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Ecumenical Peace Institute / CALC (EPI)

Address   POBox 9334
          Berkeley, CA  94709
Voice     (510) 990-0374


An interfaith justice and peace education action group. Focuses on militarism, racism and empire and works with Native Americans, political prisoners, and youth. Holds the Living Graveyard on the third Monday of each month a legal street theater witness at which are read the names of Iraqi dead in the ongoing violence initiated by tne US in 2003. Also read are the names of US soldiers from California killed in Afghanistan or Iraq, Palestinians killed in Gaza in Israeli attacks in 2004, and the names of people of color killed by police or vigilante violence in the US. EPI is a principal organizer (with LCP) of the annual Good Friday Gathering for Worship and Witness at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab.

This is the Northern California chapter of Clergy and Laity Concerned.

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