the Green Press Initiative and have been printing books on recycled paper since 1985, when our first list of books appeared. We lead the industry both in terms of content—foundational books on renewable energy, green building, organic agriculture, eco-cuisine, and ethical business—and in terms of environmental practice, printing 95 percent of our books on recycled paper with a minimum 30 percent post-consumer waste and aiming for 100 percent whenever possible. This approach is a perfect example of what is called a ”triple bottom line“ practice, one that benefits people, planet, and profit, and the emerging new model for sustainable business in the 21st century.     Web: http://www.chelseagreen.com     [07 Oct 2014]

Chelsea Manning Support Network     The trial of military whistle-blower and democracy advocate Chelsea Manning (known as Bradley Manning until her Aug 22, 2013 announcement) finished on August 21st. After a prosecution which starkly showcased US government officials’ misplaced priorities when it comes to human rights, Army whistleblower PVT Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. This case sets a dangerous precedent for the first amendment, opening whistle-blowers and those who help them to extreme prosecution. However, as we enter the appeals process, [Chelsea] Manning’s story is far from over.     Web: http://www.chelseamanning.org/     [09 Aug 2014]

Chiapas Media Project     An award winning, bi-national partnership that provides video equipment, computers and training enabling marginalized indigenous communities in Southern Mexico to create their own media. Since 1998, CMP/Promedios instructors have worked in close collaboration with autonomous Zapatista communities. Indigenous youth with little formal education, and often working without reliable electricity, have produced videos on agricultural collectives, fair trade coffee, women’s collectives, autonomous education, traditional healing and the history of their struggle for land.     Web: http://chiapasmediaproject.org/cmp/     [09 Jul 2011]

Chiapas Support Committee (CSC)     A grass roots all-volunteer organization in Oakland, California. We support indigenous and campesino organizations in Mexico. We have an hermanamiento (partnership) with San Manuel autonomous Zapatista municipality. In the Bay Area we provide public information about Chiapas through public events, radio programs, our newsletter, Chiapas Update, our listserv and several web sites. We organize delegations to Chiapas and also recruit and certify human rights observers and volunteers. We are now organizing for the Other Campaign and the International Campaign in Northern California.     Address: POBox 3421, Oakland CA 94609     Voice: (510) 654-9587     Email: cezmat@igc.org     Web: http://www.chiapas-support.org     [09 Feb 2012]

Child Care Links     Acts as a link between government social service agencies and families. Income-eligible families can receive needed funds to pay for child care and education on how to find quality child care. Child Care Providers, parents and employers receive valuable one-on-one support and education from the agency. Free child care referrals are provided to parents in the Tri-Valley area.     Address: 6601 Owens Drive, Suite 100, Pleasanton CA 94588     Voice: (925) 417-8733     Email: mail@childcarelinks.org     Web: http://www.childcarelinks.org     [09 Feb 2012]

Child Family Health International (CFHI)     Provides community-based Global Health Education Programs for health science students and institutions. Our unique model fosters reciprocal partnerships and empowerment in local communities -- transforming perspectives about self, healing and global citizenship. CFHI is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations.     Address: 995 Market Street #1104, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 957-9000     Fax: (415) 840-0486     Email: info@cfhi.org     Web: http://www.cfhi.org     [04 Jan 2013]

Children's Council of San Francisco     Since 1973, Children's Council has been striving to make high-quality, affordable child care a reality for all San Francisco families. We provide child care payment assistance as well as free San Francisco child care resources and referrals for parents. We offer workshops and supportive services for child care providers who are licensed, seeking licensure, or are license-exempt. In addition, we raise public awareness about the necessity of child- and family-friendly policies.     Address: 445 Church Street (between 16th and 17th Streets), San Francisco CA 94114     Voice: (415) 276-2900     Web: http://www.childrenscouncil.org     [09 Jul 2011]

Children's Defense Fund - California (Oakland office) (CDF-CA)     A non-profit child advocacy organization that has worked relentlessly for nearly 40 years to ensure a level playing field for all children. We champion policies and programs that lift children out of poverty; protect them from abuse and neglect; and ensure their access to health care, quality education and a moral and spiritual foundation. Supported by foundation and corporate grants and individual donations, CDF advocates nationwide on behalf of children to ensure children are always a priority.     Address: 2201 Broadway, Suite 815, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 663-3224     Email: jedwards@childrensdefense.org     Web: http://www.cdfca.org     [15 Jul 2012]

Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA)     Founded in 1969 to protect the civil and political rights of Chinese Americans and to advance multiracial democracy in the United States. Today, CAA is a progressive voice in and on behalf of the broader Asian and Pacific American community. We advocate for systemic change that protects immigrant rights, promotes language diversity, and remedies racial injustice.     Address: 17 Walter U Lum Place (near Portsmouth Square Park), San Francisco CA 94108     Voice: (415) 274-6750     Fax: (415) 397-8770     Email: info@caasf.org     Web: http://www.caasf.org     [30 Jul 2013]

Choice Medical Group     Provides quality abortion care to the women of Northern California. We are dedicated to the highest standard of medical care in a comforting, supportive atmosphere, and thousands of women rely on us each year. We are committed to providing the support and education you need to make the best health care decisions. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is not an easy one to make. We are sensitive to the thought, and sometimes confusion or stress, involved in the decision to terminate a pregnancy.     Voice: (800) 338-1361     Web: http://www.choicemedicalgroup.com/     [19 Feb 2012]

Citizens Against Private Government HOAs, Inc. (CAPGH)     A nonprofit organization formed to provide full and material disclosure ofall the factors that can have profound effects on your decision to buy into an HOA controlled property. We believe that the regulation of planned communities must be under local government statutes to provide for the constitutional protection of homeowner rights.     Web: http://pvtgov.org     [13 Apr 2014]

Citizens for Balanced Growth     A Tri-Valley (Livermore, Pleasanton, Sunol, Dublin) registered 501(c) (3) non-profit group in California. Founded in 1982, we strive to support activities which enhance the quality of life for residents, often in response to well funded opponents. Our principal victories have included the acquisition of developer mitigation funding and oversight regarding its wise use for purchasing permanent open space.     Address: 661 South N Street, Livermore CA 94550     Voice: (925) 449-8147     Email: info@citizensforbalancedgrowth.org     Web: http://www.citizensforbalancedgrowth.org     [18 Jun 2013]

Citizens for Healthy Options In Children's Education (CHOICE)     Launched in 1994 by a group of concerned parents to promote a choice of wholesome plant-based meals and nutrition education in our nation's schools. It is supported entirely by individual contributions. CHOICE produces and distributes teaching materials, supports parents working for change in their schools, assists school administrators and food service providers in developing healthier meals, encourages students to select healthier food choices, and reports on similar efforts throughout the U.S.     Web: http://www.choiceusa.net/     [03 Nov 2012]

Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG)     A multi-partisan activist group established to expose and resist US imperialism, corpora-terrorism, and the New World Order.     Web: http://www.legitgov.org/     [03 Nov 2013]

Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ)     A public interest research and advocacy organization focusing on federal, state and local tax policies and their impact upon our nation. CTJ's mission is to give ordinary people a greater voice in the development of tax laws. Against the armies of special interest lobbyists for corporations and the wealthy, CTJ fights for: Fair taxes for middle and low-income families Requiring the wealthy to pay their fair share Closing corporate tax loopholes Adequately funding important government services Reducing the federal debt Taxation that minimizes distortion of economic markets     Web: http://www.ctj.org/     [03 Nov 2012]

City CarShare     In 2001, City CarShare was launched by a group of Bay Area transportation activists working in concert with several local nonprofits and foundations as well as the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. Together we embarked on the mission to provide convenient, affordable access to carsharing so that together, we can reduce car dependency — and have a measurable impact in the way our communities live, breathe, work, and play.     Address: 1182 Market Street, Suite 300, San Francisco CA 94102-4919     Voice: (415) 995-8588     Fax: (415) 995-8589     Web: http://www.citycarshare.org     [19 Feb 2012]

City Lights Bookstore     One of the few truly great independent bookstores in the United States, a place where booklovers from across the country and around the world come to browse, read, and just soak in the ambiance of alternative culture's only "Literary Landmark." Although it has been more than fifty years since tour buses with passengers eager to sight "beatniks" began pulling up in front of City Lights, the Beats' legacy of anti-authoritarian politics and insurgent thinking continues to be a strong influence in the store, most evident in the selection of titles.     Address: 261 Columbus Avenue (near Broadway), San Francisco CA 94133     Voice: (415) 362-8193     Fax: (415) 362-4921     Web: http://www.citylights.com     [30 Jul 2013]

City of Refuge United Church of Christ     We all need community. When access to existing communities is not available, marginalized people must seek to develop community for and among themselves. We at City of Refuge UCC are giving birth to a fresh, emerging Christian community. We believe that now, as in the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry, seemingly marginalized people respond to a community of openness and inclusivity, where other people from the edge gather. City of Refuge UCC welcomes people to be who they are by embracing a theology of acceptance – a radical inclusivity that leaves no one behind.     Address: 8400 Enterprise Way, Oakland CA 94621     Voice: (510) 633-6316     Email: info@cityofrefugeucc.org     Web: http://www.sfrefuge.org     [07 Oct 2014]

City Repair     An organized group action that educates and inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live. City Repair facilitates artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking through projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world. The many projects of City Repair have been accomplished by a mostly volunteer staff and thousands of volunteer citizen activists.     Web: http://cityrepair.org/     [13 Aug 2014]

City Slicker Farms     Mission is to empower West Oakland community members to meet the immediate and basic need for healthy organic food for themselves and their families by creating high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens. Our programs are an immediate solution to West Oakland’s lack of real choice for fresh, affordable, healthy food. Our programs also have a long-term sustainable impact, changing underutilized urban landscapes into ones that provide healthy, affordable food and improve the environment for generations to come.     Address: 1625 16th Street, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 763-4241     Email: info[at]cityslickerfarms[dot]org     Web: http://www.cityslickerfarms.org/     [01 Feb 2015]

Civicorps Schools     Promotes active citizenship and environmental stewardship by implementing an educational curriculum based on academic rigor, community-based learning, and the arts, combined with the mastery of real-world skills through job training and civic education programs. Civicorps is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Oakland, California and was formerly known as the East Bay Conservation Corps. We run a public charter high school that enrolls youth ages 18-24. Students in the Civicorps Academy participate in paid job training on environmental and community beautification projects. Our recycling program provides additional job training opportunities.     Address: 101 Myrtle Street, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 992-7800     Fax: (510) 992-7950     Email: info@cvcorps.org     Web: http://www.cvcorps.org/     [12 Aug 2012]

Civil Liberties Defense Center     Mission focuses on defending and upholding civil liberties through education, outreach, litigation, and legal support and assistance. The CLDC strives to preserve the strength and vitality of the Bill of Rights and the U.S. and state constitutions, as well as to protect freedom of expression.     Web: http://www.cldc.org/     [13 Apr 2014]

Civil Liberties Monitoring Project (CLMP)     Monitors, documents, advocates for & educates about civil liberties issues in Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties in California. Goal is to encourage public awareness of constitutional rights and encourage involvement of the whole community in preserving and protecting them.     Address: POBox 544, Redway CA 95560     Voice: (707) 923-4646     Fax: (707) 923-9040     Email: clmp@civilliberties.org     Web: http://www.civilliberties.org     [30 Jul 2013]

Claremont Canyon Conservancy     A non-profit, citizen-based organization with a membership base of several hundred individuals and families. A catalyst for the long-term protection and restoration of the canyon's natural environment and an advocate for comprehensive fire safety along its wildland/urban interface.     Address: POBox 5551, Berkeley CA 94705     Voice: (510) 843-2226     Email: info@claremontcanyon.org     Web: http://www.ClaremontCanyon.org     [03 Jan 2013]

Class Action     A national nonprofit founded in 2004, Class Action inspires action to end classism. Through workshops, organizational consulting, printed and online resources, and public education, we: help individuals develop class awareness and a class lens, explore race and class intersections, address class barriers and class privilege, build bridges across the class divide, and help institutions become more equitable, promote economic justice.     Web: http://www.classism.org     [17 May 2013]

Clean Energy Action     Clean Energy Action…Accelerating the transition to a post-fossil-fuel world built on clean energy …by educating citizens on the impacts of fossil fuel use and on clean energy options …by supporting data-driven, informed action in coal-reliant states …by conducting and disseminating research on coal supplies and utilities …by envisioning the integrated renewable energy future     Web: http://cleanenergyaction.org     [16 Jun 2014]

Clean Water Action (CWA)     A one million member organization of diverse people and groups joined together to protect our environment, health, economic well-being and community quality of life. Our goals include clean, safe and affordable water; prevention of health threatening pollution; creation of environmentally safe jobs and businesses; and empowerment of people to make democracy work. Clean Water Action organizes strong grassroots groups and coalitions and campaigns to elect environmental candidates and solve environmental and community problems.     Address: 111 New Montgomery Street, Suite 600 (between Mission and Minna Street), San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 369-9160     Fax: (415) 369-9180     Web: http://www.cleanwateraction.org     [19 Feb 2012]

Climate Ark     A climate change and global warming portal, search engine and newsfeed that promotes public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions, renewable energy, energy conservation and efficiency, and ending deforestation.     Web: http://www.climateark.org/     [01 Feb 2015]

Close to Home: Exploring Nature in the East Bay (CTH)     Offers a year-long program of 10 Saturday field trips to some of the East Bay's most interesting and beautiful places, led by expert naturalists. From these experiences, we hope to deepen our familiarity and sense of kinship with the natural world of the East Bay. Monthly outings are led by naturalists who know and love the East Bay parks we visit. Yearlong field trip participants form a learning community, interacting with naturalists who help us attune our senses to what is revealed in a variety of habitats.     Address: 3758 Grand Avenue #38, Oakland CA 94610     Voice: (510) 655-6658     Email: spring5@mindspring.com     Web: http://www.close-to-home.org/     [01 Feb 2015]

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE)     An all-volunteer Internet end-user advocacy organization. CAUCE has moved beyond its original mission of advocating for anti-spam laws, to a broader stance of defending the interests all users in the areas of privacy and abuse in all its forms on the Internet. CAUCE is led by a Board of Directors with a cumulative century of experience in the field of Internet advocacy who are active in consulting with governments, law enforcement agencies, and Industry associations.     Web: http://www.cauce.org/     [03 Nov 2012]

Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR)     The nation's leading bipartisan pro-cures coalition. CAMR is comprised of more than 100 nationally recognized patient organizations, universities, scientific societies, and foundations advocating for the advancement of breakthrough research and technologies in the field of medical and health research. CAMR’s advocacy and education outreach focuses on stem cell research, somatic cell nuclear transfer, and related research fields in which the mission is to develop treatments and cures for individuals with life-threatening illnesses and disorders.     Web: http://www.camradvocacy.org     [09 Jul 2011]

San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness     Initiates program and policy changes that result in the creation of exits from poverty. The COH unites homeless people and service providers with concerned community members in outreach, advocacy, and community organizing activities to ensure that low-income communities are in a leadership position in the work to promote social justice in San Francisco.     Address: 468 Turk Street (between Hyde and Larkin), San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 346-3740     Fax: (415) 775-5639     Email: director@cohsf.org     Web: http://www.cohsf.org     [09 Jul 2011]

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL)     Deepens and broadens the Jewish community’s commitment to stewardship and protection of the Earth through outreach, activism and Jewish learning. Through a network of Jewish leaders, institutions and individuals, COEJL is mobilizing the Jewish community to conserve energy, increase sustainability, and advocate for policies that increase energy efficiency and security while building core Jewish environmental knowledge and serving as a Jewish voice in the broader interfaith community. COEJL has been an initiative at the Jewish Council for Public Affairs since 1993 and serves as the Jewish partner in the National Religious Partnership on the Environment.     Web: http://www.coejl.org     [20 Jan 2014]

Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)     Building the new civil rights movement. We are a primarily student- and youth-based organization of leaders in our schools and communities, committed to making real the promises of American democracy and equality.     Web: http://www.bamn.com/     [20 Jan 2014]

CODEPINK Women for Peace (San Francisco office)     A women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end U.S. funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally, and to redirect our resources into health care, education, green jobs and other life-affirming activities.     Address: 2017 Mission Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 583-0608     Email: info[@]codepink.org     Web: http://www.codepinkalert.org/     [19 Oct 2014]

Codornices Creek Watershed Council     A local, volunteer organization made up of stakeholders who live and work in the watershed. The purpose of the Council is to protect and restore watershed processes and function, and to promote awareness and stewardship through collaborative partnerships with agencies, businesses, organizations, and the community.     Web: http://www.codornicescreekwatershed.org     [19 Feb 2012]

Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US)     Mission is to promote the cohousing movement, support individuals and groups in creating communities, provide assistance to completed groups for improving their systems for living together in community, and create networking opportunities for those involved or interested in cohousing.     Voice: (314) 754-5828     Web: http://www.cohousing.org     [01 Apr 2012]

COLAGE     A national movement of children, youth, and adults with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) parent/s. We build community and work toward social justice through youth empowerment, leadership development, education, and advocacy.     Address: 1550 Bryant Street, Suite 830, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 861-5437 (861-KIDS)     Email: colage@colage.org     Web: http://www.colage.org     [12 Feb 2012]

Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth     A member-led, multi-racial community organization working to create a city of hope, opportunity, and justice for all children and all families in San Francisco. Over the last 30 years, Coleman has become the leading voice for low to moderate income youth and families in San Francisco. Through grassroots leadership development, youth and parent organizing, budget and policy advocacy, civic engagement and strategic alliance-building, Coleman has transformed public institutions, improved the lives of tens of thousands of residents, and become a national model for community-driven change.     Address: 459 Vienna Street, San Francisco CA 94112     Voice: (415) 239-0161     Fax: (415) 239-0584     Email: info@colemanadvocates.org     Web: http://www.colemanadvocates.org/     [01 Feb 2015]

ColorLines Magazine     A daily news site where race matters, featuring award-winning investigative reporting and news analysis. Colorlines is published by Race Forward, a national organization that advances racial justice through research, media and practice. Colorlines is produced by a multiracial team of writers who cover stories from the perspective of community, rather than through the lens of power brokers.     Address: 900 Alice Street, Suite 400, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 653-3415     Fax: (510) 653-3427     Email: community@colorlines.com     Web: http://www.colorlines.com     [01 Feb 2015]

Guy Colwell     A Berkeley based visual artist and activist making accessible to progressive organizations a large inventory of socially conscious illustrations on themes of peace, justice, and the environment to enhance activist messages, usually at no cost.     Email: atelier9@lmi.net     Web: http://www.atelier9.com     [04 Jul 2013]

Commercial Alert     Mission is to keep the commercial culture within its proper sphere, and to prevent it from exploiting children and subverting the higher values of family, community, environmental integrity and democracy.     Web: http://www.commercialalert.org     [14 Apr 2013]

Committee for Green Foothills     Mission is to protect the open spaces, farmlands, and natural resources of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties through advocacy, education, and grassroots action.     Address: Peninsula Conservation Center, 3921 East Bayshore Road, Palo Alto CA 94303     Voice: (650) 968-7243     Fax: (650) 968-8431     Email: info@GreenFoothills.org     Web: http://www.greenfoothills.org     [19 Oct 2014]

San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (SF-CHRP)     Shares the vision of human rights advanced by the National Democratic movement of the Philippines. SF-CHRP educates, organizes, and mobilizes people and communities in the Bay Area to take progressive action in upholding and supporting human rights in the Philippines and throughout the world.     Web: http://sfchrp.weebly.com     [13 Apr 2014]

Bay Area Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)     We are a grassroots organization dedicated to supporting the Salvadoran people's struggle forself-determination and social and economic justice. CISPES is committed to working for a world without oppression. We recognize that the roots of oppression run deep in our society and in ourselves, and that all freedom struggles.     Address: 2940 16th Street #301, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 503-0789     Email: bayarea@cispes.org     Web: http://www.cispes.org     [13 Aug 2014]

Committee of 100 for Tibet     Tibetans, with their distinct culture, religion, ethnic origin, language and national identity, are an oppressed people in China-occupied Tibet and face the real threat of total assimilation. The C100 is dedicated to educating people throughout the world on the tragic situation in Tibet today. Tibetans continue to be deprived of their basic human rights and freedoms, are marginalized and impoverished by unjust and discriminatory policies, and their unique culture and Buddhist religion - an ancient heritage of inestimable value to all humanity - is in peril.     Web: http://www.c100tibet.org/     [14 Apr 2013]

Committee to Free Lori Berenson     Lori Berenson is a US citizen currently being held as a political prisoner in Lima. After serving nearly five years in harsh Peruvian jails high in the Andes, her conviction of treason against Peru and her life sentence were overturned. In June 2001 she was cleared of charges of being a terrorist, but convicted of collaboration, and sentenced to twenty years in prison by a civilian terrorism court which, according to the U.S. State Department, "fails to meet international standards of openness, fairness, and due process."     Web: http://www.freelori.org/     [12 Feb 2012]

Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS)     A nationwide organization with deep roots in many social movements. We are active in labor and community groups, in peace and justice coalitions, among students and youth, in the women’s and LGBT movements, and in environmental, immigrant rights and electoral campaigns.     Web: http://www.cc-ds.org/     [03 Nov 2013]

Common Agenda Network     Twenty local and national organizations form the local network affiliated with the National Priorities Project of Massachusetts, working for significant cuts in military spending and redirecting the money to community and environmental needs.     Address: c/o Betty Brown, 44 Beverly Road, Kensington CA 94707     Voice: (510) 524-6071     Email: normaha@pacbell.net     [30 Jul 2011]

Common Cause     The original citizens’ lobby, founded in 1970 by John Gardner, and still battling for open, honest and accountable government in Washington, D.C. and in all 50 states. We have 400,000 members and supporters, offices in 35 states and activists everywhere. Please explore our site, learn about our work and join our community. This is our democracy, it’s up to all of us to make it work.     Web: http://www.commoncause.org     [19 Oct 2014]

Common Courage Press     By publishing books for social justice, Common Courage Press helps progressive ideas to find a place in our culture. The press provides a platform to spread these ideas to activists and ordinary citizens alike. It has sold a total of over one million copies since its founding in 1991, and its books have been translated and reprinted in 24 countries. Skillfully edited, graphically striking, and popularly accessible, Common Courage books explore corporate power, ecology, race, gender, economics, health, welfare, and media politics, and U.S. policy from Central America to the Middle East and Afghanistan.     Web: http://www.commoncouragepress.com/     [12 Aug 2012]

Common Dreams News Center     A non-profit newscenter created in 1997 as a new media model. By relying on our readers and tens of thousands of small donations to keep us moving forward -- with no advertising, corporate underwriting or government funding -- Common Dreams maintains an editorial independence our readers can count on. We are optimists. We believe real change is possible. But only if enough well-informed, well-intentioned -- and just plain fed up and fired-up -- people demand it. We believe that together we can attain our common dreams.     Web: http://www.commondreams.org/     [03 Nov 2012]

The Commons San Francisco     e lead four-session seminars in The Principles of Economics. In eight hours of class time, participants get an overview of how the economy works. They understand why the economy's topsy-turvy when it is, and why there's so much acrimony and confusion regarding taxes. In other words, participants are equipped to powerfully interpret social and environmental questions of the day. What's more, they perceive systemic solutions to environmental and social challenges. We are commited to ending involuntary poverty, worldwide. Public policy featuring the commons can achieve that goal.     Address: 189 Ellsworth Street, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 970-9306     Email: info@thecommonssf.org     Web: http://www.thecommonssf.org     [20 Jan 2014]

Commonweal Institute     Our mission is the mission shared by the entire progressive movement: we want governing power. That means more than winning any one campaign or policy battle. It means that progressive ideas will dominate the public debate, that we will have a large, politically-active base of support for those ideas, and ultimately that our leaders will be empowered to enact and implement policies that are based on a progressive worldview and vision for this country and for the world.     Address: 397 Cortland Avenue, Suite 10, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 350-3637     Email: info-AT-commonwealinstitute-DOT-org     Web: http://www.commonwealinstitute.org     [03 Oct 2011]

The Commonwealth Fund     A private foundation that aims to promote a high performing health care system that achieves better access, improved quality, and greater efficiency, particularly for society's most vulnerable, including low-income people, the uninsured, minority Americans, young children, and elderly adults. The Fund carries out this mandate by supporting independent research on health care issues and making grants to improve health care practice and policy. An international program in health policy is designed to stimulate innovative policies and practices in the United States and other industrialized countries.     Web: http://www.cmwf.org/     [20 Jan 2014]

Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)     Mission is to achieve environmental health and justice by building grassroots power in and with communities of color and working-class communities. CBE recognizes that the low-income communities of color suffer a wide range of socio-economic problems because of racism and institutional discrimination. Our campaigns broadly call for addressing the cumulative impacts of pollution in our communities, recognizing the mobile and stationary sources of pollution, as well as multiple social stress factors, such as poverty, violence and lack of access to services, that make low-income communities particularly vulnerable.     Address: 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 600, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 302-0430     Fax: (510) 302-0437     Web: http://www.cbecal.org/     [09 Jul 2011]

Communities United in Defense of Olmstead (CUIDO)     A Bay Area grassroots disability rights activist organization committed to defending the human and civil rights of people with disabilities. We take our name from the 1999 Olmstead Supreme Court ruling, which declared that people with disabilities have the right to live in the community, and that placing us in nursing homes or other institutions against our will when we are capable of living in the community amounts to segregation based on disability. We engage in nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience, focusing (so far) primarily on the California budget cuts to programs serving people with disabilities, seniors, and poor people. We are a cross-disability organization and an all-volunteer group which relies on modest community donations to fund its work.     Address: 1927 Fairview Street, Berkeley CA 94703     Voice: (510) 686-3139     Web: http://cuido.org     [14 Mar 2014]

Community Action Board of Santa Cruz (CAB)     Operates eight programs that assist low-income residents to move out of poverty focusing on four service areas: Job Training and Employment Services, Housing and Homeless Services, Immigration Assistance, and Community Building.     Address: 406 Main Street, Suite 207, Watsonville CA 95076     Voice: (831) 763-2147 x204     Email: Helen@cabinc.org     Web: http://www.cabinc.org     [03 Nov 2013]

Community Action Publications (CAP)     Produces and distributes information that empowers effective action on environmental, health, and community issues. Our information is available through our website, articles, talks, and more. We also offer speakers, trainers, and training design for classes and workshops on these topics.     Address: 708 Gravenstein Hwy N, Suite 104-W, Sebastopol CA 95472     Email: info[at]healthyworld.org     Web: http://www.healthyworld.org     [09 Jul 2011]

Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF)     CAFF advocates for family farmers and sustainable agriculture. Today’s Community Alliance with Family Farmers is the result of efforts by both farmers and urban activists working together for over 30 years. We strive to build a movement of rural and urban people to foster family-scale agriculture that cares for the land, sustains local economies and promotes social justice.     Web: http://www.caff.org/     [12 Feb 2012]

Community Boards     Helps San Francisco residents and businesses find peaceful solutions to conflicts through mediation, trainings and facilitation. We train and certify 125+ new mediators a year and help organizations improve their communication and resolution skills. We can help you manage everyday conflicts by containing disputes before they escalate to violence or property damage, such as conflict between neighbors, roommates, youth, and families as well as disputes that might lead to small claims court.     Address: 3130 24th Street, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 920-3820     Fax: (415) 626-0595     Email: jgarrison@communityboards.org     Web: http://www.communityboards.org     [12 Feb 2012]

Community Food & Justice Coalition (CFJC)     Promotes the basic human right of access to healthy food. We take a holistic and systemic approach to creating a food system that is equitable, environmentally and economically sustainable, and community-driven. We see food as a tool for building a just and equitable society. Therefore, we work to be a connector and provide support across issues that impact our communities and our food system; including food and farm policy, healthy food access, climate change, economic development, and health equity. Equity and social justice are the basis for how we approach all of our work. We support communities to affect systemic change starting at the local level.     Address: 398 60th Street, Oakland CA 94618     Voice: (510) 547-1547     Email: info@cafoodjustice.org     Web: http://comfoodjustice.org     [30 Aug 2014]

Community Food Security Coalition     A North American coalition of diverse people and organizations working from the local to international levels to build community food security. We have a diverse membership with almost 300 organizations from social and economic justice, anti-hunger, environmental, community development, sustainable agriculture, community gardening and other fields. We are dedicated to building strong, sustainable, local and regional food systems that ensure access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food to all people at all times. We seek to develop self-reliance among all communities in obtaining their food and to create a system of growing, manufacturing, processing, making available, and selling food that is regionally based and grounded in the principles of justice, democracy, and sustainability.     Web: http://foodsecurity.org     [10 Oct 2012]

Community Housing Partnership (CHP)     Creates, implements and demonstrates solutions to homelessness by working in partnership with people in San Francisco who would otherwise be without a home. CHP develops and operates high quality permanent affordable housing, integrating optional support services, job training and community organizing. We strive to break the cycle of homelessness by strengthening community, encouraging self-determination and involving tenants in every aspect of the organization.     Address: 20 Jones Street, Suite 200, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 852-5300     Web: http://www.chp-sf.org     [12 Aug 2012]

Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto (CLSEPA)     We provide legal assistance to low-income individuals and families in East Palo Alto and the surrounding community. Our practice areas include immigration, housing, anti-predatory lending and home mortgage foreclosure prevention, and consumer protection (Volunteer Attorney Program). Services range from advice and counseling, brief services, and full representation. CLSEPA does not provide legal assistance with criminal matters. Call your local Public Defender's office or bar association.     Address: 1861 Bay Road, East Palo Alto CA 94303     Voice: (650) 326-6440     Web: http://www.clsepa.org     [19 Oct 2014]

Community Resources for Independent Living (CRIL)     A peer-based disability organization that advocates and provides resources for people with disabilities to improve lives and make communities fully accessible. CRIL offers independent living services at no charge to persons with disabilities living in southern and eastern Alameda County. In order to become a CRIL consumer, an individual must have a disability and be paired with an Independent Living (IL) Coordinator. CRIL is also a resource for disability awareness education and training, advocacy and technical advice.     Address: 439 'A' Street, Hayward CA 94541     Voice: (510) 881-5743; (510) 881-0218 (TTY)     Fax: (510) 881-1593     Email: info@cril-online.org     Web: http://www.cril-online.org/     [12 Feb 2012]

The Community Solution     Provides knowledge and practices for low-energy living and self-reliant communities. CS focuses on the coming global oil production peak, climate change and increasing inequity. The organization designs or locates solutions to the current unsustainable, fossil-fuel based, overly centralized way of living.     Web: http://www.communitysolution.org/     [30 Jul 2013]

Community Technology Alliance (CTA)     Provides technology solutions and support to nonprofits and public agencies who are working with us to end poverty and homelessness. Through our tech-savvy solutions, we’re helping hundreds of programs provide more efficient and effective services to tens-of-thousands of men, women and children each year. In 2013 alone, over 75,000 people received lifesaving services from Community Technology Alliance and our partners. Our partners think of us as their technological backbone. We are based in Silicon Valley, but we provide database and telecommunications solutions, as well as training, technical assistance and facilitation services to communities throughout the country.     Address: 1671 The Alameda, Suite 300, San Jose CA 95126     Voice: (408) 437-8800     Fax: (408) 437-9169     Email: info@ctagroup.org     Web: http://www.ctagroup.org     [01 Feb 2015]

Community United Against Violence (CUAV)     Morks to build the power of LGBTQQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) communities to transform violence and oppression. We support the healing and leadership of those impacted by abuse and mobilize our broader communities to replace cycles of trauma with cycles of safety and liberation. As part of the larger social justice movement, CUAV works to create truly safe communities where everyone can thrive.     Address: 427 South Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 777-5500     Fax: (415) 777-5565     Email: info@cuav.org     Web: http://www.cuav.org     [03 Nov 2013]

Community Works (CW)     Interrupts and heals the far-reaching impact of incarceration and violence by empowering individuals, families and communities. Through programs in the jails and community, youth-led advocacy efforts, and public exhibits and performances, we: • Enable individuals to break the cycle of incarceration and violence and establish productive, violence-free lives • Help families and communities heal from the impact of incarceration and the behaviors leading up to it • Create social and institutional change to better meet the needs of incarcerated individuals, their children and their families.     Address: 4681 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland CA 94609     Voice: (510) 486-2340     Fax: (510) 647-8560     Email: info@communityworkswest.org     Web: http://www.communityworkswest.org     [03 Nov 2013]

Community Youth Center (CYC)     Since 1970, CYC has set the standard for awareness and activism in the Asian community. Originally founded to address the problems of juvenile delinquency and gang violence in Chinatown, CYC has grown to encompass behavioral health, education, intervention, leadership development, street outreach and workforce development in all our programs. We offer services directed at responding to the complex set of issues the youth in our community face including acculturation, difficulties in school, economic hardship, substance abuse, and gang involvement. Our educational enrichment, leadership building, and job-readiness programs have earned CYC a unique reputation as a key agency for Asian youth services in San Francisco.     Address: 1038 Post Street, San Francisco CA 94109     Voice: (415) 775-2636     Fax: (415) 775-1345     Email: cyc@cycsf.org     Web: http://www.cycsf.org     [20 Jan 2014]

Community-Wealth.org     Resources for democratic, community-based economic development. Few Americans are aware of the steady build-up of innovative community wealth building strategies throughout the United States. Community-Wealth.org brings together, for the first time, information about the broad range of community wealth building activity.     Web: http://community-wealth.org     [11 May 2014]

CommunityGrows     An environmental education program serving high-needs youth, especially those living in public housing in San Francisco. Youth acquire the necessary skills to live a healthy life through garden education, nutritious cooking and eating, and green jobs training.     Address: c/o B. Wenger, 300 Page Street, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 424-5770     Email: nora[at]communitygrows[dot]org     Web: http://www.communitygrows.org     [29 Apr 2012]

Compass Family Services     Helps homeless families and families at imminent risk for homelessness to achieve housing stability, family well-being, and self-sufficiency. Our seven programs provide services to more than 5,000 parents and children each year, 50% of whom are under age 18. Of our 80+ staff members, 57% are people of color, 73% are women, and more than 20% have been homeless and bring firsthand knowledge to their work with clients.     Address: 49 Powell Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 644-0504     Web: http://www.compass-sf.org     [01 Feb 2015]

Compassion & Choices     Improves care and expands choice at the end of life. We support, educate and advocate.     Web: http://www.compassionandchoices.org/     [13 Feb 2012]

Compassion Over Killing (COK)     A national nonprofit 501(c)(3) animal advocacy organization headquartered in Washington, DC with an additional office in Los Angeles, CA. Working to end animal abuse since 1995, COK focuses on cruelty to animals in agriculture and promotes vegetarian eating as a way to build a kinder world for all of us, both human and nonhuman. Since 1995, COK has served as an unwavering force bringing about positive changes for animals and thanks to our many generous supporters, we’ve come a long way in our short history: starting as an all-volunteer high school club and evolving into a national voice for animals.     Web: http://www.cok.net/     [13 Apr 2014]

CompassPoint Nonprofit Services     Guides nonprofits as they become better managed, more adaptive, and achieve higher impact. With our 24 staff working in San Francisco, the East Bay, Silicon Valley, and beyond, we strengthen today’s leaders, and are helping to grow a healthy pipeline of diverse leaders for the future. We influence the dialogue about policies, emerging practices, and the resources needed for nonprofits to create change. And we convene partners, link fields, and strengthen networks that accomplish more by working together.     Address: 500 12th Street, Suite 320, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 318-3755     Fax: (415) 541-7708     Email: info@compasspoint.org     Web: http://www.compasspoint.org     [20 Jan 2014]

Computer & Technology Resource Center (ACCRC)     We are a non-profit environmental charity focused on the responsible collection of e-waste, and helping to lessen the digital divide by donating free computers and training to underserved portions of our community. Since 1994 we have given away thousands of computers to schools, non-profit organizations and economically and/or physically disadvantaged individuals. Discarded electronics are reclaimed and refurbished in our training program where volunteers learn to restore computers for home, school, and office applications. A second location is 620 Page Street, Berkeley, CA 94710.     Address: 42 Digital Drive, Novato CA 94930     Voice: (415) 883-1428     Fax: (415) 883-2984     Email: info@ewastecollective.org     Web: http://www.accrc.org/     [12 Jul 2014]

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR)     A global organization promoting the responsible use of computer technology. Founded in 1981, CPSR educates policymakers and the public on a wide range of issues. CPSR has incubated numerous projects such as Privaterra, the Public Sphere Project, EPIC (the Electronic Privacy Information Center), the 21st Century Project, the Civil Society Project, and the CFP (Computers, Freedom & Privacy) Conference. Originally founded by U.S. computer scientists, CPSR now has members in 26 countries on six continents.     Web: http://www.cpsr.org     [19 Oct 2014]

Congregation Sha'ar Zahav     A progressive Reform synagogue, established in 1977. We are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and heterosexual Jews, together with family and friends, both Jewish and non-Jewish. We come from a wide range of religious, ethnic, class and cultural backgrounds to worship God with egalitarian, feminist and gay-positive Jewish liturgy. We welcome all who wish to join us for worship, learning and celebration at our synagogue at the corner of Dolores Street and 16th Street in San Francisco.     Address: 290 Dolores Street (at 16th Street), San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 861-6932     Fax: (415) 861-6081     Email: office@shaarzahav.org     Web: http://www.shaarzahav.org/     [09 Jul 2011]

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU)     The leading organization promoting walkable, mixed-use neighborhood development, sustainable communities and healthier living conditions. For over twenty years, CNU members have used the principles in CNU's Charter to promote the hallmarks of New Urbanism, including: Livable streets arranged in compact, walkable blocks. A range of housing choices to serve people of diverse ages and income levels. Schools, stores and other nearby destinations reachable by walking, bicycling or transit service. An affirming, human-scaled public realm where appropriately designed buildings define and enliven streets and other public spaces.     Web: http://www.cnu.org/     [20 Jan 2014]

Chris Conrad     Chris Conrad is an author, museum curator, consultant, public speaker, cannabis expert witness and internationally respected authority on cannabis, industrial hemp, medical marijuana, cultivation, garden yields, processing, dosages, commercial intent, personal use and cannabis culture.     Web: http://www.chrisconrad.com     [20 Jan 2014]

Conservation Corps North Bay     Helps young people achieve their educational and career goals. We can help you get somewhere - whether you are just out of college, or want to finish your high school diploma. We make the opportunity available to young adults in Marin and Sonoma Counties, regardless of background, language, income, or ability. In addition to turning young lives around, our environmental programs also provide a valuable service for land management agencies, homeowners' associations and nonprofit organizations. The work our crews perform includes creek and trail maintenance, ecosystem monitoring, fire fuel reduction, habitat restoration, and recycling to name a few.     Address: 27 Larkspur Street, San Rafael CA 94901     Voice: (415) 454-4554     Email: meckert@conservationcorpsnorthbay.org     Web: http://www.conservationcorpsnorthbay.org     [23 Mar 2014]

Consortium For Independent Journalism     Tackles tough, important stories that the mainstream media either ignored or failed to cover accurately. Editor / publisher Robert Parry broke many of the stories now known as the Iran-contra scandal, including the first stories on contra cocaine smuggling.     Web: http://www.consortiumnews.com/     [19 Oct 2014]

Consume This Movie     Are Americans too materialistic? Are we willfully trashing the planetary ecology in order to serve the desires and drives of the ego? And what, or who could be driving this powerful force of seduction? Consume This Movie takes a critical look at social injustice, peak oil, resource depletion and our deep need to feel connected to each other through what we choose to consume. This 80 minute documentary also examines the frenzied pace of fast-lane materialism that is beggining to burn us out.     Web: http://consumethismovie.com     [21 Jul 2012]

Consumer Action (CA)     Through multilingual financial education materials, community outreach, and grassroots "make your voice heard" advocacy, Consumer Action empowers underrepresented consumers nationwide to assert their rights in the marketplace and financially prosper.     Address: 221 Main Street, Suite 480, San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 777-9635 (Consumer Complaint Hotline); (415) 777-9648 (Business)     Web: http://www.consumer-action.org     [19 Oct 2014]

Consumer Bankruptcy Counseling     Provides affordable, online, pre-filing bankruptcy counseling, in compliance with the "Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005". A Project of the Tides Center.     Address: POBox 29907, San Francisco CA 94129     Voice: (415) 758-2227     Email: counselors@consumerbankruptcycounseling.info     Web: https://www.consumerbankruptcycounseling.info/     [15 Jun 2013]

Consumer Federation of America (CFA)     Provides consumers a well-reasoned and articulate voice in decisions that affect their lives. Day in and out, CFA's professional staff gathers facts, analyzes issues, and disseminates information to the public, policymakers, and rest of the consumer movement.     Web: http://www.consumerfed.org/     [12 Aug 2012]

Consumers for Dental Choice (CDC)     The goal of our Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry is to phase out the use of amalgam, a 50% mercury product -- worldwide. The recently concluded draft mercury treaty requires each signing nation to phase down its use of amalgam, and it provides a road map how.     Web: http://www.toxicteeth.org/     [03 Nov 2013]

Consumers International     Consumers International (CI) is the world federation of consumer groups that, working together with its members, serves as the only independent and authoritative global voice for consumers. There are eight basic consumer rights which define and determine our principles. You can also read about our work to protect and empower consumers everywhere. Founded in 1960, we are fighting for a fair, safe and sustainable future for all consumers in a global marketplace increasingly dominated by international corporations.     Web: http://www.consumersinternational.org/     [19 Oct 2014]

Contra Costa Child Care Council     In the business of ensuring that Contra Costa’s children are nurtured, healthy and achieve their full potential. As the only child care resource and referral agency serving all of Contra Costa, the Council is at the center of the child care delivery system. Through a wide range of free and low cost services and programs, it partners with parents, child care providers, businesses, and the community to promote quality care and early education so that children are ready for school and parents can work.     Address: 1035 Detroit Avenue, Suite 200, Concord CA 94518     Voice: (925) 676-KIDS (5437)     Fax: (925) 825-2732     Web: http://www.cocokids.org/     [01 Feb 2015]

Cooperative Community Energy (CCEnergy)     As the only renewable energy cooperative in California, CCEnergy is literally owned by our customers – ensuring that we provide maximum benefits through discounted equipment, expert design services, and installation project management.     Address: 534 Fourth Street, Suite C, San Rafael CA 94901-3360     Voice: (877) 228-8700; (415) 457-0215     Fax: (415) 457-0216     Email: solar[at]ccenergy.com     Web: http://www.ccenergy.com     [09 Jul 2011]

Berkeley Copwatch     The original Copwatch group. We began in 1990 on Telegraph Ave. as an all-volunteer organization dedicated to monitoring police actions and non-violently asserting our rights. Since that time, many Copwatch-type organizations have sprung up across the nation, in various forms. Berkeley Copwatch is based on the idea that WATCHING the police is a crucial first step in the process of organizing. We do not attempt to interfere in police activity or to resist police misconduct physically. It is our hope that, one day, mass outrage at police and government violence will increase to a point where fundamental change in the nature of policing becomes inevitable.     Address: 2022 Blake Street (near Shattuck), Berkeley CA 94704-2604     Voice: (510) 548-0425     Email: berkeleycopwatch(at)yahoo(dot)com     Web: http://www.berkeleycopwatch.org/     [03 Nov 2013]

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)     The only international organization working exclusively to save coral reefs. CORAL provides education, tools, and inspiration to help local communities become passionate environmental stewards for the reefs. Together we develop managed marine protected areas and sustainable businesses to benefit coral reefs and people.     Address: 351 California Street, Suite 650, San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: 1-888-CORAL-REEF     Email: info@coral.org     Web: http://www.coral.org     [28 Jan 2014]

Corporate Accountability International     Protects human rights, public health and the environment by waging and winning campaigns challenging the abuses of some of the world's most powerful corporations. Current campaigns include challenging corporate control of water, challenging corporate control of our food, and challenging big tobacoo.     Web: http://www.stopcorporateabuse.org     [14 Apr 2013]

The Corporation (the film)     In this complex and highly entertaining documentary, Mark Achbar, co-director of the influential and inventive MANUFACTURING CONSENT: NOAM CHOMSKY AND THE MEDIA, teams up with co-director Jennifer Abbott and writer Joel Bakan to examine the far-reaching repercussions of the corporation’s increasing preeminence. Based on Bakan’s book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power.     Web: http://www.thecorporation.com/     [09 Jul 2011]

CorpWatch     Non-profit investigative research and journalism to expose corporate malfeasance and to advocate for multinational corporate accountability and transparency. We work to foster global justice, independent media activism and democratic control over corporations. We seek to expose multinational corporations that profit from war, fraud, environmental, human rights and other abuses, and to provide critical information to foster a more informed public and an effective democracy.     Address: POBox 29198, San Francisco CA 94129     Voice: (415) 226-6226     Web: http://www.corpwatch.org     [19 Oct 2014]

Cottonwood Foundation     A charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, is dedicated to promoting empowerment of people, protection of the environment, and respect for cultural diversity. The foundation focuses its funding on committed, grass roots organizations that rely strongly on volunteer efforts and where foundation support will make a significant difference. At least 90% of Cottonwood Foundation's expenditures will be for grants to other organizations.     Web: http://www.cottonwoodfdn.org/     [09 Jul 2011]

Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG)     Represents the public interest and fosters public debate about the social, ethical and environmental implications of genetic technologies. CRG works through the media and concerned citizens to distribute accurate information on emerging issues in biotechnology. CRG also publishes a bimonthly magazine, GeneWatch, the only publication of its kind in the nation.     Web: http://www.gene-watch.org     [08 Feb 2015]

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)     Vision is to be a leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding. CAIR's mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.     Web: http://www.cair.com     [19 Oct 2014]

CounterCorp     Seeks to spotlight, curtail, and ultimately prevent the corrosive economic, political, and social effects of corporate impunity around the world by raising public and media awareness, promoting critical thought and analysis, and encouraging informed discussion and debate about how corporations actually operate, and what they really add to — and subtract from — humanity’s “bottom line”.     Address: 2017 Mission Street, Second Floor (at 16th Street), San Francisco CA 94110     Web: http://www.countercorp.org     [03 Nov 2013]

Countercurrents.org     An alternative news site that stands for peace and justice. Our sympathies are with all those who are engaged in struggles for economic, political, social, cultural, gender, environmental justice and more.     Web: http://www.countercurrents.org     [19 Oct 2014]

CounterPULSE     A home for grassroots arts and culture in San Francisco. Located at 9th and Mission in SOMA in San Francisco, CounterPULSE is a theater, performance space, community center, gallery and more. With roots deep in the Bay Area’s creative and provocative performance and dance scenes CounterPULSE provides space for performances, rehearsals, workshops, classes, and discussions. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization CounterPULSE offers subsidized rehearsal and rental space for artists, operates a fiscal sponsorship program for local creative and socially-relevant projects and supports the creation of new artistic work through a notable artist in residence program.     Address: 1310 Mission Street (at 9th Street), San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 626-2060     Email: info@counterpulse.org     Web: http://www.counterpulse.org/     [17 Aug 2014]

CounterPunch     The bi-weekly muckraking newsletter edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. Twice a month it brings its readers the stories that the corporate press never prints. Muckraking with a radical attitude.     Web: http://www.counterpunch.org/     [08 Feb 2015]

Courage Campaign     An online organizing network that empowers more than 750,000 grassroots and netroots activists to push for progressive change and full equality in California and across the country. As a leading multi-issue advocacy organization, Courage Campaign's work is supported by thousands of small donations from our diverse community.     Web: http://www.couragecampaign.org     [03 Nov 2012]

Courage to Resist     A group of concerned community members, veterans and military families that supports military objectors to illegal war and occupation and the policies of empire. Our People Power strategy weakens the pillars that maintain war and occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere by supporting GI resistance, counter-recruitment and draft resistance, which cuts off the supply of troops. We are autonomous from and independent of any political organization, party or group.     Address: 484 Lakepark Avenue # 41, Oakland CA 94610     Voice: (510) 488-3559     Web: http://www.couragetoresist.org     [30 Jul 2011]

Covenant House California     A non-profit agency whose mission is to reach out to at-risk homeless youth living on the streets and offer them hope and opportunities to turn their lives around. We help abused or neglected youth who have nowhere else to go. A large number have been thrown out of their homes while others have aged out or left the foster care system with no family, no support, and no one to turn to. Since 1988, CHC has impacted the lives of more than 160,000 homeless youth out of our Los Angeles and Bay Area locations. More than 80% of our funding comes from private donations.     Address: 200 Harrison Street, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 379-1010     Fax: (510) 379-1036     Email: info@covenanthousecalifornia.org     Web: http://www.covenanthousecalifornia.org     [13 Feb 2012]

Cowrie Village     An exchange community of the East Bay Barter Exchange. We host gatherings to pioneer alternative economy ideas and engage in “Cash Free” barter exchange.     Web: http://cowrievillage.com   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cowrie-Village/451222691583325     [20 Nov 2013]

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret     A groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today – and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution, is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry, and is a primary driver of rainforest destruction, species extinction, habitat loss, topsoil erosion, ocean “dead zones,” and virtually every other environmental ill. Yet it goes on, almost entirely unchallenged.     Web: http://www.cowspiracy.com     [30 Nov 2014]

Creating Economic Opportunities for Women, Inc. (C.E.O. Women)     Mission is to create economic opportunities for low-income immigrant and refugee women through teaching English, communications and entrepreneurship skills, so they can establish successful livelihoods. C.E.O. Women then provides women with intensive mentoring, coaching and access to capital needed to start a small business.     Address: 405 14th Street, Suite 712 (near 6th Avenue), Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 836-3481     Fax: (510) 836-3473     Email: info@ceowomen.org     Web: http://www.ceowomen.org     [03 Oct 2011]

Creative Children's Environments (CCE)     A non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality children’s programming to youth service providers. CCE is about bringing artists who are dedicated to working with youth and youth service providers together to provide school age children with a rich diversity of art-inspired programs. In creating this network, we contribute to the push for education reform and the fight to validate art experiences as the foundation for all learning. CCE aspires to create a market for programming developed by artist and educators that allows the children we serve to share our passion and knowledge.     Address: 401 First Street, Suite 215, Richmond CA 94801     Web: http://www.creativechildren.org     [14 Apr 2013]

Creativity Explored     Advances the value and diversity of artistic expression. We provide artists with developmental disabilities the means to create, exhibit, and sell their art in our studios and gallery, and around the world. We are committed to supporting people with developmental disabilities in their quest to become working artists, and to promoting their work as an emerging and increasingly important contribution to the contemporary art world.     Address: 3245 16th Street (between Dolores and Guerrero), San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 863-2108     Email: store@creativityexplored.org     Web: http://www.creativityexplored.org     [28 Jan 2014]

Crisis Support Services of Alameda County (CSS)     Mission is to reach out and offer support to people of all ages and backgrounds during times of crisis, to work to prevent the suicide of those who are actively suicidal, and to offer hope and caring during times of hopelessness. Offers a broad range of counseling, education and prevention services in a safe environment. CSS' 24-hour crisis hotline responds to more than 60,000 calls each year. Services include on-going therapy groups, school-based counseling, supportive services for seniors, suicide prevention for youth; and community education.     Address: POBox 3120, Oakland CA 94609     Voice: (510) 420-2460 (office); (800) 309-2131 (crisis line)     Web: http://www.crisissupport.org     [08 Feb 2015]

Crissy Field Center     A dynamic hub of youth engagement for Golden Gate National Parks and a model program of the National Park Service. Crissy Field center programs encourage new generations to become bold leaders for thriving parks, healthy communities, and a more environmentally just society. With our focus on engaging people who traditionally have had little—if any—access to national parks, the Center has developed strong partnerships with schools and community centers in underserved areas, providing a majority of its programming for free or at low cost.     Address: Building 201, Fort Mason, San Francisco CA 94123     Voice: (415) 561-3000     Fax: (415) 561-3003     Email: tellmemore@parksconservancy.org     Web: http://www.crissyfield.org     [12 Aug 2012]

Critical Mass (Berkeley)     This fun ride begins at the Downtown Berkeley Bart Station, where riders meet at 6pm on the 2nd Friday of each month.     Web: http://criticalmass.wikia.com/wiki/Berkeley,_California     [28 Mar 2012]

Critical Mass (San Francisco)     A monthly mass bicycle ride that takes place on the last Friday of each month in cities around the world. It was started here in San Francisco in 1992 by cyclists and activists who wanted to increase the visibility of bicyclists and reclaim public space by making social use of the streets on a regular basis. Meets on the last Friday of each month at 5:30 pm at Justin Herman Plaza, at the foot of Market Street in San Francisco.     Web: http://www.sfcriticalmass.org   http://berkeleycriticalmass.wordpress.com   http://www.bclu.org/berkeleycriticalmass.org/     [28 Mar 2012]

Critical Resistance     Seeks to build an international movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe. We believe that basic necessities such as food, shelter, and freedom are what really make our communities secure. As such, our work is part of global struggles against inequality and powerlessness. The success of the movement requires that it reflect communities most affected by the PIC. Because we seek to abolish the PIC, we cannot support any work that extends its life or scope.     Address: 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 504, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 444-0484     Email: crnational@criticalresistance.org     Web: http://www.criticalresistance.org     [08 Feb 2015]

Crocodyl - Collaborative Research on Corporations     A collaboration sponsored by CorpWatch, the Center for Corporate Policy and the Corporate Research Project. Our aim is to stimulate collaborative research among NGOs, journalists, activists, whistleblowers and academics from both the global South and North in order to develop publicly-available profiles of the world's most powerful corporations. The result is an evolving compendium of critical research, posted to the public domain as an aid to anyone working to hold corporations increasingly accountable.     Web: http://www.crocodyl.org/     [03 Oct 2011]

CropChoice     An alternative news and information source for American farmers and consumers about genetically modified crops, corporate agribusiness concentration, farm and trade policy, sustainable agriculture, wind farming and alternative energy, and rural economic and social issues. CropChoice has news that big companies may not want farmers to hear. The CropChoice news service provides balance. It complements other news sources and helps American producers make the best planting and management decisions. Consumers are better infomed about the food they're buying, how it was produced and processed, and its source.     Web: http://www.cropchoice.com     [08 Feb 2015]

CropMobster Community Exchange     An invaluable tool for sharing agricultural and food surplus AND getting the word out about your operation and story. The main principle is creating daily “Win-Win” solutions in the spirit of sharing. If everyone sticks to that we’ll be good to go! Publish Alerts & Offers to Share! Any time you have food to sell, donate or share you can post an alert on your terms. It can be a deal, donation, trade and more! Have extra produce in the garden? Well post an alert!     Web: http://sfbay.cropmobster.com/     [19 May 2014]

The Crucible     A 501(c)(3) non-profit arts education organization that fosters a collaboration of arts, industry, and community. Through training in the fine and industrial arts, The Crucible promotes creative expression, reuse of materials, and innovative design, while serving as an accessible arts venue for the general public in the Bay Area. Known for one-of-a-kind industrial arts education programs, The Crucible is also highly regarded for its innovative performances.     Address: 1260 7th Street, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 444-0919     Email: info@thecrucible.org     Web: http://www.thecrucible.org/     [08 Feb 2015]

Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI)     Drives development and adoption of practical digital imaging and preservation solutions for people passionate about saving humanity's treasures today, before they are lost. The technologies and principles that guide our work are leading to new and easy-to-learn imaging techniques that can be made available and accessible to people all over the world. By providing tools, technology, and training, CHI drives the adoption of new practices by a broad constituency, from major art museums to remote archaeological sites to fields in the natural sciences.     Address: 2325 3rd Street, Suite 323, San Francisco CA 94107     Voice: (415) 558-8672     Email: info@c-h-i.org     Web: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/     [24 Nov 2014]

Culture and Animals Foundation (CAF)     CAF takes a distinctive approach to animal advocacy: it is the only all-volunteer organization exclusively dedicated to intellectual and artistic expression to raise awareness of animal rights. With a unique approach best described as cultural activism, CAF funds academic and artistic projects that raise public awareness about concern for animals. Moreover, for twenty-three years CAF produced or co-produced the International Compassionate Living Festival, which brought animal advocates together for dialogue, presentations and performances.      Web: http://www.cultureandanimals.org/     [17 Aug 2014]

Culture Change     Mobilizes people to slash petroleum consumption immediately. Our reasons are well understood: drastically reduce pollution, avert complete climate chaos, stop the assault of petrochemical toxins on our bodies, end war for oil, and localize economics. So that these needs are understood to a greater degree by more and more people, we engage in education and activism oriented toward the big picture and fundamental change, rather than reforming the system we often refer to as the dominant paradigm.     Address: POBox 3387, Santa Cruz CA 95063     Voice: (215) 243-3144     Fax: (215) 243-3144 (same as voice)     Web: http://www.culturechange.org     [08 Apr 2012]

