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Fellowship of Humanity (Humanist Hall)

Address   411 28th Street
          Oakland, CA  94609-3602
Voice     (510) 451-5818 (Humanist Hall)
          (510) 681-8699 (Fellowship of Humanity)
Email     HumanistHall[at]

We are a Humanist Church that has been functioning since 1935 as a flagship for progressive causes. Today we are still a humanist, anti-capitalist, left community surging ahead in the attempt to create a compassionate, nurturing, non-competitive, simple, and stable example of communitarian living for future generations. We are attempting to discover how to build sustainability and excitement into a conscious community for the left and left out living with the Earth. Our user-friendly Humanist Hall is an affordable venue for progressive political, cultural, and spiritual gatherings and for the celebrations of oppressed minority cultures.

Street address is 390 27th Street (between Telegraph and Broadway in midtown Oakland).

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