An Eventful Evening

Last night as I was walking home, this man with a tall hat and a very large dog that looked quite mean, as if it were about to attack me at any moment. The dog, which had a nasty-looking sore on its front left foot, causing it to limp as the owner kept pulling on him to move faster than the dog was willing to go. Just then, a large stone vase or something that was sitting on a ledge a few yards from the dog and probably fifteen feet up, over an entrance to the subway. With a strange annoying feeling in my stomach, a feeling of profound frustration, as if something was missing. As I became aware of what was happening, of the cruel trick that was being played on me, a trick obviously designed to irritate me to no end. Exasperated, realizing that not a single predicate would arrive and relieve me of this horrible mental tension, leaving me to curse my wretched existence.