Cycles of Change     Strives to enable East Bay flatlands communities to use bicycles as a healthy, low-cost, efficient, safe form of primary transportation. Cycles and partner agencies have been working for over 10 years to build a network of neighborhood-based bicycle education and distribution programs to serve the basic transportation needs of hundreds of Alameda County’s residents.     Address: 1246 23rd Avenue, Oakland CA 94606     Voice: (510) 842-1006; (510) 595-4625     Email: info@cyclesofchange.org     Web: http://www.cyclesofchange.org/     [10 Nov 2013]

Dahr Jamail's Web Site     In late 2003, weary of the overall failure of the US media to accurately report on the realities of the war in Iraq for the Iraqi people and US soldiers, Dahr Jamail went to the Middle East to report on the war himself. Since then, he has become world renowned for documenting the human cost of the Iraq war.     Web: http://www.dahrjamailiraq.com/     [01 Apr 2012]

Daily Acts     Mission is to transform our communities through inspired action and education which builds leadersip and local self-reliance. Together we are creating a tipping point towards sustainability by growing and strengthening the engaged citizens and networks and spreading the skills, models and policies to significantly reduce resource use while increasing community resilience. In place of water-guzzling and chemical intensive lawns, we plant edible landscapes that model solutions, while growing skills & community. We disconnect downspouts and reconnect the watershed. We reduce toxic runoff and increase stormwater recharge.     Address: POBox 293, Petaluma CA 94953     Voice: (707) 789-9664     Web: http://www.DailyActs.org     [06 Aug 2013]

Dark Mountain Project     A network of writers, artists and thinkers who have stopped believing the stories our civilisation tells itself. We see that the world is entering an age of ecological collapse, material contraction and social and political unravelling, and we want our cultural responses to reflect this reality rather than denying it. The Project grew out of a feeling that contemporary literature and art were failing to respond honestly or adequately to the scale of our entwined ecological, economic and social crises. We believe that writing and art have a crucial role to play in coming to terms with this reality, and in questioning the foundations of the world in which we find ourselves.     Web: http://www.dark-mountain.net/     [17 Aug 2014]

Darwan Tour & Travel Co. Ltd      Offers visas and tours to Iran. Multilingual guides, hotel reservation and nomad tours. Event tours for Christians, Jews, Muslims and Zoroastrians.     Web: http://www.darwantour.com     [12 Aug 2012]

DataCenter     Unlocks the power of knowledge for social change. We support grassroots organizing for justice and sustainability through strategic research, training and collaborations. We use research to help move the knowledge and solutions of communities of color and the poor from the margins to the center of decision-making.     Address: 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 900, Oakland CA 94612-2912     Voice: (510) 835-4692     Fax: (510) 835-3017     Email: datacenter[at]datacenter[dot]org     Web: http://www.datacenter.org     [03 Nov 2012]

David Brower Center     One of the Bay Area’s most advanced green buildings, the nonprofit David Brower Center is an inspiring home for environmental and social action, combining both offices and program facilities in a 50,000 square-foot space. Conceived as a vibrant community of like-minded individuals and organizations committed to a just and ecologically sustainable society, the Brower Center promises to be an invaluable asset for the region and a landmark for anyone, anywhere committed to the planet and its inhabitants.     Address: 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 809-0900     Web: http://www.browercenter.org/     [06 Aug 2013]

David Hanks Photography     David Hanks has photographed more than a hundred protests in the San Francisco Bay Area and other locations around the US. His photographs were displayed at the ASUC Art Studio in Berkeley (2003) and have been published in books, newspapers and magazines as well as featured in the websites and periodicals of many social justice organizations.     Voice: (510) 205-2724     Email: photos@davidhanks.org     Web: http://www.davidhanks.org/     [03 Oct 2011]

DCARA (Deaf Counseling and Referral Agency)     Mission is to promote self-determination, independence, and celebration of American Sign Language among a diverse Deaf community, regardless of their communication background, through its services and programs.     Address: 14895 East 14th Street, Suite 200, San Leandro CA 94578-2926     Voice: (510) 343-6670 VP & Toll Free Voice; (877) 322-7288 Toll Free TTY     Fax: (510) 483-1790     Email: info@dcara.org     Web: http://www.dcara.org     [24 Mar 2012]

Deaf Queer Resource Center (DQRC)     A national nonprofit resource and information center for, by and about the Deaf Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex and Questioning communities. This is "the place" to find the most comprehensive and accurate information about this unique community.     Web: http://www.deafqueer.org/     [13 Feb 2012]

Death of a Million Trees     Although we have preferences, we like all trees and we don’t like to see any healthy tree destroyed. Unfortunately, others believe their preference for certain trees justifies the destruction of those they don’t like. The purpose of this blog is to inform the San Francisco Bay Area of the destruction of trees and to confront the rationale for their destruction. We will describe the projects in the San Francisco Bay Area that have destroyed or are planning to destroy over a half million trees. There are probably many other projects of which we are unaware. We invite you to tell us about the projects that you know about.     Web: http://milliontrees.me     [06 Jun 2013]

Death Penalty Focus     Committed to the abolition of the death penalty through public education, grassroots organizing and political advocacy, media outreach, and domestic and international coalition building. We believe that the death penalty is an ineffective, cruel, and simplistic response to the serious and complex problem of violent crime. It institutionalizes discrimination against the poor and people of color, diverts attention and financial resources away from preventative measures that would actually increase public safety, risks the execution of innocent people, and does not deter crime.     Address: 5 Third Street, Suite 725, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 243-0143     Fax: (415) 766-4593     Email: information@deathpenalty.org     Web: http://www.deathpenalty.org/     [28 Jan 2014]

Death with Dignity National Center (DDNC)     Works to legalize an individual's right to seek physician assistance as a humane and compassionate end to the dying process.     Web: http://www.deathwithdignity.org     [08 Oct 2011]

Defend Science     We have launched an ad hoc emergency initiative from – and reaching out to – scientists in various fields, science educators, science writers, etc. Coming from a diversity of perspectives, we are extremely concerned about the current attack on science, including on its very foundation in scientific method and thinking. Our goal is to mobilize scientists and issue this public call, "Defend Science," whose purpose is nothing less than to bring society wide attention to the real issues and the real stakes.     Address: 2124 Kittridge Street #182, Berkeley CA 94704     Email: mail@defendscience.org     Web: http://defendscience.org/     [10 Nov 2013]

Defenders of Wildlife     One of the country's leaders in science-based, results-oriented wildlife conservation. We stand out in our commitment to saving imperiled wildlife and championing the Endangered Species Act, the landmark law that protects them. Defenders of Wildlife is a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities.     Web: http://www.defenders.org/     [08 Oct 2011]

Defense of Place     A nimble watchdog organization that upholds the inviolability of protected lands. Defense of Place collaborates with citizen activists nationwide to protect parks, nature preserves, wildlife refuges, open spaces, and conservation easements from sale, development and predatory changes in use. While climate change may affect landscapes' character and species over time, Defense of Place is committed to the principal of saving land in perpetuity for the benefit of future generations. Whether it's honoring a donor's legacy or protecting a public asset, Defense of Place can help save a protected place you love.     Address: 187 East Blithedale Avenue, Mill Valley CA 94941     Voice: (415) 928-3774     Email: info@rri.org     Web: http://defenseofplace.rri.org/     [08 Feb 2015]

The Democracy Center     Works globally to help citizens understand and influence the public decisions that impact their lives. Through a combination of investigation and reporting, advocacy training, and leading international citizen campaigns, we have worked with social and environmental justice activists in more than three-dozen countries on five continents. As The Democracy Center begins its third decade, a special emphasis of our work is strengthening citizen action on the global climate crisis and helping citizens challenge the power of corporations.     Address: POBox 22157, San Francisco CA 94122     Voice: (415) 564-4767     Fax: (978) 383-1269     Web: http://www.democracyctr.org/     [06 Aug 2013]

Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County (DUHC)     A community organizing group located in Humboldt County, CA. We work locally and across the country to help ordinary Americans reclaim our power from corporate rule. We're all about organizing at the local level to grow healthy communities and a democratic society. Check out the pages above to learn more about our organization and get involved.     Web: http://www.duhc.org/     [08 Feb 2015]

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)     Democratic Socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. We are a political and activist organization, not a party; through campus and community-based chapters DSA members use a variety of tactics, from legislative to direct action, to fight for reforms that empower working people.     Web: http://www.dsausa.org     [19 Oct 2014]

Desert Survivors     An affiliation of desert lovers committed to experiencing, sharing and protecting desert wilderness wherever we find it. We recognize the places we love to explore will not remain wild unless we give others the opportunity to experience them as we do and unless we remain vigilant and active in our efforts to monitor and preserve them.     Web: http://www.desert-survivors.org     [08 Oct 2011]

Design Action Collective     An independent design and communications spin-off of Inkworks Press Collective. This has allowed us to better serve the movement for social justice by expanding our design capabilities to provide web and other interactive and "new media" services, and continue to expand to include strategic communications and messaging. Since the founding of Design Action, we have grown to be a multi-lingual, diverse 9-person shop. Our members have come to Design Action as activists and organizers within the social justice movement, and with the desire to offer our skills as designers to the progressive movement.      Address: 1710 Franklin Street #300, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 452-1912     Email: info@designaction.org     Web: http://www.designaction.org/     [30 Jul 2011]

Destiny Arts (De-Escalation Skills Training Inspiring Nonviolence in Youth)     An arts education and violence prevention center that exists to end isolation prejudice and violence in the lives of young people. We perform this work by providing after-school, weekend and summer performing and martial arts programming for young people ages 3–18, both at our main site community arts center in North Oakland, as well as in over 40 East Bay schools. Students receive mentorship and training in performing and martial arts from caring adult teaching artists, as well as practical skill building and leadership development in violence prevention: awareness, conflict resolution, assertive language, boundary-setting, agility & escape, self-defense techniques and reporting.     Address: 1000 42nd Street, Oakland CA 94608     Voice: (510) 597-1619     Email: info@destinyarts.org     Web: http://www.destinyarts.org/     [12 Aug 2012]

The Development Group for Alternative Policies     Assists in the promotion of economic justice across the South, or Third World, by helping to maximize control by poor communities and sectors over their own development in the face of impositions from the North. It was founded on the principle of the right to self-determination and on the belief that local knowledge is indispensable to the shaping of sound development policies, programs and projects relevant to local needs and conditions.     Web: http://www.developmentgap.org/     [19 Oct 2014]

Development Services (granthelper.com)     Specializes in consulting services and project management for mission-driven community benefit organizations.     Address: Marie Beichert, CFRE, 1210 Pine Street Unit 155, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (415) 686-6239     Web: http://www.granthelper.com     [01 Apr 2012]

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF)     A leading national civil rights law and policy center directed by individuals with disabilities and parents who have children with disabilities. Mission is to advance the civil and human rights of people with disabilities through legal advocacy, training, education, and public policy and legislative development.     Address: 3075 Adeline Street, Suite 210, Berkeley CA 94703     Voice: (510) 644-2555 (voice and TTY)     Fax: (510) 841-8645     Email: info@dredf.org     Web: http://www.dredf.org     [06 Aug 2013]

DisabledCommunity.Org (DCO)     A nonprofit 501 c 3 designed to help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, their friends, caregivers and social service agencies. DCO created an bookseller training program for people with disabilities. to create opportunities for meaningful employment. We teach computer, internet and business skills needed to run an online bookstore. DCO also organizes community events to educate, entertain and end the isolation within our community.     Address: 275 Fifth Street, Suite 419, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 508-6130     Email: admin@disabledcommunity.org     Web: http://www.disabledcommunity.org     [14 Apr 2013]

Dissident Voice (DV)     An internet newsletter dedicated to challenging the distortions and lies of the corporate press and the privileged classes it serves. The goal of Dissident Voice is to provide hard hitting, thought provoking and even entertaining news and commentaries on politics and culture that can serve as ammunition in struggles for peace and social justice.     Web: http://www.dissidentvoice.org/     [08 Oct 2011]

The Diversity Center     A community center dedicated to advancing the causes and priorities of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning (LGBTIQ) individuals and their allies in Santa Cruz County. Our vision is a healthy, vibrant, and diverse LGBTTIQ community in Santa Cruz County that is free from fear, hatred, and prejudice and safe in their persons, work, and their homes; with a spirit of collaborative leadership that fosters the sharing of resources, talents, and gifts with each other and with the greater Santa Cruz Community.     Address: 1117 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz CA 95062     Voice: (831) 425-5422     Web: http://www.diversitycenter.org     [01 Apr 2012]

DiversityWorks     Intent is to build a social movement of young people who stand ready and prepared to be sincere agents of change, dismantling oppression and prejudice, first by actively examining issues of oppression in themselves and then taking those messages out into their larger communities.     Address: 800 Heinz Avenue #14, Berkeley CA 94710     Voice: (510) 540-7008     Fax: (510) 540-6976     Email: mail@diversityworks.org     Web: http://www.diversityworks.org     [06 Aug 2013]

Dollars and Sense     Publishes economic news and analysis, reports on economic justice activism, primers on economic topics, and critiques of the mainstream media's coverage of the economy. Our readers include professors, students, and activists who value our smart and accessible economic coverage.     Web: http://www.dollarsandsense.org/     [19 Oct 2014]

Donnelly / Colt Progressive Resources Catalog     A family-owned and operated mailorder business that has been designing and distributing progressive materials promoting peace, social and environmental justice and human rights since 1975. We offer over 1,400 items in stock; almost all the items are union-made and union printed in the U.S. Handmade items are fair trade produced. We also do wholesale Custom Printing for more than 20 kinds of products for you or your organization, business, campaign, project, club, band or special event.     Web: http://www.donnellycolt.com     [28 Jan 2014]

Dorothy Day House     We are a Berkeley-centered nonprofit founded in the spirit of social change activist Dorothy Day, providing nutritional support, emergency winter shelter, and other services to Berkeley's homeless and very low-income residents.     Address: POBox 12701, Berkeley CA 94712     Voice: (925) 519-9881     Email: dorothydayhouse@gmail.com     Web: http://dorothydayhouse.org     [08 Feb 2015]

Downing Street Memo     A web site all about the 2002 British Government documents that detail how the US government did not believe Iraq was a greater threat than other nations; how intelligence was packaged to sell the case for war to both Congress and the American public; and how the Bush Administration’s public assurances of "war as a last resort" were at odds with their privately stated intentions.     Web: http://www.downingstreetmemo.com/     [12 Aug 2012]

DrawBridge: An Arts Program for Homeless Children     Mission is to provide art programs for homeless and other underserved children in an environment that fosters their sense of joy, creativity and exuberance.     Address: POBox 2698, San Rafael CA 94912     Voice: (415) 444-0930     Email: drawbridge@drawbridge.org     Web: http://www.drawbridge.org     [08 Feb 2015]

Drinking Liberally (DL)     An informal, inclusive progressive social group. Raise your spirits while you raise your glass, and share ideas while you share a pitcher. Drinking Liberally gives like-minded, left-leaning individuals a place to talk politics. You don't need to be a policy expert and this isn't a book club - just come and learn from peers, trade jokes, vent frustration and hang out in an environment where it's not taboo to talk politics. Bars are democratic spaces - you talk to strangers, you share booths, you feel the bond of common ground. Bring democratic discourse to your local democratic space - build democracy one drink at a time.     Web: http://livingliberally.org/drinking/     [01 Apr 2012]

Drug Policy Alliance, San Francisco Office (DPA Network)     The nation's leading organization promoting alternatives to current drug policy that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights. Our supporters are individuals who believe the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. Together we advance policies that reduce the harms of both drug use and drug prohibition, and seek solutions that promote safety while upholding the sovereignty of individuals over their own minds and bodies. We work to ensure that our nation’s drug policies no longer arrest, incarcerate, disenfranchise and otherwise harm millions – particularly young people and people of color who are disproportionately affected by the war on drugs.     Address: 131 Tenth Street (at Steiner), San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 241-9800     Fax: (415) 921-1912     Web: http://www.drugpolicy.org     [13 Jan 2013]

Drug Reform Coalition Network (DRCNet)     Works for an end to drug prohibition worldwide and an end to the "drug war" in its current form. We believe that much of the harm commonly attributed to "drugs" is really the result of placing drugs in a criminal environment. We believe the global drug war has fueled violence, civil instability, and public health crises; and that the currently prevalent arrest- and punishment-based policies toward drugs are unjust.     Web: http://www.drcnet.org/     [13 Jan 2013]

Earth Island Institute     A non-profit, public interest, membership organization that supports people who are creating solutions to protect our shared planet. For 25 years, Earth Island Institute has been a hub for grassroots campaigns dedicated to conserving, preserving, and restoring the ecosystems on which our civilization depends.     Address: 2150 Allston Way, Suite 460, Berkeley CA 94704-1375     Voice: (510) 859-9100     Email: johnknox@earthisland.org     Web: http://www.earthisland.org     [13 Jan 2013]

Earth Policy Institute (EPI)     Founded to provide a plan of a sustainable future along with a roadmap of how to get from here to there. EPI works at the global level simply because no country can fully implement a Plan B economy in isolation. EPI’s goals are (1) to provide a global plan (Plan B) for moving the world onto an environmentally and economically sustainable path, (2) to provide examples demonstrating how the plan would work, and (3) to keep the media, policymakers, academics, environmentalists, and other decision-makers focused on the process of building a Plan B economy.     Web: http://www.earth-policy.org     [19 Oct 2014]

Earth Share California (Northern California office)     Coordinates workplace giving for over eighty carefully selected environmental charities. Part of the national Earth Share network, EarthShare California offers business partners the opportunity to connect with the most respected organizations, offering solutions to environmental business questions, volunteer opportunities and networking. Our member organizations have been instrumental in maintaining the California landscape, and many have influenced eco-friendly legislation, including the tax credit for energy efficient vehicles.     Address: 870 Market Street, Suite 703, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 981-1999; (800) 368-1819     Fax: (415) 800-6592     Email: esca@earthshareca.org     Web: http://www.earthshareca.org     [20 Oct 2014]

Earthjustice     A non-profit public interest law organization dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth, and to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment.     Address: 50 California Street, Suite 500, San Francisco CA 94111     Voice: (415) 217-2000     Fax: (415) 217-2040     Email: info@earthjustice.org     Web: http://www.earthjustice.org     [10 Nov 2013]

EarthLight: Journal for Ecological and Spiritual Living     A seedbed and greenhouse of eco-spiritual writing, artwork and video brought to you by the EarthLight Community in Oakland, California featuring original work and links to the evolving world of earth-inclusive spirituality.     Address: 111 Fairmount Avenue, Oakland CA 94611     Voice: (510) 451-4926     Email: Admin@EarthLight.org     Web: http://www.earthlight.org     [21 Feb 2015]

EarthRights International (ERI)     Combines the power of law and the power of people in defense of human rights and the environment, which we define as "earth rights." We specialize in fact-finding, legal actions against perpetrators of earth rights abuses, training grassroots and community leaders, and advocacy campaigns. Through these strategies, EarthRights International seeks to end earth rights abuses, to provide real solutions for real people, and to promote and protect human rights and the environment in the communities where we work.     Web: http://www.earthrights.org/     [20 Oct 2014]

EarthSave Foundation     EarthSave's Meals for Health program teaches a lifestyle and plant-based diet proven to reverse serious diseases, get subjects off medication, and greatly improve the participants' quality of life. Until now, these programs have been available exclusively to wealthy individuals or employees of forward-thinking companies. We make them available at no cost to needy individuals and families.     Web: http://www.earthsave.org     [20 Oct 2014]

East Bay Agency for Children (EBAC)     The U.S. Surgeon General estimates that at some point between pre-kindergarten and 12th grade about 20 percent of American children will need treatment for mental health issues. Sadly, only a small percentage will get the care they require to succeed in school and life. East Bay Agency for Children helps address this urgent need in our local communities by providing students experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties—most of them from low-income families—with vital mental health and specialized educational services. For the larger public school community, EBAC works to improve student wellbeing through after-school programs, parent support services and child assault prevention classes.     Address: 303 Van Buren Avenue, Oakland CA 94610     Voice: (510) 268-3770     Fax: (510) 268-1073     Email: info@ebac.org     Web: http://www.ebac.org/     [26 Apr 2014]

East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE)     Advances economic, racial and social justice by building a just economy in the East Bay based on good jobs and healthy communities. We address the root causes of economic injustice by developing strategic alliances among community, faith, and labor to build power and create change with low-income workers and communities of color.     Address: 1814 Franklin Street, Suite 325, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 893-7106     Fax: (510) 893-7010     Email: info@workingeastbay.org     Web: http://www.workingeastbay.org     [26 Apr 2014]

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC)     A nonprofit community development organization that builds healthy, vibrant and safe neighborhoods in Oakland and the greater East Bay. We develop and manage high quality affordable apartments and homes, retail spaces for local small businesses and community centers, while fostering increased economic opportunities for low-income families and individuals. These comprehensive programs help families and individuals begin a path toward financially security and access the resources they need to lead healthy, stable and fulfilling lives.     Address: 1825 San Pablo Suite 200, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 287-5353     Email: communications@ebaldc.org     Web: http://www.ebaldc.org     [10 Nov 2013]

East Bay Atheists     Meets each month in the Berkeley main library to discuss atheism and other topical events of interests to atheists. Our collective mission includes local activism when "freethinkers" rights to be free from religion are threatened, or when government promotes religion. An Atheist is one who has no belief in or knowledge of any god/gods. We want to live a religion-free life. We promote our US Constitutional right of freedom from religion. We do not want our taxes supporting religion or faith-based organizations. We invite fellow Atheists to join us in peacefully promoting our principles and protecting our rights.      Voice: (510) 222-7580     Email: info@eastbayatheists.org     Web: http://www.eastbayatheists.org     [21 Feb 2015]

East Bay Bicycle Coalition (EBBC)     A non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting bicycling as an everyday means of transportation and recreation. The EBBC safeguards the interest of bicyclists in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. The EBBC works with cities, counties, Caltrans, and other government agencies to improve conditions for cyclists. Membership benefits include the newsletter rideOn, monthly meeting programs, shop discounts, and the opportunity to participate in "hands-on" efforts to improve cycling conditions.     Address: POBox 1736, Oakland CA 94604     Voice: (510) 845-RIDE (7433)     Web: http://www.ebbc.org/     [12 Aug 2012]

East Bay Bike Party (EBBP)     A mobile party for riders of all ages, experience levels, and types to meet, ride, and play together in the streets. Rides are 12-16 miles long with 2 stops at public spaces along the route. Rides move at a slow pace and volunteers assure everyone makes the correct turns. Riders express their creativity through the ride’s theme. Music is a big part of the EBBP experience along the route and at the party stops where dancing is common. Each ride is a unique, once in a lifetime experience right here in your own backyard. Once per month, all year long. We meet at 7:30pm of every single SECOND FRIDAY of the month, and roll out at 8pm. We’re always near a BART station in time to get back on one of the later trains.     Web: https://eastbaybikeparty.wordpress.com/     [21 Mar 2015]

East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO)     A Bay Area-wide MeetUp. It is hosted by Cohousing Coaches Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris of Berkeley Cohousing and their business, Planning for Sustainable Communities. We connect a wide variety of kindred spirits and resources. We support individuals wanting to learn more, forming groups looking to create community together, and members of existing communities. We are mostly in the East Bay and San Francisco; others are from the North and South Bay, Los Angeles, Nevada, and other parts of the US and Mexico.     Web: http://www.meetup.com/ebcoho/     [17 Aug 2014]

East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC)     A core value of our society is equal access to justice. The complex nature of the legal system limits equal access, especially for people in poverty and those faced with language and cultural barriers. Well-trained legal advocates should be available to all people, regardless of economic status. To that end, EBCLC provides: * desperately-needed legal services to the low-income community in the areas of housing, welfare, HIV & health, homelessness and economic development; and * hands-on clinical education to law students to make these future lawyers aware of and skilled in addressing the needs of indigent communities.     Address: 2921 Adeline Street, Berkeley CA 94703     Voice: (510) 548-4040     Fax: (510) 548-2566     Email: webinquiry@ebclc.org     Web: http://www.ebclc.org/     [08 Apr 2012]

East Bay Pesticide Alert (Don't Spray California)     Does not compromise around health. Advocates NO use of pesticides. Because our very lives depend on ridding the world of toxic pesticides. And because a real community means we don't need to evacuate the chemically sensitive, the old, the young, the immune system-compromised.     Address: 2399 East 14th Street #24, San Leandro CA 94577     Voice: (510) 895-2312     Email: beneficialbug@sonic.net     Web: http://www.eastbaypesticidealert.org     [16 Oct 2011]

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant (EBSC)     Offers sanctuary, solidarity, support, community organizing assistance, advocacy, and legal services to those escaping war, terror, political persecution, intolerance, exploitation, and other expressions of violence. We intentionally provide opportunities for transformational learning that arise from the relationships we fosters among refugees, immigrants, and host communities. We join with others to understand and eliminate the causes of violence and oppression worldwide.     Address: 2362 Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 540-5296     Fax: (510) 540-5907     Web: http://www.eastbaysanctuary.org     [13 Jan 2013]

East Bay Solidarity Network     An all-volunteer group that came together in 2010 to fight with disenfranchised people in Oakland against abusive bosses and landlords. We use a solidarity network model, which means we work with the tenant or employee to decide on a list of demands and then use a strategy of one or more direct action tactics to win those demands. We have chosen to use this model because it is successful, both in Oakland and cities across the world.     Web: http://eastbaysol.wordpress.com     [09 Jul 2014]

East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN)     A U.S.-based grassroots organization working in solidarity with the peoples of East Timor and Indonesia. ETAN provides information about, and ways to help, East Timor (Timor-Leste), which was invaded and subjugated by U.S. ally Indonesia in 1975. East Timor chose independence in August 1999 and was soon destroyed by the Indonesian military. East Timor finally became independent on May 20, 2002. ETAN educates, organizes, and advocates for justice for historic and ongoing crimes against humanity, war crimes, and human rights violations in East Timor and Indonesia. ETAN supports democratic reconstruction of East Timor. ETAN supports restrictions on military assistance to Indonesia in order to support democracy and justice in both countries.     Web: http://www.etan.org/     [08 Apr 2012]

Eat Drink Politcs (CIFC)     If you want to enact policy reform that threatens the food or beverage industry in any way, you have to understand your opponent. At Eat Drink Politics, we understand the challenges of taking on the likes of McDonald’s, PepsiCo, and Anheuser-Busch InBev. With more than 17 years of experience in corporate research and advocacy, we can help you counter underhanded industry tactics that threaten public health. We have a broad expertise that includes health, law, policy, economics, and marketing, combined with a passion for exposing and countering corporate public relations and lobbying. Our clients include non-profits, law firms, and political campaigns.     Voice: (510) 465-0322 (Michele Simon)     Web: http://www.appetiteforprofit.com/     [11 Jan 2015]

Ecocity Builders     Provides education for ecological design. We develop and implement policy, design and educational tools and strategies to build thriving urban centers based on “access by proximity” and to reverse patterns of sprawl and excessive consumption. We regularly collaborate with an international network of associates and colleagues plus a number of close advisors, cultivated over the course of more than forty years of consistent work by our founder, Richard Register. Building on our backgrounds, abilities and experiences, Ecocity Builders is able to influence and participate in a wide variety of conversations and projects related to the ecocity approach worldwide.     Address: 339 15th Street, Suite 208, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 452-9522     Fax: (510) 444-4508     Email: ecocity@igc.org     Web: http://www.ecocitybuilders.org     [28 Jan 2014]

Ecological Building Network     An open, collaborative group of builders, scientists, architects and engineeers sharing the best knowledge we can find for everyone's benefit. Here you will find practical technical guidance by for designing and constructing better buildings, wherever you are. Whether you are building a straw bale home in Argentina, a low-income village with shipping containers in Shanghai, or a concrete office structure in Sacramento, we have information you can use.     Address: POBox 6397, San Rafael CA 94903     Voice: (415) 491-4802     Email: bruce@ecobuildnetwork.org     Web: http://www.ecobuildnetwork.org/     [25 Oct 2014]

Ecological Farming Association     Nurtures healthy and just farms, food systems, communities and environment by bringing people together for education, alliance building and advocacy. Through educational conferences, training programs, on-farm events and communications initiatives, we pursue a safe and healthful food system that strengthens soils, protects air and water, encourages diverse ecosystems and economies, and honors rural life. The public is engaged in an ever-growing conversation about where our food comes from, who grows it, and who has access to it – and EcoFarm is uniquely positioned to influence and amplify this conversation and translate it into action.     Web: http://www.eco-farm.org     [08 Apr 2012]

Ecology Action     Teaches people worldwide to better feed themselves while building and preserving the soil and conserving resources. Aware of intensifying world challenges and the basic need of people to feed themselves, we have been working for 40 years to develop an elegant, small-scale agricultural system — GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Sustainable Mini-Farming — that when practiced correctly, nurtures healthy soil fertility, produces high yields, conserves resources and can be used successfully by almost everyone. Our goal is to help this system be known and used locally...on a worldwide basis.     Address: 5798 Ridgewood Road, Willits CA 95490     Voice: (707) 459-0150     Fax: (707) 459-5409     Web: http://www.growbiointensive.org     [25 Oct 2014]

Ecology Center     An Environmental Resource Center with library, store, environmental information desk, open Tues-Sat 11am-6pm. Runs Berkeley's residential curbside recycling program and farmers' markets in Berkeley and Albany. Operates youth-staffed food justice program Farm Fresh Choice, and EcoHouse demonstration site. Sponsored projects include Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters, Berkeley Food Policy Council, Seed Lending Library, Berkeley Community Gardening Collaborative, and more. Website features resources for sustainable living including fact sheets, Bay Area EcoCalendar, EcoDirectory green pages, Terrain environmental blog, and more. Offers sustainable living classes on a variety of topics.     Address: 2530 San Pablo Avenue (at Blake), Berkeley CA 94702-2000     Voice: (510) 548-2220; (510) 548-3402 (store); (510) 527-5555 (recycling program); (510) 548-3333 (farmers markets)     Fax: (510) 548-2240     Email: calendar@ecologycenter.org     Web: http://www.ecologycenter.org     [07 Aug 2011]

Ecology Center Of San Francisco (ECOSF)     We believe all living things have a right to clean air, fresh water, healthy food, comfortable shelter, and a nurturing community in which to thrive. Our vision is to grow public spaces like schools, community gardens, and parks into empowering, enriching and educational neighborhood centers through community cooperation. We promote and encourage the cooperative model by using consensus based processes for all ECOSF decisions. We want to show how making a connection with the earth through the ecology of a garden can bring about a culture change that makes our lives, and the lives of those around us, healthier and more sustainable.     Address: 424 Russia Street, San Francisco CA 94112     Voice: (415) 846-8164     Email: info@eco-sf.org     Web: http://www.eco-sf.org/     [08 Oct 2011]

Economic Policy Institute     A nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank created in 1986 to include the needs of low- and middle-income workers in economic policy discussions. EPI believes every working person deserves a good job with fair pay, affordable health care, and retirement security. To achieve this goal, EPI conducts research and analysis on the economic status of working America. EPI proposes public policies that protect and improve the economic conditions of low- and middle-income workers and assesses policies with respect to how they affect those workers.     Web: http://www.epi.org     [25 Oct 2014]

The Economics of Happiness     A film that describes a world moving simultaneously in two opposing directions. On the one hand, an unholy alliance of governments and big business continues to promote globalization and the consolidation of corporate power. At the same time, people all over the world are resisting those policies, demanding a re-regulation of trade and finance—and, far from the old institutions of power, they’re starting to forge a very different future. Communities are coming together to re-build more human scale, ecological economies based on a new paradigm – an economics of localization.     Web: http://www.theeconomicsofhappiness.org     [02 Sep 2013]

Bay Area EcoSocialists     Web: http://bayecosocialists.wordpress.com     [28 May 2013]

EcoVegEvents.com     An on-line calendar of environmental, animal protection, and vegetarian events. You can submit your own events on-line.     Web: http://EcoVegEvents.com     [13 Jan 2013]

EcoVillage Farm Learning Center     Mission is to create a healthy sustainable environment and socially/economically just society for present and future generations. EcoVillage Farm Learning Center is a place where urban residents of all cultural backgrounds feel welcome and come to learn through (participatory) “mind/hands on” activities how to restore and protect Mother Earth and her people. EcoVillage Farm Learning Center is an “Oasis of Connectivity” in the City of Richmond, a city that is often perceived of as a food, safety and environment desert. Yes! A Farm in Richmond!     Address: 21 Laurel Lane, Richmond CA 94803     Voice: (510) 223-1693     Email: info@ecovillagefarm.org     Web: http://ecovillagefarm.org     [26 Apr 2014]

EcoViva     Works in partnership and solidarity with low-income communities in Central America organized to achieve environmental sustainability, economic self-sufficiency, social justice, and peace. The vision, initiative, organization, and implementation of the projects we support come directly from the communities with whom we work.     Address: 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 902, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 835-1334     Fax: (510) 280-2833     Email: info@eco-viva.org     Web: http://www.eco-viva.org     [05 Nov 2011]

Ecumenical Peace Institute / CALC     An interfaith justice and peace education action group. Focuses on militarism, racism and empire and works with Native Americans, political prisoners, and youth. Holds a vigil each Monday at noon at the Oakland Federal Building opposing the occupation of Iraq. The vigil becomes a Living Graveyard on the third Monday of each month. This vigil was begun in spring of 1998 to oppose the sanctions. Organizer (with LCP) of the annual Good Friday Gathering for Worship and Witness at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab. This is the Northern California chapter of Clergy and Laity Concerned.     Address: POBox 9334, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (510) 655-1162     Email: epicalc@lmi.net     Web: http://www.epicalc.org     [08 Oct 2011]

Edible City: The Movie     A feature-length documentary film that tells the stories of extraordinary people who are digging their hands into the dirt, working to transform their communities and doing something truly revolutionary: growing local Good Food Systems that are socially just, environmentally sound, and economically resilient. The film is approximately 70 minutes long. Edible City has proudly been a grassroots effort since day one, and is now being distributed on a gift economy / donation-based distribution model.     Web: http://ediblecitythemovie.com/     [10 Oct 2012]

Edible Schoolyard Berkeley     A one-acre organic garden and kitchen classroom for urban public school students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. This model program for edible education is fully funded by the Edible Schoolyard Project. At ESY, students participate in all aspects of growing, harvesting, and preparing nutritious, seasonal produce during the academic day and in after school classes. Students’ hands-on experience in the kitchen and garden fosters a deeper appreciation of how the natural world sustains us and promotes the environmental and social well-being of our school community.     Web: http://edibleschoolyard.org/berkeley     [10 Oct 2012]

Edible Schoolyard Project     Mission is to build and share an edible education curriculum for kindergarten through high school. Our vision is for gardens and kitchens to become interactive classrooms for academic subjects, and for every student to have a free, nutritious, organic lunch. If this program is integrated into schools, the curriculum could transform the health and values of every child in America.     Address: 1517 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (510) 843-3811     Web: http://edibleschoolyard.org     [10 Oct 2012]

Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC)     Mission is to promote peace and empower young people in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. EPIC is dedicated to helping people build a more peaceful, sustainable, democratic society in Iraq. We seek to accomplish this by advocating policies that further Iraq’s prospects for peace and democracy, and through youth programs and partnerships in Iraq that engage young people in creating a brighter future.     Web: http://www.epic-usa.org/     [28 Jan 2014]

Electric Embers     A worker cooperative that provides Internet hosting services and support to nonprofits, cooperatives, artists, and others contributing to the common good. We aim to combine ecological, economic, and social responsibility with functional, reliable, secure services and capable, personal, responsive support.     Address: POBox 460454, San Francisco CA 94146-0454     Voice: (800) 843-6197     Email: info@electricembers.net     Web: http://electricembers.net/     [08 Apr 2012]

Electric Motorsport Inc     Founded in October 2001 for the purpose of making light weight Zero Emission Electric Vehicles available to the general public. Our products include Electric Motorcycles, Electric Scooters, Electric Bicycles, Electric All Terrain vehicles, and Electric Boat drives. A large part of our business is conversion parts for people converting their petrol burning vehicle into a cleaner, quieter, and many times quicker Electric Vehicle.     Address: 2400 Mandela Parkway, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 839-9376     Email: sales@electricmotorsport.com     Web: http://www.electricmotorsport.com     [19 Feb 2012]

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)     The leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Founded in 1990, EFF champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. We work to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows.     Address: 815 Eddy Street, San Francisco CA 94109     Voice: (415) 436-9333     Email: info@eff.org     Web: http://www.eff.org/     [25 Oct 2014]

Electronic Intifada (EI)     An independent online news publication and educational resource focusing on Palestine, its people, politics, culture and place in the world. Founded in 2001, The Electronic Intifada has won awards and earned widespread recognition for publishing original, high-quality news and analysis, and first-person accounts and reviews. The Electronic Intifada’s writers and reporters include Palestinians and others living inside Palestine and everywhere else that news about Palestine and Palestinians is made.     Web: http://www.electronicintifada.net/     [03 Nov 2012]

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)     An independent non-profit research center in Washington, DC. EPIC works to protect privacy, freedom of expression, democratic values, and to promote the Public Voice in decisions concerning the future of the Internet. EPIC pursues a wide range of program activities including public education, litigation, and advocacy. EPIC routinely files amicus briefs in federal courts, pursues open government cases, defends consumer privacy, organizes conferences for NGOs, and speaks before Congress and judicial organizations about emerging privacy and civil liberties issues. EPIC works closely with a distinguished advisory board, with expertise in law, technology and public policy.     Web: http://www.epic.org     [25 Oct 2014]

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights     The Ella Baker Center is named for an unsung hero of the civil rights movement who inspired and guided emerging leaders. We build on her legacy by giving people opportunities and skills to work together to strengthen our communities so that all of us can thrive. We believe that every person has the right to safety, to dignity, to equality, and to self-determination. Our work aims to defend and advance these rights in the United States.     Address: 1970 Broadway, Suite 1125, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 428-3939     Web: http://www.ellabakercenter.org     [25 Oct 2014]

ELV Motors     Offer Quality Electric Bikes that are pollution-free, sustainable, affordable, and fun to ride. We can equip you, your company, campus, city or rental fleet with quality alternative energy vehicles. Our showroom in Silicon Valley carries and services the largest selection of major brand electric bicycles in Northern California. Our shipping department can ship most major brands any place in the world.     Address: 2070 Homestead Road, Santa Clara CA 95050     Voice: (888) 612-9883     Email: contact@elvmotors.com     Web: https://www.elvmotors.com     [28 Apr 2013]

Emerald Earth     An intentional community in Mendocino County, California. We are located on 189 beautiful acres of mixed forest and meadows, which is owned by our non-profit corporation Emerald Earth Sanctuary. We make decisions by consensus, and value direct, open communication and conflict resolution. We are currently looking for new members. On our somewhat remote rural site, we practice sustainable living skills such as organic gardening, permaculture, herbal medicine, natural building, and home power generation. We teach workshops on these topics and our members have written books on natural building and green spirituality. We also have occasional work parties and are sometimes open to short-term visitors and longer-term work traders.     Address: POBox 764, Boonville CA 95415     Voice: (707) 972-3096     Email: community@emeraldearth.org     Web: http://www.emeraldearth.org     [13 Jan 2013]

The Emma Goldman Papers     Emma Goldman (1869-1940) stands as a major figure in the history of American radicalism and feminism. An influential and well-known anarchist of her day, Goldman was an early advocate of free speech, birth control, women's equality and independence, union organization, and the eight-hour work day.     Web: http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/Goldman/     [13 Jan 2013]

The Emperor's New Clothes (TENC)     A web site that was begun to present accurate information about Yugoslavia. Since then it has dealt with many issues, but the main focus is analyzing media coverage of Yugoslavia and the Balkans. More recently has begun covering the Afghanistan and Central Asian situation following the terrorist attacks of September 2001. Journalism that goes behind the scenes, reports from a variety of news sources, and provides analysis that is not the mouthpiece of the government.     Web: http://www.tenc.net/     [08 Apr 2012]

End of Suburbia     A film on oil depletion and the collapse of the American dream.     Web: http://www.endofsuburbia.com/     [08 Apr 2012]

Endgame Research     Provides research and information support to citizens who are working for corporate and governmental accountability and building socially just and ecologically sustainable societies. Provides information and training on issues related to international trade and multinational corporations.     Web: http://www.endgame.org/     [11 Mar 2012]

Energy Justice Network     The grassroots energy agenda, supporting communities threatened by polluting energy and waste technologies. Taking direction from our grassroots base and the Principles of Environmental Justice, we advocate a clean energy, zero-emission, zero-waste future for all.     Web: http://www.energyjustice.net/     [08 Apr 2012]

EnviroLink Network     A grassroots online community that unites hundreds of organizations and volunteers around the world with millions of people in more than 150 countries. EnviroLink is dedicated to providing comprehensive, up-to-date environmental information and news. At EnviroLink we're committed to promoting a sustainable society by connecting individuals and organizations through communications technologies. We recognize that our technologies are just tools, and that the solutions to our ecological challenges lie within our communities and their connection to the Earth itself.     Web: http://www.envirolink.org/     [03 Nov 2014]

Environment and Human Health, Inc. (EHHI)     Dedicated to protecting human health from environmental harms through research, education and the promotion of sound public policy. Environment and Human Health, Inc. is made up of doctors, public health professionals and policy experts committed to the reduction of environmental health risks to individuals. Founded in 1997, EHHI has affected state policy, and, in some instances, national policy, by our research, education, and written reports. EHHI receives no money from businesses or corporations. All funds come from foundations and interested individuals.     Web: http://ehhi.org/     [10 Aug 2013]

Environment California     A statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. We believe there’s something special about California — something worth protecting and preserving for future generations. Whether it’s our magnificent Pacific coastline, Yosemite’s “glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space,” or our 278 state parks, California’s natural wonders enrich our lives in countless ways.     Web: http://www.environmentcalifornia.org     [19 Feb 2012]

Environment News Service     The Environment News Service is the original daily international wire service of the environment. Established in 1990 by Editor in Chief Sunny Lewis and Managing Editor Jim Crabtree, the company is independently owned and operated under the direction of the founders. With the belief that well-informed people are the best guarantee of democracy, The Environment News Service exist to provide late-breaking news of the environment from across the United States and around the world. With the conviction that ignorance is responsible for degradation of Earth’s ecosystems and knowledge can result in planetary health, ENS management and correspondents strive to provide news that is factual and presented without bias.     Web: http://www.ens-news.com     [21 Feb 2015]

Environmental Center of Sonoma County     A 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit and a project of the Sonoma County Conservation Council, operated by volunteers. Supports the work of member organizations, serves as an information and referral service, and provides opportunity for ad hoc groupings to work on specific issues.     Address: c/o SCCC, POBox 4346, Santa Rosa CA 95402     Voice: (707) 578-0595     Email: info[at]envirocentersoco.org     Web: http://www.envirocentersoco.org     [08 Apr 2012]

Environmental Commons     Brings democracy and science to environmental decision-making at the local, state and national levels. We encourage involvement in the democratic process to defend our environmental heritage - water, air, biodiversity, and genetic variability - known as 'the commons.' Conserving our commons is undeniably linked to the quality of our own lives - our health and the health of ecosystems. We work to preserve our natural areas, protect wildlife and promote sustainable policies using education and informed discussion.     Address: 35501 S. Highway 1, Unit #12, Gualala CA 95445     Email: info@environmentalcommons.org     Web: http://www.environmentalcommons.org     [30 Aug 2014]

Environmental Forum of Marin     Dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the environment by educating its Members and the Marin citizenry about environmental issues. In furtherance of this purpose, the goal of the Environmental Forum is to conduct programs on environmental issues, provide continuing education for its Members and the public, and influence decision-making.     Address: POBox 151546, San Rafael CA 94915     Voice: (415) 484-8336     Web: http://www.marinefm.org/     [10 Nov 2013]

Environmental Health News (EHN)     An independent, foundation-funded news organization that reports, publishes and contextualizes news stories on environmental topics. Articles by EHN journalists are published at EHN.org and provided to newspapers and other media. EHN also offers a unique daily contextualization of articles on environmental health topics published in the world press. Our editorial team of journalists and researchers reviews upwards of 200 news stories, opinions and editorials a day. We aim to connect dots, putting events driving the day's news in a larger context for our audience and sharing our perspective as reporters with considerable expertise in the field.     Web: http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/     [21 Feb 2015]

Environmental Justice Coalition for Water (EJCW)     A statewide coalition of grassroots groups and intermediary organizations building a collective, community-based movement for democratic water allocation, management, and policy development in California. EJCW empowers low-income communities and people of color throughout California to advocate for clean, safe, and affordable water for their communities. We envision all communities throughout California having access to safe and affordable water, clean rivers, streams, and bays for personal, cultural, ceremonial, and recreational uses.     Web: http://www.ejcw.org/     [25 Oct 2014]

Environmental Law Foundation (ELF)     Purpose is to improve environmental quality for those most at risk by providing access to information, strategies, and enforcement of environmental, toxics, and community right-to-know laws. ELF complements the approach of other environmental law groups by enforcing existing environmental regulations, providing a bridge of direct service to people in need, and serving as the critical link between at-risk communities and the legal, scientific, financial, and other resources they need to effectively address environmental problems.     Address: 1736 Franklin Street, 9th Floor, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 208-4555     Fax: (510) 208-4562     Email: dfugere@envirolaw.org     Web: http://www.envirolaw.org     [08 Oct 2011]

Environmental News Network (ENN)     ENN has a serious editorial mission. Our mission is to inform, educate, enable and create a platform for global environmental action. As a result, our readers are top environmental leaders from government, business and educators, as well as a broad spectrum of "intellectually curious" citizens. While in the past we were mainly aggregators of environmental news, ENN has become more than just a collection of content. It is rapidly becoming a collection of resources, teachers, experts and tools that provide objective information and knowledge about the increasingly complex field of environmental science.     Web: http://www.enn.com/     [25 Oct 2014]

Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)     Works to protect and restore ancient forests, watersheds, coastal estuaries, and native species in Northern California. EPIC uses an integrated, science-based approach, combining public education, citizen advocacy, and strategic litigation.     Address: 145 G Street, Suite A, Arcata CA 95521     Voice: (707) 822-7711     Fax: (707) 822-7712     Email: epic@wildcalifornia.org     Web: http://www.wildcalifornia.org     [12 Aug 2012]

Environmental Research Foundation (ERF)     News and resources for environmental justice. Providing understandable scientific information about human health and the environment. Publishes Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly. This website is an archive of Rachel's News and Rachel's Precaution Reporter and other content, but the site is not being updated with the exception of the RSS Feed from Environmental Health News.     Web: http://www.rachel.org/     [08 Apr 2012]

Environmental Volunteers     Promotes the understanding of and responsibility for the environment through hands-on science education. We train volunteers to teach natural science in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties through: SCHOOL PROGRAMS - Each year, our volunteers teach 10,000 children through over 500 classroom programs and 125 field trips. ECOCENTER - The EV’s headquarters is the EcoCenter, a public nature center and education resource in the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve. SCIENCE BY NATURE - Science By Nature is a collaboration program and website administered by the EV, allowing educators to search and sign up for local nature education programs from a list of collaborating organizations.     Address: 2560 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto CA 94303     Voice: (650) 493-8000     Fax: (650) 644-0583     Email: Info@EVols.org     Web: http://www.evols.org     [21 Feb 2015]

Environmental Working Group (California Office) (EWG CA)     Mission is to use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment. EWG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in 1993 by Ken Cook and Richard Wiles. In 2002, we founded the EWG Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) organization that advocates on Capitol Hill for health-protective and subsidy-shifting policies. EWG specializes in providing useful resources (like Skin Deep and the EWG's Shopper's Guide to Pesticides™) to consumers while simultaneously pushing for national policy change.     Address: 2201 Broadway, Suite 308, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 444-0973     Web: http://www.ewg.org     [12 Aug 2012]

Environmentalists Against War (EAW)     As organizations and individuals working for the environment and environmental justice, we raised our voices in opposition to the US war on Iraq and domestic attacks on immigrants and our civil liberties. We are continuing to find new ways to save the planet by working for peace and against militarism. We invite you to join us. Through this web site we are disseminating information on the disastrous human and environmental consequences of war and militarism. Please share this information with your friends and colleagues.     Address: POBox 27, Berkeley CA 94701     Email: info@envirosagainstwar.org     Web: http://www.envirosagainstwar.org     [25 Oct 2014]

EnviroVideo     Produces environmental and social justice programs for television - including interview and news shows, specials, and documentaries. The underlying premise of EnviroVideo is that there are critical environmental issues at hand that can best be communicated to large numbers of people through the media most favored for news and information - television and now, onlne.     Web: http://envirovideo.com/     [21 Feb 2015]

Episcopal Community Services (ECS)     Has provided essential services to homeless San Franciscans since 1982. Serving more than 10,000 people last year, ECS, guided by its mission to "help homeless and very low-income people every day and every night obtain the housing, jobs, shelter, and essential services each person needs to prevent and end homelessness," utilizes a holistic approach that addresses the multiple causes leading to homelessness.     Address: 165 8th Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 487-3300     Fax: (415) 252-1743     Web: http://www.ecs-sf.org     [19 Feb 2012]

Equal Justice Society (EJS)     A national legal organization focused on restoring Constitutional safeguards against discrimination. Eva Paterson and other civil rights advocates founded EJS a decade ago to reverse an imbalance in our courts and in the hearts and minds of the public, where too many believe that discrimination no longer exists. We aim to achieve a society where race is no longer a barrier to opportunity. We use a three-pronged approach — combining legal and policy, Grand Alliance and communication strategies — to reverse those laws and policies that erode the protections guaranteed by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.     Address: 260 California Street, Suite 700, San Francisco CA 94111     Voice: (415) 288-8700     Fax: (415) 288-8787     Email: info@equaljusticesociety.org     Web: http://www.equaljusticesociety.org/     [08 Apr 2012]

Equal Rights Advocates (ERA)     A national civil rights organization dedicated to protecting and expanding economic and educational access and opportunities for women and girls. Through its campaign approach—incorporating public education, legislative advocacy, and litigation—ERA seeks to assist women and girls throughout a life-long continuum: ensuring equality in their educational experience, combating sex discrimination in the workforce, and advocating for workplaces hospitable to working families.     Address: 180 Howard Street, Suite 300, San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 621-0672     Fax: (415) 621-6744     Email: info@equalrights.org     Web: http://www.equalrights.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

The Equality Trust     People in more equal societies live longer, have better mental health and have better chances for a good education regardless of their background. Community life is stronger where the income gap is narrower, children do better at school and they are less likely to become teenage parents. When inequality is reduced people trust each other more, there is less violence and rates of imprisonment are lower. If we want to build a better society, it is essential we take action. The Equality Trust is working with others to build a social movement for change. We analyse and disseminate the latest research, promote robust evidence-based arguments and support a dynamic network of campaign groups across the country.     Web: http://www.equalitytrust.org.uk     [27 Aug 2013]

eRideShare.com     A free service for connecting carpoolers commuting locally as well as longer-distance travelers going the same way. A good way to travel inexpensively, and maybe even make a few friends.     Web: http://www.erideshare.com/     [03 Nov 2014]

Erotic Service Providers Union (ESPU)     ESPU is by and for those who labor erotically to gain agency through industrial organizing for our occupational, social, and economic rights through affiliating with organized labor. Founded Nov. 2004 in San Francisco, California.     Address: 2261 Market Street #548, San Francisco CA 94114     Email: info@espu-ca.org     Web: http://espu-ca.org/     [10 Nov 2013]

Ethical Traveler     A nonprofit organization, founded in 2003 to “Empower travelers to change the world.” We offer a monthly news service, and mount action campaigns that use the economic clout of the international travel community to protect human rights and the environment. A project of the Earth Island Institute, we recently inaugurated an “Ethical Journeys” program with trips to Cuba and Burma.     Address: POBox 5883, Berkeley CA 94705     Voice: (510) 653-6911 (Jeff Greenwald, Executive Director); (510) 575-8711 (Michael McColl, Director of Communications)     Fax: (510) 653-6911     Email: info@ethicaltraveler.org     Web: http://ethicaltraveler.org     [15 Apr 2012]

Eviction Defense Collaborative     Strives to prevent homelessness, preserve affordable housing, and protect the diversity of San Francisco. We work toward these goals by providing emergency rental assistance and by helping low-income tenants gain equal access to the law in order to assert their rights at court.     Address: 995 Market Street #1200, San Francisco CA 94103-1725     Voice: (415) 947 0797     Fax: (415) 947-0331     Web: http://www.evictiondefense.org     [21 Feb 2015]

Eviction Free San Francisco     We are a direct action group whose mission is to help stop the wave of evictions in San Francisco. We use different kinds of creative action to hold accountable and to confront real estate speculators and landlords that are displacing our communities for profit. Our meetings are organized on a mutual aid model and always with the tenants of the buildings being threatened with eviction.     Web: http://evictionfreesf.org/     [09 Jul 2014]

Evolver Bay Area     A “Spore” in the international Evolver Network, a non-profit organization building community for the new planetary culture. Evolver Spores are regional hubs where we explore transformative practices, inspire activism, and raise awareness about today’s most pressing issues, from peak oil to climate change, media manipulation to political corruption. Evolver Bay Area hosts a quarterly forum and party called HiveMind, where you can learn with hands-on workshops and talks, connect with like-minded people, receive healing, nutrition and art, dance, and be. HiveMind brings people and organizations together around the convergence of permaculture, alternative economy, visionary art and music, shamanism and technology.     Web: http://www.evolverbayarea.com     [23 Jul 2014]

Excelsior Family Connections     Offers a range of support services for families in the Excelsior district of San Francisco. Our programs include a Child/ Parent Drop-In program, employment resources, school readiness workshops, community celebrations, child development and parenting workshops, and information and referrals. Our programs are geographically convenient, culturally relevant, and free or low-cost for participating families. We provide services in three languages, and hire community members to work at the center. Excelsior Family Connections is a project of Portola Family Connections.     Address: 49 Ocean Avenue (between Persia and Brazil), San Francisco CA 94112     Voice: (415) 333-3845     Fax: (415) 333-6483     Email: info@excelsiorfc.org     Web: http://www.excelsiorfc.org     [15 Apr 2012]

Exhale     The nation’s premiere organization addressing the emotional health and wellbeing of women and men after abortion. Founded in 2000 by and for women who have had abortions, we provide and promote emotional support across a dynamic landscape of private and public spaces, online and offline. Exhale's free national talkline provides emotional support, resources, and information to women who have had abortions, as well as to their partners, family, friends and allies. All calls are completely confidential. The service is available in multiple languages including: English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.     Address: 484 Lake Park Avenue #63, Oakland CA 94610     Voice: (510) 446-7900     Fax: (309) 410-1127     Email: info[@]exhaleprovoice[dot]org     Web: http://www.exhaleprovoice.org     [19 Feb 2012]

The eXiled Online     Gutsy visceral journalism.     Web: http://exiledonline.com/     [18 Nov 2012]

Face The World Foundation (FTW)     A nonprofit educational and cultural exchange organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1980, FTW has promoted global learning and exchange by offering opportunities for international high school students to experience life in the U.S. The goal of cultural exchange program is to provide students, host families, schools, and communities with a quality experience that will not only enhance personal growth, but also will establish lasting friendships.     Address: 7599 Redwood Blvd, Suite 200, Novato CA 94945     Voice: (415) 257-4787     Fax: (415) 257-4784     Web: http://www.facetheworld.org/     [12 Aug 2012]

FACES SF     FACES SF represents the legacy of two of San Francisco's longstanding non-profits: Florence Crittenton Services and Whitney Young Child Development Center. Combined, we share a history of more than 170 years of serving San Francisco's most vulnerable people. Our name has changed, but our mission stays the same: Serving the Needs and Well-Being of San Francisco’s Young Children; Empowering Families to Become Self-Sufficient.     Address: 1101 Masonic Avenue, San Francisco CA 94117     Voice: (415) 567-2357     Fax: (415) 355-9017     Web: http://www.facessf.org     [03 Nov 2014]

Facing History and Ourselves (Bay Area office)     Believes that education is the key to combating bigotry and nurturing democracy. We work with educators throughout their careers to improve their effectiveness in the classroom, as well as their students' academic performance and civic learning. Through a rigorous investigation of the events that led to the Holocaust, as well as other recent examples of genocide and mass violence, students in a Facing History class learn to combat prejudice with compassion, indifference with participation, and myth and misinformation with knowledge.     Address: 24301 Southland Drive, Suite 318, Hayward CA 94545     Voice: (510) 786-2500     Web: http://www.facinghistory.org/     [08 Oct 2011]

FactoryFarming.com     Factory farming is an attitude which regards animals and the natural world merely as commodities to be exploited for profit. In animal agriculture, this attitude has lead to institutionalized animal cruelty, massive environmental destruction and resource depletion, and animal and human health risks.     Web: http://www.factoryfarming.com     [09 Feb 2014]

Fair Trade Federation (FTF)     The trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organizations fully committed to fair trade. The Federation is part of the global fair trade movement, building equitable and sustainable trading partnerships and creating opportunities to alleviate poverty.     Web: http://www.fairtradefederation.com/     [09 Feb 2014]

Fair Trade USA     The leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. We enable you, the consumer, to make a difference with your dollar. We help people and the planet work in tandem so both are healthy and sustained. We provide farmers in developing nations the tools to thrive as international business people. Instead of creating dependency on aid, we use a market-based approach that gives farmers fair prices, workers safe conditions, and entire communities resources for fair, healthy and sustainable lives. Together with the Fairtrade Labelling Organization International, we seek to inspire the rise of the Conscious Consumer and eliminate exploitation.     Address: 1500 Broadway, Suite 400, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 663-5260     Fax: (510) 663-5264     Email: info@transfairusa.org     Web: http://www.transfairusa.org     [16 Sep 2011]

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)     FAIR, the national media watch group, has been offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986. We work to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater diversity in the press and by scrutinizing media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints. As an anti-censorship organization, we expose neglected news stories and defend working journalists when they are muzzled. As a progressive group, FAIR believes that structural reform is ultimately needed to break up the dominant media conglomerates, establish independent public broadcasting and promote strong non-profit sources of information.     Web: http://www.fair.org     [13 Jan 2013]

Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)     A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization fighting for smart sentencing laws that protect public safety. We see a country where criminal sentencing is individualized, humane, and sufficient to impose fair punishment and protect public safety. Our supporters include taxpayers, families, prisoners, law enforcement, attorneys, judges, criminal justice experts and concerned citizens.     Web: http://www.famm.org/     [21 Feb 2015]

Family & Children Services     Mission is to build strong, safe, and self-sufficient individuals, families, and communities. To achieve this goal, we offer a range of innovative, accessible, and integrated programs and services addressing critical health and human services needs.     Address: 375 Cambridge Avenue, Palo Alto CA 94306     Voice: (650) 326-6576     Web: http://www.fcservices.org/     [10 Nov 2013]

Family Service Agency of San Francisco (FSA)     The oldest nonsectarian, nonprofit charitable social-services provider in the City and County of San Francisco. Our mission is to strengthen families by providing caring, effective, and innovative social services, with special emphasis on the needs of low-income families, children, the elderly, and disabled people, thus improving the quality of life for all San Franciscans.     Address: 1010 Gough Street, San Francisco CA 94109     Voice: (415) 474-7310     Fax: (415) 931-3773     Email: info@fsasf.org     Web: http://www.fsasf.org/     [30 Jul 2011]

Family Service Agency of San Mateo County     Transforms lives by offering innovative and effective programs designed to empower those in need to realize their full potential and become self-sufficient members of the community. We serve over 20,000 children, families, and older adults every year with a hand-up, not a handout, regardless of their ability to pay. Our clients come from all walks of life and our programs are designed to help them achieve self-sufficiency.     Address: 24 Second Avenue, San Mateo CA 94401     Voice: (650) 403-4300     Fax: (650) 403-4303     Email: info@peninsulafamilyservice.org     Web: http://www.familyserviceagency.org     [19 Feb 2012]

Family Service Agency's Senior Peer Counseling Program (SPC)     Offers services providing emotional support to older adults who are having difficulty handling the uncertainties and dilemmas inherent in the aging process. Through their close relationship with peer clients, the Senior Peer Counselors become an integral part of their clients’ lives and an invaluable aid in coping with challenging transitions. They meet with their clients individually or in various group settings. With time, they become a significant adjunct to the professionals serving the older adult community in San Francisco.     Voice: (415) 386-6600 x218     Email: jgustin@fsasf.org     Web: http://www.fsasf-spc.org     [30 Jul 2011]

Family Support Services of the Bay Area (FSSBA)     Our mission is to support children, youth, families and communities by providing services that make them stronger. Families in vulnerable situations often face a variety of challenges such as a lack of time and energy, limited educational resources, family tragedies, disability, and the complex navigation of resources. FSSBA helps children and families to recognize and reach their potential through strength-based solutions that fit each family. FSSBA helps families rise above adversity by supporting them in cultivating their strengths, finding solutions for their specific challenges and gaining independence. The agency provides Respite/Childcare, Kinship Support, Family Preservation and Mentoring services to families in San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.     Address: 401 Grand Avenue, Suite 200, Oakland CA 94610     Voice: (510) 834-4006     Fax: (510) 834-4010     Email: mnewman@fssba-oak.org     Web: http://www.fssba-oak.org     [12 Aug 2012]

Family Violence Law Center (FVLC)     Seeks to end family violence in Alameda County by providing support and advocacy for survivors of domestic violence, changing individual and community perceptions about relationship abuse, and advocating for change within the legal, health, education, and criminal justice systems.     Address: 470 27th Street, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (800) 947-8301 (24-Hour Crisis Line); (510) 208-0220 (Business Line)     Email: info@fvlc.org     Web: http://www.fvlc.org     [10 Nov 2013]

Farm Fresh To You     An organic produce delivery service delivering a variety of organic fruits and vegetables to your Bay Area home or office. Farm Fresh to You / Capay Fruits and Vegetables is a second generation family farm with over twenty years experience growing quality produce. Our farm is nestled in the Capay Valley, 35 miles west of Sacramento.     Address: 23808 State Highway 16, Capay CA 95607     Voice: (800) 796-6009     Email: contactus@farmfreshtoyou.com     Web: http://www.farmfreshtoyou.com     [26 Apr 2014]

Farm Sanctuary     Combats the abuses of factory farming and encourage a new awareness and understanding about farm animals. Today, Farm Sanctuary is the nation’s largest and most effective farm animal rescue and protection organization. We have rescued thousands of animals and cared for them at our sanctuaries in Watkins Glen, New York; Northern California (Orland); and the Los Angeles area. At Farm Sanctuary, these animals are our friends, not our food. We educate millions of people about their plight and the effects of factory farming on our health and environment. We advocate for laws and policies to prevent suffering and promote compassion, and we reach out to legislators and businesses to bring about institutional reforms.     Web: http://www.farmsanctuary.org/     [17 Aug 2014]

Farmers Exchange of Earthly Delights (F.E.E.D.)     We make the farmer direct experience available to all by selling fresh picked, locally grown food at affordable prices while supporting and celebrating the community that produces it. We define F.E.E.D. Sonoma as a farmer driven, community supported business. It is our mission to create a vibrant and sustainable food system thru maximizing the ability of farmers to sell their food.     Address: 6780 Depot Street, Suite 120, Sebastopol CA 95472     Voice: (707) 508-7702     Web: http://feedsonoma.com     [19 May 2014]

Farmland LP     A U.S. real estate fund that acquires conventional farmland and converts it into Organic, sustainably managed farmland. We specialize in enhancing soil fertility and productivity through science-based livestock and crop rotations. We currently own and manage 6750 acres of farmland currently valued at $50 million in the San Francisco Bay Area and Oregon’s Willamette Valley. More than 10% of our acreage is certified Organic and the rest is in transition.     Address: One Market Spear Tower, Suite 3600, San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 293-8262     Fax: (415) 634-3205     Web: http:www.farmlandlp.com     [23 Apr 2014]

Fast Haul     A San Francisco junk hauling business that has been providing the San Francisco Bay Area with inexpensive, professional trash hauling and junk removal services for 15 years. Fast haul has been supporting Green Charities such as the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Rainforest Foundation, and Rainforest Concern. We have been a fervent advocate of Green Hauling since 1993 and regularly donate to Good Will Industries, Salvation Army, local homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, and Urban Ore.     Voice: (415) 665-0800     Email: david@fasthaul.com     Web: http://www.fasthaul.com/     [17 Aug 2014]

FAT!SO?     A web site for people who don't apologize for their size. FAT!SO? author Marilyn Wann is a weight diversity trainer who speaks nationwide. She is also an activist for civil rights for people of all sizes.     Web: http://www.fatso.com/     [24 Dec 2011]

Fellowship of Humanity (Humanist Hall)     We are a Humanist Church that has been functioning since 1935 as a flagship for progressive causes. Today we are still a humanist, anti-capitalist, left community surging ahead in the attempt to create a compassionate, nurturing, non-competitive, simple, and stable example of communitarian living for future generations. We are attempting to discover how to build sustainability and excitement into a conscious community for the left and left out living with the Earth. Our user-friendly Humanist Hall is an affordable venue for progressive political, cultural, and spiritual gatherings and for the celebrations of oppressed minority cultures. Street address is 390 27th Street (between Telegraph and Broadway in midtown Oakland).     Address: 411 28th Street, Oakland CA 94609-3602     Voice: (510) 451-5818 (Humanist Hall); (510) 681-8699 (Fellowship of Humanity)     Email: HumanistHall[at]Gmail.com     Web: http://www.humanisthall.net     [10 Aug 2013]

Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF)     A cutting edge organization dedicated to women's equality, reproductive health, and non-violence. In all spheres, FMF utilizes research and action to empower women economically, socially, and politically. Our organization believes that feminists - both women and men, girls and boys - are the majority, but this majority must be empowered.     Web: http://www.feminist.org/     [21 Feb 2015]

Fenton Communications (San Francisco office)     The largest public interest communications firm in the country. Since 1982, Fenton has contributed to some of the most defining social change movements of the past quarter century, from the fall of apartheid to the rise of MoveOn.org as a grassroots political force. With our clients, we've waged winning campaigns on a broad range of issues. We've exposed human rights injustices and corporate corruption and moved the dial on environmental toxins and the death penalty.     Address: 182 Second Street, Fourth Floor, San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 901-0111     Fax: (415) 901-0110     Web: http://www.fenton.com     [19 Feb 2012]

Filipino Advocates for Justice (FAA)     In the spirit of Bayanihan, the vision of Filipino Advocates for Justice is to foster a Filipino community with the power to advance social and economic justice, and to realize democratic and human rights for everyone. Our mission is to build a strong and empowered Filipino community by organizing constituents, developing leaders, providing services, and advocating for policies that promote social and economic justice and equity for all.     Address: 310 8th Street, Suite 308, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 465-9876     Web: http://www.filipinos4justice.org     [17 Aug 2014]

Filipino American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity (FACES)     An intergenerational organization that works for environmental justice within communities in the United States and in the Philippines, and builds partnerships through advocacy, education, service, and organizing. FACES’ seeks to address transnational environmental justice issues that impact Filipino communities in both the United States and the Philippines, while remaining grounded in the personal stories, lives, and struggles of those affected worldwide.     Address: POBox 566, Berkeley CA 94701     Email: facesinfo@gmail.com     Web: http://www.facessolidarity.org/     [26 Apr 2014]

Mark Fiore     Pulitzer Prize-winner, Mark Fiore, who the Wall Street Journal has called “the undisputed guru of the form,” creates animated political cartoons in San Francisco, where his work has been featured on the San Francisco Chronicle’s web site, SFGate.com, for over ten years. His work has also appeared on Newsweek.com, Slate.com, CBSNews.com, MotherJones.com and NPR’s web site. Fiore’s political animation has been featured on CNN, Frontline, BillMoyers.com, Salon.com and cable and broadcast outlets across the globe.     Web: http://www.markfiore.com/     [17 Aug 2014]

Fire John Yoo     Web: http://www.firejohnyoo.org/     [03 Nov 2012]

FireWorks     FireWorks is a Bay Area anarchist newspaper [and now web site] that aims to cultivate revolutionary solidarity and communication in the Bay among full-fledged rebels, closet antagonists, old-school revolutionaries and budding insurgents. What you will find in these pages is a concoction of the efforts and contributions of a broad array of radicals in the Bay Area. It is directed at anyone who opposes capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy. We aim to create a forum in which people can continue to strengthen their affinities with each other, as well as their hostilities towards a system that has exploited and dominated every aspect of their lives.     Web: http://fireworksbayarea.com/     [29 Nov 2014]

First Amendment Project (FAP)     A nonprofit organization providing free and low-cost legal services on public interest free speech and free press matters. FAP provides these services to its core constituency of activists, journalists and artists who seek to vindicate important First Amendment rights, but do not have the financial resources to hire private counsel. FAP represents these clients by defending them when they are sued for what they say or write, by contesting governmental non-compliance with open records and meetings laws and in challenging laws, practices and policies that infringe on First Amendment rights. FAP is the only nonprofit organization in the country dedicated to providing free legal representation exclusively on free speech and free press issues.     Address: 1736 Franklin, 9th Floor (near 19th Street), Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 208-7744     Fax: (510) 208-4562     Web: http://www.thefirstamendment.org     [08 Oct 2011]

First Community Housing (FCH)     Builds sustainable, high-quality, affordable housing developments and offers resident services that meet the needs of those who earn less than the area's median income. FCH strategically locates their developments near public transit and was one of the first developers to offer free EcoPasses to residents to reduce dependence on private cars. FCH has won awards for architectural design and is committed to the use of 'green' building materials.     Address: 75 East Santa Clara Street, Suite 1300, San Jose CA 95113     Voice: (408) 291-8650     Fax: (408) 993-9098     Web: http://www.firsthousing.org/     [21 Jan 2013]

First Congregational Church of San Francisco     We are affiliated with the United Church of Christ, which believes in justice, peace and unity in diversity. FCC is spiritually and socially diverse, accepting and open minded. We are single and married, straight and gay, come in many colors and ages. Some folks might call us “little funny,” but we comfortable with our uniqueness.     Address: 1300 Polk Street, San Francisco CA 94109     Voice: (415) 441-8901     Email: office@sanfranciscoucc.org     Web: http://www.SanFranciscoUCC.org     [10 Aug 2013]

First Run Features     Founded in 1979 by a group of filmmakers to advance the distribution of independent film. Under the leadership of the late film pioneer, Fran Spielman, First Run Features quickly gained a reputation for its controversial catalog of daring documentaries and fiction films. Today First Run remains one of the largest independent distributors in North America, releasing between 15-20 films a year in theaters nationwide and an additional 30-40 films annually to schools, libraries and other educational institutions; on home video on DVD and Blu-Ray; to television broadcasters; and online through a diverse group of innovative digital partners.     Web: http://www.firstrunfeatures.com/     [09 Feb 2014]

Flowers Heritage Foundation     A non-profit organization dedicated to providing solutions for public health issues affecting the underserved and improving the lives of the most fragile among us. Our current priority is to make a significant difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We allocate 100% of donor dollars to help improve and/or save the lives of the medically indigent through our programs.     Address: 200 Webster Street, Suite 200, Oakland CA 94607-4108     Voice: (510) 587-2651     Fax: (510) 587-2794     Email: gedwards@flowersheritagefoundation.org     Web: http://www.flowersheritagefoundation.org     [12 Aug 2012]

FOCUS on the Global South (FOCUS)     Established in 1995 to challenge neoliberalism, militarism and corporate-driven globalisation while strengthening just and equitable alternatives. We work in solidarity with the Global South - the great majority of humanity that is marginalized and dispossessed by globalisation – believing that progressive social change and Global South solidarity are imperative if the needs and aspirations of oppressed peoples, particularly in Asia, Latin America and Africa, are to be met.     Web: http://www.focusweb.org     [09 Feb 2014]

Food & Water Watch     Works to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainably produced. So we can all enjoy and trust in what we eat and drink, we help people take charge of where their food comes from, keep clean, affordable, public tap water flowing freely to our homes, protect the environmental quality of oceans, force government to do its job protecting citizens, and educate about the importance of keeping the global commons — our shared resources — under public control.     Web: http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/     [28 Apr 2013]

Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano     We provide food to more than 132,000 hungry people in need every month directly at community sites and through a network of 180 charitable agencies, and distributed nearly 16 million pounds last year! The Food Bank works to reduce food waste, feed hungry people, and raise public awareness of issues related to food and hunger. The work could not get done without the help of the hundreds of volunteers that donate their time to coordinate food drives, sort and pack the food, and help distribute it to their hungry neighbors.     Address: POBox 6324, Concord CA 94524     Voice: (925) 676-7543     Email: info@foodbankccs.org     Web: http://www.foodbankccs.org/     [12 Aug 2012]

Food Chain Workers Alliance     A coalition of worker-based organizations whose members plant, harvest, process, pack, transport, prepare, serve, and sell food, organizing to improve wages and working conditions for all workers along the food chain. The Alliance was founded in July 2009.     Web: http://foodchainworkers.org     [05 Feb 2013]

Food Democracy Now!     A grassroots movement of more than 650,000 farmers and citizens dedicated to building a sustainable food system that protects our natural environment, sustains farmers and nourishes families. Our food system is fundamentally broken. A few companies dominate the market, prioritizing profits over people and our planet. Government policies put the interests of corporate agribusiness over the livelihoods of farm families. Farm workers toil in unsafe conditions for minimal wages. School children lack access to healthy foods--as do millions of Americans living in poverty. From rising childhood and adult obesity to issues of food safety, air and water pollution, worker's rights and global warming, our current food system is leading our nation to an unsustainable future.     Web: http://fooddemocracynow.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

Food First / Institute for Food and Development Policy     Empowers citizens to address the root causes of hunger, poverty, and environmental decline. Food First's research and educational materials reveal how anti-democratic institutions and belief systems promote hunger and environmental decline. Food First promotes the economic human right to food for all people and works to reshape the global food system by challenging industrial agriculture and promoting alternative food systems.     Address: 398 60th Street, Oakland CA 94618-1212     Voice: (510) 654-4400     Fax: (510) 654-4551     Email: info@foodfirst.org     Web: http://www.foodfirst.org     [30 Jul 2011]

East Bay Food Not Bombs (FNB)     Prepares and serves free, hot, vegetarian food to hungry people mostly at People's Park in Berkeley. FNB is part of the community they serve. They survive on direct food donations from local bakeries, produce outlets, and restaurants, without government or charity money. Always seeking new volunteers to help cook, clean, serve, and be a part of the community. Meetings are the first Wednesday night of each month at the Long Haul at 7:30 pm.     Web: http://ebfnb.org/     [26 Mar 2015]

San Francisco Food Not Bombs (FNB)     A non-violent, direct action group that provides free, hot vegetarian community meals in San Francisco, as well as providing food for many of San Francisco's frequent social justice events. Get involved in their consensus-based, grassroots organizing by calling, sending email, and / or coming to one of their cook houses or servings . Check their web site for current serving locations and times.     Voice: (415) 484-3288     Email: sffnbvolunteers@riseup.net     Web: http://www.sffnb.org/     [10 Nov 2013]

San Jose Food Not Bombs (FNB)     Community meals are open to all - it is a way to build community, reclaim public space and protest hunger, poverty, militarization and all forms of oppression. Meets many Saturdays at 4pm. Usually we are at St. James Park. Food Not Bombs needs your help! We need assistance with transportation, collecting food, cooking, serving, cleaning, checking email and making phone calls. We can always use your help as well as your perspectives and experiences.     Voice: (408) 283-0260; (408) 259-3781; (408) 896-6990     Email: sanjosefoodnotbombs-admin@lists.riseup.net   foodnotbombs_sj-owner@yahoogroups.com     Web: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foodnotbombs_sj     [26 Feb 2012]

The Food Pantry     Mission is to increase access to food for hungry people, and empower them to help each other. We operate out of St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco.     Address: 500 De Haro Street (at Mariposa), San Francisco CA 94107     Email: sara@thefoodpantry.org     Web: http://www.thefoodpantry.org     [10 Nov 2013]

Food Runners     Mission is to help alleviate hunger, prevent hunger and create community in San Francisco. Food Runners is a California 501.C3 Corporation - with a Board of Directors and an Advisory Committee made up of concerned individuals from throughout our community. Food Runners delivers approximately 10 tons of food a week that would otherwise be thrown away. With help from our volunteer coordinator, our paid truck driver and people like you, we can provide enough food for 2,000 meals a day in San Francisco.     Address: 2579 Washington Street, San Francisco CA 94115     Voice: (415) 929-1866     Email: nancy@foodrunners.org     Web: http://www.foodrunners.org/     [21 Jan 2013]

Food, Inc.     We're committed to covering the landscape of food, from important policy news about factory farming and the food industry, to lifestyle content that will help you make better choices when it comes to sustainable and ethical eating practices. In the film Food, Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government's regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA. Our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment.     Web: http://www.foodincmovie.com/     [10 Aug 2013]

FoodCorps     A nationwide team of AmeriCorps leaders who connect kids to real food and help them grow up healthy. Through our partnership with AmeriCorps, we recruit, train and place emerging leaders into limited-resource schools for a year of service implementing our three-ingredient recipe for healthy kids. Our Service Members: Teach hands-on lessons about food and nutrition Build and tend school gardens and teach cooking lessons so kids can taste the fresh food they’ve grown Change what’s on children’s lunch trays, giving them healthy food from local farms.     Web: https://foodcorps.org/     [22 Dec 2014]

Forage Oakland     A project that- at its core- works to address how we eat everyday, and how everyone can benefit from viewing their neighborhood as a veritable edible map, considering what is cultivated in any given neighborhood and why, and what histories influence those choices. The gleaning of unharvested fruits; the meeting of new neighbors; the joy of the season's first hachiya persimmon (straight from your neighbor's backyard, no less); the gathering and redistribution of fruits that would otherwise be wasted can be powerful and can work to create a new paradigm around how we presently think about food in our collective consciousness.     Web: http://forageoakland.blogspot.com     [03 Nov 2012]

The Foraging Society     Mission is to provide support for foragers and to protect and enhance the ecological health of our foodsheds. We aim to ensure that through education, research, and fun, foraging can become something that not only reconnects us to the natural world, but is regenerative to the environment. May wild things flourish!     Web: http://foragingsociety.org     [14 Apr 2012]

Foreign Policy In Focus (FPIF)     A “Think Tank Without Walls” connecting the research and action of more than 600 scholars, advocates, and activists seeking to make the United States a more responsible global partner. It is a project of the Institute for Policy Studies. FPIF provides timely analysis of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs and recommends policy alternatives. We believe U.S. security and world stability are best advanced through a commitment to peace, justice and environmental protection as well as economic, political, and social rights. We advocate that diplomatic solutions, global cooperation, and grassroots participation guide foreign policy. For a more detailed explanation of our foreign policy vision, please consult Just Security, our framework document.     Web: http://www.fpif.org     [09 Feb 2014]

Forest Conservation Portal     A web site with vast rainforest, forest and biodiversity conservation news & information. Works to end deforestation, preserve primary and old-growth forests, conserve and sustainably manage other forests, and to commence the age of ecological restoration.     Web: http://www.forests.org/     [10 Aug 2013]

ForestEthics     If you want to save the world, forests are a great place to start. And if you want to find one of the best organizations for the job, you’re in the right place. ForestEthics' strategies are always a step ahead, and our results speak for themselves: we’ve secured protection agreements for 65 million acres of forests; we’ve helped to move millions of dollars of corporate buying towards environmentally responsible market solutions and we’ve influenced the environmental practices of more than 100 major US companies. We’ve achieved this tremendous success in the US and Canada with the support of people like you.     Address: One Haight Street, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 863-4563     Email: info@forestethics.org     Web: http://www.forestethics.org     [21 Feb 2015]

Forests Forever (FoFo)     Founded in 1989 during the historic campaign to save the Headwaters ancient redwood forest in Humboldt County, California. Our efforts helped galvanize the broad-based public awareness and outcry that led to that and other forest victories across the state. For more than 20 years we have been rallying Californians in defense of the state’s 17 million acres of woodland ecosystems and watersheds through year-round education, grassroots organizing, litigation, work in elections, and executive-branch and legislative advocacy.     Address: 209 Kearny Street, San Francisco CA 94108-4500     Voice: (415) 974-3636 (974-FOFO)     Fax: (415) 974-3664     Email: mail@forestsforever.org     Web: http://www.forestsforever.org     [09 Feb 2014]

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Foundation (FEAR)     A national nonprofit organization dedicated to reform of federal and state asset forfeiture laws to restore due process and protect property rights in the forfeiture process.     Address: 20 Sunnyside Suite A-419, Mill Valley CA 94941     Web: http://www.fear.org     [21 Feb 2015]

Foundation Aiding The Elderly (FATE)     Objective is to serve as a voice for patients and to bring about national reforms and enforcement of the laws governing the nursing home industry and its regulatory agencies in order to assure proper care, civil rights and meaningful, dignified life for the elderly in long-term care facilities.     Web: http://www.4fate.org/     [03 Nov 2014]

The Foundation Center     The leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide. Through data, analysis, and training, it connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to succeed. Foundation Center maintains the most comprehensive database on U.S. and, increasingly, global grantmakers and their grants — a robust, accessible knowledge bank for the sector. It also operates research, education, and training programs designed to advance knowledge of philanthropy at every level.     Web: http://fdncenter.org/     [21 Feb 2015]

Foundation for a College Education (FCE)     Since 1995, FCE has worked to increase the number of students of color from East Palo Alto and the surrounding area who graduate from a four-year college or university. FCE has created a community where higher education is attainable. By engaging both students and parents in intensive, personalized programs starting in high school, FCE provides the information, the resources, and the encouragement students need to succeed in college and beyond.     Address: POBox 50518, Palo Alto CA 94303     Voice: (650) 322-5048     Fax: (650) 327-9977     Email: info@collegefoundation.org     Web: http://www.collegefoundation.org     [09 Feb 2014]

Foundation for Deep Ecology (FDE)     Supports efforts to protect wilderness and wildlife, promote ecological agriculture, and oppose destructive mega-technologies that are accelerating the extinction crisis.     Address: Bldg 1062, Fort Cronkhite, Sausalito CA 94965     Voice: (415) 229-9339     Fax: (415) 229-9340     Email: info@deepecology.org     Web: http://www.deepecology.org     [17 Nov 2013]

Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA)     A global, nonprofit financial institution serving 1.7 million lowest-income clients in 22 countries, providing products and services aimed at creating employment, raising family incomes and reducing poverty. Works to ensure that people with low incomes, who are financially excluded from accessing banking services within their traditional markets, can access the suitable loans, savings and insurance they need to build secure, productive lives.     Web: http://www.villagebanking.org/     [03 Nov 2014]

Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD)     Enhances the capacity of community organizations around the world to address local health, social, environmental, and economic issues. We also educate international communities on effective approaches for sustainable community development. Founded in 1995, Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) enhances the capacity of community organizations around the world to address local health, social, environmental, and economic issues. Our model incorporates four programs that support underserved communities in a collaborative and sustainable manner:     Address: 1000 Brannan Street, Suite 207, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 283-4873     Email: info@fsdinternational.org     Web: http://www.fsdinternational.org/     [17 Nov 2013]

Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights (FTCR)     A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an effective voice for taxpayers and consumers in an era when special interests dominate public discourse, government and politics. We deploy an in-house team of public interest lawyers, policy experts, strategists, and grassroots activists to expose, confront, and change corporate and political injustice every day, saving Americans billions of dollars and improving countless lives.     Web: http://www.consumerwatchdog.org     [03 Nov 2014]

Fred Finch Youth Center (FFYC)     Provides innovative, effective, caring mental health and social services to children, young adults, and their families that allows them to build on their strengths, overcome challenges, and live healthy and productive lives. We serve children, adolescents, young adults, and families facing complex life challenges. Many have experienced trauma and abuse; live at or below the poverty line; have been institutionalized or incarcerated; have a family member that has been involved in the criminal justice system; have a history of substance abuse; or have experienced discrimination or stigma.     Address: 3800 Coolidge Avenue, Oakland CA 94602-3311     Web: http://www.fredfinch.org     [21 Feb 2015]

Free Expression Policy Project (FEPP)     Provides research and advocacy on free speech, copyright, and media democracy issues. FEPP's primary areas of inquiry are: Restrictions on publicly funded expression - in libraries, museums, schools, universities, and arts and humanities agencies; Internet filters, rating systems, and other measures that restrict access to information and ideas in the digital age; Restrictive copyright laws, digital rights management, and other imbalances in the intellectual property system; Mass media consolidation, public access to the airwaves, and other issues of media democracy; Censorship designed to shield adolescents and children from controversial art, information, and ideas.     Web: http://fepproject.org/     [08 Oct 2011]

The Free Farm     An urban farm founded in January 2010, by a constellation of non-profit organizations in San Francisco. We are located on a 1/3 acre lot on the corner of Gough and Eddy Streets on a parcel loaned to us by St. Paulus Lutheran Church. Since April of 2010 we have grown and given away over 3 1/4 tons of fresh organic produce, plus convened gardening and urban homesteading workshops, and hosted community, school, and religious groups. Come by on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am-2pm or the first Sunday of the month from 10am - noon, to visit the farm or lend a hand.     Web: http://thefreefarm.org     [14 Apr 2013]

Free Farm Stand     An all-volunteer run project of the No Penny Opera that is about sharing the wealth of urban farms and gardens. We strive to attain the following goals: • help make locally grown, fresh and nutritious organic produce accessible to all, especially those families and individuals on low-incomes and tight budgets. • help empower people who have the space to grow their own food and become more self-reliant. • promote good nutrition and health.     Web: http://freefarmstand.org     [03 Nov 2012]

Free Mumia     A web site covering death row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal.     Web: http://www.millions4mumia.org/     [26 Apr 2014]

Free Press     A national, nonpartisan organization working to reform the media. Through education, organizing and advocacy, we promote diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media, and universal access to communications.     Web: http://www.freepress.net/     [12 Aug 2012]

Free Radio Berkeley (FRB)     Founded on April 11, 1993 as a Free Speech voice challenging the regulatory structure and power of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Free Radio Berkeley has been engaged in an ongoing legal battle with the FCC. Until it was silenced by a court injunction in June 1998, Free Radio Berkeley was broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 104.1 FM with 50 watts of power as the alternative voice for the greater Berkeley/Oakland area. The original Free Speech mission to provide community news, discussions and interviews, information, a wide range of music, and more has now been taken up by Berkeley Liberation Radio.     Address: 1442-A Walnut Street, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (510) 595-7609     Email: freeradioberkeley@gmail.com     Web: http://www.freeradio.org     [01 Mar 2015]

Free Radio Santa Cruz (FRSC 101.3 FM)     On the air for over twelve years without a license. We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in defiance of federal regulations. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is charged with regulating the airwaves in the public interest. We believe that it has failed to do so and has proved itself to be controlled by monied interests. We go on the air to protest corporate control of the airwaves, to bring local control and local accountability to our community media, to produce and broadcast a diversity of programs that are simply unavailable on corporate controlled stations.     Address: POBox 7811, Santa Cruz CA 95061     Voice: (831) 427-3772 (studio line)     Email: frsc@freakradio.org     Web: http://www.freakradio.org     [28 Apr 2013]

Free Speech Internet Television     Launched in 1995, Free Speech TV is an independent, publicly-supported, non-profit TV multi-platform digital media pioneer. Using both television and the Internet, Free Speech TV inspires viewers to become civically engaged to build a more just, equitable, and sustainable society. Free Speech TV is owned and operated by Public Communicators, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization, founded in 1974. Free Speech TV is based in Denver, CO.     Web: http://www.freespeech.org/     [08 Oct 2011]

Free the Slaves     Works on the ground with liberators around the world. We do what it takes to free men, women and children and help them stay free. Basic needs for food, shelter and safety from angry slave owners must be met. Then the system that allows slavery to flourish has to be dismantled and another created by former slaves learning to live in freedom.     Web: http://www.freetheslaves.net     [15 Apr 2012]

Free Tibet Campaign     Stands for the right of Tibetans to determine their own future. We campaign for an end to the Chinese occupation of Tibet and for the fundamental human rights of Tibetans to be respected. Founded in 1987, Free Tibet generates active support through public education about the situation in Tibet. We are independent of all governments and are funded by our members and supporters.     Web: http://www.freetibet.org/     [15 Apr 2012]

Freecycle Network     Aims to keep items out of landfills by providing an internet listings service to help people give unwanted items to someone else for free. Keeping stuff out of landfills helps build a sustainable future, is good for the environment and builds local and world communities. Freecycle (officially known as The Freecycle Network) is made up of thousands of groups with millions of members across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving and getting stuff for free. Freecycle groups operate in specific towns or areas - so it's local as well as global.     Web: http://www.freecycle.org/     [01 Mar 2015]

FreeDocumentaries.org     Streams full-length documentary films free of charge, with no registration needed. For several films, we even offer the ability to watch trailers or to download the actual film. The films are gathered by our researchers as we scour the web for well-produced videos and present them to our viewers. We adhere to all copyright laws and honor the wishes of the producers.     Web: http://www.freedocumentaries.org     [10 Aug 2013]

The Freedom Archives     Contains over 10,000 hours of audio and video tapes as well as extensive documents. These materials date from the late-60s to the mid-90s and chronicle the progressive history of the Bay Area, the United States, and international solidarity movements. The collection includes weekly news/ poetry/ music programs broadcast on several educational radio stations; in-depth interviews and reports on social and cultural issues; diverse activist voices; original and recorded music, poetry, original sound collages; and an extensive La Raza collection.     Address: 522 Valencia Street, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 863-9977     Email: info[at]freedomarchives[dot]org     Web: http://www.freedomarchives.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

Freedom from Hunger     Brings innovative and sustainable self-help solutions to the fight against chronic hunger and poverty. Together with local partners, we equip families with resources they need to build futures of health, hope and dignity.     Address: 1460 Drew Avenue, Suite 300, Davis CA 95618     Voice: (800) 708-2555; (530) 758-6200     Email: info@freedomfromhunger.org     Web: http://www.freedomfromhunger.org     [01 Mar 2015]

Freedom Socialist Party (FSP)     A working class organization composed of women and men of many races, nationalities, sexual orientations and ages who are fighting for a new, just social order that will serve the majority of the human race. In a time of environmental and economic crisis, perpetual war, high unemployment, immigrant scapegoating and rampant corporate theft, we reject despair and work collectively for a future cleansed of all oppression and violence. We agree with the advice offered by Eduardo Galeano, the Uruguayan socialist who wrote Open Veins of Latin America: “Save your pessimism for better times.”      Web: http://www.socialism.com/     [14 Apr 2013]

Freedom to Marry     A gay marriage documentary from Directors Laurie York and Carmen Goodyear. This uplifting and poignant documentary, being shown in film festivals around the world, highlights a momentous, historical milestone when San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom engaged in ground-breaking civil disobedience as he allowed same-sex couples to marry at San Francisco City Hall.     Web: http://www.freedomtomarry.tv/     [15 Apr 2012]

Fresh Juice Party     A politically progressive media group. We write, record and perform music, design visuals and create happenings.     Web: http://www.freshjuiceparty.com     [03 Nov 2012]

Friends of Alemany Farm     A volunteer group that manages the horticulture, volunteer, and educational programs at Alemany Farm, a 4.5 acre organic farm ecosystem in southeast San Francisco. Friends of Alemany Farm grows food security and educates local residents about how they can become their own food producers. We strive to increase ecological knowledge and habitat value, and to sow the seeds for economic and environmental justice.     Email: community.gardeners@gmail.com     Web: http://www.alemanyfarm.org     [10 Oct 2012]

Friends of Animals, Inc. (FoA)     A non-profit international animal advocacy organization, established in New York in 1957. We work to cultivate a respectful view of nonhuman animals, free-living and domestic. Our goal is to free animals from cruelty and institutionalized exploitation around the world.     Web: http://www.friendsofanimals.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

Friends of Deir Ibzi'a (FoDI)     Formed when activists with the International Solidarity Movement volunteered at a children's summer camp in the village of Deir Ibzi'a in 2002. The camp was the vision of Deeb Kamal, a member of the local community who was acutely aware of a need to both lift the children's spirits and create a lifeline of hope via an investment in learning and education. When the activists returned home to the Bay Area they continued their commitment to the youth of Deir Ibzi'a by raising money for scholarships. To date they have supported 27 students in their pursuit of higher education.     Address:  2132 Prince Street, Berkeley CA 94705     Email: friends@deiribzia.org     Web: http://www.deiribzia.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

Friends of El Cerrito Trees     An all volunteer community-based group of citizens who are interested in the protection, preservation, proper maintenance, and planting of trees in El Cerrito's public parks, along its streets, and on private property. Our members are also concerned with related issues of conservation of vegetation and stewardship of natural resources for the health and well-being of our communities and environment. Currently, our group represents several hundred citizens of El Cerrito with many more like-minded folks from neighboring communities who share our goals to help El Cerrito become a beautiful, green place. After all, we only have one planet!      Web: http://www.ectrees.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

Friends of Falun Gong USA     A U.S.-based nonprofit human rights organization founded in the year 2000 by Americans concerned about the persecution of Falun Gong. Our mission is to support the freedom of belief of persons who practice Falun Gong. FoFG's efforts include large-scale rallies in Washington DC, lawsuits aginst the architects of the persecution, and smaller, targeted projects counteracting the Chinese government’s massive propaganda campaign.     Web: http://www.fofg.org     [08 Oct 2011]

Friends of San Francisco Animal Care and Control (FSFACC)     The only nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds for the city's municipal, open-door animal shelter, San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFACC), and its partnering rescue groups, in order to establish or enhance programs of human welfare, comfort and placement, public service and humane education.     Address: 1200 15th Street, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 946-7433     Email: info@helpacc.org     Web: http://helpacc.org     [17 Nov 2013]

Friends of Sausal Creek (FoSC)     A group of community members protecting Sausal Creek at a grassroots level. The Friends recognize that citizen participation—from residents to decision-makers, teachers, and students—is critical for building a long-term commitment to protecting Sausal Creek as a natural resource for the greater Oakland community. Sausal Creek begins in the hills of Oakland, CA and runs through Oakland to San Francisco Bay.     Address: POBox 2737, Oakland CA 94602     Voice: (510) 501-FOSC (3672)     Email: coordinator@sausalcreek.org     Web: http://www.sausalcreek.org/     [01 Mar 2015]

Friends of Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority     Our mission is to raise funds for the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA), increase awareness of its programs and services, and to work to reduce the companion animal overpopulation problem. Our goal is to ensure the well-being of animals through education, outreach, and fund raising. We also aim to establish programs which will support SVACA and benefit the animals in its care. We aim to help SVACA find loving families for every adoptable companion animal, assist with financial support for ill and injured animals, and work to reduce the companion animal overpopulation problem in our area. We are always looking for volunteers!     Address: POBox 132, Santa Clara CA 95052     Email: contact@friendsofsvaca.org     Web: http://www.friendsofsvaca.org     [09 Nov 2014]

Friends of South Asia (FOSA)     Mission is to achieve a peaceful, prosperous, and hate-free South Asia. The group works towards a demilitarized, nuclear-free South Asia; bringing together people with roots in various parts of South Asia, as well as other well-wishers of the region.     Address: c/o San Jose Peace and Justice Center, 48 S 7th Street, Suite 101, San Jose CA 95112     Voice: (408) 480-5805     Email: mail@friendsofsouthasia.org     Web: http://www.friendsofsouthasia.org     [01 Dec 2013]

Friends of the Animals in the Redwood Empire (FAIRE)     FAIRE's overall mission is to provide programs to help the pets and pet owners in our community. Our goal with these programs is to encourage responsible pet ownership along with increasing adoptions and reducing the need for euthanasia at our six local animal shelters.     Address: POBox 2001, Rhonert Park CA 94927     Voice: (707) 538-9098     Web: http://www.faireonline.org/     [21 Jan 2013]

Friends of the Eel River (FOER)     Mission is to restore the Eel River and all her tributaries to a natural state of abundance, wild and free. Our immediate goal is to remove two antiquated dams that block hundreds of miles of prime spawning grounds. A river needs to stay in the watershed where it is birthed for that river system to remain healthy -Friends of the Eel River.     Address: POBox 4945, Arcata CA 95518-4945     Voice: (707) 822-3342     Web: http://www.eelriver.org/     [09 Nov 2014]

Friends of the MST (FMST)     A network of individuals and organizations that support the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST) in the struggle for social and economic justice while securing respect for human rights. The FMST works to build solidarity and educate the public in the US and English-speaking world in order to raise the international profile of the MST. The FMST has a direct relationship to the MST and is a fiscally sponsored project of Global Exchange.     Web: http://www.mstbrazil.org/     [03 Nov 2012]

Friends of the Music Concourse     A park advocacy group that is working to protect the Music Concourse in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and its 100-year-old trees.     Web: http://www.musicconcourse.org     [19 Feb 2012]

Friends of the River (FOR)     California's only statewide river conservation organization. FOR is nationally recognized as an authority on the adverse impacts of dams on rivers and ecosystems. Our Mission: Friends of the River protects and restores California Rivers by influencing public policy and inspiring citizen action.     Web: http://www.friendsoftheriver.org/     [01 Mar 2015]

Friends of the Urban Forest     Helps individuals and neighborhood groups plant and care for street trees and sidewalk gardens in San Francisco. This "green infrastructure" improves the city by beautifying neighborhoods, cleaning the air, raising property values and reducing polluted stormwater runoff. Since 1981, FUF has planted more than 48,000 trees, totaling 43% of the city's street tree canopy.     Address: Presidio of San Francisco, 1007 General Kennedy Avenue, Suite 1, San Francisco CA 94129-1405     Web: http://www.fuf.net/     [09 Feb 2014]

FTMHealth.com     This site is dedicated to listing ALL kinds of resources that will help transgender individuals to meet their health needs. We provide health, wellness and optimal resources primarily for FTM/Trans* Guys of all orientations. You will find information and entertainment LGBTQ as well as straight-identified transgender persons of experience and much more.     Web: http://ftmhealth.com     [29 Mar 2014]

Full Circle Farm     A project of Sustainable Community Gardens (SCG), a community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the renewal of local, sustainable food systems. While we are not Certified Organic, Full Circle Farm operates using the organic principles set forth in the National Organic Program. We are committed to sustainable principles of operation. As such the use of petroleum based fertilizers, as well as non-organic herbicides and pesticides is not part of our operating philosophy.     Address: 1055 Dunford Way, Sunnyvale CA 94087     Voice: (408) 475-2531     Fax: (408) 716-8876     Email: info@fullcirclesunnyvale.org     Web: http://www.fullcirclesunnyvale.org     [01 Mar 2015]

Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA)     FIJA works to: Inform potential jurors of their traditional, legal authority to refuse to enforce unjust laws Inform potential jurors that they cannot be required to check their consciences at the courthouse door Inform potential jurors that they cannot be punished for their verdicts Inform everyone that juror veto—jury nullification—is a peaceful way to protect human rights against corrupt politicians and government tyrrany     Web: http://www.fija.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

Funny Times     A monthly forum for humor and satire in a world gone totally insane. We read thousands of cartoons in order to find and collect the "best of the best" each month. For 25 years we have searched out and brought on board the most hilarious minds of America. They supply us with delightfully funny, left leaning, intelligent humor which is guaranteed to make you laugh (or your money back! And as our accountant said, "That's no joke."). We work with hundreds of contributors. Every issue has more than 100 cartoons and at least a dozen written features. You will find your old favorites as well as up-and-coming artists you've never met before.     Web: http://funnytimes.com/     [21 Jan 2013]

Furry Friends Rescue     An all-volunteer non-profit Bay Area companion animal rescue organization, comprised entirely of experienced volunteers who collectively have rescued hundreds of companion animals and placed them in loving homes.     Address: POBox 7270, Fremont CA 94537-7270     Voice: (510) 794-4703     Email: info@furryfriendsrescue.org     Web: http://www.furryfriendsrescue.org/     [21 Jan 2013]

Further The Work: Advancing Social Justice     We believe in maximizing your organizational capacity by understanding the big picture – the social mission you’re trying to accomplish – while respecting the smaller details of how you do what you do, every day. We strive to create true partnerships with our clients, customizing our mix of consultation and direct service to best respond to your needs. So whether we’re crafting effective grant proposals or coaching your team in developing a multi-year strategic plan, FTW is flexible, creative, and effective, offering a powerful array of ideas, expertise, and solutions to meet each project’s needs.      Address: 855 Meadow View Drive, Richmond CA 94806     Voice: (510) 243-0122     Fax: (510) 243-0132     Email: Rebecca@FurtherTheWork.com     Web: http://www.FurtherTheWork.com     [26 Apr 2014]

Future Leaders Institute (FLI)     Engage high school and college students in generating and implementing visionary solutions for society. The Future Leaders Institute (FLI) guides and mentors youth across the San Francisco Bay Area as they develop individual initiatives and employ social entrepreneurship in the face of the world’s most pressing needs.     Address: POBox 3391, Oakland CA 94609     Voice: (510) 469-3729     Email: info@thefli.org     Web: http://www.thefli.org     [26 Apr 2014]

The Future of Food     A film that offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves.     Web: http://www.thefutureoffood.com     [04 Nov 2012]

Future of Music Coalition (FMC)     A national nonprofit organization that works to ensure a diverse musical culture where artists flourish, are compensated fairly for their work, and where fans can find the music they want. FMC has provided an important forum for discussion about issues at the intersection of music, technology, policy and law. Guided by a firm conviction that public policy has real impact on the lives of both musicians and fans, FMC advocates for a balanced approach to music in the digital age — one that reflects the interests of all stakeholders, and not just the powerful few.     Web: http://www.futureofmusic.org     [01 Mar 2015]

Gadar Heritage Foundation     Aims and objectives are: A. Re-evaluation of the place of Gadar Party in India's Freedom Movement through research, seminars and publications. B. Promoting the ideals of the Gadar Party: Secularism and Religious Harmony, Social Justice, Economic Freedom and Equality, Democracy and Cultural Diversity, and Peaceful Co-existence among Nations.     Address: POBox 14360, Fremont CA 94539     Web: http://gadar.homestead.com     [09 Feb 2014]

Gallinas Watershed Council (GWC)     Mission is to connect the people who live and work in Las Gallinas Valley with their creek and watershed, to advance local conservation action, and to promote watershed restoration, protection and education.     Address: 68 Mitchell Blvd, Suite 240, San Rafael CA 94903     Voice: (415) 578-2580     Web: http://www.gallinaswatershed.org     [17 Aug 2014]

The Garden (film)     The fourteen-acre community garden at 41st and Alameda in South Central Los Angeles is the largest of its kind in the United States. Started as a form of healing after the devastating L.A. riots in 1992, the South Central Farmers have since created a miracle in one of the country’s most blighted neighborhoods. Growing their own food. Feeding their families. Creating a community. But now, bulldozers are poised to level their 14-acre oasis. The Garden follows the plight of the farmers, from the tilled soil of this urban farm to the polished marble of City Hall.     Web: http://www.blackvalleyfilms.com/films/the-garden/     [03 Nov 2012]

Garden for the Environment (GFE)     Maintains a nationally acclaimed one-acre urban demonstration garden and offers environmental education programs about organic gardening, urban compost systems and sustainable food systems. Since its founding in 1990, the garden has operated as a demonstration site for small-scale urban ecological food production, organic gardening and low water-use landscaping. The Garden is located in San Francisco on 7th Avenue at Lawton Street.     Address: 1663 Mission Street, Suite 320, San Francisco CA 94103     Email: info@gardenfortheenvironment.org     Web: http://www.gardenfortheenvironment.org     [01 Mar 2015]

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)     Dedicated to promoting and ensuring fair, accurate and inclusive representation of people and events in the media as a means of eliminating homophobia and discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.     Web: http://www.glaad.org     [21 Jan 2013]

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA)     Te world's largest and oldest association of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) health care professionals. GLMA was founded in 1981 as the American Association of Physicians for Human Rights with the mission of ensuring equality in health care for LGBT individuals and health care professionals. Today, there is still considerable ignorance about LGBT health issues, with many assuming that LGBT health involves only HIV/AIDS. In fact, the full scope of the LGBT health agenda includes breast and cervical cancer, hepatitis, mental health, substance abuse, tobacco use, depression, access to care for transgender persons, and other concerns.     Web: http://www.glma.org     [03 Nov 2012]

Gay and Lesbian Sierrans, Loma Prieta Chapter (GLS)     An official activity section of the Sierra Club . We offer the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community a variety of outdoor activities, including day hikes, car camping weekends, and backpack trips, and encourage participation in the Sierra Club's mission to explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the earth.     Web: http://www.lomaprieta.sierraclub.org/gls/index.html     [25 Aug 2012]

Gay Shame     GAY SHAME is a Virus in the System. We are committed to a queer extravaganza that brings direct action to astounding levels of theatricality. We will not be satisfied with a commercialized gay identity that denies the intrinsic links between queer struggle and challenging power. We seek nothing less than a new queer activism that foregrounds race, class, gender and sexuality, to counter the self-serving “values” of gay consumerism and the increasingly hypocritical left. We are dedicated to fighting the rabid assimilationist monster with a devastating mobilization of queer brilliance.     Web: http://www.gayshamesf.org/     [19 Feb 2012]

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society of Northern California (GLBTHS)     Often referred to as San Francisco's "queer Smithsonian," the GLBT Historical Society houses one of the world's largest collections of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender historical materials. The society's GLBT History Museum is the first full-scale, stand-alone museum of its kind in the United States.     Address: 657 Mission Street #300, San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 777-5455     Email: info@glbthistory.org     Web: http://www.glbthistory.org     [25 Aug 2012]

Gaylesta, Inc.     The LGBT Psychotherapy Association. Gaylesta has grown to include over 200 mental health professionals. To our knowledge, we are the oldest and largest collection of individuals focused on LGBTQ mental health. Our membership collectively offers a range of services, experience, specializations, and expertise. We work to promote awareness of the special skills our members have to offer the LGBTQ communities and the general public. We do this through an online referral service through which our members can market their practices, as well as through community.outreach; advertising; and public speaking.     Address: 584 Castro Street #230, San Francisco CA 94114-2594     Voice: (415) 729-3996     Web: http://www.gaylesta.org     [28 Apr 2013]

General Assistance Advocacy Project (GAAP)     Mission is to provide education, empowerment and advocacy to those who need it most. GAAP serves over 2,000 homeless and marginally housed San Franciscans each month by helping them obtain and retain the public benefits to which they are entitled. GAAP is the only free walk-in public benefits clinic in San Francisco available throughout the week. And GAAP does it with only two paid staff members, assisted by many devoted community and Bay Area student volunteers.     Address: 276 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 928-8191     Fax: (415) 928-1410     Web: http://www.gaap.org     [09 Feb 2014]

Generating Renewable Ideas for Development Alternatives (GRID Alternatives)     GRID Alternatives' vision is a transition to clean, renewable energy that includes everyone. Our mission is to make renewable energy technology and training available to underserved communities. GRID Alternatives Bay Area leads teams of volunteers and job trainees to install solar electric systems for low-income families from Santa Clara to Sonoma County, providing families with needed savings and giving Bay Area workers hands-on experience to help them find jobs in the green-tech economy.     Address: 1171 Ocean Avenue, Suite 200, Oakland CA 94608     Voice: (510) 731-1310     Email: infoba@gridalternatives.org     Web: http://www.gridalternatives.org     [09 Nov 2014]

GI Rights Hotline     Since 1994, the GI Rights Hotline has been providing free, confidential, and accurate information on US military regulations and practices to servicemembers, veterans, potential recruits, and their families. We are a consortium of nearly twenty non-governmental, non-profit organizations located in eleven states and in Germany. Some of our counselors are veterans, some are lawyers and some have decades of military counseling experience. We are in constant contact with each other to stay up-to-date on the latest military regulations and practices. We provide resources and counseling options. Many of us are not lawyers and therefore cannot give legal advice, but, in cases in which an attorney might be useful, we may be able to help you find one.     Voice: (877) 447-4487     Web: http://www.girightshotline.org     [25 Dec 2014]

Gill Tract Community Farm     A collaborative community project between the UC and the community, focused on issues of food justice and urban farming. It is located in Albany, CA, at the corner of San Pablo Ave and Marin Ave. It is an urban farm where you can come and harvest food for yourself and your family in exchange for help with weeding, planting, and watering; it aims to supply fresh organic food to anyone who lacks access to it in our East Bay communities. The GT Community Farm is one of the increasing number of urban agriculture and alternative sustainable food systems worldwide that exist to develop innovative local solutions to social, environmental and economic injustices.     Web: http://gilltractfarm.wordpress.com     [09 Nov 2014]

Girls on the Run of the Bay Area     Provides an innovative running program for girls ages 8 to 13 that uses experiential learning to teach very specific and well-defined social and personal skills. The program culminates in a non-competitive community running event that gives the girls a chance to shine and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Girls on the Run of the Bay Area offers 10-week programs during the fall and spring seasons. Volunteer coaches engage the girls in games and running-based workouts that encourage emotional, social, psychological and physical development. The girls meet twice each week after school for a total of 20 one-hour sessions.     Address: The Women's Building, 3543 18th Street #31 (near Valencia), San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 863-8942     Fax: (415) 863-8989     Email: info@gotrbayarea.org     Web: http://www.gotrbayarea.org     [15 Apr 2012]

GirlVentures     Mission is to empower adolescent girls to develop and express their strengths. We envision a world in which girls and women are actively engaged in the leadership of thriving communities strengthened by diversity, civic engagement, healthy choices and environmental responsibility. Our programs for Bay Area girls entering 6th – 12th grade explore self, community, culture, and the environment through outdoor adventure, creative arts, and group experiences.     Address: The Women's Building, 3543 18th Street #18, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 864-0780     Fax: (415) 861-3464     Web: http://www.girlventures.org/     [09 Nov 2014]

GLBT Historical Society     Collects, preserves and interprets the history of GLBT people and the communities that support them. Founded in 1985, the society is recognized internationally as a leader in the field of GLBT public history. Often referred to as San Francisco's "queer Smithsonian," the GLBT Historical Society houses one of the world's largest collections of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender historical materials. The society's GLBT History Museum is the first full-scale, stand-alone museum of its kind in the United States.     Address: 657 Mission Street #300, San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 777-5455     Email: info@glbthistory.org     Web: http://www.glbthistory.org/     [17 Aug 2014]

Glide Memorial United Methodist Church     Mission is to create a radically inclusive, just and loving community mobilized to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization. Our Core Values emerge from GLIDE as a spiritual movement. They are rooted in empowerment, recovery and personal transformation. Our values inspire and guide our behaviors.     Address: 330 Ellis Street, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 674-6000     Email: info@glide.org     Web: http://www.glide.org/     [10 Aug 2013]

Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)     A worldwide alliance of more than 650 grassroots groups, non-governmental organizations, and individuals in over 90 countries whose ultimate vision is a just, toxic-free world without incineration. We work both against incinerators and for safe, sustainable and just alternatives.     Web: http://www.no-burn.org/     [09 Nov 2014]

Global Community Monitor (GCM)     Trains and supports communities in the use of environmental monitoring tools to understand the impact of fossil fuel industry pollution on their health and the environment. GCM's work focuses on disempowered "fenceline" communities harmed by serious air pollution from industrial sources and whose concerns agencies and responsible corporations are ignoring. GCM's primary activity consists of providing training and on going technical assistance to community organizations fighting pollution as well as strengthening an international movement of people fighting industrial pollution and climate change.     Address: POBox 1784, El Cerrito CA 94530     Voice: (510) 233-1870     Email: info@gcmonitor.org     Web: http://www.gcmonitor.org     [28 Apr 2013]

Global Exchange (GX)     An international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world. We take a holistic approach to creating change and as an education and action resource center, we advance our vision by working to ensure our members and constituents are empowered locally and connected globally to create a just and sustainable world. We realize that in order to advance social, environmental and economic justice we must transform the global economy from profit-centered to people-centered, from currency to community.     Address: 2017 Mission Street, Second Floor, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 255-7296     Fax: (415) 255-7498     Web: http://www.globalexchange.org     [09 Nov 2014]

The Global Fund for Women     A publicly supported, nonprofit grantmaking foundation that advances women's human rights by funding women-led organizations worldwide. We provide general operating support grants to organizations working at the local, regional and national levels to enable women and girls to reach their potential and live free of discrimination and violence.     Address: 222 Sutter Street, Suite 500, San Francisco CA 94108     Voice: (415) 248-4800     Fax: (415) 248-4801     Web: http://www.globalfundforwomen.org     [08 Oct 2011]

Global Glimpse     Exists to educate young people about the reality of the world that they will inherit. We inspire and empower high school students to become the global leaders of tomorrow through a 3 week summer experience in a developing country that emphasizes community service, mutual understanding and respect, and college preparation. Our program delivers true socioeconomic, ethnic and experiential diversity. Our students not only learn about the developing world, but also gain deep insight into themselves and the diverse perspectives and experiences of their peers. With this these young people are equipped and inspired to tackle the social, political, and economic challenges of the future.     Web: http://www.globalglimpse.org/     [25 Aug 2012]

Global Justice Ecology Project     Explores and exposes the intertwined root causes of social injustice, ecological destruction and economic domination with the aim of building bridges between social justice, environmental justice and ecological justice groups to strengthen their collective efforts. Within this framework, our programs focus on Indigenous Peoples' rights, protection of native forests and climate justice. We use the issue of climate change to demonstrate these interconnections. Global Justice Ecology Project is the North American Focal Point of the Global Forest Coalition.     Web: http://www.globaljusticeecology.org/     [01 Dec 2013]

Global Policy Forum     An independent policy watchdog that monitors the work of the United Nations and scrutinizes global policymaking. GPF works particularly on the UN Security Council, the food and hunger crisis, and the global economy. We promote accountability and citizen participation in decisions on peace and security, social justice and international law. GPF gathers information and circulates it through a comprehensive and heavily-visited website, as well as through frequent media interviews. We play an active role in NGO networks and other advocacy arenas. We organize meetings and conferences and we publish original research and policy papers.     Web: http://www.globalpolicy.org/     [25 Aug 2012]

Global Security Institute (GSI)     Dedicated to strengthening international cooperation and security based on the rule of law, with a particular focus on nuclear arms control, non-proliferation and disarmament. GSI was founded by Senator Alan Cranston whose insight that nuclear weapons are impractical, unacceptably risky, and unworthy of civilization continues to inspire GSI's efforts to contribute to a safer world. GSI has developed an exceptional team that includes former heads of state and government, distinguished diplomats, effective politicians, committed celebrities, religious leaders, Nobel Peace Laureates, disarmament and legal experts, and concerned citizens.     Web: http://www.gsinstitute.org     [30 Jul 2011]

Global Trade Watch (GTW)     Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch seeks to ensure that in this era of globalization, all Americans can enjoy economic security, a clean environment, safe food, medicines and products, access to quality affordable services such as health care and the exercise of democratic decision-making in matters that affect them and their communities.     Web: http://www.tradewatch.org/     [08 Oct 2011]

Global Warming International Center (GWIC)     A non-profit organization of scientists, policy makers, and scholars committed to driving scientific research and innovative policy development on climate change science. With members in more than 145 countries, the GWIC sponsors unbiased research supporting the understanding and mitigation of global warming.     Web: http://www.globalwarming.net/     [15 Apr 2012]

Global Women Intact     A 501(c)(3) charitable organization that nurtures arts of the african diaspora, and uses performance and presentations—including dance, music, theater, comedy and education—to raise awareness of the beauty and complexity of african cultures, and their impact on health and well-being. in particular, gwi is devoted to raising awareness about female genital cutting (fgc) and provides alternative, arts-based and culturally appropriate rites of initiation that honor the intact and healthy bodies of girls and women.     Address: 1928 Ellis Street, San Francisco CA 94115     Voice: (415) 928-4019     Email: amma@globalwomenintact.org     Web: http://www.celebrateclitoris.com     [30 Jul 2011]

GMO Inside     Big Agriculture massively outspent us. While we lost the Prop 37 battle in California to label GMO foods, the fight continues! From coast to coast, we need to give everyone in the country the right to know what’s in their food and make them aware of the dangers of GMOs.     Web: http://gmoinside.org     [11 Nov 2012]

Go Vegan! Radio     A Los Angeles-based radio program hosted by Bob Linden. Represents a vision of a better world with more compassion, less violence, and less cruelty. It’s a show about dietary and lifestyle choices --- healthy alternatives to using animal products without animal ingredients or testing.     Address: POBox 475414, San Francisco CA 94147     Voice: (818) 623-6477     Email: Bob@GoVeganRadio.com     Web: http://www.goveganradio.com/     [15 Apr 2012]

Golden Gate Council of Hostelling International USA     A nonprofit network of 8 hostels providing top-quality accommodations in San Francisco, Sacramento, and 4 State and National Parks. Mission is to help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and its people through hostelling. Our vision is for guests to become caring global citizens who are catalysts for intercultural exchange and understanding stewards of the earth.     Web: http://www.norcalhostels.org     [17 Aug 2014]

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy     Mission is to preserve the Golden Gate National Parks, enhance the park visitor experience, and build a community dedicated to conserving the parks for the future. We are a community-supported nonprofit organization transforming places—and people—through conservation and improvement of these remarkable national parks. We are dedicated to protecting these PARKS, making them relevant and accessible FOR ALL communities, and instilling a sense of stewardship in this and future generations to ensure their vitality FOREVER.     Address: Building 201, Fort Mason, San Francisco CA 94123     Voice: (415) 561-3000     Fax: (415) 561-3003     Email: tellmemore@parksconservancy.org     Web: http://www.parksconservancy.org     [09 Feb 2014]

Golden State Greyhound Adoption (GSGA)     An all-volunteer nonprofit organization that places retired racing greyhounds in adoptive homes in Northern California, including the San Francisco Bay Area, greater Sacramento area and beyond. Our ex-racing greyhounds come primarily from Colorado racetracks, although we also help rescue dogs from Arizona and Mexico. When racing greyhounds are deemed no longer profitable–either because they aren’t winners or have sustained an injury–kennels often try to adopt out these dogs, but sadly, many are destroyed, often before they reach the age of four or five.     Address: POBox 182, 2977 Ygnacio Valley Road, Walnut Creek CA 94598-3535     Voice: (925) 946-0426     Email: gsga@astound.net     Web: http://www.goldengreyhounds.com     [08 Oct 2011]

Good Food Web     A community-driven online platform to build a resilient, good food economy. We connect farmers, food entrepreneurs, investors, advocates and eaters to educational resources, best practices and expert advisors.     Web: http://goodfoodweb.com     [19 May 2014]

Good Shepherd Gracenter     Good Shepherd Gracenter, owned and operated by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, is a ten (10) bed residential addiction recovery facility for women between the ages of 18 to 35 and is licensed by the State. It is a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Motivated by a belief in the dignity and worth of each person as a child of God, Good Shepherd Gracenter of San Francisco is committed to helping young women who seek recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Through a program based on 12 Step spirituality and holistic treatment, we help each woman transform and grow toward independence by nurturing an appreciation of her true self and strengthening bonds with her self and community.     Address: 1310 Bacon Street, San Francisco CA 94134     Voice: (415) 337-1938     Email: inquiry@gsgracenter.org     Web: http://www.gsgracenter.org     [17 Aug 2014]

GotMercury.Org     Gotmercury.org is part of Turtle Island Restoration Network's efforts to protect the environment and the public from mercury. Because of the ubiquitious nature of mercury in our environment and because federal and state public health agencies are not doing enough to raise public awareness and protect the public from mercury, we developed gotmercury.org. This online tool takes the mystery out of which seafood is safe to eat with regard to the presence of mercury in certain species of seafood and allows consumers to make informed choices about eating seafood.     Web: http://GotMercury.Org     [11 Aug 2013]

Grandmothers Against the War     We are grandmothers committed to ending the military presence of the United States in the Middle East and Afghanistan. That presence kills and maims our grandsons and granddaughters, escalates death and destruction in several countries, and impedes our ability to deal with our own country’s social and economic needs. Our military interventions lead only to more military intervention and improve nothing for the people in the affected areas. Nor do those interventions keep the United States safer. To the contrary, the U.S.’s military behavior inflames and encourages radical anti-U.S. attitudes.     Address: POBox 9476, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (510) 845-3815     Email: info@gawba.org     Web: http://www.gawba.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO)     A decentralized collective of educators, researchers and grassroots activists working to promote an economy based on democratic participation, worker and community ownership, social and economic justice, and ecological sustainability--a "solidarity economy"--through grassroots journalism, organizing support, cross-sector networking and movement-building and the publication of educational and organizational resources.     Web: http://www.geonewsletter.org     [08 Oct 2011]

Grassroots House Collective     A a non-profit that collectively owns and operates an office building in Berkeley. This building at 2022 Blake Street houses important local organizations such as Berkeley Copwatch, the Green Party of Alameda County, the Prisoner's Literature Project, The International Solidarity Movement and the Industrial Workers of the World. It has also had a historic role in many of the progressive struggles coming out of the East Bay. Having a space to work is absolutely crucial to progressive organizers and workspace is an extremely rare commodity. Without a place to be, most grassroots efforts die out within months. This precious space allows tiny local organizing efforts a chance to grow.     Address: 2022 Blake Street,, Berkeley CA 94703     Voice: (510) 548-0425     Email: info@grassrootshouse.org     Web: http://www.grassrootshouse.org/     [11 Aug 2013]

Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT)     A multiracial organization that promotes the connection between fundraising, social justice and movement-building. We believe that how groups are funded is as important to achieving their goals as how the money is spent, and that building community support is central to long-term social change. We provide training, resources and analysis to strengthen organizations, with an emphasis on those focused on social justice and based in communities of color. GIFT and the Grassroots Fundraising Journal merged in 2008. The new organization continues to be called GIFT and the magazine it publishes is still called the Grassroots Fundraising Journal.     Address: 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 705, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 452-4520     Fax: (510) 452-2122     Web: http://www.grassrootsfundraising.org     [17 Aug 2014]

grassroots.org     Mission is to serve as a catalyst for positive social change by leveraging modern technologies and best business practices. Grassroots.org provides nonprofit organizations with free valuable technologies and resources to increase their efficiency and productivity.     Web: http://grassroots.org     [08 Oct 2011]

San Francisco Gray Panthers     We stand for age and youth working together to make the world a place where the young can look forward to growing old. We advocate, organize, and endorse positions and actions for peace and social justice, universal health care, electoral reform, non-privatization of public resources, civil rights, human rights, and civil liberties.     Address: 1182 Market Street, Room 203, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 552-8800     Email: graypanther-sf@sonic.net     Web: http://graypantherssf.igc.org/     [28 Apr 2012]

Graze the Roof     An edible, community-produced vegetable garden on the rooftop of Glide Memorial Church, a progressive church and nonprofit located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Graze the Roof features lightweight (upcycled) raised garden beds made from milk crates; a worm composting system and an educational mural which ties the whole project together. Glide youth and volunteers from throughout the Bay Area maintain the garden and host monthly tours and workshops.     Address: c/o Glide Memorial Church, 330 Ellis Street (at Taylor), San Francisco CA 94102     Email: GrazeTheRoof[at]gmail[dot]com     Web: http://grazetheroof.blogspot.com     [03 Nov 2012]

Greater Good Sciences Center (GGSC)     Studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society. Based at the University of California, Berkeley, the GGSC is unique in its commitment to both science and practice: not only do we sponsor groundbreaking scientific research into social and emotional well-being, we help people apply this research to their personal and professional lives.     Address: University of California, Berkeley, 2425 Atherton Street #6070, Berkeley CA 94720-6070     Voice: (510) 642-2490     Email: greater@berkeley.edu     Web: http://www.greatergoodscience.org     [30 Jul 2011]

Green Aid: The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.     In response to attacks on state-legal patients and providers, key leadership from the medical marijuana and law reform movements came together in 2002 to form Green Aid: The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.– a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation that provides groundbreaking services designed to protect the civil rights of medical marijuana stakeholders in our local communities.     Address: 484 Lake Park Avenue #172, Oakland CA 94610     Voice: (888) 271-7674     Email: contact@green-aid.com     Web: http://www.green-aid.com/     [08 Oct 2011]

Green Building Pages     A sustainable building materials database and design tool for the design professional, government official and the general public. Use your purchasing power to make informed decisions using complete current information.     Web: http://greenbuildingpages.com/     [25 Aug 2012]

Green City Project (GCP)     Dedicated to increasing the compatibility of cities with their local natural systems by providing resources to link individuals and group with each other and community-based ecological activities. Green City is a project of the Planet Drum Foundation, a non-profit ecological education organization that promotes the concepts of bioregions and emphasizes sustainability, community self-determination and regional self-reliance.     Address: POBox 31251, San Francisco CA 94131     Voice: (415) 285-6556     Fax: (415) 285-6563     Email: planetdrum@igc.apc.org     Web: http://www.sustainable-city.org/orgs/gcp.htm     [28 Apr 2012]

The Green Gate     The Natural Resources Defense Council's environmental guide to the San Francisco Bay Area.     Web: http://www.nrdc.org/greengate/     [09 Feb 2014]

The Green Office     A one-stop online retailer featuring over 38,000 green and conventional office products and a comprehensive range of sustainability services designed to make office greening easy and cost effective. We take the research out of responsible shopping by labeling and ranking our catalog by greenness, allowing you to balance price, performance, and sustainability. Here you'll find discounts up to 75% off list as well as contract pricing and free e-procurement tools for corporate customers. Most of our products are delivered next-day and FREE of charge by a team of professionals with a passion for customer service.     Address: POBox 225115, San Francisco CA 94122     Voice: (800) 909-9750     Fax: (866) 678-5056     Web: http://www.thegreenoffice.com/     [26 Feb 2012]

San Francisco Green Party     The San Francisco local of the Green Party of California, the state's newest political party. Working at the local level for social and environmental justice, peace, and grassroots democracy.     Web: http://www.sfgreenparty.org     [17 Aug 2014]

Green Party of Alameda County     The Green Party of Alameda County, part of the East Bay Region of the Green Party of California, has over 10,000 registered members who live in the Oakland/Berkeley/Emeryville/Alameda area. We have been active for over 15 years, hold monthly meetings and “Green Sundays” on the second Sunday evening of each month at Niebyl Proctor Library in Oakland, and host conferences, public events, and gatherings for up to 1000 people in the Bay Area.     Voice: (510) 644-2293     Web: http://acgreens.wordpress.com/     [26 Apr 2014]

Green Party of Contra Costa County     A ballot-qualified, non-corporate, political party working toward progressive change. We flatly reject the notion that only the so-called "better off" should have a voice in Government. And because we won't accept "big money" we are free to address the real issues so often ignored by the bigger political parties.     Address: POBox 2361, El Cerrito CA 94530     Web: http://coco.cagreens.org     [09 Feb 2014]

Green Party of San Mateo County (GPSMC)     Affiliated with the Green Party of California (GPCA), a ballot-qualified party with about 120,000 members. GPCA is in turn affiliated with the Green Party of the United States (GPUS).     Address: 1081 Granada, Belmont CA 94002     Voice: (650) 593-7032     Email: gpsmc@cagreens.org     Web: http://cagreens.org/sanmateo     [26 Apr 2014]

Green Planet Films, Inc.     A non-profit distributor of nature and environmental DVDs from around the globe. We promote environmental education through film. We seek to preserve and protect our planet by collecting and distributing documentaries that can be used to educate the public about the science, beauty, and fragility of the natural world. Our mission is to grow our web-based DVD library, and provide a channel that connects these films to schools, organizations, businesses, government agencies, and individuals worldwide.     Address: POBox 247, Corte Madera CA 94976-0247     Voice: (415) 377-5471     Web: http://greenplanetfilms.org     [20 Nov 2012]

Green Press Initiative     Mission is to work with book and newspaper industry stakeholders to conserve natural resources, preserve endangered forests, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize impacts on indigenous communities.     Web: http://www.greenpressinitiative.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

Green Sangha     Green Sangha is mindful practice for awakened action. Chapters meet once a month to meditate, educate, and support each other, and to plan environmental actions. These mini-retreats are designed to foster the qualities of calmness, lucidity, and awareness which are vital to our effectiveness as activists. We incorporate a deep ecological perspective based on Joanna Macy’s work, and find inspiration from the lives of non-violent leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., the Dalai Lama, and Julia Butterfly Hill.     Address: POBox 20261, Oakland CA 94620     Voice: (510) 532-6574     Email: info@greensangha.org     Web: http://www.greensangha.org     [26 Apr 2014]

Green Tortoise Adventure Travel     Offers affordable adventure bus tours to the best USA and Central American destinations, including Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Cross-Country USA, Alaska, and Mexico that will inspire the active and reflective alike! Our overland holidays and backpacker tours include wilderness adventures, camping, and trekking in America's best National Parks.     Address: 494 Broadway, San Francisco CA 94133     Voice: (800) TORTOISE (800-867-8647)     Email: tortoise@greentortoise.com     Web: http://www.greentortoise.com/     [09 Nov 2014]

Green-Collar Communities Clinic (GC3)     The community economic development practice group of the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC). Our mission is to advance green jobs and resilient communities through cooperative ownership. We have a three-pronged approach to our work - Inspire, Inform and Incubate - transformative ventures through community-based workshops, clinics and direct representation. We are the first legal clinic in the country focused on incubating cooperative enterprises through the lens of racial justice.     Web: http://greencollarcommunities.wordpress.com     [20 Nov 2013]

Greenaction for Health & Environmental Justice     A multiracial grassroots organization that works with low-income and working class urban, rural, and indigenous communities to fight environmental racism and build a clean, healthy and just future for all. We mobilize community power to win victories that change government and corporate policies and practices to protect health and to promote environmental, social and economic justice.     Address: 703 Market Street, Suite 501, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 284-5600     Fax: (415) 284-4666     Email: greenaction@greenaction.org     Web: http://www.greenaction.org     [11 Aug 2013]

Greenbelt Alliance     Envisions a Bay Area where the natural and agricultural lands that provide so much to our region are protected and nurtured and where everyone—regardless of socio-economic status—can live in a neighborhood they are proud to call home. The Bay Area has the best of everything—stunning natural beauty, vibrant cities and neighborhoods, bountiful farms, and a diversity of cultural and economic opportunities. The challenge is how the region handles growth. We have a choice—to create wonderful cities and towns or to sprawl ever outward.     Address: 312 Sutter Street, Suite 510, San Francisco CA 94108     Voice: (415) 543-6771     Email: info@greenbelt.org     Web: http://www.greenbelt.org/     [09 Nov 2014]

Greenlining Institute     A national policy, organizing, and leadership institute working for racial and economic justice. We ensure that grassroots leaders are participating in major policy debates by building diverse coalitions of grassroots leaders that work together to advance solutions to our nation's most pressing problems. Our leadership Academy has become the "farm system" for tomorrow's social justice leaders, training the best and brightest from our community. Our policy experts conduct research and coordinate multi-pronged strategies on major policy issues, including but not limited to the environment, wealth creation (asset building), philanthropy, health, energy, communications, and higher-education.     Address: 1918 University Avenue, 2nd Floor (near Martin Luther King Jr Way), Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 926-4001     Fax: (510) 926-4010     Email: info@greenlining.org     Web: http://www.Greenlining.org     [21 Jan 2013]

gregpalast.com     Greg Palast is the author of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits (out on September 18), Vultures' Picnic and the New York Times bestsellers, Armed Madhouse and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Palast turned his skills to journalism after two decades as a top investigator of corporate fraud. Palast directed the U.S. government’s largest racketeering case in history–winning a $4.3 billion jury award. He also conducted the investigation of fraud charges in the Exxon Valdez grounding.     Web: http://www.gregpalast.com/     [21 Jan 2013]

Greywater Alliance     A group of organizations and individuals whose mission is to make reuse of greywater a critical and integral part of water conservation efforts in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.     Web: http://www.greywateralliance.org/     [26 Apr 2014]

GroundSpark     Creates visionary films and dynamic educational campaigns that move individuals and communities to take action for a more just world. Our films and campaigns are a mix of independent projects we initiate and commissioned projects for community clients. We specialize in crafting strategic documentary films and distribution campaigns with ambitious social, economic, and environmental justice goals. GroundSpark’s landmark program, The Respect For All Project focuses on creating schools and communities that are safe for all young people.     Address: 901 Mission Street, Suite 205, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 641-4616; (800) 405-3322     Email: info@groundspark.org     Web: http://groundspark.org/     [28 Apr 2013]

Growing up Farms     A 501 (c) 3 non-profit that supplies healthy produce to the people of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our innovative indoor, vertical, aquaponic food growing system will serve our local community, grow food using a small fraction of the water used in traditional farming and provide a model for communities and cities across the country and throughout the world looking to localize their food supply. Our facility is located at 5801 Mission Strreet in San Francisco. (Entrance is on Oliver Street.)     Address: 251 Ashbury Street #14, San Francisco CA 94117     Voice: (415) 895-0359     Email: info@growingupfarms.org     Web: http://www.crtp.net     [08 Feb 2015]

Growth House     Provides education about life-threatening illness and end of life care. Our primary mission is to improve the quality of compassionate care for people who are dying through public education and global professional collaboration. Our search engine gives you access to the Internet's most comprehensive collection of reviewed resources for end-of-life care.     Web: http://www.growthhouse.org     [09 Feb 2014]

GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth     This film examines the cultural barriers that prevent us from reacting rationally to the evidence current levels of population and consumption are unsustainable. It asks why the population conversations are so difficult to have. Why it’s more important to our society to have economic growth than clean air. Why communities seek and subsidize growth even when it destroys quality of life and increases taxes. Our growth-centric system is broken. It’s not providing the happiness or the prosperity we seek. But that’s good news; it means a shift to a sustainable model will be good for us. We’ll be happier and more prosperous!     Web: http://www.growthbusters.org     [28 Nov 2014]

Guaria de Osa, Rainforest Ocean Discovery Centre & Ethnobotanical Gardens     Come visit us at Guaria de Osa, amidst a Nature Sanctuary, on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica where towering stands of primary Rainforest kiss the pristine Pacific Ocean! Our spacious lodge is equally as unique and magical as our pristine tropical surroundings. Proceeds, in part, will benefit The Osa Foundation / Grupo Osanimi Rainforest Conservation and Cultural Heritage Projects among indigenous and rural communities in Central and South America.     Address: c/o Dahlia Miller, POBox 1004, El Cerrito CA 94530     Voice: (510) 235-4313     Email: puravida@GuariadeOsa.com     Web: http://www.guariadeosa.com     [09 Nov 2014]

Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In     An outdoor movie theater under the stars that springs up unexpectedly in the fields and industrial wastelands. Beyond showing great free movies year-round and bringing a broad community together, part of our mission is reclaiming public space and transforming our urban environment.     Web: http://www.guerilladrivein.org/     [28 Apr 2013]

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages     Mission is to disseminate health related information to veterans of the Persian Gulf War in an unbiased format. The site is operated completely by volunteers and is not affiliated with any government entities or programs.     Web: http://www.gulfweb.org/     [25 Aug 2012]

Habitat for Humanity East Bay / Silicon Valley     Revitalizes neighborhoods, builds affordable and sustainable housing solutions, and empowers families through successful homeownership. Since 1986, we have partnered with volunteers, the community, and qualified families with limited incomes to strengthen communities in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara Counties.     Address: 2619 Broadway, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (866) 450-4432     Email: info@habitatEBSV.org     Web: http://www.habitatebsv.org     [25 Aug 2013]

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco     Builds homes and community in partnership with thousands of annual volunteers, hard-working families, donors, civic leaders and other engaged community members in Marin, San Francisco and on the Peninsula. The work supporters help us do provides a critical path to financial security for families who live and work here and strengthens neighborhoods across the Bay Area. Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco has built more than 200 affordable homes in the Bay Area and is currently building Habitat Terrace, a development of 28 single-family homes in San Francisco's Ocean View neighborhood, and Mt. Burdell Place, a 10-home development in Novato.     Address: 500 Washington Street, Suite 250, San Francisco CA 94111     Voice: (415) 625-1000     Fax: (415) 625-1815     Email: info@habitatgsf.org     Web: http://www.habitatgsf.org     [16 Nov 2014]

Haight Ashbury Psychological Services (HAPS)     In our community, psychotherapy is easily affordable for the affluent, and publicly funded programs exist to serve the very poor. But between these two extremes are many who do not have insurance and whose incomes cannot quite meet the cost of psychotherapy. Haight Ashbury Psychological Services (HAPS) was created to fill that gap, so that everyone in our community can have access to quality professional care. HAPS also provides superior training, education and supervision for masters and doctoral students working towards licensure and a career in mental health.     Address: 2166 Hayes Street, Suite 308 (near Cole and Shrader), San Francisco CA 94117     Voice: (415) 221-4211     Web: http://www.hapsclinic.org/     [21 Jan 2013]

Haiti Action Committee (HAC)     A Bay-Area based network of activists who have supported the Haitian struggle for democracy since 1991. Our members travel frequently to Haiti and are in close touch with Haitian grassroots activists, legal and human rights workers, and victims of repression. With demonstrations and civil disobedience, Congressional lobbying and educational events, publications and community organizing, we are working to build a strong Haiti solidarity movement.     Address: POBox 2040, Berkeley CA 94702     Voice: (510) 483-7481     Email: action.haiti@gmail.com     Web: http://www.haitisolidarity.net/     [26 Aug 2014]

Haiti Soleil     Mission is to build and develop community-centered public libraries, museums, and other institutions of educational and cultural exchange focused on advancing the intellectual growth of young Haitian citizens. Haiti Soleil spearheads projects on behalf of, and in partnership with, individuals and organizations in Haiti that share similar principles and dedication to the dissemination of knowledge.     Address: 2342 Shattuck Avenue #885, Berkeley CA 94704     Web: http://www.haitisoleil.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

HalliburtonWatch.org     A project of Essential Information, a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, and the Center for Corporate Policy, a nonprofit, non-partisan organization working to stop corporate threats to democracy.     Web: http://www.halliburtonwatch.org/     [28 Apr 2012]

Hamilton Family Center     Hamilton Family Center has been working for 25 years to end homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we are the largest provider of shelter, eviction prevention assistance, rapid re-housing, youth programming, and support services for homeless families in San Francisco. Hamilton Family Center has received national recognition and numerous awards for our innovative programs such as First Avenues – Housing Solutions for Families, which helps families move as quickly as possible into permanent housing and assists families at risk of becoming homeless to avoid eviction in the first place.     Address: 1631 Hayes Street, San Francisco CA 94117     Voice: (415) 409-2100     Fax: (415) 345-0470     Email: contact-us@hamiltonfamilycenter.org     Web: http://www.hamiltonfamilycenter.org   http://www.myhousing.org     [30 Jul 2011]

Hands Off Venezuela (HOV)     Opposes all forms of intervention by the U.S. government and its agencies in Venezuela and works to educate and raise awareness about events in Venezuela in order to counter the bias of the mainstream media, and to build solidarity between American and Venezuelan trade unionists and working people in general.     Web: http://www.ushov.org/   http://www.handsoffvenezuela.org/     [25 Aug 2012]

HandsOn Bay Area (HOBA)     Works with local nonprofits, schools and parks to identify high-impact, group-based volunteer projects. These projects may meet an ongoing need of an organization or its clients, or they may be one-time, large-scale transformations of facilities or green spaces. We recruit volunteers to get the job done and match each project with a trained Project Leader to ensure that both the community partner and the volunteers are satisfied with the work.     Address: 1504 Bryant Street, Suite 100, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 541-9616     Fax: (415) 541-7716     Email: info@handsonbayarea.org     Web: http://www.handsonbayarea.org     [01 Mar 2015]

HappyCow's Vegetarian Guide (California Section)     A directory of vegetarian restaurants & health food stores in California. (The general site is worldwide.)     Web: http://www.happycow.net/north_america/usa/california/     [28 Apr 2012]

Harm Reduction Coalition (HRC)     Founded in 1993 and incorporated in 1994 by a working group of needle exchange providers, advocates and drug users. Today, we are strengthened by an extensive and diverse network of allies who challenge the persistent stigma faced by people who use drugs and advocate for policy and public health reform.     Address: 144 Broadway, Suite 510, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 444-6969     Email: hrcwest[a]harmreduction.org     Web: http://www.harmreduction.org     [21 Jan 2013]

Harvey Milk Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Democratic Club     San Francisco’s largest Democratic Club, known for both its progressive politics and its independence. We welcome, and are the same cultural radicals who joined the club thirty years ago. This is a club for queers, dykes, transgender people, people of color, sex workers, fat people, leather/BDSM people, for people who don’t fit in the queer community easily and people who don’t fit in their gender easily, for gay pride and gay shame. It’s also a place for political radicals and progressives, who want to see a different world for labor, tenants, working people, people of color, and women.     Address: POBox 14574, San Francisco CA 94114-0368     Email: info@milkclub.org     Web: http://www.milkclub.org/     [01 Mar 2015]

Hayes Valley Farm     A community-run farm. Mission is to serve as a community and agricultural hub encouraging San Francisco residents to connect with one another, grow their own food, and learn about sustainable ecological systems. Employing Permaculture design methods, Hayes Valley Farm explores strategies for farming in the urban setting, using minimal inputs, upcycling local waste, replenishing the landscape, and maximizing community involvement and resources.     Address: 450 Laguna Street, San Francisco CA 94102     Email: info@hayesvalleyfarm.com     Web: http://www.hayesvalleyfarm.com     [22 May 2012]

Haymarket Books     A nonprofit, progressive book distributor and publisher, a project of the Center for Economic Research and Social Change. We believe that activists need to take ideas, history, and politics into the many struggles for social justice today. Learning the lessons of past victories, as well as defeats, can arm a new generation of fighters for a better world. As Karl Marx said, “The philosophers have merely interpreted the world; the point however is to change it.”     Web: http://www.haymarketbooks.org/     [01 Dec 2013]

Headwaters Forest Defense vs. County of Humboldt and City of Eureka     This site is about a federal civil rights suit, the infamous pepper spray by Q-tip case that began in 1997. The activists won a unanimous federal jury verdict that officers used excessive force against them in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.     Web: http://www.nopepperspray.org     [30 Jul 2011]

Healing Waters Wilderness Adventures     We offer outdoor trips specifically for people with HIV and AIDS. In 2011, we are conducting a number of participant rafting trips on the South Fork of the American River as well as our Teens Liquid Camp for HIV positive teenagers. Working with qualified volunteers, we work to provide an emotionally and physically safe environment in the outdoors for individuals to take a moment to celebrate living, community and challenge their own beliefs about their strengths and abilities.     Address: 167 Fell Street, San Francisco CA 94102-5106     Voice: (415) 552-1190     Fax: (415) 552-1186     Email: info@hwaters.org     Web: http://www.hwaters.org/     [16 Oct 2011]

Health & Harmony Music & Arts Festival     The festival taking place the second weekend of June each year at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa. The fair is Northern California's largest outdoor multicultural music festival with a crafts fair and an environmental and health exposition featuring over 500 exhibits.     Web: http://www.harmonyfestival.com     [16 Oct 2011]

Health Access Foundation (Oakland office)     HEALTH ACCESS CALIFORNIA is the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition, advocating for the goal of quality, affordable health care for all Californians. HEALTH ACCESS FOUNDATION undertakes community organizing and education, applied research, and policy analysis, and advocates for reform to benefit health care consumers, both insured and uninsured.     Address: 414 13th Street, Suite 450, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 873-8787     Fax: (510) 873-8789     Web: http://www.health-access.org     [25 Aug 2013]

Health Care for All California (HCA)     Dedicated to achieving a universal health care system through single-payer public financing. Our goal is that all California residents will have access to comprehensive, high quality health care. HCA is a statewide non-partisan organization of volunteers. As a 501(c) 4 nonprofit organization with a 501(c) 3 education fund, we are supported by membership dues, donations, and fundraising activities. The HCA board of directors is made up of elected representatives from regional chapters. We encourage all single-payer supporters to become HCA members, and welcome creation of new chapters in under-represented areas of California.     Address: POBox 5833, Novato CA 94948     Voice: (888) 442-4255     Fax: (415) 884-9230     Web: http://www.healthcareforall.org     [16 Nov 2014]

Health Initiative of the Americas (HIA)     Facilitates healthcare access, promotes disease prevention, and broadens insurance coverage; enables cultural competency of health care workers, advocates, researchers, and students; and implements innovative strategies to address unmet health needs of the Latino population living and working in the United States. HIA, a program at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, was established in 2001. The Initiative coordinates and optimizes resources in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru.      Address: 1950 Addison Street, Suite 203, Berkeley CA 94704-2647     Voice: (510) 643-1291     Fax: (510) 642-7861     Email: hia.isa@berkeley.edu     Web: http://hia.berkeley.edu     [25 Aug 2013]

Health Initiatives for Youth (HIFY)     A multicultural organization whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of underserved young people through innovative youth leadership, popular education and advocacy, in pursuit of multi-level social change.     Address: 1550 Market Street, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 274-1970     Fax: (415) 274-1976     Email: info@hify.org     Web: http://www.hify.org     [25 Aug 2012]

HealthRIGHT 360     A family of programs that includes Walden House, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, Asian American Recovery Services, and Rock Medicine.     Address: 1735 Mission Street, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 762-3700     Web: http://www.hafci.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

Healthy Building Network     Mransform the market for building materials to advance the best environmental, health and social practices. The scale of the building materials market is so large -- more than three billion tons of materials per year -- that its transformation to advance the best environmental, health and social practices could decrease, and even begin to reverse, some of the profound negative impacts of the contemporary building industry on the environment, human health and society.     Web: http://www.healthybuilding.net     [26 Apr 2014]

Heart of the City     A gateway to information, resources and ways to take action to fight Bay Area evictions and gentrification. The site was developed and publicized in conjunction with the anti-gentrification spectacle/call to action at the 2013 SF Pride parade and will house future actions and projects focused on fighting tech boom-fueled real estate speculation and displacement.     Web: http://www.heart-of-the-city.org     [09 Jul 2014]

The Heat is Online     A web site based on the book 'The Heat Is On' by Ross Gelbspan (Perseus Books, 1997). Continues to document the evidence for global warming and the pervasive debunking campaign of the fossil fuel industry.     Web: http://www.heatisonline.org     [25 Aug 2013]

Richard Heinberg     Author of ten books, including The Party’s Over, Peak Everything, and The End of Growth, Richard Heinberg is widely regarded as one of the world’s most effective communicators of the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels. With a wry, unflinching approach based on facts and realism, Richard exposes the tenuousness of our current way of life and offers a vision for a truly sustainable future.     Web: http://www.richardheinberg.com/     [26 Feb 2012]

Help the Afghan Children     Committed to educating and empowering a new generation of Afghan children to become proud, productive citizens and future leaders of their country. We believe that investing in children is the best long-term strategy in ending Afghanistan’s continuous conflict, poverty, ignorance, fear and neglect and to establish peace, stability, and prosperity in Afghanistan and beyond its borders.     Web: http://www.helptheafghanchildren.org/     [25 Aug 2012]

Hemp Industries Association (HIA)     Mission is to represent the interests of the hemp industry and to encourage the research and development of new products made from industrial hemp, low-THC oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis. The HIA and HIA Members: * Educate the public about the exceptional attributes of hemp products. * Facilitate the exchange of information and technology between hemp agriculturists, processors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. * Maintain and defend the integrity of hemp products. * Advocate and support socially responsible and environmentally sound business practices.     Web: http://www.thehia.org     [28 Apr 2013]

Hesperian Health Guides     Develops and distributes health materials that provide knowledge for action, and inspire action for health. Our guides are designed in partnership with and for community health workers and others in poor and marginalized communities around the world to prevent and cure disease, and to challenge the social injustices that cause poor health. Beginning with the development of the classic "Where There Is No Doctor" in the mountains of Mexico in the early 1970s, we have collaborated with partners to produce health materials now available in over 80 languages. Hesperian’s expanding digital resource center is open to people around the world to help them customize, translate, and download materials.     Address: 1919 Addison Street, Suite 304, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 845-1447     Fax: (510) 845-9141     Email: hesperian@hesperian.org     Web: http://www.hesperian.org     [16 Oct 2011]

Hidden Villa     A nonprofit educational organization that uses its organic farm, wilderness, and community to teach and provide opportunities to learn about the environment and social justice. Hidden Villa stretches over 1600 acres of open space in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, about 40 miles south of San Francisco. Our mission is to inspire a just and sustainable future through our programs, land and legacy.     Address: 26870 Moody Road, Los Altos Hills CA 94022     Voice: (650) 949-8650     Email: info@hiddenvilla.org     Web: http://www.hiddenvilla.org     [10 Oct 2012]

Hidden Wars of Desert Storm     A documentary film basing itself on documents never seen before on television and backed by interviews of such prominent personalities as Desert Storm Commander General Norman Schwarzkopf, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, former UN Iraq Program Director Denis Halliday, former UNSCOM team-leader Scott Ritter and many others. Grand-Prize winner at the 2000 Cine Eco International Film Festival in Seia, Portugal. 'Hidden Wars' emerges as an uncommonly sober, well researched film of its type.' --- The New York Times.     Web: http://hiddenwars.org     [27 Jan 2013]

Jim Hightower     National radio commentator, writer, public speaker, and author of the book, Swim Against The Current: Even A Dead Fish Can Go With The Flow, Jim Hightower has spent three decades battling the Powers That Be on behalf of the Powers That Ought To Be - consumers, working families, environmentalists, small businesses, and just-plain-folks.     Web: http://www.jimhightower.com/     [16 Oct 2011]

Hills Conservation Network     Latest news on the fight for rational and responsible wildlands management in the East Bay hills.     Address: POBox 5426, Berkeley CA 94705     Email: inquiries@hillsconservationnetwork.org     Web: http://www.hillsconservationnetwork.org     [01 Mar 2015]

Hire-Ability, Inc.     A non-profit vocational services program partnered with San Francisco Department of Public Health and California State Department of Rehabilitation which serves the San Francisco Bay Area community by connecting employers with trained, assessed and pre-qualified employees. We specialize in providing employers with a pool of employees that reflect the diverse and multicultural population of the region. Specifically, we assist employers in achieving their diversity goals by matching them with qualified individuals with disabilities.     Address: 1234 Indiana Street, San Francisco CA 94107     Voice: (415) 282-9675     Fax: (415) 920-6877     Email: office@hire-ability.org     Web: http://www.hire-ability.org     [30 Jul 2011]

The Holdout     An organizing and events space. The Holdout is committed to fighting all forms of hierarchy and oppression including but not limited to the system of Capitalism, white supremacy, racism, ablism, sexism, heteronormativity, ageism, imperialism and authoritarianism. We believe in organizing in a non-hierarchical manner that promotes autonomy, solidarity, grassroots involvement, and the agency of those most affected by each decision. We oppose any state repression of dissent; including surveillance, infiltration, disruption and violence. We are working actively to build relationships and institutions that are based on equality, self-determination, affinity, solidarity, and sustainability.     Address: 2313 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland CA 94612     Email: info@theholdout.org     Web: http://theholdout.org     [29 Mar 2013]

Holy Land Olive Oil     Founded in 2003, Holy Land Olive Oil was started as a follow-up to an all-volunteer project to help Palestinian farmers whose income has been devastated by Israel's policies of closure and its prohibition on the sale of Palestinian olive oil within its territory at the beginning of the year 2000 Intifada. Holy Land Olive Oil is proud to be the first to import Palestinian olive oil into the US. Our mission is to create and sustain a permanent market for Palestinian farmers - in spite of political, logistical, and market economics/ pricing hurdles. For the olive growers, your purchase of their product is an expression of support that is valued a lot more than a handout.     Address: 2930 Domingo Avenue #122, Berkeley CA 94705     Voice: (510) 830-8804     Fax: (206) 203-0515     Email: info@PalestineOliveOil.org     Web: http://www.palestineoliveoil.org     [16 Nov 2014]

Home At Last Rescue (HAL)     Over the past several years, significant strides have been made in reducing the rate of dog and cat euthanasia all across the nation. Home At Last Rescue (HAL) plays an active role in this "no-kill" movement by rescuing animals from city shelters, providing temporary foster care, and bringing these animals to the public for placement in high-quality, loving homes. Historically, HAL has operated primarily in the Berkeley area and has been instrumental in lowering the euthanasia rate in the Berkeley municipal shelter from over 60% three years ago, to under 20% this past year.     Address: POBox 2261, Berkeley CA 94702-0261     Voice: (510) 981-0890     Email: info@homeatlastrescue.org     Web: http://www.homeatlastrescue.org/     [09 Feb 2014]

Homeless Action Center (HAC)     Provides free public benefits advocacy to people who are homeless and mentally ill in Alameda County. In addition to helping clients obtain sustainable income and health insurance, HAC also works with community stakeholders to reduce the harms associated with a lack of housing and healthcare. Combining professionalism and compassion, HAC provides barrier-free legal assistance to the hardest to reach populations.     Address: 3126 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley CA 94705     Voice: (510) 540-0878     Fax: (510) 540-0403     Email: info@homelessactioncenter.org     Web: http://homelessactioncenter.org     [25 Aug 2012]

Homeless Veterans Emergency Housing Facility (HVEHF)     Uniquely combines emergency/treatment beds, transitional housing, and supportive services (such as case management, vocational rehabilitation, mental health and addiction treatment services and housing assistance) in order to serve homeless veterans throughout the Silicon Valley. We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that receives partial funding from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as charitable funding from community organizations and corporations.     Address: 10 Kirk Avenue, San Jose CA 95127     Voice: (408) 533-0228; (408) 533-0226     Fax: (408) 937-1402     Web: http://www.hvehf.org     [16 Nov 2014]

Homes Not Jails     HNJ was formed in 1992 to advocate for the use of vacant and abandoned housing for people who are are homeless. With people literally dying on the sidewalks in front of vacant buildings, housing advocates, homeless advocates, and people who were homeless came together to find ways to utilize vacant buildings.     Web: http://www.sftu.org/hnj.html     [26 Apr 2014]

HOMEY ( Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth)     Mission is to transform the lives of high-risk youth and inspire them to not only choose a path of education, self-sufficiency and non-violence, but also strive towards physical, mental and emotional health. We do this through the youth development practices of skill building, relationship building, youth participation in decision-making, and community involvement.     Address: 1337 Mission Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 861-1600     Fax: (415) 861-3791     Email: info@homey-sf.org     Web: http://www.homeysf.org/     [20 Nov 2012]

HOPE Collaborative (Health for Oakland’s People and Environment)     A community collaborative working towards policy and systems change to promote the health and well-being of families and youth in the most vulnerable communities of East and West Oakland. We work on multiple levels to support community-driven environmental change in the areas of sustainable and equitable food systems, healthy and safe built environments, and community engagement and leadership development.     Address: 221 Oak Street, Suite D, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 444-4221     Email: sabrina@hopecollaborative.net     Web: http://hopecollaborative.net     [10 Oct 2012]

Horizons Foundation     A philanthropic social justice organization, serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community throughout the Bay Area and beyond. For 30 years, we've been meeting the needs, advancing the rights, and celebrating the lives of LGBT people through a diverse range of programs, services, and initiatives. Our innovative work both responds to and anticipates the needs of the community we serve.     Address: 550 Montgomery Street, Suite 700, San Francisco CA 94111     Voice: (415) 398-2333     Fax: (415) 398-4733     Email: info@horizonsfoundation.org     Web: http://www.horizonsfoundation.org     [29 Apr 2012]

Hostelz.com     The most complete database of hostel information available online. The site lists all hostels for free and includes direct contact info for hostels and exclusive photos and reviews.     Web: http://www.hostelz.com/     [16 Feb 2014]

Housing California (HCA)     The only voice in the state Capitol for children, seniors, families, people experiencing homelessness, and everyone who needs a safe, stable affordable place to call home. Since 1988, Housing California has been working to prevent homelessness and increase the variety and supply of safe, stable, accessible, and permanently affordable places to live. Housing California staff accomplishes its goals through education, advocacy, and outreach.     Web: http://www.housingca.org     [16 Oct 2011]

Housing Consortium of the East Bay (HCEB)     Creates inclusive communities for individuals with developmental disabilities or other special needs through quality affordable housing in Alameda and Contra Costa County. HCEB fulfills this mission by providing housing outreach and support services; developing affordable housing, partnering with other nonprofit and for profit companies to secure set-asides within larger rental communities; and owning and operating special needs affordable housing.     Address: 1440 Broadway, Suite 700, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 832-1315     Email: info@hceb.org     Web: http://www.hceb.org/     [16 Nov 2014]

Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco (HRCSF)     A tenants rights organization that offers free counseling for San Francisco tenants in all types of housing, including rent-control, SROs, public housing and Section 8. We've been fighting for the rights of tenants since 1979 when a group of seniors at Old St. Mary's Church came together to organize against condo conversions that were displacing the elderly. Housing Rights Committee counselors provide help to over 5,000 tenants a year, advising them on their rights as renters.     Address: 417 South Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 703-8634     Email: info@hrcsf.org     Web: http://www.hrcsf.org/     [16 Feb 2014]

Hub Berkeley     Designed to facilitate the creation of sustainable impact through collaboration. Whether you are already working on a concrete project, have the first sparks of an innovative idea or just the intention to contribute your time, energy and talent to make a positive difference, The HUB provides a carefully curated experience to help take your initiative to the next level.     Address: 2150 Allston Way, Suite 400, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: 510-649-7700     Web: http://www.hubbayarea.com     [25 Aug 2013]

Hub San Francisco     Address: 901 Mission Street, Suite 105, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 624-5881     Web: http://www.hubbayarea.com     [25 Aug 2013]

Human Rights and the Drug War (HRDW)     A multi-media project that combines the stories and photos of Drug War POWs with facts and figures about the US Drug War, to confront the conscience of the American people and encourage individuals to take action for social justice.     Address: POBox 1716, El Cerrito CA 94530     Voice: (510) 215-8326     Email: mikki@hr95.org     Web: http://www.hr95.org/     [29 Apr 2012]

Human Rights Watch (San Francisco office)     One of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. By focusing international attention where human rights are violated, we give voice to the oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes. Our rigorous, objective investigations and strategic, targeted advocacy build intense pressure for action and raise the cost of human rights abuse. For more than 30 years, Human Rights Watch has worked tenaciously to lay the legal and moral groundwork for deep-rooted change and has fought to bring greater justice and security to people around the world.     Address: 100 Bush Street, Suite 925, San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: (415) 362-3250     Fax: (415) 362-3255     Web: http://www.hrw.org/     [16 Oct 2011]

The Humane Farming Association (HFA)     The nation's most effective organization dedicated to the protection of farm animals. Founded in 1985, and over 250,000 members strong, HFA has gained national recognition and respect for its hard work, integrity, and its highly-successful campaigns. HFA's goals are to protect farm animals from cruelty and abuse, to protect the public from the misuse of antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals used on factory farms, and to protect the environment from the impacts of industrialized animal factories.     Address: POBox 3577, San Rafael CA 94912     Voice: (415) 485 1495     Fax: (415) 485-0106     Email: hfa@hfa.org     Web: http://www.hfa.org     [16 Oct 2011]

Humane Society Silicon Valley     A non-profit Animal Community Center that has been serving people and pets in Santa Clara County for over 80 years. Located in Milpitas we have a low cost vaccine and spay/neuter clinic, affordable dog training classes, educational programs for children and a full service groomer. Our community room can be rented for functions and meetings. Pet supplies and adoptions are also available. All proceeds from our services support our life saving work.     Address: 901 Ames Avenue, Milpitas CA 95035     Voice: (408) 262-2133     Fax: (408) 262-2131     Email: comments@hssv.org     Web: http://www.hssv.org     [25 Aug 2013]

Humanimal Connection, Inc. (HAC)     Mission is to save the lives of homeless or neglected cats and kittens, including those with significant medical needs, feral tendencies, or scheduled for euthanasia by providing them with forever homes. As a no-kill, not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization, the Humanimal Connection is dedicated to addressing the unmet needs of the cat population by connecting humans and animals together.     Address: 27544 Canyon Road, Los Altos CA 94022     Voice: (888) 538-9402 (voicemail)     Email: info@humanimalconnection.com     Web: http://www.humanimalconnection.com     [01 Mar 2015]

Humanist Workers for Revolutionary Socialism (HWRS)     An organization composed primarily of former members of the now-defunct Workers’ Voice organization. We believe that in order to save humanity from the economic chaos, social injustice, and environmental destruction caused by global capitalism, it is necessary to abolish the capitalist system altogether and replace it with a humane, democratically-run planned socialist economy.     Web: http://www.humanistsforrevolutionarysocialism.org/     [16 Oct 2011]

IBON Foundation, Inc.     A research-education-information and advocacy organization set up in 1978. We are a non-stock non-profit development institution committed to serve marginalized sectors. We seek to contribute to people’s empowerment by generating and collecting socio-economic data and analyses, and by disseminating these in the Philippines and abroad. We envision a world and society of prosperity, free from war and strife, free from inequality, bondage and oppression, and where everyone enjoys full sustainable development in all its aspects.     Web: http://www.ibon.org     [16 Oct 2011]

ICCED - IT Services     We believe technology is an integral part of the success of any organization. Through our capacity building role, the Insight Center strives to assist other non-profits with today's technology demands by providing affordable, discounted IT services. Our IT staff has worked exclusively in the non-profit sector for over 7 years and information technology for over 25 years. We embrace the goal of helping you carry out your mission by providing you a wide variety of support from small office setup, desktop support, complete system administration, network design and implementation, and security services.     Address: 1999 Harrison St., Suite 1800, Oakland CA 94612-4700     Voice: (510) 251-2600 x111     Email: blim@insightcced.org     Web: http://www.insightcced.org/our-services/technology.html     [16 Nov 2014]

If Americans Knew     The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s major sources of instability. Americans are directly connected to this conflict, and increasingly imperiled by its devastation. It is the goal of If Americans Knew to provide full and accurate information on this critical issue, and on our power – and duty – to bring a resolution.     Web: http://www.ifamericansknew.org/     [30 Jul 2011]

Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC)     A national, non-profit resource center that provides legal trainings, educational materials, and advocacy to advance immigrant rights. The mission of the ILRC is to work with and educate immigrants, community organizations, and the legal sector to continue to build a democratic society that values diversity and the rights of all people.     Address: 1663 Mission Street, Suite 602, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 255-9792     Fax: (415) 255-9792     Web: http://www.ilrc.org/     [26 Aug 2014]

Impact Bay Area     Teaches effective boundary setting, personal safety, and physical self-defense skills. Our classes are tailored to meet the needs of different ages, genders, and communities. Impact Bay Area is the only place where people can get practical self-defense and personal safety training in a welcoming environment regardless of age, physical fitness, gender, or weight. Our intensive training gives students effective skills that will last them the rest of their lives.     Address: POBox 23831, Oakland CA 94623     Voice: (510) 208-0474     Email: info@impactbayarea.org     Web: http://www.impactbayarea.org/     [16 Nov 2014]

The Impact Fund     Provides strategic leadership and support for litigation to achieve economic and social justice. We provide funds for impact litigation in the areas of civil rights, environmental justice, and poverty law. We offer innovative technical support, training, and expertise on issues that arise in large scale impact litigation. We serve as lead counsel, co-counsel and amicus counsel in select class action and impact litigation.     Address: 125 University Avenue, Suite 102, Berkeley CA 94710     Voice: (510) 845-3473 x301     Fax: (510) 845-3654     Email: impactfund@impactfund.org     Web: http://www.impactfund.org     [25 Aug 2013]

Impact Hub Oakland     Impact Hub Oakland is equal parts inspiring shared working space, entrepreneurial incubator and a membership-based community of socially engaged people, co-working and co-learning. Located in the heart of one of the coolest cities in the United States (move over Brooklyn), we cultivate, support and connect purpose-driven people as they pioneer solutions for a sustainable and equitable world.     Address: 2323 Broadway, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 858-2323     Web: https://oakland.impacthub.net     [05 May 2014]

In Defense of Animals (IDA)     Mission is to end animal exploitation, cruelty, and abuse by protecting and advocating for the rights, welfare, and habitats of animals, as well as to raise their status beyond mere property, commodities, or things.     Address: 3010 Kerner Blvd., San Rafael CA 94901     Voice: (415) 448-0048     Fax: (415) 454-1031     Email: idainfo@idausa.org     Web: http://www.idausa.org     [16 Oct 2011]

In Motion Magazine     A multicultural, online U.S. publication about democracy.     Web: http://www.inmotionmagazine.com/     [16 Oct 2011]

In Search of Good Food     A documentary film tour of California's emerging sustainable food system.     Web: http://insearchofgoodfood.blogspot.com/2009/01/looking-for.html     [20 Nov 2012]

In These Times     An independent, nonprofit magazine, is dedicated to advancing democracy and economic justice, informing movements for a more humane world, and providing an accessible forum for debate about the policies that shape our future.     Web: http://www.inthesetimes.com/     [26 Apr 2014]

InBerkeley     A World-Wide Web page for the city of Berkeley, including the email addresses of city officials and departments, plus pointers to other state and local government information.     Web: http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us     [16 Oct 2011]

Independent Adoption Center (IAC)     A compassionate and dedicated domestic open adoption agency. Since our founding in 1982, the IAC has successfully placed over 4,000 newborns with families in the United States. As a nonprofit agency, the IAC is pleased to acknowledge the ongoing corporate sponsorship of Google Foundation, Salesforce.com, and Vertical Response.     Address: 391 Taylor Blvd., Suite100, Pleasant Hill CA 94523     Voice: (925) 827-2229     Fax: (925) 603-0820     Web: http://www.adoptionhelp.org     [29 Apr 2012]

Independent Arts & Media     Mission is to support local, independent, commercial-free media and arts projects that build community, civic participation and cultural engagement. Media, journalism, the arts and culture are all arenas of social interaction and civic engagement. Yet even in the Internet era, these arenas are closed to public participation due to commercial or institutional barriers. We champion those media producers and culture makers who are doing significant work to advance civic engagement and cultural participation in our communities and our democracy.     Web: http://artsandmedia.net   http://www.newsdesk.org/     [31 Aug 2013]

Independent Media Center     A network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth. We work out of a love and inspiration for people who continue to work for a better world, despite corporate media's distortions and unwillingness to cover the efforts to free humanity.     Web: http://www.indymedia.org/     [16 Nov 2014]

San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center     A non-commercial, democratic collective of bay area independent media makers and media outlets, and serves as the local organizing unit of the global Indymedia network. We strive to provide an information infrastructure for people and opinions who do not have access to the airwaves, tools and resources of corporate media. This includes audio, video, photography, internet distribution and any other communication medium. We support local, regional and global struggles against exploitation and oppression. We function as a non-commercial, non-corporate, anti-capitalist collective.     Web: http://indybay.org     [07 Aug 2011]

Independent Television Service (ITVS)     Brings independently-produced, high-quality public broadcast and new media programs to local, national and international audiences. The independent producers who create ITVS programs take creative risks, tackle complex issues and express points of view seldom explored in the mass media. ITVS programs enrich the cultural landscape with the voices and visions of underrepresented communities, and reflect the interests and concerns of a diverse society.     Address: 651 Brannan Street, Suite 410, San Francisco CA 94107     Voice: (415) 356-8383     Fax: (415) 356-8391     Email: itvs@itvs.org     Web: http://www.itvs.org/     [31 Aug 2013]

India Resource Center     Works to support movements against corporate globalization in India. We provide timely information on transnational corporations to Indian movements. We also educate and mobilize key constituencies in the US and other countries to take action in support of campaigns in India. India Resource Center is a project of Global Resistance. Global Resistance works to strengthen the movement against corporate globalization by supporting and linking local, grassroots struggles against globalization around the world. Our goal is to ensure that those most impacted by globalization are engaged in and at the forefront of the movement against corporate globalization.     Web: http://www.indiaresource.org     [07 Aug 2011]

Indigenous Environmental Network     Formed by grassroots Indigenous peoples and individuals to address environmental and economic justice issues (EJ). IEN's activities include building the capacity of Indigenous communities and tribal governments to develop mechanisms to protect our sacred sites, land, water, air, natural resources, health of both our people and all living things, and to build economically sustainable communities.     Web: http://www.ienearth.org/     [25 Aug 2012]

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW / The Wobblies)     A member-run union for all workers, a union dedicated to organizing on the job, in our industries and in our communities. IWW members are organizing to win better conditions today and build a world with economic democracy tomorrow. We want our workplaces run for the benefit of workers and communities rather than for a handful of bosses and executives.     Web: http://www.iww.org/     [07 Aug 2011]

inequality.org     This site aims to be your portal into all things online related to the income and wealth gaps that so divide us, in the United States and throughout the world. We’ll endeavor, on these inequality.org pages, to point you to news and views that speak to the issues that rising economic inequality raises. And we’ll also spotlight here basic inequality background data as well as the groups and organizations working to research inequality in our world today — and reduce it.     Web: http://www.inequality.org/     [16 Oct 2011]

infoshop.org     An online resource of news, opinion and information on anarchism and many other topics. We are one of the oldest political websites, having been online since 1995. Around 50,000 people each month use our services and read our pages.     Web: http://infoshop.org/     [26 Apr 2014]

Inkworks Press     A leading ecologically and socially conscious offset printer offering a full range of the highest quality green printing services. We print booklets, posters, postcards, flyers, brochures, business suites, envelopes and more; all with vegetable oil based inks, recycled paper and union labor. Inkworks is organized as a democratically run worker collective.     Address: 2827 Seventh Street (three blocks north of Ashby), Berkeley CA 94710     Voice: (510) 845-7111     Fax: (510) 845-6753     Email: inkworks@inkworkspress.org     Web: http://www.inkworkspress.org/     [29 Apr 2012]

Inner City Advisors     Works tirelessly with entrepreneurs, advisors, employees and sponsors to create a more equitable and impactful economic ecosystem in the Bay Area. Our unique approach has developed many amazing companies who have created good jobs for local residents. By educating, advising, and investing in small business owners, ICA improves communities by providing good local jobs to people with high barriers to employment.     Address: 283 Fourth Street, Suite 101, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 271-0142     Email: info@innercityadvisors.org     Web: http://www.innercityadvisors.org/#ica     [30 Aug 2014]

InnVision Shelter Network (IVSN)     The leading provider of shelter/housing and supportive services across Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula. IVSN operates 18 sites from San Jose to Daly City, providing emergency, transitional, and permanent supportive housing, along with an extensive array of supportive resources to help clients secure a place to call home. IVSN serves thousands of homeless clients annually through its “Beyond the Bed” services—a proven model that delivers a 90% success rate in returning program graduates to permanent housing and self-sufficiency.     Address: 181 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park CA 94025     Voice: (650) 685-5880     Fax: (650) 685-5881     Web: http://www.innvision.org     [01 Dec 2013]

Insight Center for Community Economic Development (ICCED)     A a national research, consulting, and legal organization dedicated to building economic health in vulnerable communities. The Insight Center envisions a nation where all people have access to the resources, opportunities and support they need to help them realize their potential and achieve economic security. We envision a nation of individuals and families with sufficient income, quality education, decent and affordable housing and health care, child and elder care, a safe environment, and savings and other economic assets. We see a society that recognizes the value, dignity and creative potential of the overlooked and underappreciated. Success on this scale will make us all richer and is the moral thing to do, consistent with the values of our democracy.     Address: 1999 Harrison St., Suite 1800, Oakland CA 94612-4700     Voice: (510) 251-2600     Fax: (510) 251-0600     Email: info@insightcced.org     Web: http://www.insightcced.org     [16 Nov 2014]

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)     Works locally and globally at the intersection of policy and practice to ensure fair and sustainable food, farm and trade systems.     Web: http://www.iatp.org     [26 Aug 2014]

Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA)     A technological research and development organization dedicated to the cause of individual and collective self-determination. Our mission is to study the forces and structures which affect self-determination and to provide technologies which extend the autonomy of human activists.     Web: http://www.appliedautonomy.com/     [16 Nov 2014]

Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH)     We strive to work with the peo­ple of Haiti in their non-violent strug­gle for the con­sol­i­da­tion of con­sti­tu­tional democ­racy, jus­tice and human rights, by dis­trib­ut­ing objec­tive and accu­rate infor­ma­tion on human rights con­di­tions in Haiti, pur­su­ing legal cases, and coop­er­at­ing with human rights and sol­i­dar­ity groups in Haiti and abroad. IJDH draws on its founders’ internationally-acclaimed suc­cess accom­pa­ny­ing Haiti’s poor major­ity in the fields of law, med­i­cine and social jus­tice activism. We seek the restora­tion of the rule of law and democ­racy in the short term, and work for the long-term sus­tain­able change nec­es­sary to avert Haiti’s next crisis.     Web: http://www.ijdh.org/     [29 Apr 2012]

Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR)     Mission is to provide innovative strategies, working models and timely information to support environmentally sound and equitable community development. To this end, ILSR works with citizens, activists, policymakers and entrepreneurs to design systems, policies and enterprises that meet local or regional needs; to maximize human, material, natural and financial resources; and to ensure that the benefits of these systems and resources accrue to all local citizens.     Web: http://www.ilsr.org/     [31 Aug 2013]

Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)     A community of public scholars and organizers linking peace, justice, and the environment in the U.S. and globally. We work with social movements to promote true democracy and challenge concentrated wealth, corporate influence, and military power.      Web: http://www.ips-dc.org/   http://www.seen.org/     [22 Oct 2011]

Institute for Population Studies (HowMany.org)     Works to raise public awareness by: Exploring the links among population growth, environmental challenges (including global warming, urban sprawl, water rights, species extinction, and energy consumption) and social issues (particularly women's rights and access to contraceptives). Encouraging and facilitating popular discussion about how population and the environment interact and about the complex links between population growth, poverty and inequality. Channeling funding toward education and research about population, the environment and family planning.     Address: 1400 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 9, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (510) 848-9062     Email: info@howmany.org     Web: http://HowMany.org     [26 Aug 2014]

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)     Increases the reach and capacity of progressive and grassroots organizations (at no cost to them) to address public policy by getting them and their ideas into the mainstream media. IPA gains media access for those whose voices are commonly excluded or drowned out by government or corporate-backed institutions. As a national consortium of independent public-policy researchers, analysts and activists, IPA widens media exposure for progressive perspectives on many issues including the environment, human rights, foreign policy, and economic justice.     Address: 65 Ninth Street, Suite 3, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 552-5378     Fax: (415) 552-6787     Email: institute[at]igc.org     Web: http://www.accuracy.org/     [22 Oct 2011]

Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT)     A world leader in educating policy makers and the public about genetically modified (GM) foods and crops. We investigate and report their risks and impact on health, environment, the economy, and agriculture, as well as the problems associated with current research, regulation, corporate practices, and reporting.     Web: http://www.responsibletechnology.org     [01 Dec 2013]

Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)     Works with cities worldwide to bring about sustainable transport solutions that cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce poverty, and improve the quality of urban life. Cities throughout the world, primarily in developing countries, engage ITDP to provide technical advice on improving their transport systems. ITDP uses its know-how to influence policy and raise awareness globally of the role sustainable transport plays in tackling green house gas emissions, poverty and social inequality. This combination of pragmatic delivery with influencing policy and public attitudes defines our approach. Most recently, ITDP has been instrumental in designing and building the best bus rapid transit systems in the world.     Web: http://www.itdp.org     [22 Oct 2011]

Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)     A nonprofit research, education, and membership organization whose mission is supporting individual and collective transformation through consciousness research, educational outreach, and engaging a global learning community in the realization of our human potential. “Noetic” comes from the Greek word nous, which means “intuitive mind” or “inner knowing.” IONS™ conducts, sponsors, and collaborates on leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness, exploring phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor.     Address: 101 San Antonio Road, Petaluma CA 94952     Voice: (707) 775-3500     Fax: (707) 781-7420     Email: info@noetic.org     Web: http://www.noetic.org     [31 Aug 2013]

Institute of Urban Homesteading     A gathering place to research, ferment and learn together. We feature small class sizes and experiential learning. Baasd in Oakland, California. Our mission is to * Offer affordable classes in the art of living in an urban environment * Preserve a slower, more intentional, more sustainable and more pleasurable way of life * Rescue the lost arts of the garden, the kitchen and things done by hand * Imbue everyday tasks with wonder and beauty * Promote self-determination and the ability of each person to educate themselves     Web: http://www.iuhoakland.com     [26 Aug 2014]

Instituto Laboral de La Raza     Provides labor rights education and advocacy to serve the needs of low income workers and their families. We deliver services, peer counseling, financial education and access to a network of services, all at no charge, 7 days a week. The thousands of workers we serve annually are from Mexico, Central America, Southeast Asia and the United States, and we serve many indigenous (native) peoples throughout the Americas as well.     Address: 2947 16th Street (near Capp, between Mission and South Van Ness), San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 431-7522     Fax: (415) 431-4846     Email: info@ilaboral.org     Web: http://www.ilaboral.org     [26 Apr 2014]

Intentional Communities Web Page     Your source for community information Intentional Community is an inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing communities, residential land trusts, communes, co-ops, housing cooperatives, and other projects where people strive together with a common vision. This website serves the communities' movement by providing resources for starting, finding, or living in community, and creating more community in your life.     Web: http://www.ic.org/     [31 Aug 2013]

Inter Press Service (IPS)     Information is an agent of change. Since its inception, back in 1964, IPS has believed in the role of information as a precondition for lifting communities out of poverty and marginalization. This belief is reflected in our historic mission: “giving a voice to the voiceless”– acting as a communication channel that privileges the voices and the concerns of the poorest and creates a climate of understanding, accountability and participation around development, promoting a new international information order between the South and the North.     Web: http://www.ipsnews.net     [19 Sep 2012]

Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights (ICIR)     ICIR was founded in 1993, in the wake of the passage of Proposition 187, by California religious leaders from diverse faith traditions to call together people of faith to promote the rights, fair treatment, and dignity of all iimmigrants regardless of their immigration status. Rooted in the shared religious principles that all people have inherent worth and potential regardless of education, national origin, citizenship, or legal status, ICIR works for a healthy, inclusive California where all people are welcome and have access to full participation in the life of the community.     Address: 1814 Franklin Street #325, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (415) 227-0388     Fax: (415) 543-0442     Email: DLee@clueca.org     Web: http://icir-clue.blogspot.com/     [29 Apr 2012]

Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP)     Founded after the 9/11 tragedy by faith leaders from Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and other traditions who say 'Religious Communities Must Stop Blessing War...'. ICUJP promotes critical examination of the costs of violence and war at home and in the world from the Faith perspective. We insist on respect for human rights, international law and the use of peaceful means in the resolution of conflicts.     Web: http://www.icujp.org/     [31 Aug 2013]

International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition (San Francisco chapter) (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism)     A coalition of hundreds of organizations and prominent individuals and scores of organizing centers in cities and towns across the country. Its national steering committee represents major national organizations that have campaigned against U.S. intervention in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia, and organizations that have campaigned for civil rights and for social and economic justice for working and poor people inside the United States.     Address: 2969 Mission Street, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 821-6545     Email: answer@answersf.org     Web: http://www.answercoalition.org   http://www.votenowar.org     [16 Feb 2014]

International Accountability Project     Challenges destructive development projects that uproot and impoverish millions of people across the Global South. Working with grassroots and international partners, IAP advocates for international policies that respect the rights and livelihoods of people threatened by unjust development and supports communities to hold their ground and defend their homes, environment and human rights.     Address: 2201 Broadway, Suite 508, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 281-9024     Email: iap@accountabilityproject.org     Web: http://www.accountabilityproject.org/     [02 Feb 2013]

International Action Center (San Francisco Office) (IAC)     Committed to the building broad-based grassroots coalitions to oppose to U.S. wars abroad while fighting against racism and economic exploitation of workers here at home. With every mobilization or campaign, the IAC strives to draw from the leadership, connect the struggles, and bring together communities of color, women, lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, youth and students, immigrant and workers' organizations in order build a progressive movement for social justice and change.     Address: 2940 16th Street #207, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 561-9752     Web: http://www.iacenter.org     [29 Apr 2012]

International Bicycle Fund     A non-governmental, nonprofit, advocacy organization, providing information and resources promoting sustainable transport and international understanding to make this planet a healthier and happier place to live. Major areas of activity are non-motorized urban planning, economic development, bike safety education, responsible travel and bicycle tourism, and cross-cultural, educational programs.     Web: http://www.ibike.org/     [22 Oct 2011]

International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC)     Formed to provide the expertise and capacity needed to save oiled aquatic birds in emergency situations. Our highly trained staff and dedicated volunteers ensure that each bird receives expert and compassionate care.     Address: 4369 Cordelia Road, Fairfield CA 94534     Voice: (707) 207-0380     Fax: (707) 207-0395     Web: http://www.ibrrc.org/     [02 Feb 2013]

International Campaign for Justice In Bhopal (bhopal.net)     A coalition that is comprised of survivors of the disaster, international volunteers, and environmental, social justice and human rights groups. Using education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action, ICJB works to hold Dow Chemical and the Indian Government accountable for the ongoing chemical disaster in Bhopal, India. Through empowering and advising campaigners in this worldwide movement, ICJB strives to further the Bhopalis’ demands for justice. ICJB is led by half a dozen Bhopal survivor organizations working in close alliance with coalition members in India, Canada, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.     Web: http://www.bhopal.net     [16 Nov 2014]

International Campaign for Tibet (ICT)     Works to promote human rights and self-determination for Tibetans and to protect their culture and environment.     Web: http://www.savetibet.org/     [22 Oct 2011]

International Campaign to Ban Landmines     A global network in over 100 countries that works for a world free of antipersonnel landmines, where landmine survivors can lead fulfilling lives. The Campaign was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of its efforts to bring about the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. Since then, we have been advocating for the words of the treaty to become a reality, demonstrating on a daily basis that civil society has the power to change the world.     Web: http://www.icbl.org/     [31 Aug 2013]

International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)     A global research institute with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and regional offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and New Delhi, India. Our research evidence identifies women’s contributions as well as the obstacles that prevent them from being economically strong and able to fully participate in society. ICRW translates these insights into a path of action that honors women’s human rights, ensures gender equality and creates the conditions in which all women can thrive.     Web: http://www.icrw.org/     [16 Feb 2014]

International Development Exchange (IDEX)     Since its founding in 1985, IDEX has supported more than 500 grassroots, community-led projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Annually, IDEX's partners serve approximately 1.2 million people in impoverished communities, including marginalized women, small farmers, indigenous communities, low-income urban residents, sexual and ethnic minorities, and youth.     Address: 333 Valencia Street, Suite 250, San Francisco CA 94103-3547     Voice: (415) 824-8384     Fax: (415) 824-8387     Email: info@idex.org     Web: http://www.idex.org     [23 Nov 2014]

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)     Seeks sustainable solutions for ending hunger and poverty. Founded in 1975, IFPRI is a member of the CGIAR Consortium, a global research partnership for a food secure future. Mission is to achieve sustainable food security and reduce poverty in developing countries through scientific research and research-related activities in the fields of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fisheries, policy, and natural resources management.     Web: http://www.ifpri.org/     [23 Nov 2014]

International Forum on Globalization (IFG)     A North-South research and educational institution composed of leading activists, economists, scholars, and researchers providing analysis and critiques on the cultural, social, political, and environmental impacts of economic globalization. Formed in 1994, the IFG came together out of shared concern that the world's corporate and political leadership was rapidly restructuring global politics and economics on a level that was as historically significant as any period since the Industrial Revolution. Yet there was almost no discussion or even recognition of this new "free market," or "neoliberal" model, or of the institutions and agreements enforcing this system—the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other such bureaucracies. In response, the IFG began to stimulate new thinking, joint activity, and public education about this rapidly rising economic paradigm.     Address: 1009 General Kennedy Avenue #2, San Francisco CA 94129     Voice: (415) 561-7650     Fax: (415) 561-7651     Email: ifg@ifg.org     Web: http://www.ifg.org     [22 Oct 2011]

International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)     A leading international organization dedicated to human rights advocacy on behalf of people who experience discrimination or abuse on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.     Web: http://www.iglhrc.org     [16 Feb 2014]

International Indian Treaty Council (IITC)     An organization of Indigenous Peoples from North, Central, South America and the Pacific working for the Sovereignty and Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples and the recognition and protection of Indigenous Rights, Traditional Cultures and Sacred Lands. Seeks, promotes and builds official participation of Indigenous Peoples in the United Nations and its specialized agencies, as well as other international forums.     Address: The Redstone Building, 2940 16th Street, Suite 305, San Francisco CA 94103-3664     Voice: (415) 641-4482     Fax: (415) 641-1298     Email: alberto@treatycouncil.org   mark@treatycouncil.org   andrea@treatycouncil.org     Web: http://www.treatycouncil.org     [22 Oct 2011]

International Institute of Bengal and Himalayan Basins (IIBHB)     Works on water, environmental and ecological issues in Bengal Basin. IIBHB also supports educational, health, housing and human rights in Bengal Basin as well as in other areas where its services are needed. IIBB hopes to use its Bengal Basin experience as a working model for emerging economies. Founded by Dr. Rash B. Ghosh, a Bengali-American scientist, the Institute has attracted a wide range of experts who are ready to assist IIBHB in finding solutions to the various problems that exist throughout the Bengal Basin. The IIBHB is headquartered in Berkeley, California, with chapters in England, Bangladesh and India.     Address: 2509 McGee Avenue, Berkeley CA 94703     Voice: (510) 841-3253     Email: IIBengalBasin@gmail.com     Web: http://www.nvo.com/ghosh_research     [20 Nov 2012]

International Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA)     Welcomes, educates and serves immigrants, refugees and their families as they join and contribute to the community. With its five offices throughout the Bay Area that provide legal immigration and other services, as well as through its collaborative efforts with local and regional service providers, IIBA effectively serves immigrants and their families. We offer immigrants the information and assistance they need to understand and exercise their rights and responsibilities. Because of IIBA’s services, more immigrant families obtain stable immigration status in the United States.     Address: 657 Mission Street, Suite 301, San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 538-8100 x206     Fax: (415) 538-8111     Email: aquintanilla@iibayarea.org     Web: http://www.iibayarea.org/     [11 May 2014]

International Labor Organization (ILO)     A evoted to promoting social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights, pursuing its founding mission that labour peace is essential to prosperity. Today, the ILO helps advance the creation of decent work and the economic and working conditions that give working people and business people a stake in lasting peace, prosperity and progress. Its tripartite structure provides a unique platform for promoting decent work for all women and men. Its main aims are to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues.     Web: http://www.ilo.org/     [16 Feb 2014]

International Labor Rights Fund (ILRF)     An advocacy organization dedicated to achieving just and humane treatment for workers worldwide.     Web: http://www.laborrights.org/     [16 Feb 2014]

International Media Project (National Radio Project)     An independent, non-profit organization committed to investigative journalism, in-depth critical analysis, the promotion of civic participation and the dissemination of educational material. Its core focus is National Radio Project, the team that creates Making Contact. Heightens public consciousness, broadens debate on critical social issues and encourages civic participation, by giving voice to diverse perspectives and opinions underrepresented in the mass media. Our goal is to produce media that informs, inspires, and moves people to take action.     Address: 1714 Franklin Street #100-251, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 251-1332     Web: http://www.radioproject.org/     [25 Dec 2012]

International Museum of Women (I.M.O.W.)     An innovative online museum that showcases art, stories and ideas to celebrate, inspire and advance the lives of women around the world. We are a global online community of 600,000 annual unique visitors and a participant base of 10,000 artistic content contributors, 40,000 e-news subscribers, 6,000 Facebook fans and 3,000 Twitter followers from more than 200 countries worldwide. IMOW is governed by a local Board of Directors of business and community leaders and receives strategic guidance from a Global Council that includes Mary Robinson, Zainab Salbi and Eve Ensler.     Address: POBox 190038, San Francisco CA 94119-0038     Voice: (415) 543-4669     Fax: (415) 543-4668     Email: info@imow.org     Web: http://www.imow.org     [26 Feb 2012]

International NGO Campaign on Export Credit Agencies (ECA Watch)     An organizing and outreach mechanism of the larger international campaign to reform Export Credit Agencies (ECAs). Organizations participating in the campaign include non-governmental organizations and bodies working on issues related to the environment, development, human rights, community, labor, and anti-corruption.     Web: http://www.eca-watch.org/     [22 Oct 2011]

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)     A non-partisan federation of national medical groups in 62 countries, representing tens of thousands of doctors, medical students, other health workers, and concerned citizens who share the common goal of creating a more peaceful and secure world freed from the threat of nuclear annihilation.     Web: http://www.ippnw.org/     [16 Feb 2014]

International Rivers     Since 1985, International Rivers has been at the heart of the global struggle to protect rivers and the rights of communities that depend on them. We work with an international network of dam-affected people, grassroots organizations, environmentalists, human rights advocates and others who are committed to stopping destructive river projects and promoting better options. We seek a world where healthy rivers and the rights of local communities are valued and protected. We envision a world where water and energy needs are met without degrading nature or increasing poverty, and where people have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives.     Address: 2054 University Avenue, Suite 300 (at Oxford), Berkeley CA 94704-2644     Voice: (510) 848-1155     Fax: (510) 848-1008     Web: http://www.internationalrivers.org     [11 May 2014]

International Socialist Organization (ISO)     The ISO has branches across the country. Our members are involved in helping to build a number of struggles: the movement to stop the war on Iraq, fights against racism and anti-immigrant scapegoating, the struggle for women's rights like the right to choose abortion, opposing anti-gay bigotry, and standing up for workers' rights. We are committed to building a left alternative to a world of war, racism and poverty.     Web: http://www.internationalsocialist.org     [25 Dec 2012]

International Society for Ecology & Culture (ISEC)     A non-profit organization promotes locally based alternatives to the global consumer culture. ISEC is dedicated to the revitalization of cultural and biological diversity, and the strengthening of local communities and economies worldwide. Our emphasis is on education for action: moving beyond single issues to look at the more fundamental influences that shape our lives.     Address: POBox 9475, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (510) 548-4915     Email: infousa@isec.org.uk     Web: http://www.isec.org.uk     [31 Aug 2013]

International Solidarity Movement (ISM)     A Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the long-entrenched and systematic oppression and dispossession of the Palestinian population, using non-violent, direct-action methods and principles. Founded in August 2001, ISM aims to support and strengthen the Palestinian popular resistance by being immediately alongside Palestinians in olive groves, on school runs, at demonstrations, within villages being attacked, by houses being demolished or where Palestinians are subject to consistent harassment or attacks from soldiers and settlers as well as numerous other situations.     Web: http://www.palsolidarity.org     [31 Aug 2013]

Northern California International Solidarity Movement (NorCal ISM)     The Northern California branch of the Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land using nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles. Founded in August, 2001, ISM aims to support and strengthen the Palestinian popular resistance by providing the Palestinian people with international protection and a voice with which to nonviolently resist an overwhelming military occupation force.     Address: 405 Vista Heights Road, El Cerrito CA 94530     Voice: (510) 236-4250     Web: http://www.ism-norcal.org/     [16 Feb 2014]

International Vegetarian Union (IVU)     A non-profit organization with membership open to any non-profit organization that advocates vegetarianism and is governed exclusively by vegetarians The aim of the IVU is to promote vegetarianism throughout the world.     Web: http://www.ivu.org     [22 Oct 2011]

International Women's Democracy Center     Established in 1995 to strengthen women’s global leadership through training, education, networking and research with a focus on increasing the participation of women leaders in politics, policy and decision making within their own governments. By ensuring that women worldwide have the necessary tools and skills to participate in all levels of governance, IWDC’s commitment to work in partnership with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world responds to the increasing need of women leaders to acquire the technical skills and leadership tools so critical to their leadership roles in the new millennium.     Web: http://www.iwdc.org/     [22 Oct 2011]

Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (Pastors for Peace)     A special ministry of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, and was created in 1988 to pioneer the delivery of humanitarian aid to Latin America and the Carribean. Many thousands of people have participated since our founding in more than 40 caravans to Mexico and Central America, 16 to Cuba and many delegations and work brigades.     Web: http://www.ifconews.org/     [25 Aug 2012]

Intersection for the Arts     A pioneering arts and community development organization that brings people together across boundaries to instigate break-through change. Intersection’s programs emphasize relationships, collaboration, and process. We work with hundreds of artists through residencies, commissions, fellowships, performances, exhibitions, workshops and public art projects. We emphasize the creative process, provide significant research and development support, build strong partnerships, and offer robust community engagement activities to provide artists with room to collaborate across silos, explore and push boundaries.     Address: 925 Mission Street, Suite 109, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 626-2787; (415) 626-2787 x109 (box office)     Fax: (415) 626-1636     Web: http://www.theintersection.org     [02 Feb 2013]

Intertribal Friendship House (IFH)     Founded by the American Friends Service Committee to serve the needs of American Indian people relocated from reservations to the SF Bay Area. Originally created as a community center, IFH expanded into social services when staff became concerned about the lack of resources for American Indian people as they faced the challenges of displacement from their native lands. IFH has served as the Urban Reservation and Homeland for all urban Natives, but its doors are open to all community members in need of assistance and who desire respectful connection to and understanding of Native cultures.     Address: 523 International Blvd., Oakland CA 94606     Voice: (510) 836-1955     Web: http://www.ifhurbanrez.org     [16 Oct 2012]

IP Justice     An international civil liberties organization that promotes balanced intellectual property law. The organization’s focus is on international treaties, directives, and other trade agreements that address intellectual property rights or impact freedom of expression guarantees.     Address: 1192 Haight Street, San Francisco CA 94117     Voice: (415) 553-6261     Fax: (415) 462-6451     Email: robin@ipjustice.org     Web: http://ipjustice.org/     [16 Feb 2014]

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers     A film that tells the story of what happens to everyday Americans when corporations go to war. Takes you inside the lives of soldiers, truck drivers, widows and children who have been changed forever as a result of profiteering in the reconstruction of Iraq.     Web: http://iraqforsale.org/     [16 Feb 2014]

iReuse     Cutting financial and environmental costs can improve your bottom line, and there’s no shortage of information about how to “go green”. But with so many ideas, how do you know where to focus your efforts to make the biggest impact? iReuse is sustainability made simple. We provide you with a clear roadmap to achieve measured results, and are committed to complete transparency in our process.     Address: 1050 North Gate Drive, Suite 550, San Rafael CA 94903     Email: info@ireuse.com     Web: http://www.ireuse.com     [01 Mar 2015]

Island Press     Works to provide the best ideas and information in the field to those seeking to understand and protect the environment and create solutions to its complex problems. Our publications are backed by coordinated campaigns to deliver their messaging in print, in person, and online using the latest electronic media tools and outlets. As the methods of information delivery evolve, so will the way Island Press provides solutions and inspiration to policymakers, practitioners, scientists, students, and activists.     Web: http://www.islandpress.org/     [16 Feb 2014]

J Street     J Street is the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans fighting for the future of Israel as the democratic homeland of the Jewish people. We believe that Israel’s Jewish and democratic character depend on a two-state solution, resulting in a Palestinian state living alongside Israel in peace and security. Rooted in our commitment to Jewish and democratic values, J Street is redefining what it means to be pro-Israel in America. We are changing the U.S. political dynamics around Israel by mobilizing broad support for a two-state solution because it’s in Israel’s and America’s interest. And we are expanding support for Israel by affirming — along with many Israelis — that being pro-Israel doesn’t require supporting every policy of its government.     Web: http://www.jstreet.org/     [26 Aug 2014]

Jane Goodall Institute (JGI)     Seeks to: * Improve global understanding and treatment of great apes through research, public education and advocacy * Contribute to the preservation of great apes and their habitats by combining conservation with education and promotion of sustainable livelihoods in local communities * Create a worldwide network of young people who have learned to care deeply for their human community, for all animals and for the environment, and who will take responsible action to care for them     Web: http://www.janegoodall.org/     [28 Apr 2013]

JASecon (Just. Alternative. Sustainable. economics)     We aspire to support the San Francisco Bay Area as a model of a truly sustainable and just, grassroots local economy. We envision many different kinds of economic projects: from urban farms to worker cooperatives, land trusts to community currencies blossoming in the region and working together to create a strong and resilient economy that provides for all while healing the Earth. We understand the primary importance of economic decentralization, relocalization, democratization, and inclusion of many diverse perspectives, especially voices of those that have been excluded from the mainstream economy.     Web: http://www.jasecon.org     [25 Jan 2013]

Jewish Community Center of the East Bay (JCCEB)     Provides a comfortable and warm gathering place for Jews wishing to affirm their cultural and ethnic origins. Our members and visitors represent all facets of the Jewish community and many are unaffiliated with other Jewish organizations or synagogues. All programs emphasize and celebrate Jewish values and culture, and are open to everyone. Together, with an active Board of Directors, our dedicated staff, and our strong and active volunteer teams work together to build a strong community.     Address: 1414 Walnut Street, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (510) 848-0237     Email: info@jcceastbay.org     Web: http://jcceastbay.org/     [01 Mar 2015]

Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)     Envisions a more just society by sustaining a strong and vibrant Jewish community in the United States and in Israel, and by enhancing that strength through collaboration with other communities. Toward this end, JCRC's mission is to educate and advocate on issues of vital importance to the organized Jewish community based on consensus, civility and an expanded commitment to living Jewish values of social justice.     Address: 121 Steuart Street, #301, San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 957-1551     Fax: (415) 979-0981     Email: info@jcrc.org     Web: http://www.jcrc.org/     [27 May 2012]

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)     Jewish Voice for Peace members are inspired by Jewish tradition to work together for peace, social justice, equality, human rights, respect for international law, and a U.S. foreign policy based on these ideals. JVP opposes anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-Arab bigotry and oppression. JVP seeks an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem; security and self-determination for Israelis and Palestinians; a just solution for Palestinian refugees based on principles established in international law; an end to violence against civilians; and peace and justice for all peoples of the Middle East.     Address: 1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 1020 (at 16th Street), Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 465-1777     Fax: (510) 465-1616     Email: info@jvp.org     Web: http://www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org     [23 Nov 2014]

Jewish Youth for Community Action (JYCA)     A Jewish leadership training program for young people who want to work for social change. Participants in the program develop leadership skills, explore contemporary social issues and perform community organizing and service. The three main structural components of the program are Leadership Training Series, Weekend Retreats and Community Action.     Voice: (510) 547-2424 x110     Email: info@jyca-justice.org     Web: http://www.jyca-justice.org     [07 Aug 2011]

Jobs with Justice (JwJ)     Builds long-term, formal coalitions of organizations and individuals. These lasting relationships help build the power needed to win real changes in the lives of working families & our communities. As a national network of local coalitions, Jobs with Justice is ideally placed to run national campaigns that are based in the grassroots. Our national office can coordinate collective action that magnifies our local coalitions' individual impact.     Web: http://www.jwj.org/     [27 May 2012]

John F. Kennedy University (JFKU)     With nationally recognized programs, John F. Kennedy University offers innovative and flexible higher education opportunities to enable you to achieve success in your professional and personal goals. Founded in 1964, JFK University is a fully accredited, nonprofit private university in the San Francisco Bay area and a member of the National University System. The University offers undergraduate-completion programs, graduate and doctorate degrees, and certificates in the fields of psychology, law, management, liberal arts, holistic studies, and museum studies.     Address: 100 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill CA 94523-4817     Web: http://www.jfku.edu     [11 May 2014]

JoinCalifornia Elections Archive     Since 2004, JoinCalifornia.com has grown into the largest online archive of California election results. We work continually to keep our candidate biographies updated with current information. Our records currently include state legislative races since 1898 and federal offices going back to 1849. This information includes 13,634 candidates running in 24,813 races in 516 elections.     Web: http://www.joincalifornia.com     [11 May 2014]

Joint Assistance Centre     US-based 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance and support to community development projects in South and Southeast Asian countries by providing volunteers, funding, child sponsorships, scholarships, and educational resources.     Address: POBox 6082, San Pablo CA 94806     Voice: (510) 423-5321     Email: jacusa@juno.com     Web: http://www.jacusa.org     [08 Sep 2012]

Journey Free - Resources for Recovery from Harmful Religion     We are a small group working to provide help to people coping with Religious Trauma Syndrome and more broadly, seeking to educate the public about this pervasive problem. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where our director, Dr. Marlene Winell, has her consulting practice, and where most of our recovery retreats are held. Dr. Winell has written the leading self-help book about recovering from religious harm and has been working in this area for 20 years. Last year, she named Religious Trauma Syndrome as a kind of PTSD and began speaking and publishing on the subject.     Web: http://journeyfree.org     [29 Aug 2011]

Jubilee USA Network     An alliance of more than 75 US organizations, 400 faith communities and 50 Jubilee global partners. Jubilee is building an economy that serves, protects and promotes participation of the most vulnerable. Jubilee has won critical global financial reforms and more than $130 billion in debt relief for the world's poorest people.     Web: http://www.jubileeusa.org/     [17 Feb 2014]

Juma Ventures     A national, award-winning youth development program serving more than 1,200 low-income students in six cities — New Orleans, New York, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. Juma's program combines employment in social enterprises, college preparation, and financial asset building to create a safe, supportive community where low-income youth can achieve their dreams of a college education. Since 1993, Juma has helped more than 4,000 young people earn more than $4 million in wages and save more than $2 million for higher education.     Address: 131 Steuart Street, Suite 201, San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 371-0727     Fax: (415) 371-1634     Email: marcs@juma.org     Web: http://www.jumaventures.org/     [11 May 2014]

Just Cause Law Collective     We represent criminal defendants, as well as victims of police misconduct.In addition, we provide educational workshops and materials.Most of our work is in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we occasionally handle cases in other parts of California.     Address: 324 Myrtle Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060     Voice: (510) 396-8427     Email: justcause@lawcollective.org     Web: http://www.lawcollective.org/     [25 Aug 2012]

JustHealth (CCHCC)     Mission is to create a just healthcare system in the U.S.. JustHealth works to accomplish this by: Being an advocate for consumers and providers in every available forum; Taking action to protect consumers and providers from dangerous, deceptive, dishonest, unfair or unlaw ful conduct; Proposing and supporting legislation and regulations that will foster a just healthcare system; and Educating the public about the true state of the current healthcare system.     Address: 1275 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa CA 95404     Voice: (888) 225-2686     Fax: (707) 539-3142     Web: http://justhealthnow.org     [31 Aug 2013]

Justice In Nigeria Now! (JINN)     A San Francisco-based organization working in solidarity with communities in Nigeria and allies in the U.S. to promote peace and corporate accountability and to ensure that extractive industries operate in a manner that respects human rights, protects the environment and enhances community livelihood.     Address: POBox 11470, Oakland CA 94611     Voice: (415) 575-5521     Email: info@justiceinnigerianow.org     Web: http://justiceinnigerianow.org     [20 Nov 2012]

Justice Matters     Works to build and support a national racial justice movement working towards transformative education for students of color – and to develop and advocate for a racial justice policy agenda in local schools and on a national level.     Address: 436 14th Street, Suite 700, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 834-2500     Email: info@justicematters.org     Web: http://www.justicematters.org/     [11 May 2014]

JVS (Jewish Vocational Service)     JVS transforms lives by helping people build skills and find jobs to achieve self-sufficiency. We believe that through work, people experience self-worth and dignity – everything they need to support themselves and their families and contribute to our community. JVS offers job training and employment placement services for job seekers from all walks of life who turn to JVS for support and guidance. Our training, programs and resources can help anyone build in-demand skills and confidence, make connections and find jobs. Over the past 40 years, JVS has helped nearly 75,000 people find hope, get to work and transform their lives.     Address: 225 Bush Street (West entrance), Suite 400, San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: (415) 391-3600     Fax: (415) 391-3617     Email: info@jvs.org     Web: http://www.jvs.org/     [16 Feb 2014]

Kahl Consultants     We are an internet consulting firm offering a full spectrum of small business web services, including design, maintenance, content management (CMS), marketing (SEO/SEM), ecommerce and hosting. Our customers include a large number of social and environmental organizations. We also do pro bono work for local nonprofits (such as Earth Island Institute and several of its various projects). Our business is approved as a Bay Area Green Business by the Marin Green Business Program.     Address: POBox 4284, San Rafael CA 94913-4284     Voice: (415) 499-0838     Fax: (415) 499-0833     Web: http://www.kahl.net     [02 Feb 2013]

KALW     A pioneer educational station licensed to the San Francisco Unified School District broadcasting since September 1, 1941 – the oldest non-commercial FM signal west of the Mississippi. After 70 years in service to this community, KALW is focused on creating the next generation of public media, bringing new voices to the air and reaching out to the diverse communities of the Bay Area.     Address: 500 Mansell Street, San Francisco CA 94134     Voice: (415) 841-4121; (415) 841-4134 (studio line)     Fax: (415) 841-4125     Email: kalw@kalw.org     Web: http://www.kalw.org     [27 May 2012]

KALX     Berkeley's community and student radio station, licensed to the University of California at Berkeley, and proudly broadcasting at 90.7 FM in stereo with over 500 Watts of power.     Address: 26 Barrows Hall #5650, Berkeley CA 94720-5650     Voice: (510) 642-1111 (office); (510) 642-KALX (on-air DJ)     Email: mail@kalx.berkeley.edu     Web: http://kalx.berkeley.edu     [23 Nov 2014]

Keep Albany Local      A grass-roots organization of Albany residents and business owners whose aim is to procure development in Albany that establishes a strong tax base, is in keeping with our climate action plan, protects the last remaining agricultural tract of the Gill Tract from development and does not negatively impact our local business community. We seek a thriving and sustainable local economy where 60% of consumer dollars spent in Albany, stay in Albany (when spent on local businesses) as opposed to leaving (when spent on out of state corporations, such as Whole Foods, Walmart, etc.)     Email: keepalbanylocal@gmail.com     Web: http://keepalbanylocal.com     [09 Sep 2012]

Kehilla Community Synagogue     Started in 1984 by people who wanted a synagogue that would be a spiritual home for politically progressive people who felt no connection with traditional synagogues. The core of this vision, and central to Judaism, is a spiritual mandate to heal and repair the world by increasing social justice, eschewing war and all forms of violence and aggression, caring for the planet, and exhibiting loving kindness to all. Kehilla Community Synagogue is comprised of people of all colors, genders, sexual orientations, with a wide range of religious and spiritual persuasions. We are committed to being a safe and welcoming place for everyone in our community.     Address: 1300 Grand Avenue, Piedmont CA 94610     Voice: (510) 547-2424     Web: http://www.KehillaSynagogue.org     [27 May 2012]

Kidango     With over 30 years of experience, Kidango, a private, not-for-profit child development agency is a Northern California Bay Area leader in early education and support services for children and families. Providing quality care and education in 9 Bay Area cities to over 2,500 children daily, makes us one of the largest child development agencies serving Alameda, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara Counties.     Address: 44000 Old Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont CA 94538     Voice: (510) 897-6900; (800) 262-4252     Fax: (510) 897-6909     Email: frontoffice@kidango.org     Web: http://www.kidango.org     [26 Feb 2012]

KIDS for the BAY     Teaches hands-on, environmental science to children and teachers in elementary schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. At KIDS for the BAY we implement effective, on-going environmental education programs for elementary school communities and promote active, hands-on restoration of local habitats. Our programs teach the latest California State Science and Social Science Standards and have been written into the School Wide Development Plans of our partner schools.     Address: 1771 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley CA 94703     Voice: (510) 985-1602     Email: info@kidsforthebay.org     Web: http://www.kidsforthebay.org/     [22 Oct 2011]

Kijani Grows     We are a farming technology organisation located in West Oakland, California. We use aquaponics to improve life in urban and rural communities by utilising traditional concepts, local materials and modern technologies. Vision: To reduce disparities by addressing common basic needs using aquaponic technologies and systems through education, job creation and local food access.     Address: 1960 Mandela Prkwy, American Steel Studios Bay 5, Oakland CA 94607     Email: info@kijanigrows.com     Web: http://www.kijanigrows.com     [23 Jul 2014]

Kitazawa Seed Company     The oldest seed company in America specializing in Asian vegetable seeds. Since 1917 we have been the source for oriental vegetable seeds for home gardeners, retailers, and commercial growers.     Address: 201 4th Street #206, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 595-1188     Fax: (510) 595-1860     Web: http://www.kitazawaseed.com     [23 Nov 2014]

Kiva     A non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.     Address: 875 Howard Street, Suite #340, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (828) 479-5482     Web: http://www.kiva.org     [19 May 2014]

KKUP     A non-profit organization, beholden to no one but the listeners, who by their subscriptions alone have kept the station on the air for over 38 years. By maintaining this separation from corporate backing, grants, or any other money source that would place demands on our programming, we're free to express opinions and offer music heard nowhere else in mainstream radio. Nobody gets paid at KKUP -- be it the General Manager, the DJ, the Webmeister, or the person behind the scenes stamping envelopes. As believers in free expression, we work there for the love of it!     Address: 933 Monroe Street, PMB 9150, Santa Clara CA 95050     Voice: (408) 260-2999 (request line)     Email: webmeister@kkup.org     Web: http://www.kkup.com/     [22 Oct 2011]

Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP)     A national network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public charter schools with a track record of preparing students in underserved communities for success in college and in life. There are currently 125 KIPP schools in 20 states and the District of Columbia serving more than 39,000 students. KIPP builds a partnership among parents, students, and teachers that puts learning first. By providing outstanding educators, more time in school learning, and a strong culture of achievement, KIPP is helping all students climb the mountain to and through college.     Address: 135 Main Street, Suite 1700, San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 399-1556     Fax: (415) 348-0588     Email: info@kipp.org     Web: http://www.kipp.org/     [25 Aug 2012]

Koret Family House     Serves as a home away from home for families of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by providing physical comfort and emotional support, free from financial concerns. Family House is an independent organization led by a professional staff and board of directors dedicated to providing residential services free-of-charge to qualifying families. Since we receive no financial support from UCSF, or any other public entity, we rely solely on the generous contributions of individuals, corporations and foundations.     Address: 50 Irving Street, San Francisco CA 94122     Voice: (415) 476-8321     Fax: (415) 502-0885     Web: http://www.familyhouseinc.org     [01 Dec 2013]

KPFA (94.1 FM)     Founded in 1949 by Lewis Hill, a pacifist, poet, and journalist, KPFA was the first community supported radio station in the USA. KPFA broadcasts on 94.1 FM and KPFB 89.3 FM, Berkeley, and KFCF 88.1 FM, Fresno, California. Our signal reaches one third of the state, utilizing 59,000 watts. Much of our programming is local, original and eclectic, with a well produced mix of news and in depth public affairs, an ongoing drama, literature and performance series, interviews, and reviews. Our music ranges from folk to hip hop, Bach to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. We travel the region to broadcast live music, demonstrations, and cultural events. The majority of our staff are unpaid community volunteers donating their time and energy to bring you our programming.     Address: 1929 MLKing Way, Berkeley CA 94704-1067     Voice: (510) 848-6767; (510) 848-4425 (studio)     Web: http://www.kpfa.org/     [22 Oct 2011]

KQED, Inc.     KQED is for everyone who wants to be more. Our television, radio, digital media and educational services change lives for the better and help individuals and communities achieve their full potential. KQED serves the people of Northern California with a community-supported alternative to commercial media. We provide citizens with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions; convene community dialogue; bring the arts to everyone; and engage audiences to share their stories. We help students and teachers thrive in 21st century classrooms, and take people of all ages on journeys of exploration—exposing them to new people, places and ideas.     Address: 2601 Mariposa Street (at Bryant), San Francisco CA 94110-1426     Voice: (415) 864-2000     Web: http://www.kqed.org/     [22 Oct 2011]

KUSF     The University of San Francisco radio station, broadcasting at 90.3 FM and featuring alternative, cultural, and multicultural music.     Address: 2130 Fulton Street, San Francisco CA 94117-1080     Voice: (415) 386-5873 (386-KUSF)     Email: kusf@usfca.edu     Web: http://www.kusf.org     [17 Feb 2014]

KyotoUSA     A grassroots organization that encourages cities and their residents to reduce the global warming greenhouse gas emissions for which they are responsible. Current activities are aimed at reducing energy consumption and installing renewable energy systems in California public schools, as well as bringing Community Choice energy to Berkeley and the East Bay.     Address: 800 Hearst Avenue (near 5th Street), Berkeley CA 94710     Voice: (510) 704-8628     Email: tkelly@kyotousa.org     Web: http://www.kyotousa.org   http://www.heliosproject.net     [17 Feb 2014]

KZSU     Stanford University's FM radio station, broadcasting across the Bay Area on 90.1 FM and across the world at kzsulive.stanford.edu. We exist to serve the Stanford community with quality radio broadcasts, including music, sports, news, and public affairs programming.     Address: POBox 20190, Stanford CA 94309-0190     Voice: (650) 725-4868     Web: http://www-kzsu.stanford.edu     [23 Nov 2014]

La Casa de las Madres     Mission is to espond to calls for help from domestic violence victims, of all ages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We give survivors the tools to transform their lives. We seek to prevent future violence by educating the community and by redefining public perceptions about domestic violence.     Address: 1663 Mission Street, Suite 225 (between 14th and 15th streets), San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 503-0500 (counseling and supportive services); (877) 503-1850 (adult crisis line); (415) 923-0700 (teen crisis line)     Email: info@lacasa.org     Web: http://www.lacasadelasmadres.org     [17 May 2013]

La Clinica de La Raza     Since its beginnings as a single storefront operation in Oakland in 1971, La Clínica has grown into a sophisticated provider of primary health care and other services, with 29 sites spread across Alameda, Contra Costa and Solano Counties. La Clínica delivers health care services in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner to most effectively address the needs of the diverse populations it serves. In 2011, La Clínica provided care to over 74,000 patients, amounting to 361,261 patient visits. With over forty-one years of experience serving the community, La Clínica is one of the largest community-based clinics in the state of California.     Address: 1450 Fruitvale Avenue, Third Floor, Oakland CA 94601     Voice: (510) 535-4000     Fax: (510) 535-4189     Email: info-laclinica@laclinica.org     Web: http://www.laclinica.org/     [27 May 2012]

La Cocina     Mission is to cultivate low-income food entrepreneurs as they formalize and grow their businesses by providing affordable commercial kitchen space, industry-specific technical assistance and access to market opportunities. We focus primarily on women from communities of color and immigrant communities. Our vision is that entrepreneurs will become economically self-sufficient and contribute to a vibrant economy doing what they love to do.     Address: 2948 Folsom Street, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 824-2729     Fax: (415) 824-2756     Email: info@lacocinasf.org     Web: http://www.lacocinasf.org     [07 Aug 2011]

La Pena Cultural Center (La Pena)     La Peña is a vibrant community cultural center with a national reputation and a global vision that promotes peace, social justice and cultural understanding through the arts, education and social action. As a welcoming gathering place, La Peña provides opportunities for artists to share diverse cultural traditions, to create and perform their work, and to support and interface with diverse social movements.     Address: 3105 Shattuck (near Woolsey, 2 blocks from Ashby BART), Berkeley CA 94705     Voice: (510) 849-2568     Email: info(at)lapena.org     Web: http://www.lapena.org     [30 Oct 2011]

Labor Archives and Research Center (LARC)     Few regions can rival the rich, lively labor history of the San Francisco Bay Area. This history is preserved in primary source and vintage history materials at the Labor Archives and Research Center (LARC). Founded in 1985 by trade union leaders, historians, labor activists and university administrators, the Labor Archives is a unit of the J. Paul Leonard Library at San Francisco State University. The Labor Archives has an Advisory Board drawn from the labor, academic and community leaders of the Bay Area. LARC is open to the public free of charge.     Address: J. Paul Leonard Library, Room 460 - 4th floor, SFSU, 1630 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco CA 94132     Voice: (415) 405-5571     Fax: (415) 338-0534     Email: larc@sfsu.edu     Web: http://www.library.sfsu.edu/about/depts/larc.php     [31 Aug 2013]

Labor Notes     A media and organizing project that has been the voice of union activists who want to put the movement back in the labor movement since 1979. Through our magazine, website, books, conferences and workshops, we promote organizing, aggressive strategies to fight concessions, alliances with workers’ centers, and unions that are run by their members. Labor Notes is also a network of rank-and-file members, local union leaders, and labor activists who know the labor movement is worth fighting for. We encourage connections between workers in different unions, workers centers, communities, industries, and countries to strengthen the movement—from the bottom up.     Web: http://www.labornotes.org     [23 Feb 2014]

Labor Video Project (LVP)     A labor video and communications organization. Many of its videos are streamed on Google Video. It also produces labor video documentaries on working people It helps sponsor a bi-annual international labor media and communications conference called Labortech and on the web at www.labortech.net. The Labor Video Project supports the use of labor computer networks and helps distribute labor videos from around the world. It also curates the annual international Working Class Film and Video Festival run in San Francisco during LaborFest on the web at www.laborfest.net.     Address: POBox 720027, San Francisco CA 94172     Voice: (415) 282-1908     Email: lvpsf@labornet.org     Web: http://www.laborvideo.org   http://www.labornet.org   http://www.laborbeat.org/3/uppnetnl.htm   http://www.laborfest.net     [30 Oct 2011]

LaborNet (LaborNet)     A computer network that supports human rights and economic justice for workers by providing labor news and information, comprehensive Internet services, training and website design for union and labor organizations.     Address: POBox 720027, San Francisco CA 94172     Web: http://www.labornet.org     [31 Aug 2013]

LaFrance Associates, LLC (LFA)     LFA Group’s consulting services help social sector organizations effectively design, implement, and improve strategies to achieve their desired impact. Research Services answer questions about service markets and landscapes, profiles of target populations, and unmet community needs. Strategy Services create opportunities for organizations to reflect on and refine their mission, vision, and values, and to align these with programs and desired results. Evaluation Services inform understanding of the effectiveness of programs, initiatives and/or organizations to inspire and guide ongoing improvement.     Address: POBox 411490, San Francisco CA 94141-1490     Voice: (415) 392-2850     Fax: (415) 392-2856     Web: http://www.lfagroup.com     [26 Feb 2012]

Lao Family Community Development, Inc.     Assists diverse refugee, immigrant, limited English, and low-income U.S. born community members in achieving long-term financial and social self-sufficiency. We encourage our community members to establish goals, believe in themselves, and become active, contributing members of society.     Address: 2325 East 12th Street, Oakland CA 94601     Voice: (510) 533-8850     Fax: (510) 533-1516     Web: http://www.lfcd.org     [17 May 2013]

Latin America Working Group (LAWG)     Leads one of the nation's longest-standing coalitions dedicated to foreign policy. LAWG and its sister organization, the Latin America Working Group Education Fund, work with over 60 major religious, humanitarian, grassroots and policy organizations to directly influence decision makers in Washington DC. LAWG is a trusted voice in Congress. We have guided our nation's representatives to change U.S. policies towards Latin America and promote human rights, justice, peace and sustainable development throughout the region.     Web: http://www.lawg.org     [30 Oct 2011]

Latino Coalition for a Healthy California (LTHC)     Founded in 1992 by health care providers, consumers and advocates, the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California - the only statewide organization with a specific emphasis on Latino health - impacts Latino health through enhanced information, policy development and community involvement. Three major functions provide essential focus to the organization's work: Public Policy and Advocacy; Community Education; and Research. These functions complement LCHC's work in three key strategic areas: access to health care, health disparities and community health.     Address: 1225 Eighth Street, Suite 550, Sacramento CA 95814     Voice: (916) 448-3234     Fax: (916) 448-3248     Web: http://www.lchc.org     [07 Aug 2011]

Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC)     Mission is to build community and inspire positive social change through education enhancement, career trainings, health promotion, and leadership development with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQQ) youth, their families, and allies of all races, classes, genders, and abilities. LYRIC envisions a diverse society where LGBTQQ youth are embraced for who they are and encouraged to be who they want to be. By working towards social justice and supporting young leaders, their families and allies, LYRIC is building a world that honors, respects and appreciates LGBTQQ youth and their contributions.     Address: 127 Collingwood Street (one block west of Castro between 18th & 19th Streets), San Francisco CA 94114     Voice: (415) 703-6150     Fax: (415) 703-6153     Email: lyricinfo@lyric.org     Web: http://www.lyric.org     [31 Aug 2013]

Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (LCAV)     Te only national law center focused on providing comprehensive legal expertise in support of gun violence prevention and the promotion of smart gun laws that save lives. As a non-profit organization founded by attorneys, we remain dedicated to preventing the loss of lives caused by gun violence by providing trusted, in-depth legal expertise and information on America’s gun laws.     Address: 268 Bush Street, Suite 555, San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: (415) 433-2062     Fax: (415) 433-3357     Web: http://www.lcav.org     [02 Feb 2013]

Laytonville EcoVillage     Nestled near the small town of Laytonville in Northern California’s Mendocino County, this 10-acre site is being developed as a model eco-village. In its infancy, there’s ample opportunity to become a co-creator in planning, building, design and execution if only for a day or two. Using hands-on instruction students can learn site analysis for sustainable development, greywater systems application and building with natural materials. Take a break from stress and city life and step into the peaceful surroundings found at the future Laytonville Ecovillage.     Web: http://laytonvilleecovillage.com     [02 Feb 2013]

LBNL Community Advisory Group (CAG)     Formed in 2010 to provide input into the Lab’s physical plans and development projects. The CAG has many interests related to the Lab’s growth and development, and focuses primarily on land use, community health and safety, and the environment. The CAG is intended to represent a diverse range of community interests. CAG members include community, agency and organization representatives that have an interest in how the Lab’s actions affect quality of life and the natural environment in Berkeley and the greater region.     Web: http://www.lbnl-cag.org     [02 Aug 2011]

League of Creative Minds (LCM)     Created to provide an entry way for high-ability middle school and high school students into public policy, international world affairs, leadership roles, public advocacy, diplomacy, investigative journalism, and the inner workings of governments, international organizations, and the United Nations.     Address: 700 Airport Road, Suite 400, Burlingame CA 94010     Voice: (650) 548-5392     Email: directors@Lcmmun.org     Web: http://www.creativedelegates.org     [02 Feb 2013]

League of Women Voters of San Francisco (LWVSF)     A nonpartisan, multi-issue organization that encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government. The League works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. We are an organization of women and men who want to make a difference in the political future of our communities. The important work of the League of Women Voters of San Francisco is typically carried out by its committees.     Address: 582 Market Street, Suite 615 (near the Montgomery BART station), San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: (415) 989-VOTE (8683)     Fax: (415) 989-8685     Email: lwvsf@lwvsf.org     Web: http://lwvsf.org/   http://smartvoter.org/     [26 Feb 2012]

League of Young Voters     Empowers young people nationwide to participate in the democratic process and create progressive political change on the local, state and national level – with a focus on non-college youth and youth from low-income communities and communities of color. The League makes political engagement relevant by meeting young people where they are, working on issues that affect their lives, and providing them with tools, training, and support to become serious catalysts for change in their communities. Founded in 2003, the League has become one of the strongest youth organizations in the country fighting for progressive change.     Web: http://theleague.com     [31 Aug 2013]

Left Business Observer (LBO)     An 8-page more-or-less monthly newsletter on economics and politics in the US and the world at large. A list of recent back issues is on the web site. Editor Doug Henwood is also a contributing editor of The Nation and does a weekly program on WBAI radio (New York).     Web: http://www.leftbusinessobserver.com     [30 Oct 2011]

Left Turn     A national network of activists engaged in exposing and fighting the consequences of global capitalism and imperialism. Rooted in a variety of social movements, we are anti-capitalists, radical feminists, anti-racists, queer and trans- liberationists, and anti-imperialists working to build resistance and alternatives to corporate power and empire.     Web: http://www.leftturn.org/     [27 May 2012]

Legal Aid of Marin     Mission is to provide access to the civil justice system to low-income, vulnerable and otherwise underserved residents of Marin County. We strive for practical solutions to client problems through quality legal service.     Address: 30 North San Pedro Road, Suite 220, San Rafael CA 94903     Voice: (415) 492-0230     Fax: (415) 492-0947     Web: http://www.legalaidmarin.org     [11 May 2014]

Legal Aid of Napa Valley     Provides free bilingual legal assistance to seniors, immigrants, and low-income residents of Napa County. We represent our clients before courts and agencies, help them obtain benefits, and protect their rights through advocacy, consultation, education and referrals.     Address: 1001 Second Street, Suite 225, Napa CA 94559     Voice: (707) 259-0579     Email: info@legalaidnapa.org     Web: http://www.legalaidnapa.org     [23 Feb 2014]

Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center (LAS-ELC)     Promotes the stability of low-income and disadvantaged workers and their families by addressing issues that affect their ability to achieve self-sufficiency. Using the law as a tool, the LAS–ELC helps workers attain financial security by preserving their employment opportunities. We believe that stable working conditions and adequate income strengthen families and build communities. By protecting the employment status of wage earners, we provide families the means to pull through adverse times, avoid the downward spiral caused by job loss, and be fully contributing members of society.     Address: 180 Montgomery Street, Suite 600, San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: (415) 864-8848     Fax: (415) 593-0096     Email: info@las-elc.org     Web: http://www.las-elc.org     [26 Feb 2012]

Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC)     A non-profit organization with a history of over thirty years of working to restore rights of incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated people, release people from prison & reunify people, families and communities during and after incarceration. Guided by the vision of people in prison and of formerly-incarcerated people, working in unity with expert attorneys and policy advocates, LSPC seeks to transform the injustice of mass incarceration.     Address: 1540 Market Street, Suite 490, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 255-7036     Fax: (415) 552-3150     Email: info@prisonerswithchildren.org     Web: http://www.prisonerswithchildren.org/     [27 May 2012]

LevelBar     A Bay Area non-profit dedicated to increasing opportunity in graduate school education by removing the financial barriers associated with graduate-level admission test preparation. We currently provide scholarships to motivated students in the Bay Area who are studying to take the LSAT; in the future we aim to fund MCAT, GMAT and GRE students as well. Our support of our students extends beyond just a grant; we are committed to helping our students all the way through the admissions process, and to setting them up for success in their school and ultimately in their field. We provide a series of workshops, writing classes, and ongoing mentorship and support to our grantees.     Address: c/o Leah Johnston, POBox 23094, Oakland CA 94623     Voice: (510) 214-2694     Email: info@levelbar.org     Web: http://www.levelbar.org     [01 Mar 2013]

LGBTQ Youth Space     A safe and confidential place for youth and young adults ages 13-25 to develop their sexual and gender identities and empower them to realize their potential as valuable members of the community. We offer an array of social activities, support groups, leadership development, dances, and activism and volunteer opportunities. Free counseling is available. Amenities in the Youth Space include video games, internet access, art supplies, and free snacks.     Address: 452 South First Street, San Jose CA 95113     Voice: (408) 343-7940     Email: youthspace@fcservices.org     Web: http://youthspace.org     [13 Jul 2012]

Liberation Ink     A non-profit project of Causa Justa :: Just Cause. Sells shirts and other products with the goal of forwarding the mission of Causa Justa :: Just Cause through the message on the shirts and through the skills training our members receive while working as staff and volunteers for the project. As always, we use sweatshop-free, union-printed shirts and offer shirts that promote racial, economic and social justice.     Address: POBox 3596, Oakland CA 94609     Voice: (510) 763-5877     Email: info@liberationink.org     Web: http://www.liberationink.com     [23 Feb 2014]

The Liberation Institute     A San Francisco (Mission district) based non-profit low income therapy center for adults, families, couples. We serve everyone in the community: LGBT, low income, alternate relationships, addiction, etc.     Address: POBox 411502, San Francisco CA 94141-1502     Voice: (415) 606-5296     Email: info@liberationinstitute.org     Web: http://www.liberationinstitute.org     [24 Dec 2011]

LightHawk     Mission is to champion environmental protection through the unique perspective of flight. The information and images gathered from above help inform and educate. They also serve as checks and balances to monitor those who safeguard our natural resources. LightHawk’s goal is to mobilize enough volunteer pilots, aircraft and resources to help tip the balance toward sustainability for every major environmental issue within our targeted areas of focus.     Web: http://www.lighthawk.org     [01 Dec 2013]

LinkTV     An independent television channel whose mission is to engage, inform, and inspire viewers to become involved in the world. Link TV is committed to: Providing powerful stories and unseen perspectives. Link's programs encourage compassion and an imaginative empathy that reaches beyond the viewer’s own surroundings and extends beyond borders, real and perceived. Giving voice to people without a voice, from communities under-represented in conventional media. We connect viewers not only to the 'movers and shakers' but also to the 'moved and shaken' -- people affected by the news. And more.     Address: P0Box 2008, San Francisco CA 94126-2008     Web: http://www.linktv.org     [17 May 2013]

Dave Lippman     Audiences of all ages have thrilled to the post-corporate comic stylings of satirical songster Dave Lippman. The anti-war troubadour afflicts the complacent, takes the air out of the windbags of the week, de-distorts history, and updates worn-out songs with parody and thrust. He is not your grandfather’s folksinger. On the extreme other hand, Singing CIA Agent George Shrub, hedging his bets, has passed the torch – which was melting down – to his rich relation, Wild Bill Bailout, the Bard of the Bankers.     Web: http://www.davelippman.com     [30 Oct 2011]

LITE Initiatives (Living In Touch with the Earth)     A sustainable practices group. LITE's mission is to motivate individuals, groups, businesses and even whole communities to live lightly and more efficiently. Our programs include Car-Lite - the controversial Sebastopol Car-Free Day and the Car-Lite Pledge, Community Bikes, the Green Mentor and Zero Waste Sonoma County. Our activities include a well received sustainable film and lecture series, a community bike shop, technical assistance, green plan development and green team management, motivational articles and transportation and zero waste activism.     Address: 640 Wagnon Road, Sebastopol CA 95472     Email: car-lite(at)sonic.net     [13 Apr 2013]

Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ)     Mission is to foster an understanding of the principles of environmental justice and urban sustainability in our young people in order to promote the long-term health of our communities. We provide paid internships to Bayview Hunters Point youth in environmental health, natural ecology, and food security, and we offer free hands-on environmental educational programs to schools, colleges and youth programs.     Address: 909 Florida Street, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 282-6840     Fax: (866) 909-9466     Email: staff@lejyouth.org     Web: http://www.lejyouth.org/     [23 Nov 2014]

Little People of America, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (LPA)     A nonprofit organization that provides support and information to people of short stature and to their families. The organization was created in 1957 by Billy Barty and friends. The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (SFBAC) was established in 1962. We are a group of families, friends, acquaintances, and professionals who are connected by our experience with short stature.     Web: http://www.lpabayarea.org/SFBAC_home.html     [20 Nov 2012]

Live Power Community Farm     A 40-acre, biodynamic/organic Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA) farm that provides fresh, high-quality food for 160 households in the San Francisco Bay Area and Mendocino County. We also host on-farm school visits, apprentice training, and farm-related workshops. Our innovative approach to farmland ownership, economics, and food distribution revitalizes the culture of land stewardship by creating a conscious, mutually supportive relationship between farmers, consumers, and nature.     Address: 25451 East Lane, Covelo CA 95428     Voice: (707) 983-8196     Web: http://livepower.org     [20 Nov 2012]

Living Wage Coalition of Sonoma County (LWCSC)     Believes that the dignity of all work demands just wages to meet today's living costs. A 'living wage' includes income and benefits sufficient for basic housing, health care, child care, nutrition, transportation, education and retirement. To this end, the LWC is focused on educating our entire community about the necessity of legislating living wages to foster a better society. The primary goal of the coalition is to implement Living Wage Ordinances that require that cities, counties, service contractors, and firms receiving economic assistance from local government must pay their employees a living wage and provide health benefits.     Address: POBox 427, Santa Rosa CA 95402     Voice: (707) 346-1187     Email: livingwagesoco@gmail.com     Web: http://www.livingwagesonoma.org/     [11 May 2014]

Local Clean Energy Alliance of the East Bay     The Bay Area's largest clean energy coalition, with 90 affiliated member organizations, including environmental, business, social equity, and community groups, working for a clean energy future in the Bay Area. The Alliance sees the development of local energy resources as key to growing sustainable business, advancing social equity, and promoting community resilience. The Alliance recognizes the importance of all communities, especially those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, benefiting from a clean energy economy. The Alliance promotes the development of local decentralized energy systems, which integrate energy demand reduction and local renewable generation.     Web: http://www.localcleanenergy.org/     [26 Feb 2012]

Local Harvest     America's #1 organic and local food website. We maintain a definitive and reliable "living" public nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, and other local food sources. Our search engine helps people find products from family farms, local sources of sustainably grown food, and encourages them to establish direct contact with small farms in their local area. Our online store helps small farms develop markets for some of their products beyond their local area.     Web: http://www.localharvest.org     [01 Dec 2013]

Local Power     Offers municipalities a "Revolution in Power." In the past two decades, our founders created a whole new energy market based on local control - municipal aggregations, or "Community Choice Aggregations," in regions comprising 25% of U.S. power demand, in order to make a profound change possible. Today over five percent of the U.S. population is served by CCAs - in over 1300 U.S. municipalities, ranging from small towns and rural counties, to major cities like Chicago, Cincinatti and San Francisco. Building on CCA, Local Power Inc. works with municipal officials and activists to create a new alternative to monopoly power service and deregulation for your community.     Address: POBox 261, Comptche CA 95427     Voice: (510) 451-1727     Web: http://localpower.com     [30 Aug 2014]

Local Works     A new Flexible Purpose Corporation. Our purpose is to support small businesses to... accelerate localization increase community resiliency stimulate local and regional job development, and create a better world We promote the positive well-being of our employees, suppliers, customers, creditors, the community and the environment.     Address: 531 Fifth Street, Santa Rosa CA 95401     Voice: (707) 583-7667; (707) 331-6850 (cell)     Email: info@shareexchange.coop     Web: http://www.shareexchange.coop/     [17 Dec 2014]

Long Haul Infoshop     An anarchist resource center and community space. Our goal is to provide the shell for a space that feels alive with people, projects, and ideas (whether in concert or conflict)–where together we negotiate a tension with society. We provide an office/meeting space and a non-profit umbrella for a variety of projects/collectives, as well as hosting for numerous social and political events. We also house the Infoshop .     Address: 3124 Shattuck Avenue (near Woolsey; two blocks from Ashby BART), Berkeley CA 94705     Voice: (510) 540-0751     Web: http://www.thelonghaul.org/     [30 Oct 2011]

Los Altos Voices for Peace (LAVP)     A non-profit, grassroots organization of concerned Los Altos and Los Altos Hills residents. Our focus is peace. LAVP was formed in early 2003 as the war on Iraq appeared imminent and has remained active to work for an end to the war. LAVP stands for, and gives voice to, those who seek peaceful answers to local and global violence. We wish to inform, educate, and persuade others, including public officials, to find peaceful solutions to conflict. This must be accomplished in a positive non-violent manner.     Web: http://www.losaltospeace.org/     [11 Dec 2011]

Love Underground Visionary Revolution (LUVeR)     I’m Frank Moore. I am to blame for starting LUVeR in 1999. LUVeR has bloomed over the years. LUVeR is a totally new communication media which combines live streaming, on-demand libraries of programming, audio, and video. LUVeR is an anti-corporate, anti-capitalist revolution! LUVeR is and will remain a non-corporate, d.i.y., totally uncensored, noncommercial, nonprofit internet-only communal collective with 24-hour "live" programming (by amazing people) with "no-limits" content. LUVeR is the African drums beating warnings! It is the visions of change, the rich and diverse voices of the people! A newer second music channel is Frank's Deep Roots Music Channel.     Address: Frank Moore, POBox 11445, Berkeley CA 94712     Email: fmoore@eroplay.com     Web: http://www.luver.com   http://www.luver.org     [30 Oct 2011]

Lyon-Martin Health Services     Provides personalized healthcare and support services to women and transgender people who lack access to quality care because of their sexual or gender identity, regardless of their ability to pay. Lyon-Martin Health Services, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was founded in 1979 by a group of medical providers and health activists as clinic for lesbians who lacked access to nonjudgmental, affordable health care. Named after Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, feminists and well-known LGBTQ civil rights activists, the clinic soon became a model for culturally sensitive community-based health care.     Address: 1748 Market Street, Suite 201, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 565-7667     Fax: (415) 252-7512     Email: info@lyon-martin.org     Web: http://www.lyon-martin.org/     [27 May 2012]

Magic, Inc.     Magic is people learning and communicating how humans can further common good by practicing valuescience—scientific methods and principles applied to questions of value. We work in a radical, integrated, scientific way to increase human satisfaction and reduce human suffering. By "radical" we mean that we go to the roots of dissatisfaction and suffering. We perceive those roots to lie in misinformation about value—about what people want, how to get it, and most importantly, how we can know these things.     Address: POBox 15894, Stanford CA 94309     Voice: (650) 323-7333     Email: magic@ecomagic.org     Web: http://www.ecomagic.org     [05 Nov 2011]

Making Change at Walmart     A campaign challenging Walmart to help rebuild our economy and strengthen working families. Anchored by UFCW, we are a coalition of Walmart associates, union members, small business owners, religious leaders, women's advocacy groups, community groups, multi-ethnic coalitions, elected officials, and ordinary citizens who believe that changing Walmart is vital for the future of our country.     Web: http://makingchangeatwalmart.org     [10 Oct 2012]

Making The World Safe For Hypocrisy     A chronology of the largely suppressed history of the United States. It is the history that good upstanding Americans are not supposed to know.     Web: http://www.mtwsfh.blogspot.com/     [30 Oct 2011]

Mandatory Madness     A project of a grassroots coalition of victims of unjust sentences, their families, and activists who — like U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy — believe that in too many cases, mandatory minimum sentences are unwise and unjust.     Web: http://www.mandatorymadness.org     [25 Aug 2012]

Mandela Foods Cooperative     A locally-owned and operated full-service grocery store and nutrition education center located in West Oakland, a community long underserved in grocery retail. The present undersupply of food retail in West Oakland represents an opportunity to leverage untapped local buying power into new business and employment opportunities and healthy eating options for West Oakland residents. The Cooperative will offer local goods, wholesome, fresh and affordable foods grown on family farms, nutrition education classes and a cooperative economic investment program that provides multi-level investment for community residents.     Address: 1430 Seventh Street, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 452-1133     Email: info@mandelafoods.com     Web: http://mandelafoods.com     [10 Oct 2012]

Mandela MarketPlace     A non-profit organization that works in partnership with local residents, family farmers, and community-based businesses to improve health, create wealth, and build assets through cooperative food enterprises in low income communities. Through community organizing, education, business cultivation, and ‘ladder-up’ financing, community members engage in the development, operation, and ownership of a local economy and sustainable food system.     Address: 1364 7th Street, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 433-0993     Email: info@mandelamarketplace.org     Web: http://www.mandelamarketplace.org     [30 Aug 2014]

Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)     Mission: Increase public support for non-punitive, non-coercive marijuana policies. Identify and activate supporters of non-punitive, non-coercive marijuana policies. Change state laws to reduce or eliminate penalties for the medical and non-medical use of marijuana. Gain influence in Congress.      Web: http://www.mpp.org/     [02 Feb 2013]

Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC)     Has been steadily improving our county’s road and path facilities for walkers and bikers since we formed in 1998. You’ve seen the impact of our advocacy efforts in each of our towns: permanent bike racks, bike lane striping, green-and-white bike route signs, road resurfacing, ‘sharrow’ road stencils, and so much more.     Address: POBox 1115, Fairfax CA 94978     Voice: (415) 456-3469     Fax: (415) 456-9344     Web: http://www.marinbike.org     [30 Oct 2011]

Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas     A grassroots organization that has achieved local, national, and international recognition for its positive contribution to ending human rights abuses in Central America. Founded in 1985 in response to the U.S. role in El Salvador, MITF has since expanded its focus to include all of the Americas. Proceeding from our hope for and commitment to world peace, our mission is to educate North American citizens about realities in the Americas and the role the U.S. plays there, and provide humanitarian aid and support for projects in those regions.     Address: POBox 925, Larkspur CA 94977     Voice: (415) 924-3227     Fax: (415) 924-3227 (same as voice)     Email: mitf@igc.org     Web: http://www.mitfamericas.org     [23 Nov 2014]

Marin Organic     Builds community and commitment to local, organic farms and ranches - ensuring that consumers place a high value on local organic food and can readily access those products. Marin Organic was founded in 2001 by a passionate group of farmers, ranchers, and agricultural advisors. Today Marin Organic is supported by the UC Cooperative Extension, Office of the Agricultural Commissioner, Marin County Board of Supervisors, Marin Agricultural Land Trust, Marin Food Policy Council, and consumers throughout the county.     Address: POBox 962, Pt. Reyes Station CA 94956     Voice: (415) 663-9667     Fax: (415) 663-9687     Email: info@marinorganic.org     Web: http://marinorganic.org     [11 Feb 2013]

Marin Peace & Justice Coalition (MPJC)     Join a movement that lifts the human spirit, that embraces the Bill of Rights, that creates a true democracy, an independent media and a sustainable world with peace and justice for all! Moved by the event of 9/11 we came together to challenge our government's unethical and illegal military response. Peaceful and just solutions will prevail only if we examine our nation's policies at home and abroad and address the root causes of war and terrorism. Let us be guided by compassion as we challenge war and stop the terror of poverty, inequality and injustice. Let us bring together the widening circle who want to make real a world that works for all.     Web: http://www.mpjc.org     [26 Feb 2012]

Marin Treatment Center (MTC)     A non-profit community based outpatient substance abuse treatment agency that has been successfully providing services in the community since 1976. MTC is licensed by the State of California to provide Substance Abuse services. We are CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) certified, and we’re certified to provide Medi-Cal services. Marin Treatment Center’s staff is professional and qualified to provide treatment and medical services.     Address: 1466 Lincoln Avenue (near Linden Lane), San Rafael CA 94901-2021     Voice: (415) 457-3755     Fax: (415) 457-0849     Email: office@mtcinc.org     Web: http://www.marintreatmentcenter.org     [11 May 2014]

Marin Vegetarian Education Group     Promotes plant-based eating and provides information, inspiration and community to help people move toward a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle.     Address: 12 Rally Court, Fairfax CA 94930     Voice: (415) 459-1666     Email: VegetariansInMarin@Earthlink.net     Web: http://www.marinveg.org/     [17 May 2013]

Marina Counseling Center     A non-profit, charitable community counseling center and training institute in the heart of the Marina district of San Francisco. We provide excellent counseling to adults, couples, groups and families at fees adjusted to client need, ranging from $25 to $100, based on ability to pay.     Address: 2137 Lombard Street, San Francisco CA 94123     Voice: (415) 563-2137     Email: Janine@marinacounseling.com     Web: http://www.MarinaCounseling.com     [25 Aug 2012]

Marine Conservation Biology Institute (MCBI)     A leader in the global movement to protect and recover the integrity of vast ocean areas. We use the latest science to identify important marine ecosystems around the world, and then advocate for their protection, for us and future generations. Marine Conservation Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving our living oceans. We work with scientists, politicians, government officials and other organizations around the world to protect essential ocean places and the wild species in them.     Web: http://www.mcbi.org/     [23 Feb 2014]

The Marine Mammal Center     Mission is to expand knowledge about marine mammals—their health and that of their ocean environment—and to inspire their global conservation. Our core work is the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured marine mammals, supported by state-of-the-art animal care and research facilities, a corps of dedicated volunteers, and an engaged community.     Address: 2000 Bunker Road, Fort Cronkhite, Sausalito CA 94965-2619     Web: http://www.tmmc.org     [25 Aug 2012]

Marine Science Institute (MSI)     A nonprofit organization that offers hands-on science and environmental education programs to students of all ages throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. Our 90-foot research vessel brings students onto the San Francisco Bay to be marine scientists for the day. We also have shore-side programs and our trailer mounted aquarium brings sharks, fish, sea stars, and other marine life to schools. Our membership program has several family oriented activities each year.     Address: 500 Discovery Parkway, Redwood City CA 94063-4715     Voice: (650)364-2760     Email: Marilou@sfbaymsi.org     Web: http://www.sfbaymsi.org     [30 Nov 2014]

Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center     Promotes the principles of nonviolence and offers an environment where young people actively seek peaceful, nonviolent solutions to the difficult challenges we all face in our communities. The Freedom Center serves individuals, organizations, schools and communities in the Greater Bay Area.     Address: 333 East 8th Street, Oakland CA 94606     Voice: (510) 434-3988     Email: eric@mlkfreedomcenter.org     Web: http://www.mlkfreedomcenter.org     [09 Jun 2013]

Media Access Office North     A disability resource for the performing arts, run by the State EDD Workforce Services Dept. Media Access helps find jobs in entertainment and other media related fields for people with disabilities (both performers and others), and also helps assure accurate portrayals in the media of persons with disabilities.     Address: 4071 Port Chicago Highway, Suite 250, Concord CA 94520-1157     Voice: (925) 602-7721     Email: Walter.Yuhre@edd.ca.gov     Web: http://www.edd.ca.gov/Jobs_and_Training/Media_Access_Office.htm     [20 Nov 2012]

Media Alliance     A media resource and advocacy center for media workers, non-profit organizations, and social justice activists. Our mission is excellence, ethics, diversity, and accountability in all aspects of the media in the interests of peace, justice, and social responsibility.     Address: 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 818, Oakland CA 94162     Voice: (510) 832-9000     Email: information@media-alliance.org     Web: http://www.media-alliance.org     [20 Nov 2012]

Media Matters for America     A Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.     Web: http://mediamatters.org/     [20 Nov 2012]

Media Watch     Mission is to challenge abusive stereotypes and other biased information commonly found in the media through education and action. Media Watch endorses media literacy as part of standard curriculum in our K-12 educational system. We provide monthly ACTION newsletters to help create more informed consumers of the mass media. We do not endorse any form of censorship, especially the continued silencing of marginalized groups. Corporate owned media is known to use any image or story to manipulate buying power and sway public opinion, regardless of the harm engendered by their information and images. We believe people’s health and safety must always take priority over profit.     Web: http://www.mediawatch.com     [20 Nov 2012]

MediGrail.com LLC     We engage in medical records projects which have a non-profit side that helps communities and a for-profit side that develops products. We are establishing a medical record system at Siaya District Hospital in Kenya from the network all the way up to the application, training, and inter-department phones. It is a 300+ bed facility in a rural setting which sees 17K hospitalized patients a year. With over five dozen user terminals, our aim is to drastically increase the number of patient visits through technology and process management. Currently we are looking for laptop computer donations. The laptop should have a 15 inch screen and 1 GB RAM memory with a power brick. No hard drive or battery are required.     Web: http://medigrail.com     [09 Feb 2012]

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute (MCLI)     Uses Human Rights and Constitutional Law to promote within the United States fundamental human rights including the right to jobs, food, and housing.     Address: POBox 673, Berkeley CA 94701-0673     Voice: (510) 848-0599     Web: http://www.mcli.org     [02 Feb 2013]

Mendocino Ecological Learning Center (MELC)     An educational organization and demonstration site where people can come and see examples of living in ways that conserve resources, create diversity, increase self sufficiency, and promote profound understandings of the relationships between ourselves and our planet.     Address: 4651 Bear Canyon Road, Willits CA 95490     Voice: (707) 456-0779     Email: inquiry@melc.us     Web: http://www.melc.us/     [17 May 2013]

Mendocino Land Trust     Mission is to conserve important natural resources of Mendocino County including working farmlands and forests, wildlife habitat, open space, scenic vistas, watersheds, and to facilitate public access. The Land Trust provides stewardship opportunities on lands that it has conserved to foster a more direct connection by people to the land and water of Mendocino County. The Land Trust promotes healthy recreation in natural settings and sustainable experiences for Mendocino County residents and visitors.     Address: POBox 1094, Mendocino CA 95460     Voice: (707) 962-0470     Email: admin@mendocinolandtrust.org     Web: http://www.mendocinolandtrust.org/     [14 Mar 2015]

Merritt College Environmental Program     The Merritt College Environmental Center (Self-Reliant House) is located in the Oakland Hills between two wildland watershed open spaces. Courses offered cover an array of subjects including: Energy, Ecology, Ecological Restoration, Forests, Wetlands, Food and Water Resources, Air Quality, Recycling, Pollution, Wildlife, Population, Transportation and Green Building.     Address: 12500 Campus Drive, Oakland CA 94619     Voice: (510) 434-3840     Email: rfreeman@peralta.edu   ecomerritt@yahoo.com     Web: http://www.ecomerritt.org/     [05 Nov 2011]

The Metaphor Project     Our particular mission is helping progressive activists learn how to frame their messages to better reach the mainstream American public and their political representatives. We do this by teaching people how to “speak American.” That means we show people how to use the colorful metaphors, images, catch phrases, and memes that are an ongoing part of our national political dialogue. Adapting phrases like “play by the rules,” or other “American” frames for use in our own messages is a natural way to evoke the best values we all share. American phrases like these tell a familiar story about our ideal identity as Americans, one that everyone understands. Because we only use them to evoke our own ideals, progressives can “speak American” with complete integrity.     Address: POBox 892, Orinda CA 94563     Voice: (925) 254-3304     Fax: (925) 254-3304 (same as voice)     Email: metaphorproject@earthlink.net     Web: http://www.metaphorproject.org     [05 Nov 2011]

Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco (MCCSF)     Our vision is a transformed world, where all life matters and every person belongs. We are a beloved community joining together from diverse spiritual backgrounds. We are a witness of God's radically inclusive love. We celebrate the holiness of our bodies and our sexualities, the divinity manifested in all genders, and the full array of genders expressed by the Divine. We are called to a prophetic ministry of peace and social justice; therefore, we see as equally important the nurturance and growth of our congregation and communities, and our active involvement in the society around us. We minister primarily within the lesbian / gay / bisexual / transgendered communities. We recognize our connection to the historical Christian church. We are a house of prayer for all people and a home for queer spirituality.     Address: 150 Eureka Street, San Francisco CA 94114     Voice: (415) 863-4434     Fax: (415) 431-9813     Web: http://www.mccsf.org/     [09 Dec 2011]

Metta Center for Nonviolence Education     Mission is to promote the transition to a nonviolent future by making the logic, history, and yet-unexplored potential of nonviolence available to activists and agents of cultural change (which ultimately includes all of us). We help practitioners use nonviolence more safely and effectively, and anyone interested to understand and articulate it more fully.     Address: Box 98, Petaluma CA 94953     Voice: (707) 774-6299     Email: info@mettacenter.org     Web: http://www.mettacenter.org/     [31 Aug 2013]

Michael Parenti Political Archive     Michael Parenti is an internationally known award-winning author and lecturer. He is one of the nation’s leading progressive political analysts. His highly informative and entertaining books and talks have reached a wide range of audiences in North America and abroad.     Web: http://www.michaelparenti.org/     [07 Aug 2011]

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue     We are a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization located in Northern California. We rescue birds, directly and indirectly. Directly, we take in birds that are in need of a safe place to live, rehabilitate them if necessary, and find them good homes. Indirectly, we try to educate people about the level of care necessary to provide a safe, healthy, permanent home for a companion bird. We also provide advice on how to live with a companion bird.     Address: POBox 697, San Jose CA 95106-0697     Voice: (650) 450-9104 (voicemail)     Fax: 1-866-201-4199     Email: mail@mickaboo.org     Web: http://www.mickaboo.org/     [31 Aug 2013]

Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA)     A non-profit organization working for the rights of children in the Middle East by sending humanitarian aid, supporting projects for children and educating North American and international communities about the effects of the US foreign policy on children in the region.     Address: 1101 8th Street, Suite 100, Berkeley CA 94710     Voice: (510) 548-0542     Fax: (510) 548-0543     Email: meca@mecaforpeace.org     Web: http://www.mecaforpeace.org     [17 Feb 2013]

Midpeninsula Community Media Center     A non-profit organization where every citizen can make a difference. Use it to: learn video production make shows on local cable TV access channels view programs on the cable channels or this web site Your involvement makes the Media Center better, stronger, and increasingly vital.     Address: 900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto CA 94303-4917     Voice: (650) 494-8686     Fax: (650) 484-8386     Email: info@midpenmedia.org     Web: http://midpenmedia.org     [03 Nov 2013]

Military Families Speak Out (MFSO)     An organization of people opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who have relatives or loved ones currently in the military, or who have served in the military since the fall of 2002. Formed by two families in November of 2002, we have contacts with military families throughout the United States, and in other countries around the world. Our membership currently includes close to 4,000 military families, with new families joining weekly.     Web: http://www.mfso.org/     [20 Nov 2012]

Doug Minkler     A San Francisco Bay Area printmaker, Doug specializes in fund raising, outreach, educational posters, and art lessons. Past collaborations include work with ILWU, Rain Forest Action Network, SF Mime Troupe, ACLU, The Lawyers Guild, CISPES, United Auto Workers, Africa Information Network, Ecumenical Peace Union, ADAPT, Cop Watch, Street Sheet, and Veteran's for Peace. Though this web site was designed to facilitate free distribution of his graphics, those interested in purchasing original hand made screen prints can contact Doug to do so.     Address: 1715 Ward Street, Berkeley CA 94703     Voice: (510) 548-7119     Email: dminkler@dminkler.com     Web: http://dminkler.com     [30 Nov 2014]

Mission Bay Community Church (MBCC)     A progressive church in San Francisco committed to social justice and community activism. Mission is to become a vital church family where lives are changed and the world is made a better place through the experience and expression of the love and life of Jesus Christ. MBCC is commited to building a vital church family that is compelling and relevant to today's young urban generation and that provides opportunities for people to grow in their Christian life.     Address: 32 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco CA 94112     Voice: (415) 787-4751     Web: http://www.missionbaycc.org     [17 May 2013]

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA)     Established in 1977 by artists and community activists with a shared vision to promote, preserve and develop the Latino cultural arts that reflect the living tradition and experiences of the Chicano, Mexican, Central and South American, and the Caribbean people. MCCLA is 1/2 block from the 24th Street BART Station / Muni lines # 14, 14L, 48, 49 and 67. It is wheelchair accessible.     Address: 2868 Mission Street (near 24th Street), San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 821-1155 (administration); (415) 643-500 (Events Hotline)     Web: http://www.missionculturalcenter.org     [05 Nov 2011]

Mission Economic Development Association (MEDA)     A community-based, local economic development corporation located in the Mission District of San Francisco. For over 38 years MEDA has worked to improve economic and social conditions in the neighborhood by stimulating investment, enhancing the business environment, and creating jobs for area residents. MEDA is committed to maintaining the cultural identity and resources of the Mission District.     Address: 2301 Mission Street, Suite 301, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 282-3334     Fax: (415) 282-3320     Web: http://www.medasf.org/     [31 Aug 2013]

MO/PEACE     Mission is to prevent, address and respond to all types of Violence and Abuse utilizing Accountability, Educational Presentations, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Advocacy, Networking, Consulting, and Trainings.     Web: http://www.linkedin.com/in/gingermartinmopeace   http://www.iGive.com/MO-PEACE     [17 May 2013]

Mobilization for Climate Justice (MCJ)     A North America-based network of organizations and activists who have joined together to build a North American climate justice movement that emphasizes non-violent direct action, public education and community organizing to mobilize for effective and just solutions to the climate crisis.     Web: http://www.actforclimatejustice.org/   http://west.actforclimatejustice.org/     [17 May 2013]

Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal     Mumia Abu-Jamal is an award-winning Pennsylvania journalist who exposed police violence against minority communities. On death row since 1982, he was wrongfully sentenced for the shooting of a police officer. New evidence, including the recantation of a key eyewitness, new ballistic and forensic evidence and a confession from Arnold Beverly (one of the two killers of Officer Faulkner) points to his innocence! Mumia had no criminal record.     Address: POBox 10328, Oakland CA 94610     Voice: (510) 268-9429     Email: alerts@freemumia.org     Web: http://www.free-mumia.org     [30 Nov 2014]

Modern Times Bookstore     Located in San Francisco's Mission District, we sell both used and new books. We offer wide-ranging literature on globalization, politics and media, as well as an array of graphic novels, fiction, and criticism. We maintain informed sexuality and gender sections, and feature one of the Bay Area's most extensive collections of writings on Latina/o history and culture, including a full selection of Spanish language books. And did we mention our children's books? Modern Times also fosters a vital literary community with an exciting calendar of events, a blog, and community resources.     Address: 2919 24th Street, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 282-9246     Fax: (415) 282-4925     Email: operations@moderntimesbookstore.com     Web: http://www.mtbs.com     [07 Aug 2011]

Monsanto vs Schmeiser     Percy Schmeiser is a farmer from Bruno, Saskatchewan Canada whose Canola fields were contaminated with Monsanto's Round-Up Ready Canola. Monsanto's position is that it doesn't matter whether Schmeiser knew or not that his canola field was contaminated with the Roundup Ready gene and that he must pay their technology fee.     Web: http://www.percyschmeiser.com/     [05 Nov 2011]

Frank Moore     A performer, director, writer, and teacher of shamanistic art. Conducts performance rituals throughout the year and performs with his band, "The Cherotic All-Stars." Independent candidate for President of the U.S. Books, cassettes, and DVDs are available. Published 'The Cherotic rEvolutionary', a zine about 'the edge'. His work has been the subject of attack by Jesse Helms. 'Frank Moore's Unlimited Possiblities' plays on BTV (channel 28 in Berkeley and on cable Channel 24 in Albany, El Cerrito and Kensington.) Mondays and Thursdays at 11 PM and Saturdays at midnight. His newer show, "Going Deep to the Core at Ramen with Frank Moore", airs Mondays at 10:00 PM, Wednesdays at 11 PM, and Sundays at 11:30 PM. See also Love Underground Visionary Revolution.     Address: POBox 11445, Berkeley CA 94712     Voice: (510) 526-7858     Fax: (510) 524-2053     Email: fmoore@eroplay.com     Web: http://www.eroplay.com   http://www.luver.com   http://www.frankmooreforpresident08.com/     [01 Nov 2011]

More Dirt     A website where folks can learn how to bring more dirt and green life to their cities; so that people have clean air to breathe; fresh locally grown food to eat; and can combat global warming right in their own neighborhoods.     Web: http://www.moredirt.org     [10 Oct 2012]

Mother Jones (MoJo)     A nonprofit news organization that specializes in investigative, political, and social justice reporting. We currently have two main "platforms": an award-winning bimonthly national magazine (circulation 240,000), and a website featuring new, original reporting 24-7. Why should you read or support us? Because "smart, fearless journalism" keeps people informed—"informed" being pretty much indispensable to a democracy that actually works. Because we've been ahead of the curve time and again. Because this is journalism not funded by or beholden to corporations. Because we bust bullshit and get results. Because we're expanding our investigative coverage while the rest of the media are contracting. Because you can count on us to take no prisoners, cleave to no dogma, and tell it like it is. Plus we're pretty damn fun.     Web: http://www.mojones.com/     [05 Nov 2011]

Mount Diablo Peace and Justice Center (MDPC)     Crafting an opportunity to connect with the needs and values of the people in Contra Costa County to build a culture of peace. The Center has many programs: Creating Peaceful Schools Conference for educators, Art and Writing Challenge for middle and high schoolers, discussion groups/classes on non-violence and racial justice, addressing issues such as fair elections, environmental stewardship - climate change, highlighting the costs and futility of war, health care reform and prison reform. And we honor those who lead the way - Annual Peace Awards Dinner.     Address: 55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek CA 94596-6798     Voice: (925) 933-7850     Email: info@mtdpc.org     Web: http://www.mtdpc.org/     [02 Jun 2013]

Move to Amend     A coalition of hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of individuals committed to social and economic justice, ending corporate rule, and building a vibrant democracy that is genuinely accountable to the people, not corporate interests. We call for an amendment to the US Constitution to unequivocally state that inalienable rights belong to human beings only, and that money is not a form of protected free speech under the First Amendment and can be regulated in political campaigns.     Web: https://movetoamend.org     [17 Feb 2013]

Move Your Money     A nonprofit campaign that encourages individuals and institutions to divest from the nation's largest Wall Street banks and move to local financial institutions. Little has changed to prevent another financial crisis or to end 'Too Big To Fail,' and with Congress unwilling to act, we are encouraging individuals to take power into their own hands by voting with their dollars and no longer contributing to a financial system that has led our country astray. We are a campaign that gives people real, concrete actions they can take to create a more sane, stable and localized banking system.      Web: http://moveyourmoney.info/     [01 Dec 2013]

Movement Discoveries     A therapy and rehabilitation center dedicated to providing high quality programs and services for children ages birth to adolescence. Our mission is to help children maximize their potential through effective programs that increase independence, develop and enhance functional skills, and accelerate progress. The Help Me Grow Program: We have created free and low-cost therapies and programs to provide families with children from birth to age three who are looking for a more affordable option for specialized therapeutic services.     Address: 1539 Bayshore Highway, Burlingame CA 94010     Voice: (650) 652-1700     Fax: (650) 652-1705     Email: info@movementdiscoveries.com     Web: http://www.movementdiscoveries.com/     [16 Sep 2011]

Moving Images Video Project     Produces and distributes documentaries about war and peace, human rights, global justice, and protection for the environment. Founded by Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin to increase understanding in the United States of political and social issues in Central America, Moving Images later expanded to address the AIDS epidemic, labor rights and childcare, international relations in the post cold-war era, and the implications of new genetic technologies. Many of these programs have aired across North America on PBS, and they are widely distributed to schools, libraries, and community organizations.     Web: http://www.movingimages.org/     [17 Feb 2013]

Moving On Center - School of Participatory Arts & Research (MOC)     Movement is a key to discovering physical wisdom often lost in a technological society. We believe there is a gap to be filled in the western world in performance, education and health: GENERATING MOVEMENT in individuals for better health, and amongst groups of people to foster community building. Dance and other live arts can awaken responsibility to one's personal self and to the community one participates in. We envision helping to inspire a shift from a society of overworked, isolated people to groups of interactive, creative and responsive people. We see this shift occurring through the informed work of our graduates, faculty and students in schools, community centers, theaters, and health facilities, and in classes, performances, and informal gatherings on-site at MOC.     Voice: (510) 524-5013     Email: director@movingoncenter.org     Web: http://www.movingoncenter.org     [23 Feb 2014]

Mujeres Unidas y Activas (Oakland office) (MUA)     A grassroots organization of Latina immigrant women with a dual mission of personal transformation and community power. Latina immigrant women gather daily in MUA’s San Francisco and Oakland offices to discuss the urgent issues of the day: immigration laws that change seemingly overnight; increasingly widespread unemployment and denials of basic workers’ rights; and cutbacks in the education, healthcare and social service systems. With their children playing nearby, MUA members share stories of how this political context has led to family tensions, increases in domestic violence, and varied fears about the future.     Address: 2783 East 12th Street, Suite 201, Oakland CA 94601     Voice: (510) 261-3398     Web: http://www.mujeresunidas.net     [26 Feb 2012]

Mujeres Unidas y Activas (San Francisco office) (MUA)     Address: 3543 18th Street #23 (at Valencia), San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 621-8140     Web: http://www.mujeresunidas.net     [26 Feb 2012]

Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice (MVPJ)     We come together from more than 36 diverse faith communities and traditions to put our convictions into action by saying NO to war and YES to peace and justice.     Web: http://www.multifaithpeace.org/     [05 Nov 2011]

Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA)     Connects sustainable farming leaders around the world for participatory training and cross-cultural exchange to strengthen local, resilient food systems worldwide. Since 1997, MESA has connected over 1300 farmers, activists and advocates and helped start nearly 150 small-scale farms and food justice projects worldwide.     Address: 2362 Bancroft Way #202, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 654-8858     Email: mesa@mesaprogram.org     Web: http://www.mesaprogram.org     [30 Nov 2014]

Multinational Monitor     A monthly magazine that tracks corporate activity, especially in the Third World, focusing on the export of hazardous substances, worker health and safety, labor union issues and the environment.     Web: http://multinationalmonitor.org/     [30 Nov 2014]

Multinationals Resource Center (MRC)     Southern countries increasingly find themselves exploited by the worst abuses of multinational corporations rampant pollution, oppressive labor practices, exploitative trading arrangements, and more. Yet Southern residents often have limited access to even basic information such as who owns local factories and what is their labor and environmental history, what are the laws that regulate specific industries in the North, and what are cleaner alternative waste management methods. The Multinationals Resource Center (MRC) helps redress this situation by providing valuable information, free of charge, to Southern activists, environmental and consumer groups and journalists.     Web: http://resourcesfirst.org/     [30 Nov 2014]

Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD)     A San Francisco based nonprofit organization that was conceived as a cornerstone of the economic and cultural revitalization of downtown San Francisco. Since it opened in December 2005 MoAD has become an anchor with its neighbors, the San Francisco MoMA, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Zeum, and the Contemporary Jewish Museum, in making this dynamic cultural corridor a premier cultural destination.     Address: 685 Mission Street (at Third Street), San Francisco CA 94105     Voice: (415) 358-7200     Fax: (415) 358-7252     Web: http://www.moadsf.org     [30 Aug 2014]

NamasteDirect     Namaste's vision is that low income business women in the developing world shall have the tools and access necessary for attaining sufficiently higher business cash flow to move from semi-poverty towards middle class status. This will promote the well being of the woman and her family, healthy community economics and participatory democracy. Our mission is to directly contribute to Womens' Economic Empowerment by providing business development programs that increase the business cash flow of low income women.     Address: 1408 Hudson Avenue, San Francisco CA 94124-2120     Voice: (415) 440-2228     Fax: (415) 440-2229     Web: http://www.namaste-direct.org     [20 Nov 2012]

NARAL Pro-Choice California     A 501(c)(4) non-profit organization founded in 1978 that works through the political and legislative systems to fulfill our mission: To develop and sustain a constituency that uses the political process to guarantee every woman the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion.     Address: 335 South Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 890-1020     Fax: (415) 890-1025     Email: Info@ProChoiceCalifornia.org     Web: http://www.prochoicecalifornia.org     [11 May 2014]

Narco News     Reporting on the drug war and democracy from all America.     Web: http://www.narconews.com/     [17 Feb 2013]

Narika     Mission is to promote the empowerment of women in South Asian community to confront and overcome the cycles of violence and exploitation. We work to build a movement to end violence against women and to actively support women’s rights as human rights. Founded in 1992, NARIKA embraces the ideal of women’s empowerment, by addressing the needs of abused South Asian women by providing advocacy, support, information, and referrals within a culturally sensitive model, which includes treating the women who seek our services as sisters rather than as clients.     Voice: (510) 444-6068 (office); (800) 215-7308 (help line)     Web: http://www.narika.org     [25 Dec 2012]

The Nation Newsweekly Online     A weekly newsprint magazine of news and commentary.     Web: http://www.thenation.com/     [05 Nov 2011]

Nation of Change     A 501(c)3 nonprofit news organization that provides an online magazine, daily newsletter, and community platform free to the public. We report 24/7 on critical issues affecting our democracy with a focus on positive solutions to social and political problems. We are committed to peace, social equality, human rights, and environmental conservation. We believe that dedicated individuals armed with knowledge and fueled by compassion and optimism can enact dramatic change even in a world fraught with corruption and injustice.     Web: http://www.nationofchange.org/     [28 Aug 2011]

National Abortion Federaion (NAF)     The professional association of abortion providers in North America. We believe that women should be trusted to make private medical decisions in consultation with their health care providers. NAF currently offers quality training and services to abortion providers and unbiased information and referral services to women.     Web: http://www.prochoice.org/     [05 Nov 2011]

National AIDS Memorial Grove (NAMG)     A dedicated space in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park where millions of Americans touched directly or indirectly by AIDS can gather to heal, hope, and remember. For all the promising prospects on the horizon, AIDS continues to invade our lives, violate our past, and rob us of our comfortable assumptions about the future. The sacred ground of this living memorial honors all who have confronted this tragic pandemic both those who have died and those who have shared their struggle, kept the vigils, and supported each other during the final hours.     Address: POBox 2270, San Francisco CA 94126-2270     Voice: (415) 765-0497     Email: info@aidsmemorial.org     Web: http://www.aidsmemorial.org     [05 Nov 2011]

National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO)     A nonprofit organization, established in 1981, whose mission is to provide the most objective and reliable information possible on employee ownership at the most affordable price possible. We are the main publisher in the field, with over 50 titles ranging from issue briefs to lenghty books. We conduct dozens of Webinars yearly and also hold in-person meetings around the U.S., plus a large annual conference. We provide training, speaking, and introductory consulting, conduct surveys and other research, and have extensive contacts with the press, where we are regularly quoted.     Address: 1736 Franklin Street, 8th Floor, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 208-1300     Fax: (510) 272-9510     Email: customerservice@nceo.org     Web: http://www.nceo.org/     [14 May 2014]

National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR)     A national legal organization committed to advancing the civil and human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their families through litigation, public policy advocacy, and public education.     Address: 870 Market Street, Suite 370, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 392-6257 (392-NCLR)     Fax: (415) 392-8442     Email: info@nclrights.org     Web: http://www.nclrights.org     [25 Dec 2012]

National Center for Science Education (NCSE)     A not-for-profit, membership organization providing information and resources for schools, parents, and concerned citizens working to keep evolution and climate science in public school science education. We educate the press and public about the scientific and educational aspects of controversies surrounding the teaching of evolution and climate change, and supply needed information and advice to defend good science education at local, state, and national levels. Our 4500 members are scientists, teachers, clergy, and citizens with diverse religious and political affiliations.     Address: 420 40th Street, Suite 2, Oakland CA 94609-2688     Voice: (510) 601-7203     Fax: (510) 601-7204     Email: info@ncse.com     Web: http://ncse.com     [27 May 2012]

National Center for Youth Law (NCYL)     Creates lasting change for children in need. We are a non-profit organization that uses the law to ensure that low-income children have the resources, support, and opportunities they need for a fair start in life. We work to ensure that public agencies created to protect and care for children do so effectively.     Address: 405 14th Street, 15th Floor, Oakland CA 94612-2701     Voice: (510) 835-8098     Web: http://www.youthlaw.org     [23 Feb 2014]

National Center on Disability and Journalism (NCDJ)     An independent journalism organization. Our mission is to educate journalists and educators about disability reporting issues in order to produce more accurate, fair and diverse news reporting. The mission is realized through research, development and distribution of educational resources.     Web: http://www.ncdj.org     [05 Nov 2011]

National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC)     Mission is to promote freedom of thought, inquiry and expression and oppose censorship in all its forms. The Coalition formed in response to the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Miller v. California, which narrowed First Amendment protections for sexual expression and opened the door to obscenity prosecutions. Over 40 years, as an alliance of more than 50 national non-profits, including literary, artistic, religious, educational, professional, labor, and civil liberties groups, we have engaged in direct advocacy and education to support First Amendment principles.     Web: http://www.ncac.org     [14 May 2014]

National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH)     A national network of people who are currently experiencing or who have experienced homelessness, activists and advocates, community-based and faith-based service providers, and others committed to a single mission: To prevent and end homelessness while ensuring the immediate needs of those experiencing homelessness are met and their civil rights protected. We envision a world where everyone has a safe, decent, affordable and accessible home.     Web: http://www.nationalhomeless.org/     [30 Nov 2014]

National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE)     A coalition of women's and civil rights organizations; labor unions; religious, professional, legal, and educational associations, commissions on women, state and local pay equity coalitions and individuals working to eliminate sex- and race-based wage discrimination and to achieve pay equity. NCPE's purpose is to close the wage gap that still exists between women, as well as people of color, and men. In 1963, when the Equal Pay Act was signed, women made 59 cents on average for every dollar earned by men (based on Census figures of median wages of full-time, year-round workers). By 2009, women earned 77 cents to men's dollar, a narrowing of the wage gap by less than half a cent a year.     Web: http://www.pay-equity.org     [09 Dec 2012]

National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA)     For nearly 100 years, NCBA CLUSA has encouraged communities to live cooperatively, harnessing the uncommon power of common purpose. NCBA CLUSA applies cooperative principles in development, advocacy, and education.     Web: http://www.ncba.coop     [30 Nov 2014]

National Family Farm Coalition (NFFC)     NFFC pursues policies that aim to: 1) Enact Food From Family Farms Act. 2) Restore competition to the farm and food sector. 3) Negotiate Fair Trade Agreements. 4) Promote food security and food safety. 5) Hold US Government Agencies accountable. 6) Minimize the risks of genetic engineering.     Web: http://www.nffc.net/     [07 Sep 2013]

National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions     A dynamic, growth-oriented association of credit unions that provide safe and responsible financial services to underserved communities. Since 1974, the Federation has been promoting financial inclusion by organizing, supporting, and investing in these community development credit unions (CDCUs), which specialize in serving populations with limited access to affordable financial services, including low-income wage earners, recent immigrants, and people with disabilities.     Web: http://www.cdcu.coop     [07 Sep 2013]

National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC)     Protects our right to open government. We are a nonpartisan alliance of citizen-driven nonprofit freedom of information organizations, academic and First Amendment centers, journalistic societies and attorneys. Twice annually, NFOIC awards grants to strengthen state coalitions and member organizations, foster their growth, and support a broad range of open government endeavors in individual states. We are an education and outreach resource for state and local governments to counsel on transparency and open government issues, laws and legislation.     Web: http://www.nfoic.org/     [14 Mar 2015]

National Gulf War Resource Center     We are among the most successful Veterans' Organizations in the United States advocating for veterans affected by Gulf War Illness (GWI). We formed shortly after the Persian Gulf War of 1991. Our work has been critical in establishing the rights, treatments, and benefits which these veterans have access to now. Our work is far from done. GWI is still poorly understood and incurable.     Web: http://www.ngwrc.org/     [14 May 2014]

National Housing Trust (ICE)     The nation’s leading expert in “preserving and improving” affordable housing – ensuring that privately owned rental housing remains in our affordable housing stock and is sustainable over time. Using the tools of real estate development, rehabilitation, finance and policy advocacy, the Trust is responsible for saving more than 22,000 affordable homes in 41 states, leveraging more than $1 billion in financing.     Web: http://www.nhtinc.org     [16 Oct 2011]

National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty     Housing is a human right. The Law Center fights to make it a reality by holding the U.S. accountable to international standards, preventing homelessness for renters, and creating homes and communities for homeless people using surplus government property. In addition, the Law Center fights to prevent economically vulnerable domestic violence survivors from becoming homeless.     Web: http://www.nlchp.org/     [23 Feb 2014]

National Lawyers Guild - San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NLGSF)     An association dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. We seek to unite the lawyers, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers of America in an organization which shall function as an effective political and social force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests.     Address: 558 Capp Street (between 20th and 21st), San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 285-5067     Fax: (415) 285-5066     Email: carlos@nlgsf.org     Web: http://www.nlgsf.org/     [26 Feb 2012]

National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR)     Works to defend and expand the rights of all immigrants and refugees, regardless of immigration status. Since its founding in 1986, the organization has drawn membership from diverse immigrant communities, and actively builds alliances with social and economic justice partners around the country. As part of a global movement for social and economic justice, NNIRR is committed to human rights as essential to securing healthy, safe and peaceful lives for all.     Address: 310 Eighth Street, Suite 303, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 465-1984     Fax: (510) 465-1885     Email: nnirrinfo@nnirr.org     Web: http://www.nnirr.org     [30 Nov 2014]

National Organization for Restoring Men (NORM)     A non-profit support group for men who have concerns about being circumcised, are considering foreskin restoration, or are in the process of restoring their foreskins. Our aim is to help men regain a sense of self-directedness -- physically as well as emotionally..     Address: 3205 Northwood Drive, Suite 209 (near Olivera), Concord CA 94520-4506     Voice: (925) 827-4077     Email: waynerobb@aol.com     Web: http://www.norm.org     [14 May 2014]

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, California Chapter (California NORML)     A non-profit, membership organization dedicated to reforming California's marijuana laws. Our mission is to establish the right of adults to use cannabis legally. We are the only state organization devoted specifically to marijuana reform. We publish a newsletter, lobby lawmakers, sponsor events, offer legal, educational, and consumer health advice, and sponsor scientific research. We maintain a separate membership and financial base from national NORML.     Address: 2261 Market Street #278A, San Francisco CA 94114     Voice: (415) 563-5858     Fax: (510) 849-3974     Email: info@canorml.org     Web: http://www.canorml.org     [13 Nov 2011]

National Organization for Women (NOW)     The largest organization of feminist activists in the United States. NOW has 500,000 contributing members and 550 chapters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Since its founding in 1966, NOW's goal has been to take action to bring about equality for all women. NOW works to eliminate discrimination and harassment in the workplace, schools, the justice system, and all other sectors of society; secure abortion, birth control and reproductive rights for all women; end all forms of violence against women; eradicate racism, sexism and homophobia; and promote equality and justice in our society.     Web: http://now.org/     [01 Dec 2013]

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC)     A non-profit organization of diverse individuals committed through research, education and advocacy to securing the birthright of male, female, and intersex children to keep their genital organs intact.     Address: POBox 2512, San Anselmo CA 94979-2512     Voice: (415) 488-9883     Fax: (415) 488-9660     Email: info@nocirc.org     Web: http://www.nocirc.org     [19 Mar 2012]

National Priorities Project (NPP)     Makes our complex federal budget transparent and accessible so people can exercise their right and responsibility to oversee and influence how their tax dollars are spent.     Web: http://www.nationalpriorities.org/     [23 Feb 2014]

National Security Archive     Founded in 1985 by journalists and scholars to check rising government secrecy, the National Security Archive combines a unique range of functions: investigative journalism center, research institute on international affairs, library and archive of declassified U.S. documents ("the world's largest nongovernmental collection" according to the Los Angeles Times), leading non-profit user of the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, public interest law firm defending and expanding public access to government information, global advocate of open government, and indexer and publisher of former secrets.     Web: http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/     [14 May 2014]

National Writers Union (Bay Area Local)     The only labor union that represents freelance writers. Now, more than ever, with the consolidation of power into the hands of ever-larger corporate entities and with the advent of technologies that facilitate the exploitation of a writer’s work, writers need an organization with the clout and know-how to protect our interests. One that will forge new rules for a new era.     Web: http://www.nwu.org     [14 May 2014]

Native American Health Center (NAHC)     A non profit organization serving the California Bay Area Native Population and other under-served populations in the Bay Area. 2012 marked NAHC's 40th anniversary; as an organization, we have been serving our community since 1972. NAHC has worked at local, state, and federal levels to deliver resources and servcies for the urban Native community, including medical, dental, behavioral health, diabetes, obesity, substance abuse prevention, HIV/HCV care coordination and prevention.     Address: 3124 International Blvd, Oakland CA 94601     Web: http://www.nativehealth.org     [24 May 2014]

Native Forest Council     Dedicated to the preservation and protection of all publicly owned natural resources from destructive practices, sales, and all resource extraction. Commercial timber sales, grazing, mining, and oil and gas extraction all contribute to the destruction and degradation of air quality, wildlife habitat, and of our wilderness areas. We believe a sound economy and environment need not be incompatible, and that current land management practices are devastating to both.     Web: http://www.forestcouncil.org     [25 Dec 2012]

Native Seeds / SEARCH (NS/S)     Conserves, distributes and documents the adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seeds, their wild relatives and the role these seeds play in cultures of the American Southwest and northwest Mexico. We promote the use of these ancient crops and their wild relatives by gathering, safeguarding, and distributing their seeds to farming and gardening communities.     Web: http://www.nativeseeds.org/     [13 Nov 2011]

Nature in the City     An urban environmental justice nonprofit located in San Francisco. We help connect people, communities, and the city to local nature through urban ecological restoration and stewardship. We are San Francisco's first organization wholly dedicated to ecological conservation, restoration and stewardship of the city's bioregions. Our membership reflects San Francisco's reputation as a leading center for the safeguarding of urban species and the restoration of their habitats.     Web: http://www.natureinthecity.org/     [07 Sep 2013]

Naturist Society     Our thousands of members from across the U.S., Canada and beyond come from all walks of life. Single people, families, and retirees; teachers, construction workers, clerks and computer programmers; globe-trotters and homebodies... it doesn’t matter. If you share our underlying principle—body acceptance through nude recreation — you’re already a naturist at heart.     Web: http://www.naturist.com/     [13 Nov 2011]

NetSquared.org     NetSquared is focused on the intersection of technology and social impact. We create opportunities for all those involved in creating change to connect: whether you are a nonprofit or a foundation, a designer or a developer, a changemaker or an entrepreneur.     Web: http://www.netsquared.org/     [13 Nov 2011]

Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NoBAWC)     NoBAWC (pronounced "no boss") is a grassroots organization of democratic workplaces dedicated to building workplace democracy in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. As the name implies, NoBAWC is comprised primarily of worker cooperatives. A worker cooperative is an enterprise that produces goods, distributes goods and/or provides services and is owned and controlled by its worker-owners. Ownership of a worker cooperative is vested solely with the worker-owners on an equal basis. Moreover, worker-owners control the resources of the cooperative and the work process. Each worker-owner has equal decision-making power and ultimate authority rests with the worker-owners as a whole. Worker control can be exercised directly or indirectly by worker-owners. If exercised indirectly, members of representative decision-making bodies (e.g. a Board of Directors) must be elected by the worker-owners and be subject to removal by the worker-owners.     Address: POBox 24953, Oakland CA 94623     Voice: (510) 482-4547     Email: info@nobawc.org     Web: http://www.nobawc.org     [07 Sep 2013]

Nevada Desert Experience     Mission is • to stop testing, development and use of nuclear and other weapons systems through a campaign of prayer, education, dialogue, and nonviolent direct action. • to mobilize people of all faiths to work toward nuclear abolition and nonviolent social change. • to support personal renewal through desert spirituality, reconnecting with each other and the earth to end subcritical tests and other war-making preparations at the Nevada National Security Site and preventing the return of full-scale nuclear testing.     Address: 1420 West Barlett Avenue, Las Vegas NV 89106-2226     Voice: (702) 646-4814     Email: info@nevadadesertexperience.org     Web: http://NevadaDesertExperience.org     [01 Dec 2013]

New Day Films     A unique, filmmaker-run distribution company, providing award-winning films to educators, community groups, government agencies, public libraries and businesses since 1971. Democratically run by more than 150 filmmaker members, New Day delivers hundreds of titles that illuminate, challenge and inspire. New Day was initially formed because the women's movement had arrived and a group of independent filmmakers were unable to find a distributor for their feminist films—so they decided to create one. Today, New Day members sustain the ideals that inspired the company's formation in 1971 - partnership, great stories and changing the world - and curate its collection to encompass a wide range of subject areas.     Web: http://www.newday.com/     [24 May 2014]

New Door Ventures (GGCI)     Prepares disconnected youth for work and life. We provide skill-building, individual support and jobs that enable our youth to discover and achieve their potential. Our work is integral to their successful transition to healthy, sustainable adulthood. We aim to transform individuals who will in turn transform their communities.     Address: 3221 20th Street, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 920-9200     Fax: (415) 920-9203     Web: http://www.newdoor.org/     [13 Dec 2014]

new economics foundation (nef)     An independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being. We aim to improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environment and social issues. We work in partnership and put people and the planet first. nef works with all sections of society in the UK and internationally - civil society, government, individuals, businesses and academia - to create more understanding and strategies for change.     Web: http://www.neweconomics.org     [26 Jun 2012]

New Economics Institute     Mission is to build a New Economy that prioritizes the well-being of people and the planet. The stakes are high. Climate change is accelerating. Inequality is at historic levels. The financial industry continues to teeter on the brink of collapse, threatening the global economy. And all the while, our political system has proven incapable of effecting the structural transformations necessary to — quite literally — save the planet. The time is now for a new approach, a New Economy.     Web: http://neweconomicsinstitute.org     [13 Jan 2013]

New Field Foundation     Supports rural women's organizations to advance their rights, knowledge and resources in peaceful and creative ways. We are privileged to see the impact of this work bringing benefit to families, communities, and regions on a significant scale.     Address: 1016 Lincoln Boulevard, Mailbox 14, San Francisco CA 94129     Voice: (415) 561-3417     Fax: (415) 561-3419     Email: info@newfieldfound.org     Web: http://www.newfieldfound.org/     [27 May 2013]

New Israel Fund (San Francisco Regional Office) (NIF)     The leading organization advancing democracy and equality for all Israelis. We believe that Israel can live up to its founders’ vision of a state that ensures complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants, without regard to religion, race, gender or national identity. We fight inequality, injustice and extremism because we understand that justice is the precondition for a successful democracy — and the only lasting road to peace.     Address: 703 Market Street, Suite 1503, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 543-5055     Fax: (415) 543-6066     Email: sf@nif.org     Web: http://www.newisraelfund.org     [25 Dec 2012]

New Security Action     Promotes progressive solutions to our national security challenges. After eight long years of the failed Bush/Cheney approach, the American people want to see a safer, saner foreign policy. Founded by former Congressman Tom Andrews (ME-1) and Lt. Gen. Robert G. Gard (USA ret.), New Security Action is currently working to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay in a way that respects human rights.     Web: http://closegitmonow.org/     [07 Sep 2013]

New Society Publishers (NSP)     Mission is to publish books that contribute in fundamental ways to building an ecologically sustainable and just society, and to do so with the least possible impact on the environment, in a manner that models this vision. An activist, solutions-oriented publisher focused on bringing you tools for a world of change. We help you to know the talk, and walk the talk.     Web: http://www.newsociety.com/     [25 Dec 2012]

New Village Press     The first publisher to serve the emerging field of community building! Communities are the cauldron of social change, and the healthiest, most sustainable changes spring from the grassroots. New Village Press focuses on works about creative, citizen-initiated efforts — the good news of social transformation. Our nonfiction books profile innovative solutions to seemingly intractable social, environmental, and economic challenges. New Village Press is a 501c3 nonprofit and a division of Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility.     Web: http://www.newvillagepress.net/     [07 Sep 2013]

News from Native California     A quarterly magazine written and produced by California Indians and those close to the Indian community, providing an inside view of California Indian history and culture.     Address: POBox 9145, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (510) 549-2802     Fax: (510) 549-1889     Email: nnc@heydaybooks.com     Web: http://www.heydaybooks.com/news     [13 Nov 2011]

Newslink     Perhaps the most complete listing of newspapers, magazines, and other news organizations on the web.     Web: http://newslink.org/     [14 Mar 2015]

NewspaperIndex.com     I collect and maintain links only to newspapers and publications containing local, free and independent news from each country in the world. You will not find links to online media sites that solely grab information, reports and content from other sources. The database does not have newspapers that focus on gossip, rumour, local or sport news. I only include websites with free public access that have a local editorial staff of independent journalists and in most cases a print version as well. Another important thing is that I only accept broadcast sites and online media that are daily updated.     Web: http://www.newspaperindex.com/     [27 May 2012]

The Next Generation     A full-service campaign consulting and management, and issue advocacy firm, specializing in environmental and progressive issues in the Bay Area and across California. Whether you are a candidate for elected office, an organization or business, or your issue is a ballot measure, proposed legislation, or simply a public outreach effort, we will help you craft a smart political strategy, organize your operation, develop a winning message, and effectively communicate your ideas.     Address: 1814 Franklin Street, Suite 510, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 444-4710     Fax: (510) 444-4743     Email: info@nextgeneration.org     Web: http://www.nextgeneration.org/     [14 Aug 2011]

NextArts     A charity non-profit that uses the equipment we own to raise funds for our programming. We specialize in full service event production. In this capacity, we work primarily in major hotels and exhibition centers and only the Bay Area's finest wineries and intimate event spaces. We take great pride in working with the most prestigious venues in the San Francisco Bay Area - from San Jose to Napa, Oakland and beyond.     Address: POBox 880418, San Francisco CA 94188     Voice: (415) 970-9005     Email: mail@nextarts.org     Web: http://www.nextarts.org     [30 Aug 2014]

Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library     Helps working-class people understand and create our role in history by maintaining and building an accessible library and archive, by organizing classes and discussions, and by providing community space and resources to promote culture and critical thinking. We are inclusive, independent, non-sectarian, anticapitalist, and committed to struggle against racism and sexism.     Address: 6501 Telegraph Avenue (near Delaware), Oakland CA 94609-1113     Voice: (510) 595-7417     Fax: (510) 595-7748     Email: NPML@marxistlibr.org     Web: http://www.marxistlibr.org     [13 Nov 2011]

Nine Lives Foundation     A 501(c)(3) nonprofit no-kill cat welfare organization that works with the local community, TNR (trap/neuter/return) and rescue groups to reduce the over-population of homeless cats in Northern California by providing low-cost spay/neuter services, vaccinations, health care and shelter for stray, feral, and at-risk cats. Nine Lives Foundation provides all necessary medical treatments for its shelter cats through an on-site veterinary clinic, and seeks loving, permanent homes for them, including those with physical, medical or behavioral disabilities.     Address: 3016 Rolison Road, Redwood City CA 94063     Voice: (650) 368-1365     Fax: (650) 368-1060     Email: ninelivesfoundation@gmail.com     Web: http://www.NineLivesFoundation.org     [25 Dec 2012]

Ninth Street Independent Film Center     Mission is to secure a lasting space for the creation and dissemination of independent media that promotes democracy, community participation, cultural preservation, access and lifelong learning to a diverse community of artists and audiences.     Address: 145 Ninth Street, Suite 101, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 625-6100     Fax: (415) 552-0882     Email: info[at]ninthstreet.org     Web: http://www.ninthstreet.org     [27 May 2012]

No Compromise     Dedicated to unifying the grassroots animal liberationists by providing a forum where activists can exchange information, share strategy, discuss important issues within the movement, network with each other in an open and respectful environment and strengthen the grassroots.     Address: 740-A 14th Street #125, San Francisco CA 94114     Voice: (831) 425-3007     Email: nc-info@nocompromise.org     Web: http://www.nocompromise.org/     [25 Dec 2012]

No Justice No BART     A campaign of protests targeting the BART system. We are fighting for justice for Charles Hill, Oscar Grant, Fred Collins, Bruce Seward, Jerrold Hall, Robert Greer, and all victims of BART police violence and murder. We demand that BART disband its murderous, inept, corrupt police department.     Web: http://nojusticenobart.blogspot.com/     [13 Aug 2011]

No Kill NOW! (NKN)     It is estimated as many as 250,000,000 companion animals were slaughtered in American 'shelters' during the last decade. That figure is equivalent to the entire US human population in 1991. This site is dedicated to citizens everywhere who are willing to join together for a common cause: to STOP THE KILLING of dogs and cats and other companion animals in our municipal shelters.     Web: http://www.nokillnow.com     [17 Feb 2013]

No More Victims (NMV)     NMV began in late 2002 as the invasion of Iraq approached. We have two core objectives: to help communities create solidarity projects for children injured by US forces abroad, and to advocate and educate for peace.     Web: http://www.nomorevictims.org     [23 Feb 2014]

Noam Chomsky Archive     Noam Chomsky is one of America's most prominent political dissidents. A renowned professor of linguistics at MIT, he has authored over 30 political books dissecting such issues as U.S. interventionism in the developing world, the political economy of human rights and the propaganda role of corporate media.     Web: http://www.chomsky.info/     [13 Dec 2014]

NoArmy.com     A parody of the widely advertised web site GoArmy.com.     Web: http://noarmy.com     [13 Nov 2011]

NoFluoride.com     Presents the case against fluoridation of drinking water.     Web: http://www.nofluoride.com/     [23 Feb 2014]

Nolo     Our mission is to help consumers and small businesses find answers to their everyday legal and business questions. With over 50 web properties, the Nolo Network is one of the web’s largest libraries of consumer-friendly legal information – all available for free. With oversight from Nolo’s editorial team, we strive to deliver free legal information of the highest quality. We also offer local lawyers the ability to contribute to the Nolo network.     Web: http://www.nolo.com     [24 May 2014]

Non-GMO Project     A non-profit organization, created by leaders representing all sectors of the organic and natural products industry in the U.S. and Canada, to offer consumers a consistent “non-GMO” choice for organic and natural products that are produced without genetic engineering or recombinant DNA technologies.     Web: http://www.nongmoproject.org     [13 Nov 2011]

NoNukes.org     A global library of information and links about nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear waste contamination and citizen action for sustainable energy and human survival. Exploring paths beyond the global culture of violence.     Web: http://www.nonukes.org     [13 Nov 2011]

North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA)     An independent, nonprofit organization founded in 1966 that works toward a world in which the nations and peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean are free from oppression and injustice, and enjoy a relationship with the United States based on mutual respect, free from economic and political subordination. To that end, our mission is to provide information and analysis on the region, and on its complex and changing relationship with the United States, as tools for education and advocacy - to foster knowledge beyond borders.     Web: http://www.nacla.org/     [13 Nov 2011]

North Berkeley Harvest     Ever thought of donating the unused fruit from your very own fruit trees? We will gladly pick up or harvest your fruit and donate it to local food initiatives. Organic food only.     Voice: (510) 812-3369     Email: northberkeleyharvest@gmail.com     Web: http://northberkeleyharvest.org     [25 Dec 2012]

North Coast Earth First!     A non-violent movement, based in Humboldt County, CA, focused on saving old growth Redwood and Douglas Fir forests in the Pacific Northwestern area of the U.S. We also seek to shift logging practices away from corporate industrial liquidation logging and towards selective and responsible forestry. Our movement has had a long history of fighting for civil rights and exposing corruption, both in the courts and in the media, and these missions continue to this day!     Address: POBox 4646, Arcata CA 95518-4646     Voice: (707) 822-1513     Email: northcoastearthfirst1@yahoo.com     Web: http://www.northcoastearthfirst.org/     [14 Aug 2011]

North Oakland Restorative Justice Council     Made up of various North Oakland community stakeholders working to address issues of community violence through a land based restorative justice lens. The Council is made up of members of Bethany Baptist Church, Memorial Tabernacle Church, Growing Together, Phat Beets Produce, the PLACE for Sustainable Living, the Bay Area Youth Empowerment Project, Healers Not Jailers and various neighbors. The council organizes to support communities dealing with institutional and interpersonal violence in North Oakland and to create a culture and process to curb future violence.     Web: http://northoaklandrestorativejustice.wordpress.com     [30 Jul 2014]

Northern CA Native Events and News     We have the very best calendar of upcoming events for this region of Indian country! Please feel free to send in information on your news and events. We want to hear about your meetings, art openings, exhibitions, gatherings, speakers, poetry readings, pow wows, concerts, fundraisers, job openings, etc.     Web: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ncanativeeventsandnews/     [13 Nov 2011]

Northern California 911 Truth Alliance     Mission is to seek and disseminate truths about the terrible crimes committed on September 11, 2001, exposing gaps and deceptions in the official story. Our goal is to inspire more eyewitness revelations, truthful media coverage, and a movement that will bring the responsible criminals to justice and eliminate governmental and corporate policies that enable criminal elements to commit such acts.     Web: http://sf911truth.org/     [07 Sep 2013]

Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF)     NCCLF provides financing at affordable rates and flexible terms to community organizations unable to obtain financing from conventional lenders. It also offers technical assistance to to help nonprofits improve their financial management skills and their capacity to acquire space.     Address: 870 Market Street, Suite 677, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 392-8215     Email: info@ncclf.org     Web: http://www.ncclf.org     [02 Jul 2011]

Northern California Land Trust (NCLT)     A community-based not-for-profit committed to making homes and community facilities permanently affordable through the community land trust (CLT) model. Throughout our history NCLT has been involved in dozens of community development projects, has developed more than 165 units of housing, and has more than 35 new units in process. NCLT has also developed a homeless transitional house, affordable office space for nonprofits and small businesses, community gardens and an organic farm.     Address: 3122 Shattuck Avenue (near Woolsey), Berkeley CA 94705     Voice: (510) 548-7878     Web: http://www.nclt.org     [30 Aug 2014]

Northern California Recycling Association (NCRA)     An association of recycling businesses, community groups, municipalities, and individuals committed to promoting, expanding, and institutionalizing recycling. Founded in 1978, NCRA is a nonprofit trade organization for recyclers with more than 200 members, the majority of whom are located in Northern California. NCRA promotes waste reduction, reuse, salvaging, recycling, and composting as vital tools for resource and energy conservation, and as cost-effective, environmentally sound methods of disposing of discarded materials.     Address: POBox 5581, Berkeley CA 94705-5581     Voice: (510) 982-1841     Email: ncra@ncrarecycles.org     Web: http://www.ncrarecycles.org     [24 May 2014]

Northern California Solar Energy Association (NorCal Solar)     A nonprofit, member-supported association for consumer education on the many aspects of solar energy. Since 1974, NorCal Solar has served as an information portal for solar professionals and newcomers, the general public, policymakers, grassroots organizations, advocacy groups, and the media as a clearinghouse for unbiased information. NorCal Solar promotes passive design, building integrated solar, photovoltaics (PV), solar cooking, solar hot water, other solar and renewable energy strategies, and energy efficiency. We organize networking and other events and publish a Solar Energy Resource Guide. Come join us!     Address: POBox 3008, Berkeley CA 94703     Voice: (510) 705-8813     Email: info@norcalsolar.org     Web: http://www.norcalsolar.org/     [27 May 2012]

Northern Sun Merchandising     Sells T-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, posters, flags, mugs, car plaque emblems, magnets, lapel pins, bags, yard signs, toys, games & more. Topics include politics, feminism, environment, religion & spirituality, funny slogans, evolution, diversity, education.     Web: http://www.northernsun.com     [24 May 2014]

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP)     Works to protect community and environmental health and inspire the use of ecologically sound solutions to reduce the use of pesticides. For 35 years, NCAP has combined community outreach, education, advocacy and organizing to protect the health of people and the environment by advancing alternatives to pesticides.     Web: http://www.pesticide.org     [25 Dec 2012]

Not Milk     A public information association that has been formed to let America know that cow's milk is not nature's perfect food for people.     Web: http://www.notmilk.com/     [27 May 2012]

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation     Serves as a source of hope and inspiration, and promotes active engagement in the creation of a just and peaceful world in which: Conflicts are settled equitably and without violence; Security is based on meeting human needs, preserving the environment and ensuring the rights of future generations; Human dignity is respected and human rights are universally upheld and advanced; and International, national and local institutions and legal structures support these aims.     Web: http://www.wagingpeace.org   http://www.NuclearFiles.org     [07 Sep 2013]

Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS)     We were founded to be the national information and networking center for citizens and environmental activists concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation and sustainable energy issues. We still fulfill that core function, but have expanded both programatically and geographically. We initiate large-scale organizing and public education campaigns on specific issues, such as preventing construction of new reactors, radioactive waste transportation, deregulation of radioactive materials, and more.     Web: http://www.nirs.org     [23 Feb 2014]

Nursing Home & Elder Abuse Law Center     We specialize in elder abuse and elder neglect lawsuits against nursing homes and other long term care facilities throughout California. Our mission is to obtain justice for our clients when there has been neglect or abuse by a nursing home. "No Elder Abuse" . . . It's Not Just Our Legal Specialty -- It's Our Passion! Your call is confidential and absolutely free. And, our services are performed on a contingency fee basis, which means that there is no fee until we obtain a recovery.     Address: 1931 San Miguel Drive, Suite 210, Walnut Creek CA 94596     Voice: (925) 280-8900     Email: Mike@NoElderAbuse.com     Web: http://www.NoElderAbuse.com     [30 Aug 2014]

NutritionFacts.org     The goal of this website is to present you with the results of the latest in nutrition and health research, presented in a way that is easy to understand. Dr. Michael Greger scours the world of nutrition-related research, as published in scientific journals, and brings that information to you in short, easy to understand video segments. We also provide links to the original journal articles whenever possible so that you can source the information directly, if you so desire. All donations to NutritionFacts.org are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.     Web: http://nutritionfacts.org   http://www.drgreger.org/     [12 Aug 2012]

Oakland Based Urban Gardens (OBUGS)     OBUGS offers numerous programs to students in West and North Oakland. In our programs students learn about gardening, nutrition, exercise, healthy eating, science, and they have fun. OBUGS provides its services primarily through partnerships with schools in West and North Oakland.     Address: 1724 Mandela Parkway, Suite 8, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 465-4660     Web: http://www.lifelongmedical.org/Services/oakland-based-urban-gardens.html   https://www.facebook.com/OBUGS     [14 Mar 2015]

Oakland Citizens Committee for Urban Renewal (OCCUR)     Serves the greater Oakland / East Bay region as a commiunity building intermediary and direct service organization dedicated to public policy, non-profit capacity building, information technology, and consumer education. OCCUR has been nationally commended for its positive impact on low-income and emerging communities. OCCUR programs cover a diverse range of successful community engagement and service activities.     Address: 1330 Broadway, Suite 1030, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 839-2440     Fax: (510) 268- 9065     Email: occur@sbcglobal.net     [04 Mar 2012]

Oakland Food Policy Council (OFPC)     We are a 21-seat council that works to establish an equitable and sustainable food system. We work with diverse constituencies and across different food system sectors to create a healthy and resilient local and regional food system. We aim to make a healthy, local food system a top priority in our city and engage in state and national action for food policy reform. We carry out research, foster collaboration and engage in collective advocacy for our priority policy initiatives: economic security & development; food access; local and sustainable food procurement; and urban agriculture.     Address: 221 Oak Street, #D, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 761-5428     Email: info@oaklandfood.org     Web: http://www.oaklandfood.org     [02 Sep 2014]

Oakland Institute     An independent policy think tank, bringing fresh ideas and bold action to the most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues of our time. Our mission is to increase public participation and promote fair debate on critical social, economic and environmental issues in both national and international forums. We have a reputation for meticulous research and analysis. Our work is referenced by policymakers, academics, and the media. Many of our campaigns have resulted in international policy changes.     Address: POBox 18978, Oakland CA 94619     Email: info@oaklandinstitute.org     Web: http://www.oaklandinstitute.org     [28 Mar 2013]

Oakland Kids First     Supports visionary youth leaders who transform Oakland’s schools and communities through organizing, alliance building, creative arts, and leadership training. At Oakland Kids First, we create lasting cultural change that increases the supports and opportunities necessary for student success in Oakland schools through partnership and youth-driven ideas and action. We believe that as a critical mass of young people take responsibility for themselves, for each other, and for their education they have the power to immediately improve student culture and school climate and organize more effectively with their peers to win long-term systemic changes.     Address: 610 16th Street, Suite 310, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 452-2043     Fax: (510) 452-2075     Email: info@kidsfirstoakland.org     Web: http://www.kidsfirstoakland.org     [24 Nov 2011]

Oakland Local     A nonpartisan, nonprofit media and capacity-building organization that promotes civic engagement and discourse on local issues that matter. We are both a go-to media resource for diverse voices in the East Bay of California and a capacity-building tool to help low-income and under-served communities make their voices heard online through the hands-on media training we provide. We are particularly focused on serving Oakland’s low-income communities of color. Our vision is to both bridge the digital divide and support local community economic development through media, at the same time that we build a vibrant news hub for Northern California’s East Bay.     Web: http://oaklandlocal.com     [11 Dec 2011]

Oaklavia: Come Play in the Streets     Oaklavía will close three miles of streets circumnavigating Lake Merritt to car traffic, allowing participants to experience what a people- and community-centered urban space can feel like when our built environment is committed to safe and accessible places to walk and to bike. Love Our Lake Day is accessible by BART (Lake Merritt, 12th Street/City Center, 19th Street stations) and several AC Transit bus lines.     Voice: (510) 654-6346     Email: karen@hesternet.net     Web: http://oaklavia.org     [20 Jan 2014]

Oasis / California     The LGBT Ministry of the Diocese of California. Covering the Bay Area in northern California, we can help you find an Episcopal Church where you will feel at home, meet other LGBT Episcopalians, and help our church minister to LGBT folks. Media coverage often misses the point that moderate and progressive Christians do not share the views of some conservative Christians. Across the Bay Area, Episcopal Churches welcome LGBT folks to worship with us, sing in our choirs, and become full members of our congregations.     Address: Episcopal Diocese of California, 1055 Taylor Street, San Francisco CA 94108-2209     Email: communications-at-oasisca.org     Web: http://www.oasiscalifornia.org/     [25 Dec 2012]

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (OAEC)     A nonprofit organizing and education center and organic farm in Northern California’s Sonoma County. OAEC was founded in 1994 by a group of biologists, horticulturists, educators, activists, and artists seeking innovative and practical approaches to the pressing environmental and economic crises of our day. Much of the Center’s work addresses the challenges of creating democratic communities that are ecologically, economically and culturally sustainable in an increasingly privatized and corporatized economy and culture. OAEC's programs combine research, demonstration, education, and organizing to develop collaborative, community-based strategies for positive social change and effective environmental stewardship.     Address: 15290 Coleman Valley Road, Occidental CA 95465     Voice: (707) 874-1557     Fax: (707) 874-1558     Email: oaec@oaec.org     Web: http://www.oaec.org     [24 Nov 2011]

Occupy Berkeley     People of Berkeley, California are now occupying the Bank of America! General Assembly meetings are held every day at 6pm. Everyone is invited to #OCCUPYBERKELEY. Visit our encampment at any time of day.     Web: http://www.occupyberkeley.org     [09 Oct 2011]

Occupy Berkeley Knit-In     San Francisco Bay Area knitters making hats for occupiers in cold places. Saturdays 12 to 3 PM at Center Street and Martin Luther King in Berkeley (next to the downtown Berkeley farmers market). Packages have been sent to Occupy Wall Street, NYC; Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt; Fukushima, Japan; Occupy Newfoundland, Canada; and Athens, Greece.     Address: c/o Maxina Ventura, 2399 East 14th Street #24, San Leandro CA 94577     Email: knitters@occupyknit-in.org     Web: http://occupyknit-in.org     [04 Mar 2012]

Occupy Oakland     Oakland solidarity with #Occupy movement.     Web: http://www.occupyoakland.org     [09 Oct 2011]

Occupy San Francisco     #OccupySF stands in solidarity with the Occupy movement started with Occupy Wall Street. We are a leaderless movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99 percent. We are getting kicked out of our homes. We are forced to choose between groceries and rent. We are denied quality medical care. We are suffering from environmental pollution. We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we're working at all. We are getting nothing while the other 1 percent is getting everything. We are the 99 percent. We will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.     Web: http://www.occupysf.com     [06 Oct 2011]

Occupy the Farm     Reclaiming the Gill Tract in Albany, California to grow healthy food to meet the needs of local communities. We envision a future of food sovereignty, in which our East Bay communities make use of available land - occupying it where necessary - for sustainable agriculture to meet local needs. On Sunday, April 22nd, 2012, over 200 people marched to the Gill Tract, a 13-acre piece of land administered by UC Berkeley and located in Albany, CA, in order to begin what would become a 3-week farmland occupation. Over the course of those three weeks, hundreds of people from the community came together to plow, prep and plant over 70 two hundred-foot rows of crops. Although on May 14th, 2012, the farm was raided by UCPD, we farmers continue to stand by the crops and the right of the public to access a valuable resource managed by an ostensibly-public institution of higher learning.     Email: gilltractfarm@riseup.net     Web: http://www.takebackthetract.com     [09 Sep 2012]

Occupy the Farm - The Film     A documentary that chronicles the battle between an allied group of urban farmers and the University of California, Berkeley over the last agricultural land in the East Bay. UC Berkeley wants to commercialize the land: turning it into a super market and housing plaza. The Farmers want to preserve the land as an urban farm and educational resource. After months of action, hundreds of activists, a large university, riot police, and the community caught in the middle, the fate of the Gill Tract is still unknown.     Web: http://occupythefarmfilm.com     [20 Jan 2013]

Occupy Wall Street     The unofficial de facto online resource for the ongoing protests happening on Wall Street. We are an affinity group committed to doing technical support work for resistance movements. We are not affiliated with Adbusters, anonymous or any other organization. The leaders of this movement are the everyday people participating in the occupation. We use a tool called the "General Assembly" to facilitate open, participatory and horizontal organizing between members of the public. We welcome people from all colors, genders and beliefs to participate in our daily assemblies     Web: http://occupywallst.org     [06 Oct 2011]

Ocean Voyages Institute     A non-profit organization based in Sausalito, California. Its mission is to raise awareness about the importance of ocean conservation and to take action to clean up and protect the global ocean. In 2009, Project Kaisei was established to increase the understanding and the scale of plastic marine debris, its impact on our ocean environment, and how we can introduce solutions for both prevention and clean-up.     Web: http://www.oceanvoyagesinstitute.org/     [27 May 2012]

OceanHealth.Org     A San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit that promotes sustainable, healthy oceans through education, science, advocacy, and actions. OceanHealth.Org was founded in 2007 to promote connections between the health of the oceans and human health, emphasizing that ocean health is our health. Our organization promotes personal choices that protect public health while also creating healthy ocean and coastal ecosystems. OceanHealth.Org strives to protect threatened and endangered marine species that are impacted by our actions as consumers and citizens. Annually, OceanHealth.Org and its cosponsors host beach cleanups, film festivals, and other activities in recognition of World Oceans Day on June 8, a United Nations holiday to celebrate and take action for our oceans.     Address: POBox 14732, San Francisco CA 94114     Voice: (415) 342-7497     Email: eli@oceanhealth.org     Web: http://www.oceanhealth.org     [04 Jul 2013]

October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality     Mobilizing every year since 1996 for a National Day of Protest on October 22nd, bringing together those under the gun and those not under the gun as a powerful voice to expose the epidemic of police brutality. The Coalition also works on the Stolen Lives Project, which documents cases of killings by law enforcement agents nationwide. The second edition of the Stolen Lives book documents over 2000 cases in the 1990s alone. Research and collection of data in preparation for a second volume continues, and volunteers for researching or editing are welcomed.      Web: http://www.october22.org/     [24 May 2014]

Oil Change International     A research, communication, and advocacy organization focused on exposing the true costs of fossil fuels and facilitating the coming transition towards clean energy. We focus on the fossil fuel industry because we view the production and consumption of oil, gas and coal as sources of global warming, human rights abuses, war, national security concerns, corporate globalization, and increased inequality. We also see fossil fuel industry’s interests behind every major barrier to a clean energy transition.     Web: http://www.priceofoil.org/     [25 Dec 2012]

Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (ODAC)     Sseeks to raise international public awareness and promote better understanding of the world's oil-depletion problem.      Web: http://www.odac-info.org/     [25 Dec 2012]

Oil Factor: Behind the War On Terror     A 90 minute documentary film by the makers of "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm".     Web: http://www.TheOilFactor.com     [27 May 2012]

Oilwatch     A resistance network that opposes the activities of oil companies in tropical countries. Oilwatch is a network that builds solidarity and fosters a common identity among peoples of the South. Oilwatch understands similarities in the current pattern of resource exploitation in countries of the South, which reflects historical legacy of disempowerment of peoples and considers the recognition of the right of peoples to self-determination as primary in the resolution of environmental problems.     Web: http://www.oilwatch.org/     [27 May 2012]

Older Women's League (OWL-SF)     Works on political issues of particular concern to women 50 and over. Social Security, Medicare, climate change and gender economic inequality are on our agenda now, as are local problems with pedestrian safety, health care facilities, and transportation. OWL-SF also provides programs informing attendees about nutrition and other wellness matters for seniors such as end of life planning and elder abuse. We gain energy and friends by working together sharing information, food, life and laughter.     Address: 870 Market Street #905, San Francisco CA 94102     Voice: (415) 989-4422     Email: info@owlsf.org     Web: http://www.owlsf.org     [13 Dec 2014]

Om Organics     Mission is to increase the demand for sustainable agriculture and supply of regionally-produced foods by: * educating the community on the health, environmental and economic benefits of local, sustainable food production, * helping people appreciate and access sustainably grown products in the local region, and * helping farms better meet the needs of the community.      Fax: (415) 358-4131     Email: info[at]omorganics.org     Web: http://www.omorganics.org     [24 May 2014]

Omni Commons     Comprised of several Bay Area collectives with a shared political vision—one that privileges a more equitable commoning of resources and meeting of human needs over private interests or corporate profit. We invite you to join us in establishing a safe, productive place to pool resources for the collective use and stewardship of the greater community. A space that fosters an ethic of radical collaboration across disciplines and between individual collectives, creating a living model for future radical spaces.     Address: 4799 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland CA 94609     Web: https://omnicommons.org/     [17 Dec 2014]

On Lok SeniorHealth     A not-for-profit organization founded in the early 1970s by a group of citizens concerned about the plight of elders and the lack of long term options in the community.     Address: 1333 Bush Street, San Francisco CA 94109-5611     Voice: (415) 292-8888     Fax: (415) 292-8745     Email: info@onlok.org     Web: http://www.onlok.org     [26 Feb 2012]

One Brick     Headquartered in San Francisco, California, One Brick is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (Federal ID: 77-0593889) that brings volunteers together to support other local non-profits by adopting an innovative twist to the volunteer experience: we create a friendly and social atmosphere around volunteering, and after each volunteer event -- which typically lasts only 3 to 4 hours -- we invite volunteers to gather at a local restaurant or café where they can get to know one another in a relaxed social setting.     Web: http://www.onebrick.org     [07 Sep 2013]

One Economy Corporation (San Francisco Office) (One Economy)     A global nonprofit organization that uses innovative approaches to deliver the power of technology and information to low-income people, giving them valuable tools for building better lives. We help bring broadband into the homes of low-income people, employ youth to train their community members to use technology effectively, and provide socially responsible media properties that offer a wealth of information on education, jobs, health care and other vital issues. Our mission is to maximize the potential of technology to help low-income people improve their lives and enter the economic mainstream.     Address: 1550 Bryant Street, Suite 700 (near 16th), San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 734-9100     Web: http://www.one-economy.com/   http://www.theBeehive.org   http://pic.tv     [08 Jul 2011]

and Bikes 4 Life Bicycle Shop One Fam     Voice: 94607     Fax: (510) 452-2453     Email: event,   surf     Web: admin@onefam(dot)org     [17 Aug 2014]

OneCareNow.org     An online organizing network that exists to activate and empower people like you into a grassroots and netroots movement for universal health care in California. We support a single payer system that will deliver comprehensive health care to all residents of the state, and that allows consumers to have input into the system and full access to the information that affects their health or choice of providers. Our vision is a health care system where every child and every adult receives the health care they need, when they need it, and at a cost that is affordable. Join the California OneCare Campaign and help to make this vision our reality.     Address: POBox 5833, Novato CA 94948     Web: http://www.onecarenow.org     [24 Nov 2011]

OneWorld Health     We are a non-profit drug development organization with a mission to discover, develop, and deliver safe, effective, and affordable new treatments for neglected infectious diseases afflicting children in the developing world.     Address: 280 Utah Avenue, Suite 250, South San Francisco CA 94080     Voice: (650) 392-2510     Fax: (415) 421-4747     Web: http://www.oneworldhealth.org/     [16 Oct 2011]

Online Review of Books and Current Affairs     Reviews independently published and small press books, with news stories, essays, and feature interviews from a progressive point of view.     Web: http://onlinereviewofbooks.com/     [25 Dec 2012]

Open Directory Project (dmoz.org)     The largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.     Web: http://www.dmoz.org     [16 Mar 2014]

Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF)     A a non-profit organisation founded in 2004 and dedicated to promoting open data and open content in all their forms – including government data, publicly funded research and public domain cultural content. The Foundation is an international leader in its field and has extensive experience in building tools and community around open material. Our software development work includes some of the most innovative and widely acclaimed projects in the area.     Web: http://okfn.org/     [11 Jun 2013]

OpportunityKnocks.org     A national online job site, HR resource and career development destination focused exclusively on the nonprofit community. We are committed to lead and support efforts that help further nonprofit careers and promote a robust workforce that enables organizations to complete their missions. For Nonprofit professionals, www.OpportunityKnocks.org is the premier destination to find nonprofit jobs and access valuable resources for developing successful careers in the nonprofit community. For Employers, www.OpportunityKnocks.org is the best way to find qualified candidates and receive valuable information that nonprofit organizations need when building successful recruitment, retention and human resource strategies.     Web: http://www.opportunityknocks.org     [24 Nov 2011]

Organic Consumers Association     An online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children's health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics. We are the only organization in the US focused exclusively on promoting the views and interests of the nation's estimated 50 million organic and socially responsible consumers.     Web: http://www.organicconsumers.org     [07 Sep 2013]

Organic Events     Plans, produces, and coordinates events of any size for Northern California groups doing good work for the world. While we typically coordinate events from start to finish, we are also available for day of event oversight, or on a consulting basis to help you “demystify” event planning. When you contract Organic Events, you can leave the planning to us, allowing you to focus on member and donor cultivation.     Address: 130 Coral Reef Avenue, Half Moon Bay CA 94019     Voice: (415) 902-9368     Fax: (650) 563-9492     Email: info@organicevents.org     Web: http://www.organicevents.org     [24 Nov 2011]

Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF)     Our mission is to foster the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming systems. We accomplish this by: * Sponsoring organic farming research and education & outreach projects through our competitive grantmaking program; * Disseminating the results of OFRF-funded research and education projects to organic farmers and to growers interested in adopting organic production systems; and * Educating the public and decision-makers about organic farming issues.     Address: POBox 440, Santa Cruz CA 95061     Voice: (831) 426-6606     Fax: (831) 426-6670     Email: info@ofrf.org     Web: http://www.ofrf.org     [14 Aug 2011]

Organic Seed Alliance     Advances the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed. We accomplish our mission through collaborative research, education, and advocacy programs that closely engage organic farmers and other seed professionals.     Web: http://www.seedalliance.org     [28 Mar 2013]

OrganicAthlete     Unites people in a global effort to create a better world through sport. Through individual initiative and teamwork we can achieve the extraordinary and inspire the pursuit of personal and planetary health. Our mission is to promote health and ecological stewardship among athletes of all ages and abilities by sharing information, building community and inspiring through athletic example.     Web: http://www.organicathlete.org     [26 Feb 2012]

Our City     Our City is working to shift power in San Francisco out of the hands of wealthy elites and big business interests, and into the hands of the people. We support human and civil rights; economic, racial and social justice; open, well-run, and responsive government; LGBT rights; a clean environment; affordable housing; affordable and accessible health care; well funded public education; sensible transportation policies; fair treatment for workers; effective and humane homeless solutions; empowering neighborhoods; and electing decent, intelligent representatives who will work hard for the people they represent.     Address: 1104 Polk Street #225, San Francisco CA 94109     Voice: (415) 756-8844     Email: info@ourcitysf.org     Web: http://our-city.org     [02 Sep 2014]

our developing world (odw)     Dedicated to bringing the realities of the “third world” and the richness of diverse cultures to North Americans, our developing world(odw) provides teacher training and materials, and programs for community groups and classes, reality tours, a tri–annual newsletter — our developing world(odw)´s voices and a lending resource library free to local teachers.     Address: 13004 Paseo Presada, Saratoga CA 95070-4125     Voice: (408) 379-4431     Email: odw@magiclink.net     Web: http://blank.hypersurf.com/~odw/     [25 Aug 2012]

Our Family Coalition     Advances equity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) families with children through support, education, and advocacy. We seek to create an inclusive and just world where all LGBTQ families with children have visibility and opportunities to thrive as valued participants in our schools, institutions, and communities. We cultivate community-based leadership among LGBTQ families and strong partnerships with our allies in California, to advance social justice and make our nation a more respectful and inclusive place for all.     Address: 1385 Mission Street, Suite 340, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 981-1960     Fax: (415) 981-1962     Email: info@ourfamily.org     Web: http://www.ourfamily.org     [24 May 2014]

Our World     The Our World web magazine shares expert views, research and commentary on contemporary affairs of relevance to the mandate of the United Nations. This award-winning web magazine, brought to you by the United Nations University (UNU), exchanges these insights through video briefs, articles, debates, photo essays and public events. Our World is produced by the UNU Office of Communications team in Tokyo. Since the first article, the magazine has been dedicated to bilingual publishing in English and Japanese.     Web: http://ourworld.unu.edu/en/     [24 Nov 2014]

Out4Immigration     We are an all-volunteer grassroots group that works to raise awareness about the discrimination same-sex binational couples face under current U.S. laws when trying to keep our families together. Same-sex binational couples are LGBT American citizens or permanent residents who are married to, in a civil union with or registered as a domestic partner with someone from another country.     Email: info@out4immigration.org     Web: http://www.out4immigration.org/     [14 Mar 2015]

Outer Voices     A multi-media team whose core work is creating radio documentaries about women in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands who are leaders in non-violent social change.     Address: POBox 321, Healdsburg CA 95448     Voice: (415) 497-0563     Email: info@outervoices.org     Web: http://www.outervoices.org     [25 Nov 2011]

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism     A film that examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news. This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know.     Web: http://www.outfoxed.org     [25 Dec 2012]

Oyate     A Native organization working to see that our lives and histories are portrayed with honesty and integrity, and that all people know that our stories belong to us. For Indian children growing up in the 21st century, it is as important as ever for them to know who they are and learn about the histories that they come from. For all children, it is time to know and acknowledge the truths of history. Only then will they come to have the understanding and respect for each other that now, more than ever, will be necessary for life to continue.     Address: 330 East Thomson Avenue, Sonoma CA 95476     Voice: (707) 996-6700     Email: orders[at]oyate[dot]org     Web: http://www.oyate.org     [13 Dec 2014]

Pachamama Alliance     Mission is to empower indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and, using insights gained from that work, to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world. The vision that informs The Pachamama Alliance’s work is of a world that works for everyone: a socially just, environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilled human presence on this planet — a New Dream for humanity.     Address: Presidio Bldg 1009, POBox 29191, San Francisco CA 94129-9191     Voice: (415) 561-4522     Web: http://www.pachamama.org     [25 Dec 2012]

Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association (PCFMA)     Our mission is to establish and operate community-supported certified farmers' markets and other direct marketing outlets that provide: viable economic opportunities for California farmers and food producers with emphasis on family farms, local access to farm fresh products, support for local businesses and community organizations, and education concerning food, nutrition and the sustainability of California agriculture.     Address: 5060 Commercial Circle, Suite A, Concord CA 94520     Voice: (925) 825-9090; (800) 949-FARM     Fax: (925) 825-9101     Web: http://www.pcfma.com     [16 Mar 2014]

Pacific Environment     Protects the living environment of the Pacific Rim. We have partnered with local and indigenous communities in Russia, China, California, and the Alaskan Arctic for more than two decades. We believe that long term environmental and social progress originates from strengthening local communities and grassroots movements, complemented with sophisticated policy advocacy at international finance and governance institutions.     Address: 369 Pine Street, Suite 518, San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: (415) 399-8850     Fax: (415) 399-8860     Email: info@pacificenvironment.org     Web: http://www.pacificenvironment.org/     [07 Jun 2014]

Pacific Film Archive     Mission is to inspire the imagination and ignite critical dialogue through art and film. The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is the visual arts center of the University of California, Berkeley. Through art and film programs, collections and research resources, we aspire to be locally connected and globally relevant, engaging audiences from the campus, community, and beyond.     Address: Woo Hon Fai Hall, 2625 Durant Avenue #2250, Berkeley CA 94720-2250     Voice: (510) 642-0808     Email: bampfa@berkeley.edu     Web: http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu     [17 Feb 2013]

Pacific Institute     Works to create a healthier planet and sustainable communities. We conduct interdisciplinary research and partner with stakeholders to produce solutions that advance environmental protection, economic development, and social equity—in California, nationally, and internationally. Our aim is to find real-world solutions to problems like water shortages, habitat destruction, global warming, and environmental injustice. Based in Oakland, California, we conduct research, publish reports, recommend solutions, and work with decision makers, advocacy groups, and the public to change policy.     Address: 654 13th Street, Preservation Park, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 251-1600     Fax: (510) 251-2203     Email: info(at)pacinst.org     Web: http://www.pacinst.org   http://www.worldwater.org     [26 Feb 2012]

Pacifica Gardens     A 30,000 sq. ft. urban agricultural project located on an abandoned soccer field at Linda Mar School, 830 Rosita Road, Pacifica, CA. Projects underway: biointensive food gardens, permaculture food forest, native plants, culinary and medicinal herbs, fruit tree mini-orchard, large-scale composting, elementary school field trips, youth community service program, adult composting workshops, food donation program. Programs in development: school garden demonstration, backyard edible garden demonstration, community education classes and workshops.     Address: 830 Rosita Road, Pacifica CA 94044     Email: general@pacifica-gardens.org     Web: http://www.pacifica-gardens.org     [25 Dec 2012]

Paper Tiger TV West / Deep Dish Satelite Network (PTTV)     Paper Tiger has been creating fun, funky, hard-hitting, investigative, compelling and truly alternative media since 1981! The programs produced at PTTV have inspired media-savvy community productions and activism around the world. Our archive includes shows that provide critical analysis of media, educate about the communications industry and highlight issues that are absent from mainstream information sources. Through the distribution of our short documentary programs, media literacy/video production workshops, community screenings and grassroots advocacy, PTTV works to expose and challenge the corporate control of mediaacy.     Web: http://www.papertiger.org/     [11 Mar 2012]

PAPÁS - Supporting Father Involvement     PAPÁS is part of a study funded by the California Office of Child Abuse Prevention researching the best ways to help fathers participate in their families and communities PAPÁS started recruiting families in Watsonville in August 2003, out of La Manzana Community Resource Center. Since then we've teamed up with Live Oak Family Resource Center, Mountain Community Resource Center, Davenport Family Resource Center and the Beach Flats Community Resource Center to open the study up to families living in both side of Santa Cruz County.     Address: 18 West Lake Avenue, Suite L, Watsonville CA 95076     Voice: (831) 763-3123     Email: deutron.kebebew@scccc.org     Web: http://www.papassfi.org     [11 Mar 2012]

Parent Institute for Quality Education (Bay Area Office) (PIQE)     Creates partnerships between parents, students and educators to further students’ academic success. As a result of our work in parent engagement, more than 1.5 million under-served student's educations have been enhanced since our inception in 1987. Public schools value us, parents need us, and students use us as a springboard to their own personal and career success.     Address: 2041 Bancroft Way, Suite 303, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 845-7210     Fax: (510) 845-7205     Email: mdumeng@piqe.org     Web: http://www.piqe.org     [27 May 2012]

Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG San Francisco)     Pomotes the health and well being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends, through support to cope with an adverse society, education to enlighten an ill-informed public, and advocacy to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights. PFLAG SF provides opportunity for dialogue about sexual orientation and gender identity and act to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity.     Address: POBox 640223, San Francisco CA 94164     Voice: (415) 921-8850 (HELPline)     Email: pflagsf@aol.com     Web: http://pflagsf.org   http://www.pflag.org     [13 Dec 2014]

East Bay Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)     PFLAG is a national non-profit organization with over 200,000 members and supporters and over 350 affiliates in the United States. This vast grassroots network is cultivated, resourced and serviced by the PFLAG National Office, located in Washington, D.C., the national Board of Directors and 13 Regional Directors.     Address: POBox 21195, Oakland CA 94620-1195     Voice: (510) 562-7692     Email: support@pflag-eastbay.org     Web: http://www.pflag.org   http://community.pflag.org/Page.aspx?&pid=224&srcid=229&chid=39     [14 Aug 2011]

San Jose/Peninsula Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (P-FLAG)     Promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons, their families and friends through: support, to cope with an adverse society; education, to enlighten an ill-informed public; and advocacy, to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights. Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays provides opportunity for dialogue about sexual orientation and gender identity, and acts to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity.     Address: POBox 2718, Sunnyvale CA 94087     Voice: (408) 270-8182     Email: pflag-info@pflagsanjose.org     Web: http://www.pflagsanjose.org/     [01 Dec 2013]

Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP)     A a non-profit organization that empowers people to decide together how to spend public money, primarily in the US and Canada. We create and support participatory budgeting processes that deepen democracy, build stronger communities, and make public budgets more equitable and effective.     Address: 1212 Broadway, Fifth Floor (near Broadway & 12th), Oakland CA 94612     Email: info@participatorybudgeting.org     Web: http://www.participatorybudgeting.org     [09 Aug 2014]

Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF)     A public interest legal organization that brings a unique and cutting edge approach dedicated to the defense of human and civil rights secured by law, the protection of free speech and dissent, and the elimination of prejudice and discrimination. Among the PCJF cases are constitutional law, civil rights, women's rights, economic justice matters and Freedom of Information Act cases.     Web: http://www.justiceonline.org     [20 Jun 2013]

Partnership for Sustainable Communities (PSC)     A national, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in San Rafael, California. PSC is dedicated to helping make American cities and towns more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. We share the concern of environmental groups about the negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions. However, PSC is unique in that it focuses on the whole picture of land use planning, affordable housing, community development, building energy use, and transportation. PSC supports land use planning that recognizes the importance of infill, mixed-use and transit-oriented development; better linkage between transportation and the development of homes and job centers, as well as transportation alternatives to private cars; and development of mixed-income and affordable housing near jobs and transit, as well as preservation of existing affordable housing.     Address: 914 Mission Avenue, Suite. 4A, San Rafael CA 94901     Voice: (415) 453-2100     Web: http://www.p4sc.org     [02 Sep 2014]

Party for Socialism and Liberation (San Francisco office)     A newly formed working class party of leaders and activists from many different struggles, founded to promote the movement for revolutionary change. We are fighting for socialism, a system where the wealth of society belongs to those who produce it, the working class, and is used in a planned and sustainable way for the benefit of all. In place of greed, domination and exploitation, we stand for solidarity, friendship and cooperation between all peoples.     Address: 2969 Mission Street, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 821-6171     Email: sf@pslweb.org     Web: http://www.pslweb.org     [07 Jun 2014]

Pathways to Peace (PTP)     An international Peacebuilding, Educational and Consulting organization dedicated to making Peace a practical reality through both local and global projects. Incorporated in 1983, PTP is an official Peace Messenger of the United Nations and has Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and works with the U.N. Centre for Human Rights, Pathways To Peace works locally and globally to promote Peacebuilding, Education and to collaborate with other organizations in initiatives that help further our Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI).     Address: POBox 1057, Larkspur CA 94977     Voice: (415) 461-0500     Fax: (415) 925-0330     Email: info@pathwaystopeace.org     Web: http://pathwaystopeace.org     [07 Jun 2014]

Pavement to Parks      A collaborative effort between the San Francisco Planning Department, the Department of Public Works, and the Municipal Transportation Agency. San Francisco's streets and public rights-of-way make up 25% of the city's land area; more space than all the public parks combined. Many of our streets are excessively wide and contain large underutilized areas, especially at intersections. San Francisco's "Pavement to Parks" program seeks to test the possibilities of these underused areas of land by quickly and inexpensively converting them into new pedestrian spaces.     Web: http://pavementtoparks.sfplanning.org/     [05 Mar 2015]

Peace Action of San Mateo County     A grassroots San Mateo County peace & justice group. A local affiliate of Peace Action West, which is a member of Peace Action, the largest peace & disarmament organization in the country.     Address: POBox 425, San Mateo CA 94401     Email: smpa@sanmateopeaceaction.org     Web: http://www.sanmateopeaceaction.org     [26 Mar 2015]

Peace Action West     Works for smarter American approaches to global problems. If we want to address problems like war, poverty, global warming, terrorism -- the US needs to work together, cooperatively, with other nations. It also means overcoming the partisan politics and divisive rhetoric that often drown out alternatives to war.     Address: 2201 Broadway, Suite 321, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (800) 949-9020     Web: http://peaceactionwest.org     [24 Nov 2011]

The Peace Alliance     An alliance of organizers and advocates throughout the United States taking the work of peacebuilding from the margins of society into the centers of national discourse and policy priorities. Our network includes volunteer grassroots teams in hundreds of cities, towns, colleges and high school campuses.      Web: http://www.thepeacealliance.org     [08 Sep 2012]

Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party     Ccommitted to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. We represent the working class, those without capital in a capitalist society. We organize toward a world where cooperation replaces competition, a world where all people are well fed, clothed and housed; where all women and men have equal status; where all individuals may freely endeavor to fulfill their own talents and desires; a world of freedom and peace where every community retains its cultural integrity and lives with all others in harmony.     Address: POBox 24764, Oakland CA 94623     Voice: (510) 465-9414     Web: http://www.peaceandfreedom.org     [22 Sep 2013]

Peace and Justice Center of Nevada County (PJCNC)     We envision a world of justice, peace, equality and freedom. This vision includes community where differences are respected, conflicts are addressed peacefully, supportive structures are developed, and people are empowered and live in harmony with the earth, nurtured by diverse traditions that foster compassion, solidarity and reconciliation. We are dedicated to principles of non-violent resolution of conflict. Members may not represent PJCNC by spoken or written word that advocates any violent action.     Web: http://www.ncpeace.org/     [07 Jun 2014]

Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County     The Center envisions a world of peace, justice and freedom. It is a revolutionary and empowering vision of a democratic community where differences are respected, conflicts are addressed nonviolently, oppressive structures are dismantled, and people live in harmony with the earth, nurtured by diverse traditions that foster compassion, solidarity and reconciliation. Therefore, we commit ourselves to replace violence, war, racism and economic injustice through active nonviolence as a transforming way of life and as a means of radical change – personally, locally, nationally, and globally.     Address: 467 Sebastopol Avenue, Santa Rosa CA 95401     Voice: (707) 575-8902     Web: http://www.peaceandjusticesonomaco.org     [02 Sep 2014]

Peace Brigades International (PBI)     An international NGO that has been promoting nonviolence and protecting human rights since 1981. Our work is based on the principles of non-partisanship and non-interference in the internal affairs of the organisations we accompany. We believe that lasting transformation of conflicts cannot be imposed from outside, but must be based on the capacity and desires of local people. Therefore we do not take part in the work of the organisations we accompany. Rather our role is to open political space and provide moral support for local activists to carry out their work without fear of repression.     Web: http://www.peacebrigades.org     [13 Dec 2014]

Peace Links / Greater Bay Area     A non-partisan grassroots organization working to involve more people in activities to prevent nuclear war, reduce the defense budget, promote a comprehensive nuclear test ban, and achieve alternative solutions to conflict through citizen diplomacy with the Commonwealth of Independent States.     Address: 521 Westfield Way, Oakland CA 94619     Voice: (510) 531-5357 (June Stark Casey)     Fax: (510) 482-9468     [14 Oct 2009]

Peace Resource Project     Sells fundraising and promotional items including bumperstickers, posters, t-shirts, and buttons. Our hope is for a world of peace, social justice and ecological harmony. We strive to encourage and build faith in our own abilities to create the world we want to see. We enjoy sharing the informative and educational content in our resources, particularly our extensive offering of DVDs. We always have been committed to empowering grassroots groups by providing these educational, fundraising and visibility resources as reasonably priced as we can.     Address: POBox 1122, Arcata CA 95518-1122     Voice: (888) 822-7075     Fax: (707) 268-8985     Web: http://www.peaceproject.com/     [16 Mar 2014]

Pedal Express     The East Bay's ONLY bicycle courier service since 1994. We love the challenges of the courier industry. Whether it's a rush job filing court papers, delivering lunch for your entire office, or hauling 300 pounds of publications across town - You name it, we'll move it. We are committed to promoting environmentally sustainable and socially just business practices. We are dedicated to strengthening our local economy and creating quality jobs. We are collectively owned and operated - every rider you see on the street is a devoted partner invested in the company, our communities, and dedicated to getting your delivery done right.     Address: POBox 10141, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (510) 843-7339 (843-PEDX)     Email: PedalExpress@PedalExpress.com     Web: http://www.pedalexpress.com     [27 May 2013]

Peer Counseling Collective     This free, confidential service for individuals is provided by lay volunteers trained in active listening skills: this is the basic, "talk therapy" approach. Drop-in peer counseling is available Monday through Friday starting at 6:30pm. Appointments may also be made outside of these hours by calling (510) 548-2744. Ongoing scheduled individual counseling may be set up through drop-ins. We also offer group counseling every Monday night from 6:30 to 8:30. The group is called The Radical Mental Health Group. Topics are open and decided on by the needs of the group present. A part of the Berkeley Free Clinic.     Address: 2339 Durant Avenue, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 548-2570 x2570     Web: http://www.berkeleyfreeclinic.org/peerCounseling.html     [24 Nov 2011]

Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development     Our goal is to advance responsible oilsands development, which we define as: * capping the impacts of oilsands development within the limits of what science shows the ecosystem can support; * shrinking the environmental footprint of oilsands development for every barrel produced; and * ensuring a meaningful portion of the benefits of oilsands development are used to support Canada's transition to a clean energy future.      Web: http://www.oilsandswatch.org/     [01 Dec 2013]

Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)     Mission is to give permanent protection to the beauty, character and diversity of the San Francisco Peninsula and Santa Cruz Mountain range. POST encourages the use of these lands for natural resource protection, wildlife habitat, public recreation and agriculture for people here now and for future generations. Since our founding in 1977, we've saved more than 70,000 acres of coveted land - grasslands, woodlands, beaches, bluffs, farmland – in one of the world's most desirable and expensive real estate markets.     Address: 222 High Street, Palo Alto CA 94301     Voice: (650) 854-7696     Fax: (650) 854-7703     Email: post.at.openspacetrust.org     Web: http://www.openspacetrust.org     [07 May 2012]

Peninsula Peace and Justice Center (PPJC)     Committed to . . . Changing U.S. foreign and domestic policies to ones that meet human needs and human rights. A demilitarized society and economy. True justice for all, at home and abroad, regardless of economic status or beliefs. An end to racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination. Giving ordinary people the information and opportunity they need to be involved and effective in the efforts to change our country and our world.     Address: 305 North California Avenue #3, Palo Alto CA 94301     Voice: (650) 326-8837     Email: ppjc[at]peaceandjustice.org     Web: http://www.peaceandjustice.org/     [07 Jun 2014]

People for the American Way (PFAW)     Dedicated to making the promise of America real for every American: Equality. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. The right to seek justice in a court of law. The right to cast a vote that counts. The American Way. Our vision is a vibrantly diverse democratic society in which everyone is treated equally under the law, given the freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams, and encouraged to participate in our nation’s civic and political life. Our America respects diversity, nurtures creativity and combats hatred and bigotry.     Web: http://www.pfaw.org     [25 Dec 2012]

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)     PETA focuses its attention on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods of time: on factory farms, in the clothing trade, in laboratories, and in the entertainment industry. We also work on a variety of other issues, including the cruel killing of beavers, birds, and other "pests" as well as cruelty to domesticated animals. PETA works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, legislation, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns.     Web: http://www.peta.org     [25 Dec 2012]

People Organized to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights (PODER)     A grassroots, environmental justice organization based in San Francisco’s Mission District. PODER’s mission is to organize with Mission residents to work on local solutions to issues facing low income communities and communities of color. PODER believes that the solutions to community problems depend on the active participation of all people in decision-making processes. Improvements to our neighborhood must be made through collective social action to bring about social, economic and environmental justice.     Address: 474 Valencia Street, Suite 125 (near 16th Street), San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 431-4210     Fax: (415) 431-8525     Email: info(at)podersf.org     Web: http://www.podersf.org     [22 Sep 2013]

People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER)     POWER's work is guided by our theory of social change which sees that those people who are most affected by the problems of society- low-income and working class people, people of color, women, queer and transgender people- must lead a movement of millions to eradicate those problems. By building power from the bottom-up, POWER is able to ensure that public policy and public institutions serve the interests of everyone.     Address: 335 South Van Ness Avenue, 2nd Floor, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 864-8372     Web: http://www.peopleorganized.org/     [14 Aug 2011]

People United for a Better Life in Oakland (PUEBLO)     A multi-issue community membership organization located at 3528 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94601. Its mission is to advocate for the needs of low-income residents of Oakland, most of them people of color, by grassroots organizing, offering leadership training and initiating policy reform.     Address: 3528 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland CA 94601     Voice: (510) 535-2525     Email: pueblo@peopleunited.org     Web: http://www.peopleunited.org     [11 Mar 2012]

The People's Amendment     A proposed series of Amendments to the US Constitution. It is a collection of specific principles and changes we must make to restore a balance to our relationships with the earth and with each other. It provides a common sense, nonpartisan approach to the overwhelming problems we all face.     Web: http://www.peoplesamendment.org/     [11 Mar 2012]

People's Bark News     A newsletter that's posted online and emailed every Sunday, containing activist messages that include Bay Area events in addition to Los Angeles and San Diego events. Send notices to John Vance at the email address shown here. Put SUBSCRIBE PBNB in the subject line to subscribe by email. There is also an RSS feed at the last URL shown here.     Email: jvance@riseup.net     Web: http://www.angelfire.com/biz2/thefirstamendment/pbnbtemplate   http://www.angelfire.com/biz2/thefirstamendment   https://lists.riseup.net/www/rss/latest_arc/pbnberkeley?count=20&for=10     [11 Nov 2011]

People's Grocery     Operates at the intersection of public health, economic development, and food systems. Our mission is to improve the health and local economy of West Oakland through investing in the local food system. Using West Oakland as a model of leadership development, micro-enterprise creation and health project development, we aim to support and develop a thriving network of like-minded change-agents in cities across the nation. Since 2003 we have pursued positive community change and addressed social determinants of health through food to ensure that community self-determination plays a primary role in revitalizing historically underinvested neighborhoods.     Address: 909 7th Sreet, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 652-7607     Email: info@peoplesgrocery.org     Web: http://www.peoplesgrocery.org     [22 Sep 2013]

Peoples Video Network     A group of media activists who video and audio podcast, produce and edit dvd's and videos about issues the corporate media will not touch. In our archives are hundreds of dvd's and videos documenting the struggle. We have sent correspondents to the Lacondon Jungle, Russia, Cuba, Korea, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and Iraq. Our goal is to break the information blockade of big business media.     Web: http://www.peoplesvideo.org/     [24 Nov 2011]

Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)     Works to replace the use of hazardous pesticides with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives. As one of five PAN Regional Centers worldwide, we link local and international consumer, labor, health, environment and agriculture groups into an international citizens’ action network. This network challenges the global proliferation of pesticides, defends basic rights to health and environmental quality, and works to ensure the transition to a just and viable society.     Address: 1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 1200, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 788-9020     Web: http://www.panna.org/   http://pesticideinfo.org     [01 Dec 2013]

Petaluma Bounty     Working to create a sustainable Petaluma food system with healthy fresh food for everyone! Formed in summer 2006 with initial seed funding from the Hub of Petaluma Foundation, Petaluma Bounty is a community-based nonprofit that is helping folks to grow their own healthy food, redistributing surplus food, and providing affordable fresh food to low-income families and seniors.     Address: 210 Fourth Street, Suite B, Petaluma CA 94952     Voice: (707) 775-3663     Fax: 707-775-3663 (same as voice)     Email: ruth@petalumabounty.org     Web: http://www.petalumabounty.org     [25 Aug 2012]

Petaluma Community Access     A non-profit public access television station in Petaluma. Through community programming, member production services and partnerships with local businesses, PCA promotes diversity and free speech for Petaluma. Our mission is to promote freedom of expression, provide access to communication tools and to foster the use of visual media and technology.     Address: 205 Keller Street, Suite 102, Petaluma CA 94952     Voice: (707) 773-3190     Fax: (707) 773-4252     Email: contact@pca.tv     Web: http://pca.tv     [25 Dec 2012]

Petaluma Grange #851     Petaluma Grange will foster a sustainable community by advocating for local farmers and the creation of equitable, resilient local agricultural and food systems. We will embrace the area’s diverse cultural heritage, promote reinvestment in our local economy, welcome the wisdom of our elders and support each other in our efforts to be responsible stewards of the land for the benefit of future generations.     Address: POBox 734, Petaluma CA 94953     Web: http://www.PetalumaGrange.com     [13 Jan 2013]

Petaluma Progressives     A grass-roots political action and education group. Sponsors demonstrations against the US abuse of power as well as being part of the Friday Night Film series at the Aqus Cafe. They are the main organizers of the annual Progressive Festival held in Petaluma every September. Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at Copperfields Books in Petaluma.     Address: POBox 445, Petaluma CA 94953     Voice: (707) 763-8134     Fax: (707) 763-2038     Email: shermuse@sonic.net     Web: http://www.progressivefestival.org     [06 Oct 2011]

Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS)     Believes that the healing impact of the human-animal bond is one of the best supports available for medically vulnerable individuals, and mounting evidence indicates that this bond can yield valuable health outcomes. For many people, having a companion animal is part of living a happy and fulfilling life. For some individuals, especially those who are chronically ill, frail, and isolated by disease or age, having a companion animal can be central to their health and well-being. Animal companionship becomes even more important when our human contacts diminish because of aging or illness.     Address: 3170 23rd Street, San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 979-9550     Fax: (415) 979-9269     Email: info@pawssf.org     Web: http://www.pawssf.org/     [07 Jun 2014]

Pets Unlimited     On March 1, 2014, the San Francisco SPCA and Pets Unlimited merged, creating a centralized animal care nonprofit that significantly increases organizational resources and enhances operations for the benefit of animals in the San Francisco Bay Area. By joining together, our like minded nonprofit organizations can better support our community and the animals that we serve. As a result of the merger, we are committed to increased adoptions, expanded charity care, improved customer service and expanded volunteer opportunities among other increased efficiencies.     Address: 2343 Fillmore Street (at Washington), San Francisco CA 94115-1812     Voice: (415) 563-6700     Web: http://www.petsunlimited.org/     [07 Jun 2014]

Pew Center on Global Climate Change     Brings together business leaders, policy makers, scientists, and other experts to bring a new approach to a complex and often controversial issue. Our approach is based on sound science, straight talk, and a belief that we can work together to protect the climate while sustaining economic growth.     Web: http://www.pewclimate.org/     [14 Aug 2011]

Phase2Careers     A 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to prepare and empower the over 40 worker to find career opportunities in the new economy. Since 2010, Phase2Careers has assisted the "Over 40" worker find new career opportunities through job search workshops and panels, staffing and employment roundtables, mixers and job fairs, small business workshops, and technology training, as well as a Job Board.      Web: http://www.phase2careers.org     [05 Dec 2014]

Phat Beets Produce     Aims to create a healthier, more equitable food system in North Oakland through providing affordable access to fresh produce, facilitating youth leadership in health and nutrition education, and connecting small farmers to urban communities via the creation of farm stands, farmers' markets, and urban youth market gardens.     Address: 5709 Market Street, Oakland CA 94608     Voice: (510) 250-7957     Email: info@phatbeetsproduce.org     Web: phatbeetsproduce.org     [30 Jul 2014]

Phoenix Data Center     A not-for-profit organization that maintains an index of all free and low income services offered throughout Santa Clara County. Goal is to connect those in need with those who can help.     Address: POBox 1713, Los Gatos CA 95031     Fax: (408) 353-6058     Email: updates@phoenixdatacenter.org     Web: http://www.phoenixdatacenter.org/     [14 Aug 2011]

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)     Since 1985, PCRM has been influencing advancements in medicine and science. We advocate for preventive medicine, especially good nutrition, conduct clinical research, and advocate for higher ethical standards in research. Our membership includes 150,000 health care professionals and concerned citizens.     Web: http://www.pcrm.org     [07 Jun 2014]

Physicians for a National Health Program - California     The largest state chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program(PNHP), an organization of physicians and health professionals dedicated to the education and advocacy for a universal, comprehensive single payer national health insurance. In conjunction with our work supporting a national health program, PNHP-CA is also devoted to the California state single payer movement. California is one of the leading states in the race to achieve state single payer, the precursor to a national single payer, improved Medicare for all health insurance.     Address: 620 Third Street, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 590-9691     Fax: (510) 590-9780     Email: info@pnhpcalifornia.org     Web: http://www.pnhpcalifornia.org     [16 Oct 2012]

Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)     A non-profit organization that is the medical and public health voice for policies to prevent nuclear war and proliferation and to slow, stop and reverse global warming and toxic degradation of the environment. PSR’s 50,000 health professionals and concerned citizen members and e-activists, 31 PSR chapters, and 41 student PSR chapters at medical and public health schools, along with national and chapter staff, form a unique nationwide network committed to a safer and healthy world.     Web: http://www.psr.org     [14 Aug 2011]

The Picket Line     Resources for people interested in war tax resistance. Includes a how-to guide and news updates. A weblog written in Oakland.     Web: http://www.sniggle.net/Experiment/     [11 Mar 2012]

The Pilgrim Press     A book publisher that addresses difficult and complex social issues in the context of faith. It stands devoted to giving the voiceless a voice, opposing injustice, and providing ethical insights to an increasingly fragile planet. Especially interested in academic and trade books on social and religious issues in the areas of ethics, public policy, gender and sexuality, racial and ethnic issues, and science and technology.     Web: http://www.pilgrimpress.com/     [24 Nov 2011]

Pinole Incubator Farm Project     The farming project on EBMUD watershed lands along Pinole Creek aims to improve food sovereignty for vulnerable urban communities by developing a vertically-integrated network of fresh food enterprises inked to the stewardship of public lands. Farmers are selected from internally and internationally displaced communities living in Oakland and the greater East Bay. Diverse East Bay farmers will apply sustainable food production practices from agricultural traditions around the world, supplying fresh foods at affordable prices while improving biodiversity.     Web: http://pinolefarmproject.wordpress.com     [03 Apr 2013]

PLACE for Sustainable Living     We are a public-serving, experiential learning center to showcase and foster sustainable living practices, urban homesteading, community resiliency & preparedness, social justice and artistic expression. Our goal is to incubate a local sustainability hub to allow people to see solutions in practice; to gain access to the knowledge and resources to empower them to take action in their own lives, neighborhoods, towns, cities and bio-regions. We hope to grow this green-center model into communities across the world in partnership with community centers, schools, park & recreation facilities and other local organizations.     Address: 1121 64th Street, Oakland CA 94608     Email: info@aplaceforsustainableliving.org     Web: http://aplaceforsustainableliving.org/     [09 Aug 2012]

Planet Drum Foundation     Mission is to promote awareness of sustainable strategies for human inhabitation of the earth based on the bioregions where people live. We seek to enhance the intimate connection with life-places by spreading the ideas and activities of "living in place" through publications, workshops, formal curricula, and hands-on demonstration projects. This work is motivated by our vision of a truly sustainable world in which humans are harmonious with and respectful of the natural environment     Address: POBox 31251, San Francisco CA 94131     Voice: (415) 285-6556     Fax: (415) 285-6563     Email: mail@planetdrum.org     Web: http://www.planetdrum.org     [24 Nov 2011]

Planet Organics     A locally owned and family operated home delivery service offering top quality organic and local produce, artisan foods, groceries, household items, and organic prepared meals to food lovers throughout Northern California.     Address: 19449 Riverside Drive, Suite 100, Sonoma CA 95476     Voice: (800) 956-5855     Fax: (707) 933-9178     Email: service@planetorganics.com     Web: http://www.planetorganics.com     [24 Nov 2011]

PlaneTree Health Library     A comprehensive consumer health and medical library, free and open to the public. Our library's most fundamental service is providing you with access to information so you can make informed decisions about your health and healthy choices about your life. Our extensive collection of current, useful health information is provided in a variety of formats. Resources range from easy-to-understand materials to the technical, professional literature. Our computer services feature Internet access, including health sites not publicly available, and help with online searching.     Address: Valley Specialty Center, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, 751 South Bascom Avenue (at National Avenue), San Jose CA 95128     Voice: (408) 358-5667     Web: http://www.planetreesanjose.org     [25 Sep 2011]

PlanitJewish     A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to advancing participation, membership and volunteerism in your local Jewish Community. We maintain a community calendar so you can search for events that match your interests and RSVP on the spot. You can save events to your personalized PlanitJewish calendar, which can be synced up to your Outlook calendar or PDA. Want to be reminded of an upcoming event? PlanitJewish can do that too. Our interactive volunteer area and in-depth organization information allows you to discover your Jewish community, meet new people, and get involved.     Address: 1720 South Amphlett Blvd #110, San Mateo CA 94402     Voice: (650) 286-4400     Email: info@PlanitJewish.com     Web: http://www.planitjewish.com     [03 Dec 2011]

Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific (PPSP)     Provides over 100,000 individuals with health care and education services at more than 30 sites throughout 17 Northern California counties. We reach people through our health care services, education programs, and advocacy initiatives. PPSP provides high-quality, affordable health care for women, men, and teens. Our experienced and caring medical staff gives each client honest information and personal attention. We provide a range of reproductive and general health services including birth control, abortion, prenatal care, pregnancy testing, STD screening and treatment, sterilization and counseling.     Address: 2185 Pacheco Street, Concord CA 94520     Voice: (925) 676-0505     Fax: (925) 676-2814     Email: info@pp-sp.org     Web: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/shasta-pacific/     [11 Mar 2012]

Planning and Conservation League (PCL)     The lobbying arm of the environmental movement. PCL partners with hundreds of California environmental organizations, to provide an effective voice in Sacramento for sound planning and responsible environmental policy at the state level. These partner organizations rely on PCL’s presence at the Capitol to not only shape environmental policy, but also keep them informed about issues of concern. Every year, hundreds of laws are passed that affect our quality of life and PCL has and continues to work to keep our cities livable and our wilderness pristine, among other things.     Web: http://www.pcl.org/     [24 Nov 2011]

Planting Justice     A non-profit organization based in Oakland, CA dedicated to food justice, economic justice, and sustainable local food systems. We are the first organization of our kind to combine ecological training and urban food production with a grassroots door-to-door organizing model that will vastly increase our educational community outreach, help us to recruit volunteers, decentralize our fundraising sources, and provide local jobs that also train young community organizers.     Address: 996-B 62nd Street, Oakland CA 94608     Voice: (510) 290-4049     Web: http://plantingjustice.org     [10 Oct 2012]

Ploughshares Fund     Nuclear weapons present a real and urgent danger, whether they reside in unstable countries or are sought by terrorists. While they once helped guard our security, today they undermine it. That’s why leading thinkers and former Cold Warriors agree – to end the threat of nuclear weapons we must eliminate them altogether. Ploughshares Fund supports and partners with organizations working to promote the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. Our work aims to: Develop the necessary research to safely eliminate nuclear weapons Build a consensus among world leaders for this new security paradigm Sustain public support for the verifiable elimination of these weapons      Web: http://www.ploughshares.org/     [07 Jun 2014]

Plugged In     Connects individuals and cultivates minds by creating the opportunity to produce, express, and contribute using technology. Our vision is a community in which opportunities abound for people to contribute and innovate. Plugged In's primary medium is Internet and computer technology and we would like to use television and radio as time, resources, and opportunities allow.     Address: 2111-B University Avenue, East Palo Alto CA 94303     Voice: (650) 322-1134     Fax: (650) 887-2240     Email: info@pluggedin.org     Web: http://www.pluggedin.org/     [11 Mar 2012]

Point of View Productions (Karil Daniels)     Karil Daniels is a film and video writer / producer / director / cinematographer / editor. Working through her production company, Point of View Productions, her films and tapes have won over 30 festival awards. She has a special interest in programs about democracy and freedom, health and wellness, ecology and environment, education, sustainable business and social responsibility, peace, anti-nuclear issues, international topics, social justice, the arts, and subjects of importance to women.     Voice: (415) 821-0435     Fax: (415) 821-0434     Email: karil@karildaniels.com     Web: http://www.karildaniels.com/   http://www.waterbirthinfo.com   http://www.VoicesOfDissent.us   http://twitter.com/karildaniels     [25 Dec 2012]

Points of Distribution (POD)     Mission is to improve the overall health of people whose lives have been impacted by drug use as well as their neighbors and friends in Oakland and San Francisco. Volunteers provide weekly street outreach to hard-to-reach homeless folks which includes education and referrals, syringe distribution and disposal and other services such as HIV testing and counseling, OD prevention education and supplies, basic hygiene supplies, food and water and safer sex supplies.     Address: 1201 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Suite 200, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (888) 868-5148     Web: http://pointsofdistribution.org     [11 May 2014]

Polaris Institute     Designed to enable citizen or peoples’ movements to re-skill and re-tool themselves for the struggle to bring about democratic social change in an age of corporate-driven globalization. Essentially, the Institute works with various social movements and community-based groups to develop methods, strategies and tactics for effectively challenging public policy making on vital economic, environmental and social justice issues with a particular focus on unmasking the corporate power that lies behind governments today.     Web: http://www.polarisinstitute.org     [02 Sep 2014]

Political Research Associates (PRA)     Since 1981, Political Research Associates (PRA) has produced investigative research and analysis on the U.S. Right to support social justice advocates and defend human rights. A social justice think tank, PRA holds a unique position in studying the entire spectrum of the U.S. Right–secular, religious, economic, and xenophobic–including its influence both domestically and overseas. Our thirty years of expertise helps journalists, advocates, educators, scholars, and the public to understand and challenge the right-wing.     Web: http://www.politicalresearch.org     [16 Mar 2014]

Pollinate Farm & Garden     A local general store with a twist: We provide supplies for seed-to-table organic farming and gardening, food preservation, small scale livestock raising and beekeeping. We teach the "hows" and "whys" of DIY Food. In addition, we offer a comfortable community learning and meeting space and feature both lecture and hands-on workshops on a wide variety of urban farming topics.     Address: 2727 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland CA 94601     Voice: (510) 686-3493     Web: http://pollinatefarm.com   http://www.yelp.com/biz/pollinate-farm-and-garden-oakland     [13 Apr 2013]

Pond     An 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a forum through which experimental artists may share ideas and foster a mutually beneficial relationship with the larger community. Our goal is to offer an accessible place for individual and community groups to develop and execute ideas in a non-competitive atmosphere.     Voice: (917) 902-5396     Email: pondpeople@mucketymuck.org     Web: http://www.mucketymuck.org     [28 Aug 2011]

POOR News Network     A poor people led/indigenous people led, grassroots non-profit,arts organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, art, education and advocacy to silenced youth, adults and elders in poverty across the globe. All of POOR's programs are focused on providing non-colonizing, community-based and community-led media, art and education with the goals of creating access for silenced voices, preserving and degentrifying rooted communities of color and re-framing the debate on poverty, landlessness, indigenous resistance, disability and race locally and globally.     Web: http://www.poormagazine.org     [11 Mar 2012]

Population Connection     Works to ensure that every woman around the world who wants to delay or end childbearing has access to the health services and contraceptive supplies she needs in order to do so.     Web: http://www.populationconnection.org/     [16 Mar 2014]

Population Services International (PSI)     A global health organization dedicated to improving the health of people in the developing world by focusing on serious challenges like a lack of family planning, HIV/AIDS, barriers to maternal health, and the greatest threats to children under five, including malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition. A hallmark of PSI is a commitment to the principle that health services and products are most effective when they are accompanied by robust communications and distribution efforts that help ensure wide acceptance and proper use. In each of its platforms, PSI works in partnership with local governments, ministries of health and local organizations – creating health solutions that are built to last.     Web: http://www.psi.org/     [25 Aug 2012]

Positive Resource Center     Positive Resource Center has led the service community's response to the changes in the epidemic since its inception, and is regarded as the model program in the United States for agencies hoping to offer similar services. PRC was the first agency to assist people living with HIV/AIDS with comprehensive counseling for obtaining essential financial and medical benefits combined with a full spectrum of vocational rehabilitation and employment services. Furthermore, PRC provides training and technical assistance throughout California on complex benefits issues.     Address: 785 Market Street, 10th Floor, San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 777-0333     Fax: (415) 777-1770     Web: http://www.positiveresource.org     [17 Feb 2013]

Post Carbon Institute     Provides individuals, communities, businesses, and governments with the resources needed to understand and respond to the interrelated economic, energy, environmental, and equity crises that define the 21st century. We envision a world of resilient communities and re-localized economies that thrive within ecological bounds.     Address: 613 4th Street, Suite 208, Santa Rosa CA 95404     Voice: (707) 823-8700     Fax: (866) 797-5820     Web: http://www.postcarbon.org/     [07 Jun 2014]

PowerPac.org     A nonprofit advocacy and political organization. PowerPAC was organized to champion democracy and social justice in states and communities across the country. PowerPAC directs financial and human resources to strategic local and state legislative fights, ballot initiatives, and other campaigns by organizing donors who are committed to social justice politics. We identify priority areas for investment and help donors achieve maximum political impact with their political giving.     Address: 44 Montgomery Street, Suite 2310, San Francisco CA 94104     Voice: (415) 442-0940     Fax: (415) 442-0933     Email: info@powerpac.org     Web: http://www.powerpac.org     [17 Feb 2013]

Practicing Freedom     Offers tools to organizations, schools and companies in collaborative, participatory and democratic processes with a focus on generating community-led solutions and strengthening the intra-connections between people. These tools include team facilitation, Participatory Action Research, Popular Education, Theater of the Oppressed, and Creative Artstorming. We believe that if we want democratic participation in our institutions, political and economic systems, then we need to build them democratically every step of the way.     Voice: (510) 501-8535     Web: http://www.practicingfreedom.org     [10 Dec 2011]

Precita Eyes Mural Arts & Visitors Center     As an inner city, community-based mural arts organization, Precita Eyes Muralists Association seeks to enrich and beautify urban environments and educate communities locally and internationally about the process and the history of public community mural art. We maintain a deep commitment to collaborating with the various communities we serve. Our dedication to collaboration guarantees that creative work produced is accessible, both physically and conceptually, to the people whose lives it impacts. We intend to bring art into the daily lives of people through a process which enables them to reflect their particular concerns, joys and triumphs.     Address: 2981 24th Street (at Harrison), San Francisco CA 94110     Voice: (415) 285-2287     Email: info@precitaeyes.org     Web: http://www.precitaeyes.org     [25 Dec 2012]

Prensa Latina     A news agency with headquarters in Havana, Cuba. Offers 24-hour daily wireless news with up-to-the-minute current events, supported by 22 bureaus stationed overseas and over a hundred foreign contributors, mainly in Latin America. Distributes news from the non-aligned movement, in support of Third World peace and justice.     Web: http://www.prensa-latina.cu/   http://www.plenglish.com/     [11 Mar 2012]

Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement, Inc.     Our goal is to Bridge the Digital Divide, throughout the greater SF Bay Area and Oakland CA. We provide after-school, in-school and summer instructional programming using digital story telling. In DUSTY's youth programs, participants work with undergraduate mentors and experienced teachers to create their own digital story. Besides improving writing, they learn to express themselves using sophisticated software including adobe photoshop and premiere. A collaborative between the Stanford and other universities throughout california’s state colleges and university, Saint Mary's College School of Education, and local community centers and churches.     Address: 2357 San Pablo Avenue (near West Grand), Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 208-5651     Fax: (510) 208-2801     Email: drburns@prescottjoseph.org     Web: http://www.prescottjoseph.org     [05 Nov 2011]

Presidio Graduate School     Among the world’s first and leading sustainability graduate schools, Presidio was founded on the simple premise that we inhabit a world increasingly defined by our shared destiny, not our differences, where private enterprise and the public sector, commerce and the common good, are companions, not competitors.     Address: 36 Lincoln Boulevard, San Francisco CA 94129     Voice: (415) 561-6555     Email: info@presidioedu.org     Web: http://www.presidioedu.org     [25 Dec 2012]

Pride At Work     A nonprofit organization and an officially recognized constituency group of the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations.) We organize mutual support between the organized Labor Movement and the LGBT Community for social and economic justice. In addition to national Pride at Work, more than 20 Chapters organize at the state and local level around the country.     Web: http://www.prideatwork.org     [07 Jun 2014]

Priority Africa Network (PAN)     PAN addresses the urgent need to prioritize issues of social and economic justice in Africa. The mission reflects the unifying values and principles of members to maximize our collective force to advocate for change in Africa by organizing in the Bay Area and working in collaboration with partner organizations nationwide. Established on the foundations of solidarity in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, PAN continues movement building for justice by bringing positive images and messages about Africa/Africans and building relations between the new and old diaspora.     Address: POBox 2528, Berkeley CA 94702     Voice: (510) 652-1493     Email: info@priorityafrica.org     Web: http://www.priorityafrica.org     [15 Mar 2015]

Prison Activist Resource Center (PARC)     A prison abolitionist group committed to exposing and challenging all forms of institutionalized racism, sexism, able-ism, heterosexism, and classism, specifically within the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC). PARC believes in building strategies and tactics that build safety in our communities without reliance on the police or the PIC. We produce a directory that is free to prisoners upon request, and seek to work in solidarity with prisoners, ex-prisoners, their friends and families. We also work with teachers and activists on many prison issues. This work includes building action networks and materials that expose the continuing neglect and outright torture of more than 2 million people imprisoned within the USA; as well as the 5+ million who are under some form of surveillance and control by the so-called justice system.     Address: POBox 70447, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (510) 893-4648     Email: gmailcom>prisonactivistgmailcom     Web: http://www.prisonactivist.org     [21 Aug 2011]

Prison Legal News (PLN)     An independent 64-page monthly magazine that provides cutting edge review and analysis of prisoner rights, court rulings and news concerning prison-related issues. PLN has a national (U.S.) focus on both state and federal prison issues, with some international coverage as well. PLN provides information that enables prisoners and other concerned individuals and organizations to seek the protection and enforcement of prisoners' rights at the grassroots level. PLN is published by the Human Rights Defense Center.     Web: http://www.prisonlegalnews.org     [22 Sep 2013]

Prison Radio     We are an independent multi media production studio. We produce content and we seek to distribute these essays and productions throughout the world. We have been very successful over twenty years producing content for radio, television, and films. We are a 501c3 non profit organization a project of the Redwood Justice Fund.     Address: POBox 411074, San Francisco CA 94141     Voice: (415) 648-4505     Email: info@prisonradio.org     Web: http://www.prisonradio.org     [07 Jun 2014]

Prisoners Literature Project (PLP)     A grassroots organization that sends free books to prisoners in the United States. The project started in the early 1980’s in the back of Bound Together Books, an anarchist bookstore still operating on Haight Street. PLP is run entirely by volunteers and funded by donations.     Address: c/o Bound Together Bookstore, 1369 Haight Street, San Francisco CA 94117     Voice: (415) 672-7858     Email: prisonlit@gmail.com     Web: http://www.prisonersliteratureproject.com/index     [17 Feb 2013]

Privacy International (PI)     Our mission is to defend the right to privacy across the world, and to fight unlawful surveillance and other intrusions into private life by governments and corporations. Our vision is a world in which privacy is protected by governments, respected by corporations and cherished by individuals. We believe that technological developments should strengthen, rather than undermine, the right to a private life, and that everyone’s personal information and communications must be carefully safeguarded, regardless of nationality, religion, personal or economic status.     Web: http://www.privacyinternational.org     [22 Sep 2013]

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse     A nonprofit consumer organization with a two-part mission -- consumer information and consumer advocacy. It was established in 1992 and is based in San Diego, California. It is primarily grant-supported and serves individuals nationwide.     Web: http://www.privacyrights.org/     [24 Nov 2011]

Pro Bono Project Silicon Valley     Dedicated to representing clients of limited means and improving access to justice. Pro Bono Project utilizes talented and caring attorneys who volunteer their time and energy to work on full and limited scope pro bono cases in family law, domestic violence, consumer law, and federal practice. “Justice for all” is not a vague concept, but our mission.     Voice: (408) 998-5298     Fax: (408) 971-9672     Web: http://www.probonoproject.org/     [01 Dec 2013]

Pro-Choice Public Education Project (PEP)     A national reproductive justice organization that works to engage and inform organizations, young women, transgender and gender non-conforming young people, ages 16-25, especially those whose voices are not heard in spaces where sexual and reproductive health and rights are addressed. We do this through research, leadership development, movement building, and changing the conversation by raising unheard voices.     Web: http://www.protectchoice.org/     [07 Jun 2014]

Produce to the People (PttP)     Aa non-profit organization in San Francisco, dedicated to aiding the food security and health of our community through garden and food education, the creation of green jobs for youth, and the growth, harvest, and dispersal of organic backyard and community grown produce. We support the right of everyone in our community to have access to fresh, nourishing food and believe that empowering youth and adults to take part in their local food system can create change that will systemically improve the way we eat, and in turn our health and well being as a whole. We are especially focused on ensuring access to healthy food for underserved and low-income members of our community, and green jobs to youth with barriers to employment.     Web: http://producetothepeople.org     [10 Oct 2012]

Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy (POCLAD)     Instigating democratic conversations and actions that contest the authority of corporations to govern. Our analysis evolves through historical and legal research, writing, public speaking, and working with organizations to develop new strategies that assert people's rights over property interests.     Web: http://www.poclad.org/     [22 Sep 2013]

Progressive Action Blog     A place where activists can comment on and share ideas. We are based in the East Bay near San Francisco, but anyone is welcome to comment.     Web: http://progressiveactionblog.wordpress.com/     [09 Feb 2012]

Progressive and Left News Sources on dmoz     The Open Media Project's (dmoz) list of progressive and left news links.     Web: http://dmoz.org/Society/Politics/News_and_Media/Progressive_and_Left/     [11 Mar 2012]

Progressive Asset Management (PAM Network)     The first independent full-service investment brokerage in the US to specialize in socially responsible investing (SRI). Since 1987, we have used our ownership in public companies as a powerful vehicle for economic, social, and environmental transformation.     Address: 1814 Franklin Street, Suite 503, Oakland CA 94612     Voice: (800) 350-1776     Email: information@progressiveassetmanagement.com     Web: http://www.progressive-asset.com     [03 Dec 2011]

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)     Founded in 2004 to transform the Democratic Party and our country. We seek to build a party and government controlled by citizens, not corporate elites-with policies that serve the broad public interest, not just private interests. As a grassroots PAC operating inside the Democratic Party, and outside in movements for peace and justice, PDA played a key role in the stunning electoral victories of November 2006 and 2008. Our inside/outside strategy is guided by the belief that a lasting majority will require a revitalized Democratic Party built on firm progressive principles.     Web: http://www.pdamerica.org     [13 Dec 2014]

Progressive Democrats Sonoma County     A local chapter of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA). PDA is a fast-growing and dynamic group of progressive grassroots activists from across the country who work to support other progressive activists locally. PDA exists to carry the progressive agenda from the American grassroots to Congress to guide the development of progressive legislation, fight for its passage into law, and support the realization of progressive policies at the state and local levels.     Address: POBox 8613, Santa Rosa CA 95407-8613     Web: http://www.pdsonoma.org/     [03 Dec 2011]

Progressive Films     A film distribution company, founded by documentary filmmaker Casey Peek, creator of Eyes on the Fries, Trade Secrets and New World Border. With the goal of providing a central location for progressive producers to disseminate their work, the site was launched in September of 2004. Since then, Progressive Films has been steadily adding new titles. Progressive Films distributes films and videos, both narrative and documentary, which offer a progressive perspective, promote human rights and are created to advance social justice, multiracial equality and environmental sustainability.     Address: 2124 Kittredge Street, PMB 49, Berkeley CA 94704     Voice: (510) 644-2466     Email: progfilms@gmail.com     Web: http://www.progressivefilms.com     [11 Mar 2012]

Progressive Majority (PM)     Mission is to elect progressive champions. We accomplish this by identifying and recruiting the best progressive leaders to run for office; coaching and supporting their candidacies by providing strategic message, campaign, and technical support; prioritizing the recruitment and election of candidates of color; and bringing new people into the political process at all levels.     Web: http://www.progressivemajority.org/     [24 Feb 2013]

Progressive Populist     A newspaper that believes people are more important than corporations, premiered in November 1995 as a monthly tabloid publication based in Storm Lake, Iowa, with editorial offices in Austin, Texas. In October 1999 it expanded to twice-monthly publication. In 2005, the editorial offices were moved a few miles south, to Manchaca, Texas. The Progressive Populist reports from the heartland of America on issues of interest to workers, small-business owners and family farmers and ranchers. It serves as "The People's Voice in a Corporate World."     Web: http://www.populist.com     [03 Dec 2011]

Progressive Portal     Provides opportunities for effective, easy grassroots activism on a range of progressive issues. It is designed to remove the obstacles to increased activism that many busy people face, without compromising impact.     Address: 2512 Telegraph Avenue #274, Berkeley CA 94704-2198     Voice: (510) 595-4626     Web: http://www.progressiveportal.org     [25 Aug 2012]

Progressive Science Institute     The philosophy of PSI is based upon the universal mechanism of evolution, “univironmental determinism” (UD), which states that whatever happens to a portion of the universe is determined by the infinite matter in motion within and without. Progressives have recognized this as advanced dialectical materialism (e.g., the interaction of subjective and objective conditions). Dissident physicists have recognized UD and its sponsorship of Infinite Universe Theory as the proper approach to confront the reactionary aspects of modern physics involving, immaterial “particles,” matterless motion, 4-dimensional space-time, and a finite universe that explodes out of nothing.     Address: POBox 5335, Berkeley CA 94705-0335     Voice: (510) VIA-SOIL     Email: gborchardt@gmail.com     Web: http://www.scientificphilosophy.com     [11 Nov 2011]

Progressive Source Communications     Mission is to provide communications expertise to non-profit organizations and advocacy groups working for progressive change. Our expertise is in assisting public interest campaigns in the use of “People Powered Media” to bring about change. We offer messaging, scripting, strategic consulting, web video creation, innovative web platforms, websites, and media outreach, helping clients and collaborators tell their story directly to the public.     Address: 145 Pleasant Hill Avenue North, Suite 203, Sebastopol CA 95472     Web: http://progressivesource.com     [13 Dec 2014]

Project Censored     Founded in 1976, this nonprofit educates students and the public across the US about the importance of a truly free press for democratic self-government. In their annual book and weekly radio program they expose and oppose news censorship and we promote independent investigative journalism, media literacy, and critical thinking.     Address: Media Freedom Foundation / Project Censored, POBox 571, Cotati CA 94931     Voice: (707) 874-2695     Email: mickey@projectcensored.org   peter@projectcensored.org   andy@projectcensored.org     Web: http://www.projectcensored.org     [01 Dec 2013]

Project Equity     We re-envision community economic development to shift control locally and build economic resiliency in low income communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. We envision a future where business decisions are made through a lens of what is good for workers and communities, leading to businesses that are more successful, communities that are more resilient, and workers who have stable jobs and economic security.     Web: http://www.project-equity.org     [20 Jun 2014]

Project Gutenberg     The Internet's oldest producer of FREE electronic books (eBooks or eTexts).     Web: http://promo.net/pg/     [21 Aug 2011]

Project HIRED     Mission is to assist individuals with disabilities to gain and sustain employment, in partnership with business and the community. Project HIRED offers a wide range of programs and services for job seekers and employers at its San Jose offices, by request at employer locations, or online for qualified job seekers outside the San Jose area. Project HIRED also hosts and attends educational, outreach and fundraising events throughout the year.     Address: 1401 Parkmoor Avenue, Suite 125, San Jose CA 95126     Voice: (408) 557-0880     Email: info@projecthired.org     Web: http://www.projecthired.org     [11 Mar 2012]

Project Inform     Fights the HIV and hepatitis C epidemics by assuring the development of effective treatments and a cure; supporting individuals to make informed choices about their health; advocating for quality, affordable health care; and promoting medical strategies that prevent new infections.     Address: 1375 Mission Street, San Francisco CA 94103-2621     Voice: (415) 558-8669     Fax: (415) 558-0684     Web: http://www.projectinform.org     [03 Dec 2011]

Project On Government Oversight (POGO)     A nonpartisan independent watchdog that champions good government reforms. POGO’s investigations into corruption, misconduct, and conflicts of interest achieve a more effective, accountable, open, and ethical federal government. Founded in 1981, POGO (which was then known as Project on Military Procurement) originally worked to expose outrageously overpriced military spending on items such as a $7,600 coffee maker and a $436 hammer. In 1990, after many successes reforming military spending, including a Pentagon spending freeze at the height of the Cold War, POGO decided to expand its mandate and investigate waste, fraud, and abuse throughout the federal government.     Web: http://www.pogo.org/     [11 Mar 2012]

Project Open Hand (Alameda County)     Meeting community nutrition needs through programs for people living with HIV/AIDS, the homebound critically ill, and seniors. Project Open Hand provides meals/groceries for people with symptomatic HIV/AIDS or breast cancer, meals for homebound/critically ill people under the age of 60 and congregate lunches for people over 60 years of age. Services are available to eligible clients living in San Francisco and Alameda counties, regardless of their race, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability or ability to pay.     Address: 1921 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland ca 94612     Voice: (510) 622-0221     Web: http://www.openhand.org     [24 Feb 2013]

Project Open Hand (San Francisco)     Address: 730 Polk Street (near Ellis), San Francisco CA 94109     Voice: (415) 447-2300     Web: http://www.openhand.org     [24 Feb 2013]

Project Read     Through Project Read, the adult literacy program of the San Francisco Public Library, professionally trained volunteer tutors provide free one-on-one tutoring to English-speaking adults who want to improve their basic reading and writing skills. Activities for enrolled adult learners with young children are offered through the Project Read Families for Literacy Program.     Address: San Francisco Public Library, 100 Larkin Street (corner of Larkin & Grove at Civic Center), San Francisco CA 94102-4733     Voice: (415) 557-4400     Web: http://www.projectreadsf.org     [03 Dec 2011]

Project Sentinel Fair Housing     Project Sentinel is a non-profit corporation. Its primary function is to assist individuals with housing problems such as discrimination, mortgage foreclosure & delinquency, rental issues including repairs, deposits, privacy, dispute resolution, home buyer education, post purchase education and reverse mortgages.     Address: 626 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 6, Redwood City CA 94063     Voice: (650) 321-6291; (888) FAIR-HOUSING (324-7468)     Fax: (650) 321-4173     Email: info@housing.org     Web: http://www.housing.org     [22 Sep 2013]

Project Vote Smart     Tracks the performance of thousands of politicians. Find out how to contact your official representatives, and how they voted.     Web: http://www.vote-smart.org/     [21 Aug 2011]

Prometheus Radio Project     A non-profit organization founded by a small group of radio activists in 1998. Prometheus builds, supports, and advocates for community radio stations which empower participatory community voices and movements for social change. To that end, we demystify technologies, the political process that governs access to our media system, and the effects of media on our lives and our communities.     Web: http://prometheusradio.org/     [03 Dec 2011]

Propaganda Analysis     This site is inspired by the pioneering work of the Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA). The IPA is best-known for identifying the seven basic propaganda devices: Name-Calling, Glittering Generality, Transfer, Testimonial, Plain Folks, Card Stacking, and Band Wagon.     Web: http://www.propagandacritic.com/     [21 Aug 2011]

ProPublica     An independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Our work focuses exclusively on truly important stories, stories with “moral force.” We do this by producing journalism that shines a light on exploitation of the weak by the strong and on the failures of those with power to vindicate the trust placed in them.     Web: http://www.propublica.org/     [15 Dec 2013]

Prostitutes' Education Network     An information service about legislative and cultural issues as they affect prostitutes and other sex workers. The service is comprised of information for sex workers and activists/educators who study issues of decriminalization, human rights in the context of prostitution, violence against prostitutes and women, sex workers and pornography, as well as current trends in legislation and social policy in the U.S. and internationally.     Address: Carol Leigh, BAYSWAN, Box 210256, San Francisco CA 94121     Voice: (415) 751-1659     Email: info@bayswan.org     Web: http://www.bayswan.org/penet.html     [11 Mar 2012]

Public Advocates, Inc.     A nonprofit law firm and advocacy organization that challenges the systemic causes of poverty and racial discrimination by strengthening community voices in public policy and achieving tangible legal victories advancing education, housing and transit equity. We spur change through collaboration with grassroots groups representing low-income communities, people of color and immigrants, combined with strategic policy reform, media advocacy and litigation, “making rights real” across California since 1971.     Address: 131 Steuart Street, Suite 300 (at 11th Street), San Francisco CA 94105-1241     Voice: (415) 431-7430     Fax: (415) 431-1048     Email: info@publicadvocates.org     Web: http://www.publicadvocates.org/     [11 Mar 2012]

Public Campaign     A non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to sweeping campaign reform that aims to dramatically reduce the role of big special interest money in American politics. Public Campaign is laying the foundation for reform by working with a broad range of organizations, including local community groups, around the country that are fighting for change and national organizations whose members are not fairly represented under the current campaign finance system. Together we are building a network of national and state-based efforts to create a powerful national force for federal and state campaign reform.     Web: http://www.publicampaign.org/     [11 Mar 2012]

Public Citizen     Serves as the people’s voice in the nation’s capital. Since our founding in 1971, we have delved into an array of areas, but our work on each issue shares an overarching goal: To ensure that all citizens are represented in the halls of power. For four decades, we have proudly championed citizen interests before Congress, the executive branch agencies and the courts. We have successfully challenged the abusive practices of the pharmaceutical, nuclear and automobile industries, and many others. We are leading the charge against undemocratic trade agreements that advance the interests of mega-corporations at the expense of citizens worldwide.     Web: http://www.citizen.org/     [25 Dec 2012]

Public Education Network (PEN)     A national association of local education funds (LEFs) and individuals working to advance public school reform in low-income communities across our country. PEN believes an active, vocal constituency is the key to ensuring that every child, in every community, benefits from a quality public education. Mission is to build public demand and mobilize resources for quality public education for all children through a national constituency of local education funds and individuals.     Address: POBox 2121C, Berkeley CA 94702-0212     Web: http://www.publiceducation.org/     [21 Aug 2011]

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)     A national alliance of local state and federal resource professionals. PEER'?s environmental work is solely directed by the needs of its members. As a consequence, we have the distinct honor of serving resource professionals who daily cast profiles in courage in cubicles across the country.     Web: http://www.peer.org/     [07 Jun 2014]

Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT)     A not-for-profit legal services organization whose mission is to protect freedom in the patent system. PUBPAT works to strengthen the patent system by introducing a healthy amount of non-patentee input to help the system achieve high quality and balanced policies. At its core, our work is based on the fundamental concept of protecting freedom from illegitimate restraint.     Web: http://www.pubpat.org/     [15 Mar 2015]

Public Vision Research LLC (PVR)     A San Francisco-based consulting firm specializing in sustainable planning, urban design and community development. We facilitate collaboration with local leaders and public agencies to produce extremely realistic and responsive simulations of urban designs, open spaces and transit systems. We work with clients to develop the most effective approaches for researching community interests, mapping assets, producing reports, making presentations, documenting plans, and facilitating participation in charrettes and workshops that generate powerful public visions. PVR produces presentations using media strategies that ensure understanding and build support.     Address: 534 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco CA 94133     Voice: (415) 273-9388     Email: contact@publicvisionresearch.com     Web: http://www.publicvisionresearch.com     [25 Aug 2012]

Pusod     A non-stock, non-profit organization whose Mission is to Protect and Enhance the Ecosystems of The Philippines, and to show their significance to the world . Pusod was formed in Manila on March 2004 to further the work originally begun in 1995 by the Babilonia Wilner Foundation . Pusod believes we owe our success to the communities we serve. Our policy is to work in areas and on projects where we have been asked to participate by local individuals, communities, governments, sustainable businesses and NGOs. In this way Pusod works with respect for local wisdom, and in participation with all available stakeholders for fruitful partnerships and results.     Address: 1808 Fifth Street, Berkeley CA 94710     Voice: (510) 883-1808     Email: pusodinfo@pusod.org     Web: http://www.bwf.org/     [24 Feb 2013]

Queer Arts Resource (QAR)     Since 1996 we've produced over 60 exhibitions that suggest the range, depth, and importance of queer artistic expression. Until the recent advent of Queer Studies, the History of Art has omitted most material of direct relevance to lesbians and gays. Much has been suppressed, much has been lost due to neglect or censorship, and a great deal has simply been overlooked. QAR is expanding the range and depth of knowledge about contemporary and historical queer art, and making this information freely available on our website.     Web: http://www.queer-arts.org     [15 Dec 2013]

Queer Things To Do in the San Francisco Bay Area     What I list is basically events that I'm interested in. It's not a complete list of gay-related events in San Francisco, nor are all these events strictly about promoting the homosexual agenda, whatever that is. I tend to list events that are about people creating local, direct live entertainment, especially as related to spoken word, rock, hip-hop, and electronic music, art events, and so on. While I like to get email about events, I can't promise to list everything in this calendar that I'm told about. I prefer to publicize events that are gender-inclusive for attendees.     Web: http://www.sfqueer.com/     [25 Dec 2012]

Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!)     As queers, we are part of an international movement for human rights that encompasses the movement for Palestinian liberation, and all other liberation movements. Since 2000, QUIT! has been one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most active and consistent voices for boycott, divestment & sanctions against Israel. More. We are also part of a growing international queer movement to stop "pinkwashing" by the Israeli government and its supporters. Pinkwashing is a part of the Brand Israel public relations campaign which attempts to hijack the queer movement to promote ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. We say no!     Email: info@quitpalestine.org     Web: http://www.quitpalestine.org     [25 Dec 2012]

Quesada Gardens Initiative     If you lived on Quesada Avenue in Bayview Hunters Point a few years back, you would have pulled down the blinds and dreaded the inevitable dash to the bus stop or your car. But that changed in 2002 when Annette Smith and Karl Paige started planting flowers and vegetables here and there around the block. Other residents jumped in to help them, and to create art, share history, organize block events, and commit to working together to strengthen the community where they live. Together, they formed the Quesada Gardens Initiative, changed their world, and inspired all those around them.     Address: 1747 Quesada Avenue, San Francisco CA 94124     Voice: (415) 822-0800     Email: info[at]QuesadaGardens[dot]org     Web: http://quesadagardens.org/     [25 Dec 2012]

Quilted     A worker-owned cooperative stitching together technology and social change through designing and developing transformative media. We put values before technology to empower individuals and organizations committed to social justice. We take on work that challenges us to be collaborative, be pragmatic, and provide strategic value. With offices in Berkeley, California and Boston, Massachusetts, we provide strategic consulting, graphic design, web development, as well as game design and development services to other cooperatives, progressive arts, education, and non-profit organizations.     Address: 2051 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley CA 94709     Voice: (510) 665-5920     Email: talk@quilted.coop     Web: http://quilted.coop     [29 May 2012]

The Rabbit Haven     Rescues injured and abandoned rabbits and accepts surrendered rabbits from the general public or the SPCA in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Benito and Monterey Counties. We then work to place these rescued rabbits into loving permanent or foster homes. The Rabbit Haven also works in the community, at schools, and with our local SPCA shelter and other education groups to educate the public on rabbit care, feeding, grooming, medical needs, social requirements and behaviors.     Address: POBox 66594, Scotts Valley CA 95067     Voice: (831) 600-7479     Email: director@therabbithaven.org     Web: http://therabbithaven.org     [14 Dec 2014]

Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation     Advances racial justice through research, media and practice. Founded in 1981, Race Forward brings systemic analysis and an innovative approach to complex race issues to help people take effective action toward racial equity. Race Forward publishes the daily news site Colorlines and presents Facing Race, the country’s largest multiracial conference on racial justice. Formerly known as the Applied Research Center (ARC).     Address: 900 Alice Street, Suite 400, Oakland CA 94607     Voice: (510) 653-3415     Fax: (510) 986-1062     Web: https://www.raceforward.org/     [11 Jan 2015]

Radical Freedom     The purpose of this site is to synthesize a sustainable vision of personhood we can take up. We need to keep what we like about our culture and walk away from what we don’t like. It is time to stop being victims of our culture and beliefs and start creating a world we would want to live in. Permaculture principles can help us create a New American Dream that empowers us instead of imprisoning us. Instead of more laws and amendments we need new minds, new beliefs and new visions to get free of an out moded system of living that punishes us all.     Web: http://www.radical-freedom.org     [24 Mar 2012]

Radical Women     A trailblazing socialist feminist organization, Radical Women is the revolutionary wing of the women's movement and a strong feminist voice within the Left. Immersed in the daily fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, and labor exploitation, Radical Women believes in multi-issue organizing around the needs of the most oppressed. We view women's leadership as decisive to social change and train women to take their place in the forefront of the struggle. Radical Women is an autonomous, all-women's group, united on the basis of shared socialist feminist ideals expressed in The Radical Women Manifesto.     Address: New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk Street, San Francisco CA 94109     Voice: (415) 864-1278     Fax: (415) 864-0778     Email: baradicalwomen@earthlink.net   radicalwomenus@gmail.com     Web: http://www.RadicalWomen.org     [25 Dec 2012]

Radio Zapatista     An alternative radio collective reporting on zapatismo and struggles inspired by zapatismo in Mexico, the US, and the world.     Web: http://www.radiozapatista.org     [27 May 2012]

Rage Against the Machine     The web site of this politically charged band.     Web: http://www.ratm.com     [03 Dec 2011]

Raging Grannies Action League     The Raging Grannies Action League dress in granny costume and sing satirical songs to call attention to important issues. We want a better future for the children of the world. We sing at political rallies, in front of Wal-Mart and other corporations with which we take issue, and on the streets of the peninsula, from San Francisco to San Jose. Contact us to join (neither grandmotherhood nor singing ability required) or to support your organization by performing for social justice and against war.     Email: peninsula_raging_grannies@yahoo.com   info@raginggrannies.com     Web: http://www.raginggrannies.com     [28 Aug 2011]

Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County (RCC)     The only organization in Contra Costa County that is solely focused on serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) community; our current priorities are to build services for LGBT youth, seniors, people living with HIV/AIDS and to develop community building efforts that will diminish the sense of isolation and promote greater acceptance of all LGBTQ people.     Address: 3024 Willow Pass Road, Suite 200, Concord CA 94519     Voice: (925) 692-0090     Fax: (925) 692-0091     Email: rcc@rainbowcc.org     Web: http://www.rainbowcc.org     [21 Aug 2011]

Rainbow Grocery     Purpose is to provide natural, organic, vegetarian food and environmentally and health conscious products at an affordable price. Rainbow Grocery Cooperative is an independent, collectively run, worker owned and operated cooperative at which decision making and responsibilities are shared through democratic structures and elected committees.     Address: 1745 Folsom Street (at 13th Street), San Francisco CA 94103     Voice: (415) 863-0620     Fax: (415) 863-8955     Web: http://www.rainbowgrocery.org/     [11 Mar 2012]

Rainforest Action Network (RAN)     Campaigns for the forests, their inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life by transforming the global marketplace through education, grassroots organizing and non-violent direct action.     Address: 425 Bush Street, Suite 300, San Francisco CA 94108     Voice: (415) 398-4404     Fax: (415) 398-2732     Email: answers@ran.org     Web: http://www.ran.org/     [07 Jun 2014]

Ted Rall     Ted Rall, cartoonist for The Los Angeles Times, is America’s most widely-syndicated alternative editorial cartoonist. Twice the winner of the RFK Journalism Award and a Pulitzer Prize finalist, Rall’s cartoons and illustrations have appeared in Time, Newsweek, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Esquire, The Wall Street Journal, The Village Voice and hundreds of other publications and websites. He is a regular contributor to MAD magazine.     Web: http://www.rall.com/     [22 Sep 2013]

Rape Trauma Services (RTS)     The work of Rape Trauma Services is to stop cycles of suffering, for the well-being and the health of individuals and of the community. Our services are grounded in the philosophy that ending violence in all of its forms requires teaching individuals skills for healing. RTS is committed to making our services accessible to all members of our community by minimizing economic and cultural barriers to participation.     Address: 1860 El Camino Real, Suite 406, Burlingame CA 94010     Voice: (650) 652-0598     Fax: (650) 652-0596     Email: info@rapetraumaservices.org     Web: http://www.rapetraumaservices.org     [27 May 2013]

Raphael House     Mission is to help at-risk families achieve stable housing and financial independence while strengthening family bonds and personal dignity. Since 1971, Raphael House has been at the forefront of providing homeless and low-income families in the San Francisco Bay Area the personalized family-centered solutions they need to build brighter futures. Raphael House is a 100% privately funded and community-supported organization. Our success rate is unmatched: more than 85% of all Raphael House families go on to achieve long-term housing and financial stability.      Web: http://www.raphaelhouse.org/     [07 Jun 2014]

Ravenswood Family Health Center     Mission is to improve the health status of the community we serve by providing high quality, culturally competent primary and preventive health care to people of all ages regardless of insurance, immigration status or ability to pay.     Address: 1798-A Bay Road, East Palo Alto CA 94303     Voice: (650) 330-7400     Fax: (650) 321-1156     Email: info@ravenswoodfhc.org     Web: http://www.ravenswoodfhc.org/     [11 Mar 2012]

The Raw Story     An alternative news nexus. We draw upon a panoply of news sources and select those stories we think most intriguing to an audience seeking news underplayed by the mainstream media. At the core, our goal is to unearth and spotlight stories underplayed by the popular press, in particular those which highlight betterment and open people’s eyes to injustice throughout the world.     Web: http://rawstory.com/     [14 Dec 2014]

RawDaddy's Fun Cone Food     We believe that saving the planet starts with meals. Organic, local, sustainable foods are essential to reducing our carbon footprint, and prolonging human survival. RawDaddy's cones are 100% vegan. For more information, please visit us at various Farmer's Markets (Berkeley, Palo Alto, etc.).     Web: http://rawdaddyfoods.com     [18 Jun 2013]

Reach And Teach     A peace and social justice learning company dedicated to transforming the world through teachable moments. Our co-founders, Craig Wiesner and Derrick Kikuchi, launched Reach And Teach in 2004 as a subsidiary of their award-winning educational consulting company, WKMN Training, LLC. The road to launching Reach And Teach weaved through Silicon Valley, Mexico, El Salvador, Israel/Palestine, New York and Afghanistan. While running their successful multimedia education consulting company, Craig and Derrick became increasingly involved in peacemaking and social justice issues.      Address: 178 South Blvd, San Mateo CA 94402     Voice: (415) 586-1713     Fax: (415) 584-6261     Web: http://www.reachandteach.com     [11 Mar 2012]

Real Estate 4 Ransom     A documentary about global property speculation and its impact on the economy. Real Estate 4 Ransom considers the changing motivations behind property investment and challenges the notion that the Global Financial Crisis was caused by bank lending alone. Shot over 5 years, the film focuses an economics lens on many of the big picture issues world politics are grappling to deal with. The 40 min documentary looks at whether genuine freedom has been delivered by the democratic system.     Web: http://realestate4ransom.com/film/   http://vimeo.com/38500767     [24 Mar 2012]

The Real News     A television news and documentary network focused on providing independent and uncompromising journalism. Our staff, in collaboration with courageous journalists around the globe, will investigate report and debate stories on the critical issues of our times. We are viewer supported and do not accept advertising, government or corporate funding. The movements for the rights of working people, women, children, immigrants, indigenous people, for freedom of religion and conscience, for moral and spiritual values and for peace and against racism are news. The health of our planet will be a story, day after day.     Web: http://therealnews.com     [04 Jul 2013]

RealClimate     A commentary site on climate science by working climate scienti